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Union Thug Update: IBEW Blocked Transformers from Being Delivered to NJ

When they claim to be trying to help people recovering from a natural disaster, why did the IBEW keep important supplies, like  electrical transformers, from entering New Jersey?  Wyblog has the story… For the second time since Huricane Sandy their unionista thugs put solidarity above customer service. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, it seems to be pretty clear that residents of New York City and the surrounding areas could use all the help they can get. However, a Davisburg man said some people in the area are more interested in “protecting their turf” than in distributing those supplies to the masses. Mike […]

Were Electrical Workers Sent Away Because They Weren’t Union Thugs?

Well, I guess it’s OK to help out in a FREAKING DISASTER, as long, that is, as you’re a union thug.  At least that is the accusation.  The Blaze has video, and commentary… In the meantime, the Newark Star Ledger is reporting that NJ unions are not blocking the workers: “We take crews as they become available,” said Ron Morano, a spokesman for Jersey Central Power & Light. “Everyone understands this is an all-hands-on-deck event.” He(Morano) said crews from throughout the nation were now working in JCP&L’s service area, including from California, Idaho, Kentucky, Florida, Michigan and North Carolina. The Alabama utility company seems to […]

Ed Schultz on Union Payroll: Anyone Surprised?

Should his show’s theme then be the “Union Label?” Ed Schultz, notorious leftist blowhard, on the Obama-endorsed, and like, totally objective MSNBC, has been found to be on the union payroll. Hot Air has more…  Jack Coleman did a little digging into the Department of Labor, which reports the financial activities of labor unions, including who is on their payroll. What he came up with regarding one very lucky “employee” should have some jaws dropping across the political world. The “employee” in question is none other than MSNBC shouter and syndicated radio host Ed Schultz. In fiscal 2011, Schultz received $190,000 from the Communications […]

Are the Verizon Workers Striking Over the Impact of ObamaCare?


Not long after ObamaCare passed, several large companies announced that the then new law would cause their costs to increase to a great degree.  Here is my coverage of this fact from April of 2010… If you remember, Henry Waxman promised to force corporate CEOs before his committee to answer for their sins? Their offense?  Disclosing that ObamaCare is going to cost businesses billions of dollars. After the ENRON debacle, reforms were put in place.  Among them was a requirement that corporations must disclose any adverse event that affects their bottom line.  Many companies did just that-they did what the […]