Kevin Bollaert, Revenge Porn Operator, Sentenced to 18 Years for Identity Theft and


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If you are Kevin Bollaert, you are not having a good day.  Not only did his revenge porn operation get shut down, he was sentenced to 18 years for 27 counts of identity theft and extortion.  The Daily Mail has more…

Victims of a man who operated a ‘revenge porn’ website and then charged victims to remove nude images and their personal information spoke out after the man was sentenced on Friday.

Kevin Bollaert, 28, was sentenced to 18 years in state prison after he was convicted in February of 21 counts of identity theft and six counts of extortion in San Diego Superior Court for running a pair of websites that capitalized on the internet as a forum for public shaming.

Jilted lovers and hackers could anonymously post nude photos of people without their consent, along with personal information about them, at a website Bollaert created and moderated, called

More than 10,000 images, mainly of women, were posted between December 2012 and September 2013.

People who sought to have the explicit images taken down were directed to and charged $250 to $350 to remove the racy content.

Bollaert’s lawyer had claimed at trial that the business was gross and offensive, but he didn’t break the law by allowing others to post the explicit material.

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‘It’s gross, it’s offensive, but it’s not illegal,’ Emily Rose-Weber said.

But the prosecution said Bollaert terrorized women and enjoyed doing it.

Not only would he the photos, but the names, addresses and social media details of the people in them.

Many victims were inundated with harassing messages from strangers.

Investigators found that Bollaert received thousands of distressed emails from victims, one who said she was ‘scared for my life’ and another who said she’d been ‘getting nonstop harassing messages.’

The criminal complaint named more than two dozen people as victims, one of whom claimed she was thrown out of her home after her family found out nude photos had been posted of her.

‘It ruined my life and I’m still going through it,’ she testified. ‘I lost my family. They think that I brought shame on them. My reputation is ruined.’

I think it’s instructive that people see that when they share nude images of themselves, they can be stolen, hacked, misused, and exploited.  So, the best way to avoid that is to not take them in the first place.  I know some people will say that is victim blaming, but it is not.  Kevin Bollaert is getting everything he deserves.  He was clearly operating outside the law, and I hope the other inmates visit an ample dose of karma upon him.  However, had people not posted or sent pics of themselves, Kevin Bollaert would not have had a webstite.


The Identities of 200 Million Americans Compromised in Credit Bureau Scam


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Apparently, some hacker got more identities that the democratic party uses to fill out absentee ballots for  “animately impaired” people.  In other words, a lot!  Kim Komando has more…

Brian Krebs reports:

Posing as a private investigator operating out of Singapore, Ngo contracted with Court Ventures, paying for his access to consumer records via regular cash wire transfers from a bank in Singapore. Through that contract, Ngo was able to make available to his clients access to the US Info Search database containing Social Security, date of birth and other records on more than 200 million Americans.

Experian came into the picture in March 2012, when it purchased Court Ventures (along with all of its customers — including Mr. Ngo). For almost ten months after Experian completed that acquisition, Ngo continued siphoning consumer data and making his wire transfers.

Krebs was the investigator who first uncovered evidence of the brutal retail security breach that eviscerated Target, Neiman Marcus and others. As these types of data leaks become more common, your identity will need an agressive defense more than ever. Click here to learn what you need to do right now to protect yourself from ID theft.

Yeah, that is not good, to say the very least.  After the Target (among others) fiasco last year, it is becoming increasingly apparent that the hackers are ahead in the security game.  Hopefully, the industry will take this a bit more seriously.


Target Identity Theft Case Now Involving Other Retailers


It appears that the theft of credit card data at Target over the past Christmas season was not isolated.  KDKA has more on the widening case of identity theft…

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — After upping the number of customers affected by its credit card information theft — from 40 to 70 million — Target says it’s doing everything it can to protect its shoppers through its zero liability policy.

“Zero liability is zero liability, which means that Target is paying for any fraudulent, any possible fraudulent activity on anybody’s credit card,” Target CEO Gregg Steinhafel said on CNBC.

On Monday morning, Attorney General Kathleen Kane warned that scammers are using the logo of Target on websites and emails to try to get consumers to send very personal information.

Kane says she and other state attorney generals have urged target to do everything it can to protect customers.

The warning comes as Neiman Marcus confirmed it, too, had its credit card information breached, and now Reuters reports three other well-known, but still unnamed retailers have been victimized just like Target.

Cyber security expert Sean Henry thinks they all may be linked and originating in eastern Europe.

So, be careful with your data.  It strikes me that that cash only transactions might be a good idea.  Identity theft can happen at any time.


Not Only is the ObamaCare Website is Identity Thief’s Dream, The Government Doesn’t Have to Tell You When You’re Information is Stolen


What is a government’s response to utter failure?  It can vary.  They can  go the path of blaming someone else, and that is the most typical excuse used by the Obama administration.  However, you can also go the path of simply not acknowledging the existence of the problem.  I would estimate, for most totalitarian states, that this would be the primary defense.  After all, if the media is controlled, and doesn’t report it, it isn’t happening, right?  NBC is practicing this with ObamaCare, by simply under reporting the issues.  However, the democrats still have not shut down talk radio, FOX News, and bloggers, so true information still gets out.

That does not mean that deniabilty has no use, as it seems to be the first course with dealing with the lack of security on the ObamaCare website.  I will not be linking it, as it has already been identified as a risk for identity theft.  However, even if your information is known to be accessed or stolen from it, the Federal government has no obligation to tell you  in fact, they intentionally refused to obligate themselves to tell you…

Americans who buy health insurance through the federal Obamacare exchange website could have their personal information stolen by hackers and never even know it.

Most of the state-run health exchange websites will be covered by state laws that require notification when government databases are breached by hackers. But there is no law requiring notification when databases run by the federal government are breached, and even though the Department of Health and Human Services was asked to include a notification provision in the rules being drawn up for the new federal exchange, it declined to do so.

Other protections for individuals’ privacy, like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, do not apply to the government-run exchange, only to health providers and insurance companies operating within the exchange.

Privacy advocates and cyber-security experts have had concerns about the lack of a federal notification law for years and hope the scrutiny of the Obamacare exchange will finally bringchange.

“The notification requirement is a very important part of overall security,” said Deven McGraw, director of the Health Privacy Project at the Center for Democracy and Technology. “People should be told when their information is at-risk.”

The lack of a notification requirement is particularly bad for the health insurance exchange website because of all the questions surrounding the site’s security. Poor security, coupled with the website’s high-profile problems, could make it a target for hackers either seeking to steal identities or embarrass the government.

Unfortunately, security is often an afterthought for the government, said David Kennedy, CEO of TrustedSEC, an Ohio-based cyber-security firm. Kennedy has testified before Congress about security threats in the Obamacare exchange and the need for notification laws.

We covered Mr. Kennedy’s observations last week.

So, this is where we are concerning the ObamaCare website.

1.  There is no security for the site.

2.  If your information is stolen, you’ll only find out when you check your credit report, or your bank account get’s emptied, because the government decided that they don’t need to tell you if it is.

It would seem that they want to give themselves from plausible deniability.   If they don’t admit there is a problem, they can use their first line, lie and deny strategy.  “Some hacker, probably a teabagger, emptied your bank account, it could not have been our beautiful ObamaCare website, HATER!  Expect your IRS audit.”

And, if it get’s ugly enough, they’ll blame someone else…maybe Bush.

Isn’t that nice of them?


Latest Democrat Blame Game: Republicans are Scaring Young Adults Away From ObamaCare


Forget that the website doesn’t even work.  Forget that computer security experts say that the site (on the rare occasion that it does work), make identity thieves drown in their own drool.  Forget that the premiums, deductibles, and out of pocket expense are higher.  Forget that people are having their hour cut, have lost their jobs, and even lost the coverage that they already had.  Forget every single fact, statistic, and every shred of reality-because you must to have a chance at believing following nonsense…

That’s what Dana Milbank argues in his column today.  In his estimation, the GOP wants younger people to bail out of the ObamaCare system to encourage a “death spiral” for insurers by jacking up premiums and forcing the ACA to collapse under its own weight.  But Milbank has a serious chicken-egg misperception at the heart of his argument:

The Republicans’ scary-movie strategy has some logic to it: If they can frighten young and healthy people from joining the health-care exchanges, the exchanges will become expensive and unmanageable. This is sabotage, plain and simple — much like the refusal by red-state governors to participate in setting up the exchanges in the first place. But those sabotaging the new law should be careful what they wish for: Instead of killing the law, they are likely to make it more expensive to taxpayers. Their efforts could have the effect of turning Obamacare, which relies on private insurance and the free market, into just the sort of big-government entitlement Republicans were worried about in the first place.

If they succeed in scaring people away, the ones who join exchanges are likely to be older and sicker, making the insurance pool costlier to insurers. As Larry Levitt, a senior vice president of the Kaiser Family Foundation, explained to me, if costs are more than 3?percent higher than anticipated in the first few years of Obamacare, the federal government will have to pick up at least half of the additional expense.

If the health-care exchanges continued to attract only the elderly and the sick in future years, premiums would rise and the only people likely to remain in the program will be those who qualify for the federal subsidies, which would increase sharply because individual contributions are limited to a percentage of the recipient’s income.

“The more successful opponents are at discouraging young and healthy people from enrolling, the bigger share of the cost the federal government will end up covering,” Levitt said. “The implication of encouraging young and healthy people to sit on the sidelines is that costs are shifted to the federal government.”

Once again, this is the classic leftist strategy of blaming someone else.  The failures of ObamaCare could not anything to do with the lies and incompetence, can it?  Of course not.  In the liberal unreality zone, their policies don’t fail.  They are either sabotaged by their enemies, or other people fail the policies.


Jefferson County, Colorado “Democrat of the Year ” Charged with Identity Theft of Developmentally Disabled Person


What do you call a person that steals someone’s identity, and that person is disabled, and confined to a wheelchair.  Apparently, in Jefferson Country, Colorado, you get the moniker, “Democrat of the Year!”  Chicks on the Right posted this video, so I though I’d share it here…

Isn’t it hilarious that when these things happen, they are NEVER picked up by the national media. However, if a Conservative dog catcher would have stubbed his toe, and cursed loudly, more attention would have been paid?


Are Conservative Bloggers Being Targeted?


Recently, there have been reports of people using the identity of Conservative bloggers, and attempting to ruin their credibility.  Zilla has her experience here…

Please be aware that leftists have taken to committing identity theft to impersonate me in comments sections of blogs and are using a fraudulent email that looks similar to my public email address to make it look as if I am saying horrible offensive things in an attempt to destroy my reputation, apparently because I did well in a recent contest for political bloggers, they have been doing this to the winner of the contest, The Lonely Conservative, as well. If you see something that appears to have come from me but is totally out of character for me to say, know that it is in all likelihood, NOT ME, but a leftist troll who thinks a campaign of personal destruction against a person who is fighting serious and potentially fatal illness is a good and proper thing to do.

Then, one of Zilla’s online friends, Lisa Graas, is also experiencing something similar…

The Lonely Conservative has  seen this as well.  

The uncivil progressives aren’t satisfied with simply leaving negative comments on this site. Now they’ve taken my email address and signed me up for all sorts of interesting reading. Most children aren’t this petty and immature.


Sex Toys Buzz

Atheism Rising

Atheists United

Richard Dawkins

Atheist Revolution


This isn’t anything that is necessarily new.  It’s the Alinksy Method translated onto the internet.  It’s about taking a target, freezing it, and personalizing it.  When you can’t bus 500 thugs to someone’s house to scare their children, perhaps the next  best option is to have a few trolls impersonate them.  We have to remember, at all times, that we are dealing with people that cannot process reality.  Not only that, they have an aggressive reaction to facts, and tend to attack those that discuss the truth.  Then, add to that the fact that for them, the ends justify  the means, and that they are, shall we say, morally deficient, and it’s easy to see why they would impersonate others.

There is also a pragmatic reason for leftists to do this.  If they are freezing a target, the target is not doing what they normally do, or not doing it as effectively.  When one has to devote time to defending themselves, they haven’t the time to do what they do best.  It also, if carried on for a long time, tends to wear down the resistance of targets.  Some might buy into the false flag operation, causing mistrust. And, it might actually cause their target to give up and stop speaking out.  Of course, that is the intent of the leftists, as reality goes against the narrative, and therefore, it must be discredited or eliminated where ever it can be transmitted.

This is no different that the 2008 Democratic primaries, during which the Obama Campaign had paid trolls going into the forums run by the Clinton Campaign.  These trolls posed as Hillary supporters, but created dissension in the ranks, reducing the effectiveness of her supporters.   In fact, it isn’t all that different from when lefty group sent people to Tea Party events to make racist comments, so Think Progress could post videos of it.  Think of it as the “cognitive infiltration” proposed by Cass Sunstein.

The ability to communicate and disseminate true information is the basis for the ability to resist.  That is why any totalitarian state limits and controls communication and information, our leftists are no different in that regard.  The basis for controlling dissent is controlling information.  Their worst enemy is reality, so suppressing that has to be a high priority.    We see this regularly, with attempts to control talk radio, and to end talk radio.  They also advocate for the elimination of FOX News, and others seek to ban free speech from the internet.  Since these have failed, perhaps they are going to come after people personally, one-by-one.  It wouldn’t be without precedent.

I hate to say it, but there is likely to be more and more of this.  As the economy stagnates,  gas prices rise, and prices continue to inflate, more distractions will be needed.  And, the leftists are not going to want people exposing their distractions, and pointing out the failures of the administration.  So, making it personal, and going after people that speak out is a viable means to silence people.  Combine that with the fact that they have no moral center, and the leftists have an nearly unlimited number of options by which to harass, intimidate, and potentially silence anyone who opposes them.


Union Bosses Create Fake "Identity Theft" Awareness Program to Discourage Petition Drives


We’ve documented a lot of union shenanigans at the CH 2.0.  If you look at the bottom of the page, there is a column of posts just about union goons and their antics.  Let’s just ssay that the list is extensive, and there are probably dozens of other union stories that we missed, or chose not to cover at the time.  And due to their activities, they are a virtually endless source of blogging material.

Like any other regressive/statist entity, unions engage in a great deal of disinformation to cause confusion, suspicion, and to demoralize their opposition. Apparently, the latest comes from California, where a mysterious website and  radio ad appeared, warning citizens that signing a petition could result in the their identity being stolen.  Labor Union Report has the full story, and the identity of the creators of this campaign.

In the meantime, Capitol Alert, the site that originally drew attention to the union astroturf campaign confirmed the Building Trades’ involvement.

State Building and Construction Trades Council of California President Bob Balgenorth said he was part of a group of people who came up with the idea for Californians Against Identity Theft, which recently launched a radio spot and website urging listeners not to sign initiative petitions.

“I’ve long been concerned about the whole ballot initiative process, the fact that it’s not regulated as much as it should be,” he said.

The domain name for the group’s website is registered to the phone number and address of the union’s Sacramento office, but Balgenorth said that was a mistake and that he is not currently directly involved in the group or behind the website. He said the union has provided funding for Californians Against Identity Theft,though he said he does not know how much it has given so far.

Balgenorth declined to identify people running Californians Against Identity Theftor other backers, saying that while the issue is important to a lot of people, “I don’t know who all the people are.”

How ironic that for a group that proudly supports  “democracy,” the union in question is attempting to deceive people into not participating in it.

Now, why would union bosses NOT want people to sign petitions?  Well, I followed the link from Labor Union Report, and this is what I saw…

Prohibits Political Contributions by Payroll Deduction. Prohibitions on Contributions to Candidates. Initiative Statute.

Summary Date: 05/25/11 | Circulation Deadline: 10/24/11 | Signatures Required: 504,760

Proponent: Ashlee N. Titus (916) 442-7757

Restricts union political fundraising by prohibiting use of payroll-deducted funds for political purposes. Same use restriction would apply to payroll deductions, if any, by corporations or government contractors. Permits voluntary employee contributions to employer or union committees if authorized yearly, in writing. Prohibits unions and corporations from contributing directly or indirectly to candidates and candidate-controlled committees. Other political expenditures remain unrestricted, including corporate expenditures from available resources not limited by payroll deduction prohibition. Limits government contractor contributions to elected officers or officer-controlled committees. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local government:Increased state implementation and enforcement costs of up to hundreds of thousands of dollars annually, potentially offset in part by revenues from fines. (11-0010.) (Full Text)

Secret Ballot. Restrictions on Employees Seeking Labor Representation. Initiative Constitutional Amendment.

Summary Date: 05/25/11 | Circulation Deadline: 10/24/11 | Signatures Required: 807,615

Proponent: Alek Bohigian (559) 760-5233

Amends state Constitution to eliminate employees’ option to designate union representation by proving majority support to their employer. Would require formal secret ballot election for any designation of labor representation. Restates existing Constitutional guarantee of vote by secret ballot in elections for public office and upon an initiative or referendum. Adds that secret ballot is a fundamental right. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local government:Potential increased costs on state and local governments. These costs are not known, but probably would not be significant. (11-0005.) (Full Text)

So, union bosses, is this “what democracy looks like?”  For them, apparently, “democracy” means scaring people into not participating in democracy.  And, they don’t seem to like the secret ballot.  You know, democracy?