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Frankenstorm Update: October 27, 2012, 3:00 PM EST

Here is the latest on the projected Frankenstorm impacts.  Both are from Accuweather… More as it comes.  If you live on the east coast, make some simple preparations.  It doesn’t take much.  If you don’t and you lose power, you might regret it!

2012 Apocalypse Nonsense: Will an Asteroid Hit the Earth This Year?

Just like the rapture, oops, we got it wrong-it’ll happen in a few months-oh darn it didn’t happen at all, story from last year, we’re being bombarded by the tales of future doom and gloom for the rest of 2012.  Here is the latest to cross the CH 2.0 Dunderhead department…we’re about to be wiped out by an asteroid!   Several sites have tried to persuade readers that this is a hoax. It is not. The academic departments referenced in the story have deep ties to the Military/Industrial complex and have issued denials about any observed near earth object possibly […]