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Do Facts Matter More Than Rhetoric and Social Visions?

Thomas Sowell ponders the question in today’s title at the end of an essay published ar Real Clear Politics. His essay has to do with new facts that support old facts that contradict the rhetoric of the race baiters and the victimhood snake oil salesmen used to explain why minorities score so poorly in standardized school tests compared to white students. (A recent study in England finds that poor whites score much worse than poor minorities.) I have no doubt that Dr. Sowell knows that the question he ponders coud apply to any issue the separates the Left from the […]

More Reasons for the Obama Campaign to Panic? Collapse and Impending Doom on Election Day?

Yesterday, we discussed that the Obama Campaign’s allocation of funds and resources indicated that they are panicking, using scarce resources in places that a democrat incumbent should never have to defend this late in the game.  Today, however, even more indications of collapse and impending doom came to light. Reason for Panic 1:  Dwindling Crowds at Obama Events… In a related presidential campaign rally in Commerce City, Colorado, former President Bill Clinton was the designated cheerleader to speak to the gathered faithful. However, the rally, held at a Commerce City High School, wasn’t “optimal,” to use a phrase from President Obama. The school extended the […]

Media Distrust at an all-time High: A Look Inside the Numbers

What happens when a poll is taken showing the level of trust in the media?  We see a clue to the outcome in november.  The Rand Paul Review has the following, from Gallup… More broadly, Republicans continue to express the least trust in the media, while Democrats express the most. Independents’ trust fell below the majority level in 2004 and has continued to steadily decline. OK then, we see that the Democrats in the sample trust the media to the tune of 58%.  That is predictable, as the media cheer leads for the Democrats.  Also, we see the Republican figure is remarkably low, at […]

Tea Parties, Libertarians and, Paulites: America’s Only Hope

Approximately a year ago, I opined in a post here at CoF that Conservatives and Libertarians should join forces. I argued that the areas where the two factions agree were more important than the areas of disagreement. Off and on since then, I have engaged with several conservative and libertarian bloggers to see if I could drum up some interest in pursuing a dialog on the fusion of the two groups. I was disappointed to find very little interest. The majority if both camps wanted nothing to do with the other. I was reminded of this sad fact by a comment on one of my posts last […]

What Went Wrong with the American Experiment and When?

A very important question, wouldn’t you agree?  It’s a question that in one form or another has been the focus of many posts on the blogosphere for a long time. Recently, one of my regulars on Guest Saturday have taken-on this question; Brian at Frankenstein Government in his post “Critical  Mass…When Exactly Did We Lose Control of Our Country” addresses the question directly. I want to share this article with you not because the author is a collaborator  here at Conservatives On Fire but because I found his approach to this important question very interesting and I hope you will as well. The first […]

Democrats & Obama Tanking in the Polls: Preparing to use Smear Tactics Rather Than Debate Ideas

The Democrats are in trouble.  Their ideas are failing (as if they wouldn’t).  They are losing badly in the court of public opinion.  ObamaCare is turning into the pig that we all said it was.  Cap and Trade is stalled.  Amnesty is unpopular.  They continue to go against public opinion, and are hiding from their constituents.  Their overall elitism and complete trashing of the Constitution has doomed them to failure in November. There are two developments that indicate that I am correct. First up, Gallup recently released the following polling data. PRINCETON, NJ — Thirty-eight percent of independents approve of […]

The Demographics Hold: Conservatives on the Rise

Last year, I covered that there is a “Demographic of Doom” for the Democratic Party.  Basically, the people politically identified as ‘Conservatives” vastly outnumbered those identified as “liberal,” and equaled those identified as “moderate or independent.” This is what I had to say back then. Recent polls have shown that America is beginning to move to the right, with 40% claiming to be Conservative, 21% liberal, and 38% “moderate.” With nearly a 2-1 margin, Conservatives might see this as a cause for celebration. This has happened before- people do turn more conservative when there are difficult economic times.  It might […]

Majority of Americans View Government as a Threat

CNN recently published (to my surprise) the results of a poll that indicates that a majority of Americans view the government as an imminent threat to their freedoms. Fifty-six percent of people questioned in a CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey released Friday say they think the federal government’s become so large and powerful that it poses an immediate threat to the rights and freedoms of ordinary citizens. Forty-four percent of those polled disagree. Now, I know what the talking heads will say; “It’s all of those ignorant, redneck, racist, fascist, gun-owning, bible believing, flat Earther, and undereducated teabaggers!”  Well, the breakdown […]