This is How the Left Operates: Teacher’s Union Official Tries to ‘Dig up Dirt,” Smear Concerned Parent Who Questioned Curriculuum


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One thing that I’ve been stressing over the last few years is how the left operates in terms of dealing with dissent.  We saw that during the ObamaCare debates.  When we predicted (2-3 years ago) all of the things that are happening right now, we were smeared.  Instead of using facts to debate us, lefties called us the usual set of names…


2.  They’re getting paid by the insurance companies to LIE!

3.  They just want people to DIIIIIIIEEEEEE!

4. TEABAGGERZ!!!!!!!

I could go on, but you get the point.  Instead of using facts, which they did not have, the lefties  just attacked the messenger, or, as R.S. McCain puts it, “accuses the accusers.”

There are two primary reasons to do this…

1.  Get others to ignore them.  If you smear the messenger, others will be discouraged from listening to what the target has to say.  Why listen to what a “racist, redneck, teabagger” has to say, right?

2.  Intimidates others into not revealing any inconvenient facts.  After all, you can’t have the sheeple having independent thoughts, can you?

This whole strategy was shown again, when a resident of Camp Hill PA, Josh Barry, questioned some assignments at his child’s school.  In the public indoctrination centers, the curriculum is NOT to be questioned!  What happened next is purely leftist retaliation…

Josh Barry, of Camp Hill, Penn., expressed concern after his daughter brought home an assignment analyzing a New York Times article discussing the recent government shutdown. first reported the story.

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The assignment asked questions like, “Whom do you hold most responsible for the government shutdown?” and “Do you feel it is principled or irresponsible for politicians to threaten a shutdown?”

Barry thought it was an exercise in indoctrination.

After contacting his daughter’s teacher, Barry heard back from the school’s principal. After a discussion, a friend of Barry’s relayed a voicemail she received from another teacher named Cydnee Cohen.

Cohen, who is also the president of the local chapter of the teacher’s union — the East Pembrook Education Association, which is part of the Pennsylvania State Education Association (PSEA) — said on the voicemail, “We’re having some problems with a parent in our school district and on his [Facebook] page you are one of his friends … but I would like to know, some of it seems like he is a neo-Nazi.”

Cohen then says, “Maybe he is Jewish, I don’t know.”

After it was confirmed that Barry is, in fact, Jewish, Cohen sent text messages to the mutual friend which read “he went to bishop mcdevitt!!” and “he is tea party right wing!” Bishop McDevitt is a nearby private Catholic high school.

Here is some video…

So then, a parent raises an issue with a politicized curriculum (the Examiner has more on that), and in response, another teacher, who is an union official, starts digging into the background of the parent!

You have to remember though, that when people question our would-be regressive overlords, there is a price to be paid.  There can be no debate-they believe they are right, facts be damned.  If you speak out against them, YOU are wrong, because they said so!  And, since they do not have a fact to stand on, they just try to dig up dirt.

The “digging of the dirt.” is a familiar strategy to those who cannot stand on facts.  If you recall, the #FreeKate bunch did that regularly.  Since they couldn’t stand up to facts, they “dug up dirt” on the mother of a sexual abuse victim. Then, they tried to dig up dirt on the Detective that was investigating the case.  Then, they dug up dirt on Jeanette Runyon and filed false police reports against her, and claimed to have people tracking and investigating R.S. McCain.

In the end, this is not an aberration, it is standard operating procedure for leftists.  They don’t want to talk about your views, or the facts that you can bring to the table.  they want you to shut up, because liars hate the truth.

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Students Subjected to Pro-Obama ‘I pledge’ Video


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It seems the the Public Schools cannot stop political indoctrination. 

The Hudson School District admitted the video’s central message of serving the president could have been perceived as offensive to some people, according to

The video featured celebrities pledging to make a better world. Although most of their examples were pretty innocuous, some were downright over the top.

“I pledge to be of service to Barack Obama,” Red Hot Chili Peppers singer Anthony Kiedis said in the video.

“I pledge to be a servant to our president,” actress Demi Moore said.

Middle School Principal Dan Koch apologized to students Thursday afternoon. MtFox9 reported:

The “I Pledge” video we viewed yesterday included some messages about serving President Barack Obama. We apologize for any part of the video that was offensive to students, their families and staff. The video conveyed a message that people serve the presidency when in fact our elected officials serve the people. We respect the Office of the President of the United States but like all of our other elected officials, that office serves each of us as well. I sincerely hope that as participants in Wednesday’s event what you took away from the experience was to choose to make a difference in your world.

Here’s an interesting observation. On Wednesday, when students in Hudson, Wisc., were encouraged to serve President Obama, students in Liberal, Kan., were urged to serve God through student-led prayer.

Here is the offending ‘I Pledge’ video…

Of course, I’ve always enjoyed this version much more…


Children Sent Out to Protest: Did not Know Why, Were Given Protest Signs by School


You gotta love how liberals use children.  If it’s not for human shields at occupy protests, its for backdrop at a political event, liberals love to use children to pull at the heart strings.    The latest example occurred last week, when children were sent out to send a message to Marco Rubio.  There was a problem with that, however.  The kids did not know who Rubio was, why they were out protesting, and according to a parent, were given the signs by their school.  MRC TV has more…

At a Capitol Hill “Rally for Citizenship,” MRCTV’s Dan Joseph talked to protesters holding signs with messages to Marco Rubio who didn’t even know who Rubio is, couldn’t speak English, and said their kids’ school made and provided the protest signs.

They just love to use the kids. But just don’t call it indoctrination. It upsets the liberals!

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Education in America Ain’t What It Use To Be


indoctrination center

What happened to education in America? Do they still teach the three R’s: reading, ‘riting, and ‘rithmatic? According to George Will writing for Human Events,  three R’s  are the backbone of today’s education: racism, reproduction, and recycling; but mostly racism.

Will shares several examples some of the bizarre of what our education system of today thinks is important. One that caught my eye was the University of California in San Diego. In 2911, it was cutting back on their academic offerings, but it had money for some new positions:

it created a “vice chancellor for equity, diversity and inclusion” to augment a diversity apparatus that included an assistant vice chancellor for diversity; faculty advisers, staff, graduate and undergraduate diversity coordinators and liaisons; a director of development for diversity initiatives; the Committee on Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation Issues; the Diversity Council; the Campus Council on Climate, Culture and Inclusion; and much more.

Considering the high cost of education today, Will went on to wonder how many millions could be saved by eliminating certain positions:

…by abolishing on every American campus every administrative position whose title contains the words “diversity,” “equity,” “race,” “ethnicity,” “sustainability,” “green,” “gender,” “inclusion,” “identity,” “interconnectivity,” “globalization,” “climate,” “campus climate,” “cross-cultural” or “multiculturalism.”

As a wrap up to his article, Will quotes Ronald Reagan paraphrasing his Secretary of Education, William Bennett:

If you serve a child a rotten hamburger in America, federal, state and local agencies will investigate you, summon you, close you down, whatever. But if you provide a child with a rotten education, nothing happens, except that you’re liable to be given more money to do it with.”

That quote was from 25 years ago and things have only gotten worse since then.

By coincidence _ or maybe not _ Human Events also has an article by Walter Williams sounding off on the same subject. Dr, Williams; article is actually a review of the book, Meeting the Psychoeducational Needs of Minority Students, by Professor  Craig Frisby of the University of Missouri.

After relating Professor Frisby’s low opinion of all this multicultural and diversity nonsense, Williams shares the following:

Frisby turns his attention to school discipline and criminal behavior. He discusses the atmosphere at one New York school, which is by no means unique among schools. Teachers experience being pushed, shoved and spit upon by students. A male teacher transferred to another school after a student threatened to rape his wife. In this kind of atmosphere, should anyone be surprised that only 3 percent of the students were at grade level in English and only 9 percent in math?

The fundamental problem crippling low-income minority students is school behavioral disorder. Its visible manifestations are graffiti, broken and vandalized furniture, fights, sexual activity, drug use in the bathrooms and rowdy behavior. Frisby says we should tell students exactly how to behave and tolerate no disorder. That’s not rocket science, except for today’s liberal establishment who run our schools and colleges. (Bold added)

“Behavior” it seems to me is something seldom discussed anymore. Society has changed and not for the better, in my opinion. In the days of my childhood there were unwritten rules of acceptable behavior that were consistently enforced throughout society. By that I mean, behavior that was punished at home would be equally punished if I misbehaved at the home of a friend or at school. In other words, parents in the neighborhood and teachers and Principals all reenforced what was taught at home. We kids knew that there were consequences to be paid if caught misbehaving and we didn’t whine about it. Whining was an invitation for more pain. I think it was a better way t o raise kids. Or. am I wrong?

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

 Original Post:  Asylum Watch

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Bill O’Reilly & Glenn Beck Discuss the Indoctrination of our Children and “Common Core”


indoctrination center

Glenn Beck sat down with Bill O’Reilly the other night and discussed the indoctrination of our children this is taking place in our public schools.  Glenn Beck touched on a standard called “Common Core” and how it’s designed to dumb down our children.  Listen to the below exchange between Mr. Beck and Mr. O’Reilly.

Mr. Beck discusses “Common Core” in more detail in the below clip.  It’s 28 minutes long but definitely worth the watch.

Folks this is a very serious issue.  We cannot allow our children to be indoctrinated by the left or right and we cannot allow our children to be cheated from acquiring the critical thinking and problem solving skills needed to be successful in life.  If “Common Core” is as bad as Mr. Beck asserts, then it must be removed from our public schools.  Parents must get engaged and find out what their children are being taught.  It’s also time to eliminate the Department of Education.  It has done nothing to improve our educational system in America since its creation under Jimmy Carter.  The taxpayer return on this investment has been 0.0.  We cannot afford to turn our backs on this issue.  We must stand up for our children and make this right.

Liberty forever, freedom for all.

Original Post:  The Sentry Journal


5th Grade Math Worksheets Published by Scholastic Corporation Push Communist Views?


The following was spotted over at the blog The Bold Pursuit:

…No, this isn’t a rightwing nutjob nightmare – it’s reality…

This worksheet is sold by Scholastic Corporation to teach 5th graders math. Scholastic Corporation is one of the worlds largest book publishing companies and is a major supplier of educational materials for schools, and is deeply involved with the nationalization of education effort called the Common Core Standards.

In this worksheet we can clearly see students practicing something called the Distributive Property, which makes numbers easier to work with by separating or breaking equations into parts (I think- I’m not a math guy).

It DOES NOT mean to ‘distribute the wealth’. In fact, the example on the worksheet of the girl distributing the wealth does not really seem to in any way at all apply to a mathematical concept in which you multiply a sum by multiplying each addend separately and then add the products. The girl is not multiplying anything, is not separating anything, and is not adding anything. All we see in the picture is a girl who is passing out money out of a bag, and the caption ‘distribute the wealth’ implies that the money that she is handing out to other people was taken from someone else who earned it. This DOES NOT demonstrate the Distributive Property.

So why is a major educational company who is designing curriculum for the entire nation putting irrelevant pictures such as these on worksheets in math? One can only speculate, of course, behind the motivations of this company, but from my own experience I would suggest it is to make young children more comfortable with tyranny and dictatorship and teach them to become intellectually comfortable with violating liberty and property rights in the name of some sort of arbitrary moral standard.

Check your kids math books and English books and let me know if any of you can find similar indoctrination attempts by the fascist left in our nation hidden in unrelated and important educational materials. I bet you can find some!

Original Post: A Conservative Teacher


Stealth Indoctrination, With a Side of Anti-Semitism



A great deal of indoctrination is most often “under the radar.”  The best kind is indoctrination that isn’t implicit, but implied.  Yes, indoctrination consists of the direct lies that are drilled into the soft heads of children.  However, it is also the little things in the background that are not directly part of the lesson.  It’s the things that are unspoken, but abundantly clear.  For a great example, take a look at this from Chicks on the Right...

If it hasn’t been made abundantly clear that liberals want SO BADLY to rewrite history, then maybe this little news story will help accentuate the obvious.

As we all know, the UK is the poster place for liberalism gone wild, and now they’re actually pretending that Israel doesn’t even exist.  Nah.  Nope.  It’s not a country.  It’s not even THERE, y’all. In their warped little minds, it’s called “Occupied Palestine.”   Invisible.  Nothing to see here. Move along, lemmings.

And this is what they’re teaching kids.  What they’re putting in TEXTBOOKS, y’all.

Behold an exerpt from “one of the more popular and mainstream English language teaching (ELT) textbooks published by Garnet, which is quite popular and mainstream itself:”

See that place where Israel should be?  Yeeeeeeah.  Don’t you just love how it’s barely noticeable and renamed? 

Indeed.  it is part of the playbook.  As I said before, it just isn’t the stuff that blatant, like “Barak Hussein Obama, MMM-MMM-MMM,” it’s all of the little things like this map.  Apparently, this is currently in British schools, but how long before stuff like this is in our country, if it isn’t already?

Oh, and by the way, check out Chicks on the Right.  They have a log of good stuff, delivered with style and just the right amount of attitude.


Children Heckled for Singing “God Bless the USA”


If you recall, a certain school principal in NY, one Greta Hawkins, got into some hot water for denying children the opportunity to sing Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” at their graduation.  So, parents organized an event in a local park for the children to sing the song there.  Local leftists did not like that idea…not one bit.  The Daley Gator has more…

The protest had been organized by parents at PS 90 in Coney Island. They were outraged after principal Greta Hawkins banned kindergartners from performing the song at their graduation ceremony. Staffers said the principal was worried the patriotic anthem might offend other cultures.

She also feared that the Lee Greenwood song would not be age-appropriate for the youngsters – concerns shared by the New York City Dept. of Education.

Among those attending the protest was Rep. Bob Turner (R-NY) who had been invited by parents. Turner is running for the U.S. Senate against Sen. Kristen Gillibrand (D-NY).

They were shouting down the kids as they were singing,” Turner told Fox News Radio. “This was really bad form.”

The website Politicker transcribed some of the protest.

“You Republicans come go to a Republican area and do that, we don’t do that here,” one of the hecklers said. “This is ridiculous, this is sad. This is so crazy. This is sad.”

A Turner staffer can be heard off camera asking the protesters to stop – and to “let the kids sing.”

“The kids don’t even know what they’re singing,” the unidentified protester replied. “They got something you tell them to say. It’s ridiculous. It’s sad, sad, sad. You all are going to burn in hell. You all burn in hell. Shame on you. Shame on you.”

At one point, a tattooed protester cursed.

“You got a right to make noise, I got a right to make noise,” the protester said.

The video shows boys and girls as they began chanting, ‘USA USA” in an attempt to drown out the protesters.

If you also recall, leftists had no problem showing up to disrupt a Special Olympics event in Wisconsin.

And, ironically, the lefties had no problem with children being forced to sing this…

So then, what do we take from this?  Well, it’s obvious that the left is not above targeting children, or even the mentally disabled, so I would assume that little old ladies, family pets, aunts, uncles, and distant cousins are also on the table.  In reality, it shows just how reprehensible they are.  They want what they want, and even if they have to go after kids to get it, they’ll do it.

That, and don’t they realize, or even care, that people are recording their activities?

H/T: CmBlake6



If I wanted America to fail


Okay all, I found a great new site and stumbled upon them after seeing their video in the Facebook group, Conservative Blogger Meet Up. This group, by the way is always chock full of videos, stories and info that help articulate the Conservative message. Great group, I encourage all to join.

As I said above, I watched the video on my FB group page. It is a powerful, yet simple video which really exposes the left’s agenda for our beautiful country. Those responsible for the video call themselves Free Market America. Check out their website, it is well worth the time and effort to do so.

From their site:

We’re Free Market America.

Our mission is to defend economic freedom against environmental extremism. Since the 1960s, environmental regulation has skyrocketed by over 7,000 percent! It’s a no-brainer that everyone wants clean water and clean air. But when it comes to environmental regulation, we’ve catapulted past commonsense.
Free Market America began as Free Market Florida. In 2011, we began campaigning against the U.S. EPA’s so-called “Water Tax” – a Florida-focused measure that would’ve required the water in roadside drainage canals to meet the same standards as Florida’s pristine rivers and streams. Economists estimated the “Water Tax” would’ve cost Florida’s farmers, taxpayers, businesses and consumers billions each year.

A year earlier, in 2010, we led a coalition of more than 330 business, civic and labor groups against a Sierra Club-backed ballot initiative that aimed to shut down economic growth in the Sunshine State. We won that battle; but we realized that fringe environmental groups are well-financed litigation engines determined to steamroll commonsense whenever it’s convenient for them. We founded Free Market Florida to fight back.

Now, we’re taking the same approach to environmental issues of national concern. That’s why we want to hear from you. Where is environmental extremism threatening the free market? Drop us a line.

And without further ado, here is the video:


In 1995, Eric Holder Wanted to “Brainwash” People Into Being Anti-Gun


We know the history if some of Obama’s appointees when it comes to firearms.  Chief among these is Eric Holder, the gun running Attorney General of the United States.  Apparently, when Mr. Holder isn’t sending guns to Mexico in order to make sure that they were used in crimes, he is an outspoken opponent of the Second Amendment. Additionally, it seems that he has held those views for some time.  Here is a video, from 1995, featuring Mr. Holder discussing his intention to “brainwash” the populace into thinking that guns are “bad.”

As you can see, they were going to use the educational system indoctrination system to push their opinions into the soft heads of an entire generation of children.

Well, the vetting continues. It’s already been revealed that Holder was aware of the gun running operation long before what he told Congress. Now, we see his long term views of guns. It’s easy to piece together; Holder has, for at least 17 years, wanted to change public opinion against guns. Then, he arranged to have a ton of guns sent to Mexico, where they were then used by drug gangs. If you recall, the administration and their cronies in the MSM repeated the meme that “American guns are causing Mexican gun violence” continuously, until, that is, it was discovered that the government had intentionally allowed the guns to go there. Then, the story went away, especially after one of their guns was used in the murder of a Border Guard.

In other words, they tried to stage a “Reichstag Fire.” This one failed, but don’t worry, because as long as they want to disarm the populace, or otherwise accumulate power, they continue to find justifications to take them-even if they have to be manufactured.


Winning school chants, “USA, USA!!!” Prinicipal says, “We want to make sure that doesn’t happen again.”


Our loyal readers know full well that Statism and all it’s inherent subversive agendas can be, and are dangerous to our culture; eroding away our values, mores and beliefs.

This story is a prime example of just such erosion.

A local school district is apologizing after an apparent incident of racism at a boys high school basketball game this past weekend.

When the final whistle blew Saturday, Alamo Heights celebrated a convincing victory over San Antonio Edison.

Alamo Heights Head Coach Andrew Brewer said he was proud of his team.

“Tremendously proud,” Brewer said. “Tremendously. It’s the best group of kids.”

But it was just after the trophy presentation when the coach was not proud of the chant coming from Alamo Heights fans.

“USA, USA, USA,” they chanted.

San Antonio Independent School District officials took the chant as a racial insult to a school with all minority players from a school with mostly white ones. – Source

When you watch the video, pay attention around the 1:12 mark. The Superintendent of the school in question not only is clearly oblivious to how silly he sounds, he goes so far as to say that the entire school body was lectured on how inappropriate their “USA” chants were. So it would seem that not only is chanting, “USA, USA!!” racist, the students were also indoctrinated against ever doing it again.

This is the question I have for the administrators of the school whose students led this chant – “Are the students in the opposing school not legal Americans?” Even if that is so, how is this racist?

I am actually sickened by this Principal and by the stance the school system has taken. Evidently we must apologize for being American.


World Net Daily also covered this story and they interviewed the reporter from the local news station in the video above.


Story Update: Third Grade Occupy Tribute was Written by Adults


If you recall, there was a controversy in the Albermale County School District.  Children allegedly wrote an ode to OWS that had parents and Conservatives in an uproar.  However, everyone at the school, including Kid Pan Alley, a group that provided educational programming, denied that the kids were coached.  For the update, here is an excerpt from the Culture and Media Institute.

After a host of conservative media outlets, including the Culture and Media Institute, exposed Kid Pan Alley for “helping” Virginia third-graders write a song praising the Occupy Movement, their director came out and apologized for its attempts at political indoctrination.

Kid Pan Alley’s founder, Paul Reisler, has issued an apology and taken full responsibility for the lyrics of the song “Part of the 99.” In his apology, Reisler acknowledged that “the message has been overshadowed by the use of phrases that are currently politically charged, such as ‘I’m part of the 99’ and ‘They’re the one percent,'” and that “he should have avoided the introduction of these phrases into the songwriting process.

While it’s nice that Reisler acknowledges the inappropriateness of “these phrases,” what about the inappropriateness of the entire song and its underlying theme? Third-graders at a tax-payer funded public school shouldn’t be learning class warfare, whether it’s expressed in the phraseology of Occupy Wall Street or not.

While they issued an apology, I doubt that they are actually sorry, unless, that is, they are sorry that they were caught in the act.  Organizations like these, and public schools, for that matter, exist to be indoctrination centers.  That they are caught is the only aberration.  I wonder how many times this group has done such things, and parents were none the wiser?


Arizona Withholds Funding From Tuscon Schools Due to Racist Curriculum: Leftists Declare Doing so “Hate:


It always useful to remember that leftists claim that any disagreement with them is hate, even if their are the ones committing the hate.  I know, it doesn’t make sense, but in the topsy-turvy newspeak of the left, it is gospel.  For a current example of that tendency to hate in the name of resisting hate, we have the public schools in Tuscon, Arizona.  If you recall, that district was under fire for having a rather controversial curriculum.  Here is a video…

Here is some more, from Nice Deb…

In October of this year,the “Freedom Socialist Party”  huffed:

Over the summer, the ongoing battle over ethnic studies in Arizona royally exposed the grimy politics and tactics of the right wing.

Arizona HB 2281 became effective Jan. 1, aimed at the popular and successful Mexican American studies program (also known as MAS or La Raza studies) of the Tucson Unified School District (TUSD). The bill outlaws courses that “promote the overthrow” of the government, “promote resentment toward a race or class of people,” are “designed primarily for people of a particular ethnic group, or “advocate ethnic solidarity instead of treatment of pupils as individuals.”

The bill’s author was Tom Horne, who is famously opposed to La Raza education because it is critical of the U.S. government’s relationship with Latin America and treatment of Latinos. As the state superintendent of schools, Horne conveniently was able to find the Tucson ethnic studies program in violation of the new law immediately before leaving that position to become the state’s attorney general.

Last May, a woman had engaged in “grimy politics” by reading  excerpts from a book in the Tucson Ethnic Studies programat a school board meeting. These outrageous and toxic books were teaching kids that the United States is an institutionally racist  system filled with “bloodsucking capitalists” and Anglos who “rape Hispanic culture”.

“Hard drugs and drug culture is an invention of the gringo because he has no culture.”

“We have to destroy capitalism and we have to help 5/6 of the world to destroy capitalism in order to equal all peoples’ lives.

“The Declaration of Independence states that we the people have the right to revolution…the right to overrule the government…”

“Any country based on capitalism is based on greed…”

Of course, hate is not hate when the left is doing the hating.  However, disagreeing with them IS hate, even if the alleged “hate” is in response to their actual hate.  And, as Nice Deb’s excerpt points out, any efforts to point out and expose leftist hate is “hateful” and “grimy politics.”

So, in response to the racial and class warfare (read-HATE) inherent in such programs, Arizona passed a state law banning them.  

Uh-oh!  How are the “progressives” going to use race and class to separate us?  How are the La Raza folks going to indoctrinate more useful idiots to hate the “gringos?”

15-112. Prohibited courses and classes; enforcement






Can you see why the left will have a tantrum about this?  They can’t use race and class to pit people against each other, and promote racial/class collectivism rather than individuality.  They just banned the liberal agenda!

So, by leftist definitions, a law banning hateful curricula is hateful for banning the preferred hate of the left.

Now, the state, and a judge, has agreed that the curriculum is illegal under the statute, and the Tucson Unified School District is going to lose 10% of it’s state funding…

What the leftists will do remains to be seen. However, with history as a guide, we can expect them to enforce “democracy”- by not allowing others to speak, or vote. Because, as we all know, the leftist version of “democracy” means that dissent is banned, and  no votes are to be taken if they might lose. Also, we might see some useful idiots out to support the hate, because, as we all know, resisting hate is hateful, and will not be allowed-because it is hate!


Just in Case You Needed Yet Another Reason to Pull Your Kids From Public Schools: Kids Taught Occupy Propaganda


As most of you already know, I am not exactly a fan of the public school system.  And, when the opportunity arises, I do post about examples of indoctrination.  Here is the latest, and a blatant one.  Apparently, some kids were indoctrinated into the OWS class warfare  propaganda.  Here is the story, from The Blaze…

But despite the backlash, Albermale County school district is standing behind the song, claiming the children chose and wrote the lyrics themselves.

The lyrics, which mirror the very same sentiments and slogans espoused by the Occupy movement, have critics up in arms. The highly politicized song, which many believe is intended to indoctrinate children, follows below:

Some people have it all
But they still don’t think they have enough
They want more money
A faster ride
They’re not content
Never satisfied
Yes — they’re the 1 percent

I used to be one of the 1 percent
I worked all the time
Never saw my family
Couldn’t make life rhyme
Then the bubble burst
It really, really hurt
I lost my money
Lost my pride
Lost my home
Now I’m part of the 99

Some people have it all
But they still don’t think they have enough
They want more money
A faster ride
They’re not content
Never satisfied
Yes — they’re the 1 percent

I used to be sad, now I’m satisfied
’Cause I really have enough
Though I lost my yacht and plane
Didn’t need that extra stuff
Could have been much worse
You don’t need to be first
’Cause I’ve got my friends
Here by my side
Don’t need it all
I’m so happy to be part of the 99

Mind you, the kids in question are in third grade, and around eight years old-the same age as my kiddo.  Sorry to say, I can’t see kids of that age doing this, unless that is, a teacher told them the words, and they wrote them down.

Here is a video, via OWS Exposed…

So, I’ll let you decided, and have the debate.  For me, this looks like indoctrination, pure and simple.


The Role of Education in OWS


This is an post that I had written some time ago. Observing the activities of the Occupy movement, I thought it needed to be revisited. The quoted article is ten years old, however, it seems to echo what is going on today.

From the August 2001 Idaho Observer:

Why Our Schools Teach Socialism

By Joe Larson

Congratulations America: Today there are over 10,000 openly marxist professors and thousands of humanist professors controlling the universities and colleges that produce America’s teachers and other professionals. Varying forms of marxist-humanism are the predominant philosophies of the educational establishment; yet we repeatedly send our most precious gift (our children) off to them for “education” (indoctrination).

Today’s schools are filled with sex education, political correctness, environmental extremism, global unity, diversity training (pro-homosexuality) and higher order thinking skills [HOTS]; which boldly claim that to become a higher order thinker one must first believe the fact that there are no absolutes, absolutely! “The Greatest Story Ever Told” based on the greatest book ever written, “The Holy Bible,” about the greatest teacher who ever lived, Jesus, is not allowed, let alone used, in the schools of America. The Bible was America’s first textbook; yet today it is referred to as a book of fables.

Our schools are filled with violence, murder, extortion, rape, unwanted pregnancy, drug use, disrespect, foul language, declining test scores and children who cannot read. While the pontificators wonder why, God doesn’t; He knows – Hosea 4:6 says, “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. I will also reject thee seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God; I will also forget thy children.” Verse 7 says, “As they were increased, so they sinned against Me: Therefore, will I change their glory into shame.”

The problem with America’s educational system began with the birth of socialism and given impetus by federal government involvement. Lenin, one of the world’s leading experts on socialism, tells us – “Communism is socialism in a hurry.” Socialism, therefore, is communism by gradualism rather than by revolution. The socialist “Fabian Society,” the forerunner of most socialist groups in America, had as their motto “Make Haste Slowly.” “Democratic Socialism” became the battle cry to socialize the United States of America. The socialists’ goal was to “permeate and penetrate,” then control this nation from deep within. Their first target in America was our children through public instruction.

In the U.S. their followers would use language as their first line of attack and deceit. They would wear no badge nor socialist label, but were to call themselves “liberal,” “progressive” and even “moderate.” Words were the weapon of choice for this new war. By changing and shifting word meanings the socialists could cover their true purpose. Everything would be done under the banners of “reform” and “social justice,” suggesting all was for the public good, for humanitarian reasons, for true democracy — and finally — for the children. The buzzwords of socialism were then, and are today, “social” and “democracy” (i.e. social science, social studies and socialization of the child). Robert Conquest observed, “a communist never does anything under his own name that he can do under someone else’s.”

This is important:  Totalitarians never announce themselves.  They do not come in and say, “Hi, we’re socialists and we’re going to take away your freedoms bit by bit.  We’re going to criminalize your beliefs and your God. We’re going to control every aspect of your live from cradle to grave, and there isn’t a thing you can do about it!” They couch their intentions with pleasant sounding words; they distort and confuse the meanings of their words to make you think “it’s OK.”  How many times do we hear the term “change, reform, progressive?” Or, what of “tolerance, diversity, or fairness?”  “Change” is certainly true (not change we would want), but what of the others?  I think we all know what they really mean.

Regarding the statement, “make haste slowly,” the left does not announce their plans and intentions in full form.  They know that the public would reject them.  Instead, they move incrementally.  They take whatever step they can at a time.  Either by exploiting a crisis, or creating one, they implement their plans step by step.  It will start with some regulations or restrictions, usually in response to some real or invented event or problem.  As time wears on, they add to the regulations or restrictions.  At each phase, the politicians and media assures the public that it’s just some small sacrifices that they’re making, and the government doesn’t  really want to take some right or freedom away. 

The educational system plays a role here as well.  Since so many children are indoctrinated, they will not know the reasons for the freedoms that we have.  As we have heard, there have been more than a few occasions where children have been threatened with failing grades, ridiculed, or otherwise discriminated against because they had a differing viewpoint.  Too many of these people grow to be adults with absolutely no concept of our system of government.  They don’t recognize that government control always leads to tyranny.  They have no idea that the founders wrote our Constitution to protect our rights from the very things that are happening now. In other words, they have been rendered ignorant. Additionally, they have been conditioned to either tow the line, or stay silent, rather than risk the wrath of the system, or face ridicule or rejection.

In the early 1900?s, because of unrest in Europe, thousands of socialists flocked to America for safety. Large numbers held degrees in the fields of psychology, sociology and psychiatry (behavioral sciences, dealing with behavior and [social] change). Many went on to become college and university professors.

Norman Thomas, socialist and member of the Civil Liberties Union, boldly told the world, “The American people will never knowingly adopt socialism, but under the name of liberalism, they will adopt every fragment of the socialist program until one day America will be a socialist nation without ever knowing how it happened.”

Note now that they don’t use the word “liberal.” They now refer to themselves as “progressive.”  How ironic! They use a nice sounding term to describe tyranny.

The story of how the socialists took over the American educational establishment would fill a book; so let us just listen to their own words.

John Dewey, called “the father of modern education,” was an avowed socialist, the co-author of the ‘Humanist Manifesto’ and cited as belonging to fifteen Marxist-front organizations by the Committee on Un-American Activities. Do the words (the father of modern education) now take on new meaning? Remember, Dewey taught the professors who would train America’s teachers. He was obsessed with “the group.” In his own words, “You can’t make socialists out of individualists. Children who know how to think for themselves spoil the harmony of the collective society which is coming, where everyone is interdependent.”

How many of us were taught by our parents, or even our schools, to think for ourselves, be self-reliant, strive to achieve our dreams, be our own person?  Under the system of the future, are these traits illnesses that are to be “treated?” Are we to be replaced by successive generations of subservient drones that have no ability to critically analyze facts, and therefore will never question their masters?

Rosalie Gordon, writing on Dewey’s progressive (socialist) education in her book “What’s Happened To Our Schools,” said, “The progressive system has reached all the way down to the lowest grades to prepare the children of America for their role as the collectivists of the future. The group — not the individual child — is the quintessence of progressivism. The child must always be made to feel part of the group. He must indulge in group thinking and group activity.”

Collectivist = Communists.  Notice how individuality is to be eliminated.  How meaningful are the individual freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution when individuality is to be eliminated? As an update, is it any surprise that the government has been pushing mandatory pre-school? This has nothing to do with education. This is about indoctrination.  It is the ignorance of eduction; replaced with the state sponsored ideology. They state it plainly themselves.

After visiting the Soviet Union, Dewey wrote six articles on the “wonders” of Soviet education. The School-To-Work system in our public schools (all 50 states) is modeled after the Soviet poly-technical system.

In 1936, the National Education Association stated its position, from which they have never wavered; “We stand for socializing the individual.”

The NEA in its “Policy For American Education” stated, “The major problem of education in our times arises out of the fact that we live in a period of fundamental social change. In the new democracy [we were a Republic] education must share in the responsibility of giving purpose and direction to social change. The major function of the school is the social orientation of the individual. Education must operate according to a well-formulated social policy.”

Paul Haubner, specialist for the NEA, tells us, “The schools cannot allow parents to influence the kind of values-education their children receive in school. That is what is wrong with those who say there is a universal system of values. [Christians?] Our (humanistic) goals are incompatible with theirs. We must change their values.”

Professor Chester M. Pierce, M.D., Professor of Education and Psychiatry at Harvard, has this to say, “Every child in America entering school at the age of five is mentally ill because he comes to school with certain allegiances to our Founding Fathers, toward our elected officials, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural being, and toward the sovereignty of this nation as a separate entity. It’s up to you as teachers to make all these sick children well — by creating the international child of the future.”

Some politicians agree. Listen to former Senator Paul Hoagland of Nebraska: “The fundamentalist parents have no right to indoctrinate their children in their beliefs. We are preparing their children for the year 2000 and life in a global one-world society and those children will not fit in.”

What then happens to those children that do not “fit in” to this new socialist world?  Many of the readers of this blog have been subject to the indoctrination of the public schools and universities.  We were somehow able to resist and form opinions of our own.  What will become of such people in the “new order?”

In the Humanist Review magazine it was observed that, “Education is thus a most powerful ally of humanism. What can a theistic Sunday school’s meeting for an hour once a week and teaching only a fraction of the children do to stem the tide of the five-day program of humanistic teaching?”

P. Blanchard, in ‘The Humanist” 1983, continues: “I think that the most important factor moving us toward a secular society has been the educational factor. Our schools may not teach Johnny how to read properly, but the fact that Johnny is in school until he is 16 tends toward the elimination of religious superstition. The average American child now acquires a high school education, and this militates against Adam and Eve and all other myths of alleged history.”

In a socialist state, there can be no power higher than the state. The concept of God, and for some reason, the Christian God in particular, that has to be eliminated. They won’t say that publicly, but that’s the agenda.  Even for those who aren’t religious, what other ideas might be out of synch with the new worldview?  Once they come for the Christians, who might be next?

John J. Dunphy wrote in the Jan/Feb 1983 edition of The Humanist, “The battle for mankind’s future must be waged and won in the public school classroom. The classroom must and will become the arena of conflict between the old and the new. The rotting corpse of Christianity and the new faith of humanism.”

Our bureaucrats, politicians and educators are constantly on television blaming either parents or lack of funds for our schools’ dilemmas. The answer is always more money and more government control. For well over 50 years the American voter has believed this line of crap. Victor Gollancz, a famous socialist publisher tells us why he believed that socialism would take over America; “Christians are not exactly bright, so it will be easy for socialism to lead them down the garden path through their ideals of brotherly love and ‘social justice.’”

It’s (past) time that Christian men stand up for their families and their faith and put God back in charge of this nation and it’s schools.

Joe Larson is the director of Restoring America, a nationwide association of individuals and organizations, including The Idaho Observer, that are dedicated to networking their information, activities and resources to further the effort of a peaceful restoration of our Constitutional Republic. Larson can be contacted at or by calling: (573) 793-3156.

After reading this, do you better understand the Occupy Movement? We see these young people that are completely ignorant as to the history of Communism, Fascism, and Marxist “heroes,” such a Che. Not only do they not know they truth, they’ve been taught lies in place of truth. As the article indicates, actual educational objectives have been replaced with predetermined ideological objectives. Rather than being failures, the people at the OWS encampments are the stars of the system. Then are zombie like automatons, spouting the party line, with little clue as to what they might cause. They are everything that the educational establishment desires-willing, and at least semi useful idiots.

Also, since moral truth has been abandoned, as well as ridiculed, we see the violence, the lack of respect towards others, the rapes, and the vandalism. This Lord of the Flies type behavior pattern is familiar. For where morality and truth have no place, evil prospers. When all standards for behavior are removed, we shouldn’t be surprised when we see that there is no regard for behavioral standards.

While we make our observations about the OWS protesters, the left will continue to indoctrinate more and more children.  The OWS movement will eventually implode under the weight of it’s own evil and failure. We might defeat Obama in 2012. We might gain back control of the Senate. We might even elect some real Conservatives. But, if we continue to give our kids to the government every day, those victories will be temporary, delaying the socialists for a few years to be sure, but in the end, futile. They will continue to turn out more and more useful idiots. And, as time wears on, these useful idiots will become even more militant and desperate. Unless we stop the indoctrination machine, and soon, the useful idiots will get close enough to the 99% to end human freedom. As we all know, lost freedom is very hard to regain. 


Occupy Wall Street: A Staged, Organized Temper Tantrum?


I’m certain that I’m not the only person that has noticed that the liberals tend to act like petulant children when they “don’t get their way.”  One has to look no further than the Occupy Wall Street Crowd to see that point in action.


So what’s going on?  Why has does the left descend into tantrums when reality intervenes and ruins their plans?   Why do they deny others the right to speak by shouting them down?  Why do so many adults abandon reason and self-control when life throws a wrench into their works?  What happened to the work ethic?   Why do so many people think, or DEMAND, that the nanny state should care for them?  These are all questions we have asked.  I would like to offer an explanation.


For those of you that have children, or work with children, have you ever tried to talk to a tantruming child?  Have you ever talked to a teen that thinks they know everything, and facts and reason simply don’t enter their thinking?  Have you ever tried to debate a liberal?  Are you seeing the connection?  That’s where we are, in my opinion.  We are dealing with people that haven’t grown up yet, or never will.  How else might you explain that liberal protests often end in vandalism, rioting, and abuse of others?


Conservatives have been angry and dissatisfied as never before from 2008 until now.  Remember the Tea Party Rallies?  There were few to no arrests, the people cleaned up after themselves, leaving the area cleaner than when they found it.  Some rallies had hundreds; others had thousands, and even tens of thousands.  And a few numbered in the hundreds of thousands.   All of them were peaceful.  There was no vandalism, no damaged properties, and no assaults (other than the ones committed by union members).  There were no fires set, no police attacked, and no excrement left in businesses, or on the front steps of private homes.  Now, compare that to the Occupods, and a different picture emerges. We’ve documented the damage done, the police officer pushed in front of a bus, injuring senior citizens, businesses damaged, excrement left all over the place, the anti-Semitism openly displayed, and the fires intentionally set.  The differences could not be any clearer.  Conservatives and Liberals have very different views, as well as means to achieve them.


When a child is told “no” they have a number of options on how to react; they might throw a tantrum, they might cooperate and get over it, or they may sulk and become passive aggressive, among others.  If the child pitches a fit, and it succeeds in achieving their goal, they will continue using this response until life intervenes and makes that behavior ineffective or unprofitable for them.  Doesn’t liberal reactions to losing a vote, or demanding a result, look like temper tantrums?  Also, if organizations, governments, or individuals “cave in” when the liberals whine, threaten, and protest; you might suspect that they’ll do it again.  After all, it worked all those other times!


You can apply this to economics as well.  Think of the teen that badgers their parents for an extra twenty bucks to go to a movie, or the kid that expects that mommy or daddy should pay for their 20,000 text messages.  They haven’t earned anything-they have no concept of the value of the labor that earned that sum, but they WANT!   Doesn’t it sound like a microcosm of liberal fiscal policy?  Daddy’s “magic wallet” becomes the “magic treasury,” where money appears as if from nowhere and is in limitless supply?  “Who cares where it comes from, as long as I get mine!”  The more I looked at it, the more the comparison became clear.


Let’s also take a look at the media.  How many times were the Tea Party crowds referred to in an insulting manner?  I don’t mean using simple humor or an occasional joke either.  It was brutal and persistent.  Now, remember back to Jr. High.  How did kids treat each other there?  Notice any similarities? It wasn’t about making a joke that everyone could appreciate, it was meant to destroy the target.   Now for Tea Parties round two, the media went back to ignoring or “shunning” the thousands that showed up to protest around the country.  To me, that was kind of like the tween version of …”Let’s ignore that group over there because we don’t like them.”  Conversely, the Occupy Wall Street has been given far more favorable coverage, in spite of the visible evidence of violence, hatred, and filth.  It seems that the “cool kids” get away with everything, doesn’t it?  Any of the video evidence compile at this blog, if done by the Tea Parties, would have been at the top of every network newscast.  However, since the group perpetrating the violence espouses many of the beliefs held by members of the media, they are given a free pass.  Again, this shows the emotional immaturity, as well as the accompanying intellectual dishonesty of out left wing.


Social policy ends up being a similar scenario.  Liberals want to “normalize” all sorts of behaviors so they can do what they want.  They are ruled by their passions and wants, not by ideology, and they are willing to violate the rights of others to achieve them.  For example, when the gay rights crowd looses a vote, or discovers that some people disagree with them, they don’t try to figure out what went wrong, or try to get their message out.  They threaten, intimidate, try to get people fired from their jobs, disrupt church services, and so on.  If a majority of the people disagree with them, they ignore that fact and attack, just like the tantuming child.  In many respects, much of the liberal social agenda is about removing restraints on a small set of behaviors.  It isn’t because of freedom or rights, it’s about “this is what I want to do.”   And while the left seems to be the champion of “rights” to engage in whatever sexual behavior one wants, they also systematically go about limiting more substantive ones, like freedom of  speech, freedom of religion, freedom to purchase what one wants, from whom what wants, and so on.  It would almost seem that they want totalitarianism combined with  being oversexed and over drugged.  In other words, we would be left with bread and circuses.  They would leave us with an illusion of freedom, but in the end, very few real options.


But simple immaturity isn’t the only factor we have to take into account.  While we do have severely immature people to deal with, we also have to account for the fact that they have had their heads filled with propaganda.  Older and more experienced brats run our educational system.  We have documented here, many times, the indoctrination tactics used by the public schools and universities.  We have seen kids sent to protests for extra credit, and we have exposed curricula that were specifically designed to create a class of unthinking automatons.  Real history is ignored, and replaced with false interpretations of what actually happened.  Inconvenient truths are whitewashed, and social justice, global warming, and other lies are promoted.  These freshly minted useful idiots, as Bezmenov points out, are completely incapable of processing reality.  And, in fact, that is the intent.  These people are programmed to reject reality, and attack anyone who presents it.  As a result, they claim to be for free speech, while preventing others for excising theirs.  They go about, chanting, “This is what democracy looks like,” while preventing votes from being taken.  They attack police, then express outrage when there is a response.  They have been observed denying the deaths caused by Communism, and repeating the same hate that consumed the Nazis-the vilification of the Jewish People.  For them, history is false, and no amount of pictures, documentation, or video will convince them otherwise, just as Bezmenov predicted over thirty years ago.


I have a very hard time relating to liberals.  I now realize that there is a reason for that, and it’s not always ideological.  Conservatives are the parents that say “no.”  Liberals are the children that throw tantrums when they don’t get what they want.  This is why we can’t understand them, and they can’t understand us.  To them, we are the other kids that “aren’t popular.”  Having self-restraint is an alien concept to many of them.  They want what they want, and we’re in the way.  Since they are arrested in their own development, they act accordingly.


Perhaps this will help us understand liberals.  It won’t change their behavior, but it might help us deal with them.

Note that this is a heavily edited version of a prior post, which was an edited version of an even earlier post.  


From the Culture Wars: What a gay kiss proves about the public indoctrination system


We’ve been stating for some time that public education in this county has little to do with education.  Instead, it has everything to do with making sure that “students” exit it having certain beliefs.  Today, we have another example of that point.

Apparently, the Hartford Public High School put on a musical called “Zanna, Don’t!”  The musical takes place in a a parallel universe in which homosexuality is the norm, and heterosexuality is abhorrent.  Now, this kind of impossible argument was tried in one of my college classes.  It failed due to it’s impossibility (reproduction being impossible and all).  However, it seems that the masters of indoctrination haven’t given up on it.  In fact, it was funded externally.   The Blaze has the coverage…

“Zanna, Don’t” was brought to the school by the Leadership Greater Hartford’s Quest, which is described by the Hartford Courant newspaper as, “a program for professionals that develops leadership skills.” The paper also reports that the group put on the show in an anti-bullying effort that members hoped would help gay, bisexual, transgendered or “questioning youth.” The Courant continues:

In a partnership with the nonprofit True Colors, one Quest team raised $10,000 to show the musical three times at Hartford High this month. The Knox Foundation and the Samuel Roskin Trust at the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving gave sponsorship money.

And when the play was shown, it understandably caused a reaction from the crowd…

But not everyone was enthusiastic about the show. As soon as the kiss took place, there was instantaneous clamoring. Screams, loud voices and disgust broke out and the school’s football team stomped out in protest. Some people were so anxious to leave the auditorium that they allegedly jumped over seats to get to the exit.

But, it gets even better…

Now, here’s the intriguing part. The school’s principal, David Chambers, claims that the students knew beforehand that there would be homosexual affections displayed in the play. As a result, some had asked to be excused prior to the assembly. While Chambers did consider sending a letter to parents in an effort to allow them to opt their children out of the assembly, he inevitably decided against it.

So, the school hid this from parents.  Because, you know, they might have let their silly morality interfere with the indoctrination!

According to Beliefnet, Chambers said that he believes the teens need to develop “a sense of empathy toward gays and lesbians.” But be contends, “Our kids are not there yet.” School personnel had to work diligently to prevent the students from leaving the school. Chambers continues:

“Even though it’s kind of chaotic, kind of wild and crazy, I see it as very successful. Our kids never deal with this, they keep it inside, and that’s that nervous energy. That’s why they walked out.”

In response to this, Beliefnet’s Rob Kerby wrote:

It apparently did not occur to him that some of the kids had moral issues with the scene — believing that glorifying same-gender romance is wrong. Chambers’ intent was to wear down the students sense of disgust and discomfort with viewing homosexuality on stage.

OK, there are several points to consider here.  The first is the statement, “Our kids are not there yet.”  This is absolute evidence of the indoctrination angle.  In other words, the principal is saying that there has not yet been enough indoctrination to “convert” the students to the desired point of view.  Then, he suggested that the discomfort of the students was a success.  Mr. Kerby’s comment explains why he thought it was a success.  The school is trying to desensitize the students, wearing away their resistance with progressive exposure to a stimuli.  Essentially, it is brainwashing, and it is being done in schools all across this nation.

Again, if you have children in public schools, consider getting them out as soon as possible.  They are not being educated-they are being brainwashed to accept quite a few false belief systems.