ObamaCare Architect Ezekiel Emanuel: “So be prepared to kiss your insurance company good-bye forever”


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Ever since ObamaCare was proposed, Conservatives and Libertarians were warning everyone that the actual intent was to kill the medical and insurance industry, and set up a single payer system.  The then spanking new Conservative Hideout 1.0 was in on that.  Here is a small selection of posts from way back when…

Obama’s History of Favoring Single Payer

Single Payer: A Faulty Rationale

You Mean That ObamaCare is Cloward-Piven for Private Insurance?

Exploring the Intent of ObamaCare: Donald Berwick and Ezekiel Emanuel

Single Payer: A Faulty Rationale

I even bothered to make a video about it back in 2009…

Of course, we were called liars, accused of working for the insurance companies, and the like.  But, after the legislation passed, and has rolled out all the things we predicted have started, and people are suffering.

And now, one of the architects of ObamaCare, Ezekiel Emanuel, or, as I like to refer to him, EZKILL Emanuel, has admitted what we were saying all along…

In an op-ed on New Republic, Ezekiel Emanuel, one of the architects behind Obamacare, says that “insurance companies as we know them are about to die.” For nearly two years now, we have argued that Obama’s real goals are to push private insurance companies out of business and establish a single-payer system.

“The good news is you won’t have insurance companies to kick around much longer. The system is changing… As a result, insurance companies as they are now will be going away. Indeed, they are already evolving. For the next few years insurance companies will both continue to provide services to employers and, increasingly, compete against each other in the health insurance exchanges.”

“So be prepared to kiss your insurance company good-bye forever,” Emanuel concludes.

Um, who was lying?


My Exclusive Interview with Pajama Boy


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I like hot cocoa except when it burns my throat

I like hot cocoa except when it burns my throat


With there being much confusion regarding the Affordable Care Act (Is the website working, has my insurance company received my payment, when is the deadline) the Obama administration rolled out a new ad featuring the so-called “Pajama Boy” that was supposed to get people talking.  The ad was unsuccessful and Pajama Boy was roundly mocked.


Being a fair man except when drunk and/or on a hallucinogenic and/or chaining Olivia Wilde up in my basement I decided to let Pajama Boy tell his story.


MI: Good morning Pajama Boy

PB: Is it morning?  I should go back to sleep.

MI: I didn’t mean that literally.  It’s the afternoon.

PB: Oh good.  I can watch Steve Harvey and Ellen DeGeneres.

MI: So tell me, why did you agree to pose for the ad for the Affordable Care Act?

PB: My mother said I had to or she wouldn’t make my bed.

MI: I see.  And you always do what your mother tells you?

PB: Yes.  I love my mother.  She makes me dinner.

MI: So I take it you still live at home?

PB: Of course. Don’t all boys live at home?

MI: Boys yes.  But at a certain age you become a man and move out and get your own place.

PB:  Your own place?  But who tucks you in at night.

MI: A woman.

PB: My mother’s a woman.

MI: A lover.

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PB: I love my mother.

MI: Okay let’s try another track.  What do you do for a living?

PB: Living?

MI: Yes.  What is your job?  Your vocation?

PB: I don’t have a job.  It’s not that I don’t want to work it’s just that all the jobs out there don’t appeal to me.  I had a job once and people were mean to me and told me to do stuff I didn’t want to do.

MI: Yes.  That’s a job.

PB: Well I don’t like it.  Why can’t I be paid for sitting at home in front of my computer. No one is mean to me then.

MI: How did you – 

PB: Ouch!  Ouch!  Ouch!

MI: What happened?  What’s wrong?

PB: I burned the roof of my mouth on this hot chocolate!  It hurts!  It hurts!  Make it better!

MI: What?  I don’t –

PB: Make it better!

MI: I don’t know.  Suck on an ice cube or something.

PB: I don’t like you.  You’re mean!  You see!  This is why I need the affordable care act! Oh god the roof of my mouth!  It burns!  It burns!

MI:  Do you want me to call a doctor?

PB:  I don’t have insurance.  This is an emergency!  I need help!

MI: It’s not an emergency.

PB:  Get out!  Get out! You brute!  You manly brute!  I just want to cry.  Mom!

And so I left Pajama Boy and his burned mouth.  Hopefully his mother took care of him and made it all better.

Original Post: Manhattan Infidel


ObamaCare Damage: Can’t Verify Coverage, Billed Full Price for Tests and Procedures


I guess more and more people are finding out what was “in” ObamaCare; primarily incompetence and failure.  The latest comes to us from the Daily Mail, via iOWNTHEWORLD, who shows us that “having” ObamaCare doesn’t necessarily mean that you have anything at all…

  • MailOnline spoke with patients who were told they would have to pay their bills in full if they couldn’t prove they had insurance
  • One was faced with a $3,000 hospital room charge and opted to leave the hospital after experiencing chest pains
  • ‘Should I be in the hospital? Probably,’ she said
  • Another, coughing in the cold, walked out without receiving a needed chest x-ray
  • Consumers face sticker-shock from medical costs under the new Obamacare system, made worse if they can’t prove they’re insured
  • As many as one-third of new enrollees’ applications have seen problems when the government transmits them to insurance companies

Hospital staff in Northern Virginia are turning away sick people on a frigid Thursday morning because they can’t determine whether their Obamacare insurance plans are in effect.

Patients in a close-in DC suburb who think they’ve signed up for new insurance plans are struggling to show their December enrollments are in force, and health care administrators aren’t taking their word for it.

In place of quick service and painless billing, these Virginians are now facing the threat of sticker-shock that comes with bills they can’t afford.

‘They had no idea if my insurance was active or not!’ a coughing Maria Galvez told MailOnline outside the Inova Healthplex facility in the town of Springfield.

She was leaving the building without getting a needed chest x-ray.

‘The people in there told me that since I didn’t have an insurance card, I would be billed for the whole cost of the x-ray,’ Galvez said, her young daughter in tow. ‘It’s not fair – you know, I signed up last week like I was supposed to.’

The x-ray’s cost, she was told, would likely be more than $500.

Is it the fault of the dupes that believed in Obama?  Well, maybe, considering that they were warned that this monstrosity wouldn’t work.  But the real blame falls on democratic politicians, who lied to disguise the fact that ObamaCare was only Cloward-Piven for the health care system.  That, and the media was complicit; covering up the failures, and repeating the lies told by Obama and his democratic allies.

Oh, and if you voted for Obama, you voted for this.  Being low information is no longer an excuse.


IRS Update: C. Steven Tucker Helps Bill Elliot Keep His Plan, is Also Audited by IRS!


On December 3, we covered the story of Bill Elliott, a cancer patient who lost his insurance due to ObamaCare.  He was interviewed on Fox News regarding his situation, and as if from nowhere, the IRS notified him that he was to be audited. Here’s a follow-up on that story…

By now, the news has spread online, of the IRS notices received on the same November 25th date, by whistleblowers Bill Elliott and by C. Steven Tucker. Elliott has been waging a pitched battle with cancer. Tucker is the insurance agent and healthcare freedom activist who informed him that the canceling of his insurance, wrought by the Obama administration for the sake of pushing citizens into Obamacare, was illegal. Tucker reached out immediately after Elliott appeared on Fox News’ The Kelly File, Nov. 7th and Elliott’s insurance was hastily reinstated.

So, when Tucker acted in good faith, and got Bill Elliot’s insurance restored, he received some attention from the IRS .  The following is from an email interview conducted by Renew America, with Mr. Tucker…

When we had some Q and A, a few days ago, you were about to be visited by a representative of the IRS, on Friday, December 6th. Who asked for that meeting? Did the IRS say what they wanted to meet about, before it occurred?

Tucker: Yes, Treasury Inspector General Robert Williams made an unannounced visit to my old office in Palatine on December 4th, 2013. I was not there so he called my cell phone at 4 p.m. that same day. I answered and he stated that ‘I stopped by your office and you were not there, we noted your story in the news and we would like to discuss the issue you are having as soon as possible.’ I said ‘that sounds good, we can meet in my home at 11 a.m. on Friday – December 6th 2013.’

When I hung up the phone. I immediately called my attorney. He then connected me on a three way phone call to William J. Sneckenberg, Esq., Senior Litigation Attorney and Appellate Specialist at the Sneckenberg, Thompson, and Brody law firm in Chicago. After hearing the story, Mr. Sneckenberg said it was ‘highly irregular’ for the IRS to be sending a letter of demand for a tax return that was filed more than a decade ago. Normally, the look back period is anywhere from 3 to 5 years. He then said he wanted to be in my home to represent me when Treasury Inspector General Williams arrived.

On Friday morning Mr. Sneckenberg arrived and reviewed the letters of demand from the IRS and then contacted his CPA. His CPA also agreed that this is highly irregular. Then Treasury Inspector General Williams arrived with an associate. He showed me his business card and his badge and then sat down to begin his inquisition of sorts during which he and his associate took copious notes. To my surprise his questions were not designed to find out why I was sent the letters of demand but more to find out more about me and even more surprisingly my new friend Bill Elliott.

He asked for Bill Elliott’s phone number twice. I did not give him Mr. Elliott’s phone number. He then asked for a timeline of events. He asked ‘How did you first meet Bill? What law did you use to help him get his policy restored? What television program did he appear on?’ etc. He then asked for my full name and my social security number since the IRS letters of demand were sent to my corporation and not to my personal name. And, then at the end of his line of questioning he made sure to tell me that ‘you need to resolve these issues with the IRS, if not, as you may be aware, you may be visited again by other IRS representatives in your home and we do reserve the right to garnish your wages and lien your assets.’ Mr. Sneckenberg and I then wished them a Happy Holiday and showed them both the door.

After they left and whilst the exhaust from their government vehicle was still lingering in my driveway I received a knock on the door from my post man who had in his hands a certified letter from the IRS. That letter stated ‘Intent to seize your property or rights to property. Amount due immediately $2,106.05.’ If you do not call us immediately or pay the amount due by December 19, 2013, we will seize (“levy”) your property or rights to property and apply it to the $2,106.05 you owe.’

This supposed amount they are demanding payment for is for the year 2010, where they state I did not file my W2s. My tax documents are prepared by a licensed CPA and are done correctly each year. If I had not filed my W2s I would not have been able to complete my 2010 corporate and personal tax returns which are sitting right next to me as I write you these responses. My CPA and my attorney are completely baffled by both the 2010 demand and the 2003 demand for $3,592.19.

The article is rather extensive, so get over there and read the rest.

So, as you can see, it appears that all these actions by the IRS are nothing more than retaliation. They went after Mr. Elliott for exposing the failures of ObamaCare, and then, they went after Mr. Tucker for helping Mr. Elliott.  Also remember that this is the same IRS that will have tremendous power over you, and you’re healthcare.  I would suggest that this is to make the point that speaking out against the government might be hazardous to you’re health.


Classic Snarky: I’m a Democrat-You Owe Me


Note:  Here is a classic CH 2.0 post from the one and only Snarky Basterd.

I’m a democrat. You owe me.

I’m a democrat. I have my own pile of money, but I want yours, too, including the four pennies you have rattling around in the bottom of that peanut butter jar you frugal idiots like to use as a change holder. Give it up! You owe me.

I’m a democrat. I just say I like the public school system. My kids go to private schools so that your kids can go to public schools and learn how to be good little democrats like me. When my kids grow up and become better members of a collectivist society, and your kids grow up confused, my kids will get government jobs and take more money and freedom from your kids. You owe me.

I’m a democrat. I have a job with health insurance, but I think it’s everyone else’s fault when I get sick and have to cut back on my lifestyle so I can pay for health care that should be free, along with cars and houses and big screen TVs. You owe me.

I’m a democrat. There is no god. You can go ahead and get down on your knees and pray to the ceiling for forgiveness and strength and peace, but I’ll be standing right behind you with a tire iron, bashing your skull and stealing your wallet. You owe me.

I’m a democrat. I hate people. I would rather sleep with my dog or a cucumber or a tree than with another person…unless I can just dump them on the curb after we’re through. You just have sex to make more people so you can continue to earn more money while you rape the planet. You owe me.

I’m a democrat. I love taxes. It’s patriotic…for you…to pay them. I don’t pay any, anyway. And if I have to, I’ve figured out loop holes or have offshore accounts to shelter my money, so the government never really gets too much from me anyway. You owe me.

I’m a democrat. It’s not only my right but also my duty to take freedom and representative republicanism from you, little by little, and replace it with government bureaucracy. From each according to his ability, to each according to his need. I’m needy. You owe me.

I’m a democrat. I have a $20 million vacation playground on Martha’s Vineyard and a guarded compound in South Chicago and belong to the richest majority in Washington’s history. But I hate rich people who aren’t democrats and want your property too so I can save endangered swamp rats and build turtle tunnels and fix toilets. You owe me.

I’m a democrat. There are more of you than there are of me. You breathe too much. I’ve told the world outlandish lies that you’re causing global warming, using faulty correlations to get everyone so worried they’re about to let me tax thin air. And you’ll breathe a lot less. You owe me.

I’m a democrat. I’m an elitist. I’m perfect. I’m not like all of you stupid wingnuts out there working your greedy little fingers to the bone trying to make a little money and feed your family and have something to call successful when you retire. You owe me.

I’m a democrat. I live in the city so I can get stupid drunk and piss on the streets when I want and kick your parked car when it gets in my way. It’s too bad that you have all those guns in your humble suburban and country homes. If you didn’t, I’d come and toss you out on your naked ass and make you live in the fetid cities that my government policies screwed up. You owe me.

I’m a democrat. I think you hate homosexuals. I have no idea that you just want to be left alone and live your life the way you see fit and not have your children taught with government money that they should seek alternative lifestyles for the fun of it. I just want you to do what I think you should do with your life. You owe me.

I’m a democrat. I’m so tolerant I can’t tolerate anyone who doesn’t think the way I do. In fact, I hate white people. I hate all people. I hate myself. I hate myself so much that I hate you even more when you are happy. You owe me.

I’m a democrat. I don’t know how to do anything for myself. I need to be told what to do. I don’t think human beings are capable of taking care of themselves. That’s what government is for. You owe me.

I’m a democrat. I don’t think any people should have rights. I think fish and frogs and grass should, however, and I want to represent them in court…and you to pay for it. You owe me.

I’m a democrat. I’m a child. I act like a child and I think like a child and I live like a child and I throw up my hands and have little fits when I don’t get my way. There should be no consequences for anything I do. But there should be consequences for you, even if you’re blameless in what I accuse you of. You owe me.

I’m a democrat. I’m racist but I get others to think that you are racist just because I call you one. It’s a riot to watch you squirm because I know you have a conscience. I do not. You owe me.

I’m a democrat. I was born poor or middle class or rich, but it doesn’t matter. I was born black or white or Asian or Latina, but it still doesn’t matter. In fact, it’s Bush’s fault that I was even allowed to be born at all. You owe me.

I’m a democrat. I want health care at your expense, while I’m young and virulent and child-like. But then I want you to kill me when I start to get old and weak and feeble, so that all of my young and virulent and child-like democrat friends can have health care at your expense.

Then I want to come back to life as a rock, so lots of birds can shit on me. They owe me, too, for being a loony moonbat.

Previously posted at Feed Your ADHD.


ObamaCare Damage: Will Millions More Lose Their Plans Due to ObamaCare?


We know that millions of Americans that relied on the individual market for their insurance have lost their plans, and those losses are not yet over.   President Obama lied to us all, and those people are paying the price for Obama’s dishonesty.  However, it has to be restated that this was purposeful, as one objective of ObamaCare is to ruin insurance so it can be replaced by a single payer plan.  First, the individual market is to be ruined.  Next year, it’s the group plans, the ones provided by employers, that are in the cross hairs.  They got a one year reprieve from Obama, but their time is coming.  How bad will it be?  Steve at America’s Watchtower has a possible outcome…

How many people will lose their healthcare insurance when the employer mandate goes into effect?

  According to this story it will be anywhere from 50-100 million more Americans:

A new and independent analysis of ObamaCare warns of a ticking time bomb, predicting a second wave of 50 million to 100 million insurance policy cancellations next fall — right before the mid-term elections.

The next round of cancellations and premium hikes is expected to hit employees, particularly of small businesses. 

While the administration has tried to downplay the cancellation notices hitting policyholders on the individual market by noting they represent a relatively small fraction of the population, the swath of people who will be affected by the shakeup in employer-sponsored coverage will be much broader.

  This is, of course, the reasoning behind the Obama regime’s decision to delay the employer mandate in the first place–lessen the initial blow. A slow bleed if you will.

  There is no way in hell that Barack Obama is going to allow this many people to lose their healthcare shortly before the midterm election so I fully expect him to delay the employer mandate once again until after the midterms in order to save Democratic seats in the House and in the Senate.

I think Steve is on to something.  Does Obama care if his crowning achievement, ObamaCare, costs up to 100,000,000 people their insurance?  Absolutely not.  I would think he sees that as a positive.  However, inflicting that much pain before an election is unthinkable.  I agree with Steve, Obama might delay it again.  He’ll delay it, lie about it, try an get more democrats in Congress, and then blame others when the cuts eventually come.

The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior.  By that yardstick, we can safely predict that an extensive campaign of lies is in store.  The question is, how many more people are willing to drink the Kool Aid?


#ObamaCare Lies: Now, Millions Will Lose Their Employer Based Coverage as Well


irs obamacare

We’ve been covering that nearly 16,000,000 Americans will be losing their insurance due to #ObamaCare.   This is in the individual market, where individuals go to purchase plans for themselves and their family members.   I’ll be quoting an article by Avik Roy at Forbes.  I strongly recommend you read the whole thing. 

Here is the reaction of Jay Carney to those losses…

On Tuesday, White House spokesman Jay Carney attempted to minimize the disruption issue, arguing that it only affected people who buy insurance on their own. “That’s the universe we’re talking about, 5 percent of the population,” said Carney. “In some of the coverage of this issue in the last several days, you would think that you were talking about 75 percent or 80 percent or 60 percent of the American population.”

In other words (my translation, so to speak)…

F*ck them, we got the control we want, those 15-16 million people can go pound sand.

But, it’s not just going to be 16,000,000 that lose their coverage.  There are going to be a lot more…

But Carney’s dismissal of the media’s concerns was wrong, on several fronts. Contrary to the reporting of NBC, the administration’s commentary in the Federal Register did not only refer to the individual market, but also the market for employer-sponsored health insurance.

Section 1251 of the Affordable Care Act contains what’s called a “grandfather” provision that, in theory, allows people to keep their existing plans if they like them. But subsequent regulations from the Obama administration interpreted that provision so narrowly as to prevent most plans from gaining this protection.

“The Departments’ mid-range estimate is that 66 percent of small employer plans and 45 percent of large employer plans will relinquish their grandfather status by the end of 2013,” wrote the administration on page 34,552 of the Register. All in all, more than half of employer-sponsored plans will lose their “grandfather status” and become illegal. According to the Congressional Budget Office, 156 million Americans—more than half the population—was covered by employer-sponsored insurance in 2013.

But, I think it’s important to mention that the grandfather clauses for Labor Unions seem to have gone untouched.

Coincidence, no doubt.

So, not only are the millions that buy insurance on the individual market getting hosed, it looks like almost half of employer plans are going to  get the ax as well.

Remember this…

That was a lie, and they knew it!

And by the way, the plans that you will be able to choose from are likely to be a lot more expensive, and have higher deductibles.   After all, men really need to pay for maternity coverage!

And, once again, if you voted fro Obama, you voted for this.  We warned you, but you wanted a freebie.  Too bad, you’re paying for it now.

H/T: Twitchy


13 Democrats, Who Knew You Would Lose Your Plan, But Lied, Are up for Re-election in 2014



If you are one of the estimated 16,000,000 people that are going to lose your plans under ObamaCare (and that’s just in the individual market), you might just be a tad bit upset.  After all, you’re going to be forced to buy another plan, and it’s going to cost a lot more, likely have a much higher deductible, and probably offer less.  Let’s be honest; you’re probably po’d right now.  Well, killing this turkey is a few years off, but you can get yourself some payback in 2014.

Here are the names of 13 democratic Senators that KNEW you were going to lose your plan, and deliberately lied about it!

Here are 13 Democrats running for election in 2014 that knew you’d lose your health insurance but promised you could keep it:

1) Gary Peters – Michigan

“If you’re covered and you like your insurance, you can keep it.”

2) Bruce Braley – Iowa
ObamaCare would “allow Americans to maintain their choice of health insurance.”

3) Mark Pryor – Arkansas

ObamaCare would “protect and expand an individual’s choice of doctors and insurance plans.”

4) Mark Begich – Alaska

“If you got a doctor now, you got a medical professional you want, you get to keep that. If you have an insurance program or a health care policy you want of ideas, make sure you keep it. That you can keep who you want. That we keep that patient-doctor relationship very strong.”

5) Mary Landrieu – Louisiana

“I am voting for this bill because it achieves The goals I laid out at the beginning of this debate: It drives down Costs and expands affordable health care choices for millions of families and small businesses in Louisiana and around the nation.”

6) Dick Durbin – Illinois

“First and foremost, it stays true to the President’s call that if you like what you have, you can keep it.”

7) Jeff Merkley – Oregon

Oregonians “are going to be able to keep the doctor they have because the goal isn’t to change that. If they have a plan they like, we want them to be able to keep that.”

8) Kay Hagan – North Carolina

“We need to support the private insurance industry so that people who have insurance they’re happy with can keep it while also providing a backstop option for people without access to affordable coverage.”

9) Chris Coons – Delaware

“If you have job-based health insurance you like, you can keep it”

10) Brian Schatz – Hawaii
“A fundamental element of the proposed reform is a public option in health care. If you like your health care coverage, you can keep it.”

11) Ed Markey – Massachusetts

“Under our proposal, if you like your current health-care plan, you can keep it.”

12) Jack Reed – Rhode Island

“If you like the insurance you have, you can choose to keep it.”

13) Mark Warner – Virginia

“I’m not going to support a healthcare reform plan that’s going to take away the healthcare you’ve got right now or a healthcare plan that you like.”

They lied then, and they’re going to lie in the future.  And, in 2014, they’re going to lie about lying, and hope you have forgotten about it.  If one of these is your Senator, think of them every month, when that heftier premium comes out of you account, or when you have to worry about illness, because you can’t afford insurance anymore.  Or, remember them when you get your pay, and are reminded that you hours have been cut. Remember them if you lost your job, and no one is hiring.  And, remember them if your employer used to provide coverage, but can no longer afford it.

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ObamaCare Causes Big Bird to Lose Health Insurance?



Well, kinda.  It appears that among the SeaWorld workers that will be losing their hours and coverage, are employees of their subsidiary, Sesame Place.   Naked DC has more…

Yes, America, Big Bird is about to lose his health insurance  under Obamacare. Or, at least, at least the guy who walks around in the Big Bird suit at Sesame Place is.

Last year, Big Bird’s job security was thrust into the political spotlight.

This year, it’s his health insurance.

In a letter sent last week to President Obama, U.S. Rep. Mike Fitzpatrick contended that the Affordable Care Act had caused Sesame Place, one of Bucks County’s biggest tourist attractions, to terminate health benefits for its part-time employees.

“This law is hurting real people in my district and around the country,” the Bucks County Republican wrote.

A spokesman for SeaWorld, the amusement park’s parent company, confirmed Wednesday that the company was cutting the weekly work limit for part-time employees from 32 to 28 hours. Under the Affordable Care Act, companies can face fines if they do not provide insurance for staffers who work at least 30 hours per week.

Fred Jacobs, the SeaWorld spokesman, did not say whether the change in policy had been prompted by the health-care law.

Well, big Bird may have lost their insurance, but I’m sure they can find something on the ObamaCare exchanges that costs a ton more.  And, they’ll have the additional prospect of absolutely no chance of getting full time work, given the strong disincentives to doing that.

Oh, and by they way, if you voted for Obama, you voted for this.

Elections ave consequences.


ObamaCare Damage: United Methodist Church Supported ObamaCare, Now Ending Benefits for Pastors and Staff, Because of ObamaCare


This is irony that hits close to home.  I was raised in the United Methodist Church.  And, I attended UMC Churches through much of my adulthood.  Sadly, they, like other large denominations, have supported a number of liberal causes, including ObamaCare.  Therefore, I worship elsewhere.  However, the UMC’s support of ObamaCare has had an unexpected consequence (at least to the UMC, that is).  The Acton Institute has more…

When the Obamacare legislation was rushed through Congress in 2010, Bishop Gregory Palmer, president of the Council of Bishops for The United Methodist Church (UMC), said he “rejoiced” at the passage of the bill because it aligns with the denomination’s values. But now, many Methodists bishops — and other Christian clergy — are wishing they hadn’t waited for the bill to pass to find out what was in it.

According to a statement released by the UMC’s General Board of Pensions and Health Benefits, clergy and lay employees of United Methodist churches may soon lose their health care coverage due to some coming Obamacare provisions:

This potential loss of benefits is due to an oversight in the writing of the bill which overlooked clergy and lay employees of churches as potential recipients of special tax credits for the purchase of health insurance.

Sen. Mark Pryor (D-Ark.) and Sen. Chris Coons (D-Del.) introduced the Church Health Plan Act of 2013 to fix this problem. The Affordable Care Act provides low and moderate income individuals and families with tax credits to cover the cost of commercial health insurance plans. The Pryor-Coons bill would extend the same tax benefits available to the general public to clergy and church employees receiving coverage from church health plans. Nationwide, more than 1 million clergy and church employees are covered by church health plans.

The United Methodist Church (UMC) is among the largest Protestant denominations in the U.S. Barbara A. Boigegrain, chief executive of the UMC pension and health benefits board, observed, “The majority of pastors and church workers are among the country’s low-to-moderate income level workers. They deserve to receive the full tax benefit under the law that corporate workers at small businesses will receive to help offset the cost of health insurance premiums or of health care costs. In the rush to establish a health care system that works for everyone, churches were overlooked. We ask our congressional leaders to represent all workers in the country, as they consider and vote on this legislation.”

Now, it appears that the  Methodists are being kind in saying that they were “overlooked.”  However, the Obama administration has made unprecedented attacks on Christianity, suck as forcing Christian institutions to purchase insurance that pays for abortion, or attacking Right of Conscience laws, so that Christians can be fired for refusing to participate in performing abortions, or not handing out “plan B” contraceptives.   I would venture to guess that the exceptions for Christians were intentionally left out.  If the UMC had read the legislation, they would have known it.  They supported it anyway.  But, since the Congress had to “pass it so we can what is in it,” they had no idea that they were being repaid by being screwed.

It could be worse though.  You could be in Syria, and be slaughtered by rebels Al Qaeda that President Obama is arming.

Hopefully, they aren’t completely deceived, and is realizing that the the Obama administration is a foe of Christ and his people.


ObamaCare Damage: Major Insurers Fleeing Exchanges


When systems become unmanageable, inefficient, or downright tyrannical, people flee it.   And, at the present time, pickings are going to be rather slim in many, if not most of the ObamaCare exchanges, because the major insurance carriers are saying “nyet, comrade,” to participating in them.  

(CNSNews.com) – Major health insurance companies–Blue Cross, Aetna, United, Humana–have decided not to participate in various states in the Obamacare health-insurance exchanges that will be the only place Americans will be able to buy a health insurance plan using the federal subsidies authorized under the Obamacare law.

Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (AKA Obamacare), every American must buy a health insurance plan that meets minimum government specifications. If a person does not get health insurance through their employer, and is not on Medicaid, they can buy insurance through their home state’s insurance exchange (which, depending on the state, will be run by either the state or federal government).

States will also operate exchanges where small businesses can buy health-insurance plans.

Individuals and families making up to 400 percent of the federal poverty level will qualify for a federal subsidy to help them buy their government-mandated insurance–but only if they buy their insurance on the government-run exchange

So, I see that the  is some good resistance to the exchanges.  While this is a good thing, I fear that the companies will eventually comply, both due to “punishments” created by the government, and a sense of inevitability that many feel about this turkey.   However, ObamaCare can be defeated if the companies refuse to play ball, and enough young people “burn their ObamaCare cards.”  If we can pull this off, we can help ObamaCare collapse under the weight of it’s own failure.


Elections Have Consequences: 77% of all Jobs Created in 2013 are Part Time Due to ObamaCare



For several years now, people have raised the warning that ObamaCare would prompt employers to hire part time workers instead of full time.  The reason is simple-if you have too many full time staff, you either have to buy them insurance, or pay a fine.  Then, with insurance premiums skyrocketing due to the extra costs inflicted by ObamaCare, providing health insurance is completely out of the reach of many small businesses.  Also, even paying the fines are prohibitive. As I’ve covered before, many businesses have cut hours for workers because the cumulative fines would be more than their yearly profit.  Some businesses have already closed, or sold out due to the increased expenses.

Now, we see the true extent of the ObamaCare damage.  According to recently released statistics, it seems that the VAST majority of new jobs created so far this year are part time positions.  The Right Scoop has the details…

The Obamacare wrecking ball is smashing America just as it was designed to do:

ZERO HEDGEObamacare Full Frontal: Of 953,000 Jobs Created In 2013, 77%, Or 731,000 Are Part-Time:

When the payroll report was released last month, the world finally noticed what we had been saying for nearly three years: that the US was slowly being converted to a part-time worker society. This slow conversion accelerated drastically in the last few months, and especially in June, when part time jobs exploded higher by 360K while full time jobs dropped by 240K. In July we are sad to report that America’s conversation to a part-time worker society is accelerating: according to the Household Survey, of the 266K jobs created (note this number differs from the establishment survey), only 35% of jobs, or 92K, were full time. The rest were… not.

Elections have consequences.  People were warned.  If you voted for Obama, you voted for this.  And, if you’re


Elections Have Consequences: White Castle Considers Hiring no More Full Time Employees


People were warned that a vote for Obama would cost them, but far too many were in  spigot cities, or were low information voters that bleated to the MSM’s beat, and tapped a touch screen for Obama.  Now, many more are paying the price.  White Castle, the well known burger joint, is joining other companies in considering if they can stay in business while paying for insurance, or paying ObamaCare fines. 

The fast food restaurant best known for its small, square burgers and role in the 2004 movie “Harold and Kumar go to White Castle,” is considering only hiring part-time workers because of the costs associated with President Obama’s signature legislative act.

White Castle currently employs 9,600 workers nationwide, about half of which are full-time employees. The company will not take away hours or benefits from them, however, according to White Castle Vice President Jamie Richardson.

“If we were to keep our health insurance program exactly like it is with no changes, every forecast we’ve looked at has indicated our costs will go up 24 percent,” Richardson told National Public Radio

White Castle is just the latest food business to change its benefits policies as a result of the law. Wisconsin supermarket chain Trig’s is cutting the hours for its part-time workers to avoid going bankrupt paying for the benefits mandated in the new law.

“Doing nothing was not an option,” Angie Dreifuerst, the Vice President of Human Resources and Benefits at Trig’s, told NBC affiliate WJFW. “It would have put us out of business, within a year.”

But, if you look at liberal comments at the source site, you see some people that cannot process reality.  However, it doesn’t matter if they are denying reality or not, because it;s going to happen anyway.  And, if  any of those White Castle employees voted for Obama, they voted for this.

Elections have consequences.


Maybe They Should Have Read it: ObamaCare Causes Massive Increase in Health Insurance Premiums


We’ve covered it before, and it’s still happening.  Health insurance premiums have taken off with the impending implementation of ObamaCare, and don’t appear to be slowing anytime soon.  We covered the beginning of this just recently.

ObamaCare Damage: Health Insurance Premiums Rise Under Obama

Elections Have Consequences: “Startling Rate Increases” Due to ObamaCare

However, our friend Wyblog has the latest.  

Obamacare: You get less than half the value at more than twice the price!

I think Democrats call that “fairness”.

Meanwhile in California, rates are going up twenty percent next year.

Blue Shield of California is calling for a 20% rate hike on some individual policyholders. The company expects higher costs from an influx of new customers under the federal healthcare law in 2014.

Remember when Obama said we’d save $2,500 per year on our health insurance?

Me neither.

Then there’s all the crippling taxes buried in Obamacare’s fine print. They had to pass the bill to find out what’s in it dontcha know. And when they found out, they weren’t happy.

Sixteen Democratic senators who voted for the Affordable Care Act are asking that one of its fundraising mechanisms, a 2.3 percent tax on medical devices scheduled to take effect January 1, be delayed. Echoing arguments made by Republicans against Obamacare, the Democratic senators say the levy will cost jobs — in a statement Monday, Sen. Al Franken called it a “job-killing tax” — and also impair American competitiveness in the medical device field.

Wait, raising taxes kills jobs? Why wasn’t I informed!

You mean, when the President promised that premiums would go down, they went up?  You mean, it was “unexpected?”  You mean, that it  really is Cloward-Piven for private insurance?  You mean, increasing the cost of doing business kills jobs?  If only some Conservative Bloggers could have pointed that out!

Oh wait!


College Students Hammered by ObamaCare-Just in Time for the Election


Yesterday, I asked the question, which is worse, being Obama’s enemy, or his friend?  That line resonates a bit more today, given that college students, who overwhelmingly supported Obama in 2008, are being repaid for that support-in higher insurance rates thanks to ObamaCare.  The Lonely Conservative has more…

College students who purchase their health insurance policies through their colleges may be in for a shock when they get the bill. Colleges all over the country are raising premiums drastically to cover the costs associated with Obamacare. In North Carolina, where Democrats are hoping young voters will help them win the state, the costs have skyrocketed.

But as the president fights to keep the conservative-leaning state in his column this November, education officials here are complicating his campaign message by citing “Obamacare” as a reason for the rising cost of student health insurance plans on campuses from Asheville to Wilmington.

In April, Tom Ross, the president of the University of North Carolina system, sent a letter to the university’s board of governors announcing that students should brace for a hike in the cost of university-provided insurance plans.

Ross explained that at least 64,000 North Carolina college students – roughly a third of those enrolled in the state’s 17 public universities – should expect to see “substantial” increases in health coverage costs for the 2012-2013 academic year.

“Based on more than three semesters of actual claims experience, as well as the new provisions of the Affordable Care Act, we are facing large increases in premiums for our students,” Ross wrote in the letter.

In North Carolina, college students are required to have proof of health insurance, either through their university, their parents or a private provider.

Students who purchase insurance plans from North Carolina public universities this fall will be shelling out $709 per semester. That’s up significantly from a cost of $460 per semester last year.

Get over to The Lonely Conservative, as there is even more.

We warned that ObamaCare would increase costs.  Anyone with a half necrotic brain could have recognized that.  But, people continued to push for ObamaCare, and now they are reaping the “rewards” for that support.  It has to be noted that this is part of the Cloward-Piven of ObamaCare-to increase costs and reduce availability, causing the health care system to crash and burn under the weight of those increased costs.  That would give our regressive friends the justification to take it over entirely.

Let’s add college students to the increasingly long list of Obama client groups that are now staring up at the bottom of the bus.

How ya likin’ that “change?”



Howard Dean Admits and Supports Conservative Claim That People will Lose Their Plan Under ObamaCare


Ever since we got a glimpse of what is in ObamaCare, we started predicting that people would lose their coverage.  And as time has worn on, it has started to happen.  But for background, here is what President Obama said about it in 2009…

Again, we covered all the intervening nonsense, including companies writing off billions under ObamaCare, the $500,000,000 that the ObamaCare takes out of Medicare, and a host of others.  Of course, we also covered the earlier statements of Obama, and the more current statements of prominent Democrats that suggested the single payer was the end goal.  In pursuit of that end, we hypothesized, would be the fact that the fines paid for companies to not cover their employees would be far less than the cost of actually covering them.  It logically follows that this would encourage companies to dump insurance for their employees, leaving them in the government system.  This thought was thoroughly rejected and ridiculed by the regressives.

However, Howard Dean, former DNC chair and Democratic Presidential candidate, agrees with us, albeit for all the wrong reasons…

Once again, the regressives tell the truth, even when they fail to see how it exposes their plans.

Let me just ask this simple question, how are you liking that “change.”

H/T:  Big Government