Union Thugs Alert: Goons Threaten to Rape Children of Managers


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union thug

Union thugs are at it again.

Correct that!

Union thugs are still at it. 

The first sentence implies that union thugs ever stop being union thugs.

As the title points out, Union thugs have again been found to threatening the children of their targets.  Included in the latest example is threats to rape and kill children.  You know, just peaceful union activism, right?

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Via Red State:

In the latest development of a more than year-long labor dispute in Vancouver, the National Labor Relations Board has accused picketers of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) Local 4 of a multitude of horrific acts which include violence, threats of rape and implied harm to children, as well as racial slurs toward company security officers.

These acts, according to The Oregonian include the pinning of a security officer’s legs under a moving vehicle, blocking drivers’ vision and causing permanent eye injury to a security officer, reckless pursuit of company vans, as well as threatening a manager’s daughter with rape and “implied threats to harm a manager’s children by telling him they would ‘see his children at school’ and asking, ‘are (his) children okay today?’”

The labor dispute began in February 2013, when United Grain Corporation–a wheat exporter that runs a terminal in Vancouver, Washington–locked out 44 ILWU workers following six months of “fruitless negotiations” and after an ILWU member allegedly sabotaged the company’s equipment. […]

In addition to the acts alleged by the NLRB, the union has used religious leaders to accuse the company of sins, “including the sin of ‘theft in stealing the right to work,’ the sin of ‘heartlessness in failing to acknowledge the humanity of their workers’ and the sin of “manipulation in hiring replacement workers who need the money.’”

You remember all the Bible verses where Jesus said to rape children, don’t you?

Just think about it.  According to law, threats, extortion, and the like, are all legal for union thugs (at least here in the US).  And, the unions, and their democrat cronies, are fighting tooth and nail to keep it going.   Because, as we all know, unions are go great, that people have to be forced to accept them!


10 Union Goons Indcited on Extortion, Arson, and Assualt Charges in Philadelphia


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union thug

You’ve seen the post image, I’ve used it for years.  This story explains why I use it.  It is one story of many-union goons caught violating the law.  However, what this makes this story a rarity is that the goons were caught and indicted…

10 In Union ‘Goon Squads’ Indicted For Violence, Arson In Philadelphia – The Foundry

Ten members of a Philadelphia ironworkers union are charged with conspiring to commit extortion, arson, destruction of property, and assault to force construction contractors to hire union workers, according to the FBI.


The FBI this week said the members of Ironworkers Local 401 collaborated with allies who sought out construction sites that employed non-union workers, threatening personnel there with “violence, destruction of property or other criminal acts unless union members were hired.”

So-called “goon squads,” including a group calling itself “The Helpful Union Guys” (or THUGs) went into action. Some “set a crane on fire and cut steel beams and colts” at a Quaker Meeting House construction site in 2012, according to the indictment. In 2010, union members assaulted non-union workers with baseball bats at another construction site.

In 2013, they “threatened the contractor of an apartment complex… if he did not hire Local 401 members,” the indictment said. As a result, “the contractor relinquished his profits and turned the job over to a union-affiliated contractor.”

Experts say such incidents go both under-reported and prosecuted. National Institute for Labor Relations Research has documented over 9,000 reports of union violence since 1975, of which “barely 3 percent… have led to an arrest and conviction.”

This story has it all; vandalism, destruction of property, threats, arson, you name it.  It’s union goons in action.  And, all of this reflects back to one fact-that unions are so great, that people have to be forced to deal with them.


This is How the Left Works: The Stalking and Harassing of Scott Walker and His Family


I have devoted a great deal of time to covering the tactics of the left.  Whether it’s been Union goons, Occupy Wall Street, of even #FreeKate, they all try to use thug tactics to threaten and attack their adversaries.  Here are some of the tactics being used against Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker when the unions were trying to maintain their death grip on public workers…

The letter was addressed to Walker’s wife, Tonette. It read:

Has Wisconsin ever had a governor assassinated? Scotts heading that way. Or maybe one of your sons getting killed would hurt him more. I want him to feel the pain. I already follow them when they went to school in Wauwatosa, so it won’t be too hard to find them in Mad. Town. Big change from that house by [BLANK] Ave. to what you got now. Just let him know that it’s not right to [EXPLETIVE] over all those people. Or maybe I could find one of the Tarantinos [Tonette’s parents] back here.

But, Walker’s opponents didn’t stop at just death threats.  They were following his family members, including his children…

Erwin worked tirelessly to ensure Walker’s safety, the book notes. And it wasn’t just for him: Walker’s entire family was apparently being stalked.

“Governor, I’ve been at this awhile, and when the hairs stand up on the back of my neck, you have to be concerned,” the former Marine told Walker. “They know where you go to church; they’ve been to your church. They’re following your children and tracking your children. They know where your children go to school, what time they have class, what time they get out of class.”

“They know when they had football practice. They know where your wife works, they know that she was at the grocery store at this time, they know that she went to visit her father at his residence,” he said.

The size of Walker’s security detail was eventually increased and troopers had to be assigned to monitor his children at school.

This is what leftists, bullies, and other goons do.  This is not the exception-it is the rule.  For example, one of the former #FreeKate supporters that contacted me told me that once they broke with that group, and started talking about what they knew, they were contacted by other #FreeKate supporters.  Those supporters threatened not only the “defector,” but their family and even children as well.  The groups formerly known as ACORN were well know for having protests at the schools attended by their target’s children.  And, we remember how Occupy Wall Street terrorized children…

When one has no morals, terrorizing children is nothing more than a tactic, or a means to an end.


#FreeKate Update: Hunt Family and Supporters Escalate Threats Against Truth Tellers


Have I mentioned that I’d really like to give the #FreeKate stuff a break?  However, they keep doing and saying things that I need to document here.  Why, might you ask?  I love making connections between stories, and the tactics used  by the subjects of those stories.  #FreeKate is an incredible opportunity to take a look at these tactics, and display them to the world.  When people know and can identify the tactics, they can be countered. So, here is the latest.

A couple weeks ago, my pastor and I were discussing a recent sermon.  The gist was that people have “default” behaviors to which they are accustomed to using.  And, once one is saved, and dedicated their life to Christ, they have to take care and make sure they don’t slide back into potentially destructive “default” behaviors, because that’s what they always have done.  That closely matches my observation that people always do what they are used to doing, especially when under stress.  This is why drinkers drink, druggies drug, and bullies bully, among others.  People will find security in what they know, even if it has negative long term results, or if it actually doesn’t work at all.  It’s human nature.  Conversely, and thankfully. most people find more constructive ways to solve their problems, like working, being honest, having dignity, and working towards solutions.  I once read that most millionaires had been millionaires before, had lost it all, and built it back up again.  Obviously, these folks have very constructive “default behaviors.”

Now, imagine you are one of the Hunts, or a supporter of #FreeKate.  Most of the locals are afraid of you, so they don’t get any ideas about speaking out.  The Smiths were threatened repeatedly, and have stayed mostly silent.    The #FreeKate crowd dug up “dirt” on Laure Smith, and Detective Shepherd.  Rachael Carson Zerbe publicly posted the information regarding Detective Shepherd on Twitter. They lied on the Change.org petition.  The MSM, at least at first, bought their lies that this was a case of “bias.”  Kelley Hunt Smith instructed the victim to “delete everything.”  Kaitlyn Hunt instructed the victim to lie for her.  And after that, they began a large fundraising campaign.  Their tactics, at least to them, seemed to be working quite well.

In decades past, this would have worked.  Without social media, the MSM would have only heard the Hunts, and the rest of the world would have only heard the MSM.  There would be no defense against the Hunts, nor would there be refuge for anyone that spoke out.   It would have likely stayed local, or at least, the commentary would have.  In all probability, this would have gone a lot better for them, and maybe the could have pressured the victims family, or the court, to drop the case altogether.  They would have controlled the narrative.

But, this is the 21st century, and I think the epitaph of this story is going to be…

We would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for those meddling bloggers!

And not just bloggers, but people like Twitter-warrior Jeanette Runyon, who has had false police reports filed against her.  One was to the wrong jurisdiction, and the other had an incorrect phone number on it, but it’s OK, they were trying!  The Twitter presence of truth tellers is impressive, but also the person who runs Support Honesty.  Another character in the cast, is “Matt Doe.” Using social media anonymously, he has been a consistent thorn in #FreeKate’s side, reaching out to supporters with information, and causing dissent in their ranks.  Needless to say, the #FreeKate crowd is interested in finding the identities of both individuals.  After all, one cannot be harassed or threatened if one’s identity is hidden?

From the beginning, the Hunts made this a national news story-going on Today, MSNBC, and CNN, and in so doing, they brought it to the attention of people that not only actively resist bullying tactics, but point them out as a means to educate the public.  So, people like Robert Stacy McCain, myself, and others, have taken to this story to counter the lies told via #FreeKate, and give a voice to those that would speak out, but cannot due to fears for their personal or financial security.

This is where the “default behavior” kicks in.  As the Hunts and their supporters lost control of their narrative, and the truth was getting out, they began lashing out in every increasing scale.  #FreeKate supporters, with the approval of Steven Hunt, conspired to take down The Other McCain.  One supporter stated that she reported me to the police for quoting her.  And, as we have discussed  Jeanette Runyon has been falsely reported, by inept and incompetent #FreeKate supporters.  And, as we documented the other day, there have been death threats made, and threats to ruin people “professionally.”  However, none of that has prevented any of us from stating the facts of the case, or examining the actions of #FreeKate.

As we can see, when the “default” behavior does not work, an individual might “double down,” on that behavior.  A drinker may go on a binge, and a bully might escalate their tactics in the hope that their targets come into line, and do as the bully pleases.  Instead of putting the square peg in the square hole, the bully will try to pound it into the round hole.

That has continued today.  If you recall my post from the other day,  my source noted that false accusations will be made, outlandish ones if needed.  I suggested that this is a means to keep truth tellers on the defensive, by making them defend themselves, rather than discussing the facts of something.  Here are two wild accusations…

rcz jeanette threatened smithsRachael Carson Zerbe accusing Jeanette Runyon of making the televised death threat against he Smith family.

RCZ Call staged And, she states that the death threats against the Smith family were staged.

Of course, quoting Rachael’s public comments is considered to be “cyberstalking.” 

Then, besides some strange and outlandish claims, there are increasing threats…

sateve wants addressSteven Hunt trying to track down the address of a truth teller.

Please note that in the world of #FreeKate, tracking down a person’s personal address is NOT stalking.  One is only guilty of stalking if one quotes the public statements of a supporter or a member of the Hunt family.-Matt

tracking McCain

This screencapture was modified before I received it.  They are claiming to be “investigating,” and “tracking” Robert Stacy McCain.  Sadly, it seems they are tracking McCain’s son, who is at Fort Bragg. However, given the training he is receiving there, none of us fear for his safety.

But remember kids, it’s only stalking if one quotes a Hunt family member, or a supporter.  Actually tracking someone’s personal information is most definitely NOT stalking. -Matt

cease and desist

Apparently, it didn’t work. 

As the source of my recent post indicated, when all else fails, the bullies, (or rabbits as he noted) will try to enlist law enforcement in their efforts to silence of punish others.  And, when combined with making up outlandish claims, they aren’t afraid to lie about the details. And if necessary, they will completely invent the details.  That, and they’ll play the victim, accusing others of stalking them, while they are busily stalking others.

If you recall, Robert Stacy McCain summed this up nicely…

“How dare you describe my attempt to intimidate you into silence?”

So, the Hunts and their supporters are facing an interesting quandary.  If they continue to lie, file false police reports, or even continue making threats (of death and otherwise), they will eventually get arrested or sued for something.   But, on the other hand, since we know their tactics, we are continuing to speak the truth, and they cannot silence us.  It can’t be an easy position in which to find oneself.  Then again, had they not lied, made threats, hired a PR firm, went to the national media, falsely tried to make this a gay rights issue, acted so thuggishly towards detractors (or even supporters who questioned the narrative), openly advocated to legalize sex between adults and minors, or any of the other things that caused people to rightfully ask questions about their behavior and motivations, they wouldn’t be in this mess, and their daughter would be home with them right now.

The more they try to regain control of the narrative with the use of threats and nonsense, the more negative attention that they are receiving.  And, if they manage to silence one, or more of us, it will only cause others to cover the situation.  They could quickly find themselves in the situation in which there isn’t a handful of blogs covering this, but several hundred.  That has happened before, and there is no way for them to silence hundreds of us.   Frankly, I don’t see them being able to silence any of us.

Frankly, If I were them, I would just stop.  They have their plea deal.  Their daughter is coming home for Christmas.   If Kaitlyn follows the requirements of the plea deal, she’ll have her life back.  However, if they continue to use threats and intimidation to attack anyone who disagrees with them, the more people that will be notice.  And, the cycle will continue.

Note:  The Conservative Hideout and it’s contributors do not recommend direct contact with the Hunts, or any of their supporters.  I have not emailed, phoned, texted, or  doxed anyone, and I condemn any efforts to do so, from any party.  Let’s leave the threats and intimidation to the bad guys.  We have the truth on our side.  There is no need for bullying.


Classic Conservative Hideout: This is the Tolerance of the Left: Intimidation, Harassment, and Threats (Brett Kimberlin and #FreeKate Edition)


I republish this post, with some edits, every year.  I think it’s wise to review leftist tactics, as well as honor those that have endured much in the cause of human freedom.  There are people our own country that put their safety and livelihoods on the line to promote the teachings of Jesus Christ, as well as the concepts of freedom laid out by our own Founding Fathers. Given that people are placed in physical and legal jeopardy by convicted bombers, or by those that want to legalize sex between adults and minors, it’s wise to expose and discuss the tactics of the left-Matt 

This is a story that I’ve known about for some time now.  It is the story of Ruth Malhotra.  As a student at Georgia Tech, she endured verbal abuse from professors, death threats, threats to be raped, and an otherwise sickening pattern of harassment from the university administration and “community.”  The following is from a Front Page article, by Peter Collier.

A committed Christian, she was personally conservative but not particularly political when she arrived at Tech in 2002. But in the perfervid post 9/11 atmosphere on campus, she found herself gradually pulled into the orbit of the College Republicans and soon galvanized not only by questions of war and peace but also by issues such as race preferences and abortion. And on all of these issues, she found, conservative students faced a tilted playing field. She recalls: “The more I got involved, the more I saw the obstacles conservative students face in expressing themselves. The administration put so many more challenges in our way. We didn’t have the same resources and opportunities that leftist students had. I expected an open forum for ideas, but the administration was clearly biased.”

So were some of her teachers. Malhotra’s first open conflict with the Tech administration came in the spring of 2004, when she enrolled in a course called Foundations of Public Policy. The first day class she told the professor, a woman named Georgia Persons, that she would have to miss one class session because of a conference she was attending in Washington. Persons asked who was holding the conference. When Malhotra told her it was the Conservative Political Action Committee, the teacher warned her that she would fail the course. Malhotra thought this might be more of the in-class hyperbole she’d heard from other liberal professors. But she did indeed fail the first test. Otherwise a 4.0 student, she complained about the grade to the Dean’s Office, also claiming that the professor had made snide remarks in class about Christians and conservatives that were obviously directed at her. After filing a grievance, Malhotra brokered a deal in which she was allowed to withdraw from the class without penalty and the professor would not be allowed to teach it again.

So, the professor attempted to punish a Conservative student?  This has happened many times before, but for Ms. Malhotra, it was only the beginning.

It was about this time that she was called into by a dean who told her that the College Republicans were a “joke” and should cease their activities. Pointing out that her group was merely expressing its opinions the way that the preponderant leftwing groups did, Malhotra was then sent to Tech’s Vice President, who passed her on to President Wayne Clough, who made it clear to her that he found her actions distasteful and not in accord with the “atmosphere of civility” he sought for the campus. When Malhotra pointed out that this atmosphere included—indeed, was defined by—leftist groups violently and often obscenely condemning the President and the war in Iraq, and, for that matter, attacking the faith of conservative Christians like herself—she received a brush off.

This is very typical.  The left accuses others of doing what they do.  They then use power in an attempt to silence any dissent.

Already a controversial figure on campus, Malhotra, now chief plaintiff in the suit filed with fellow student leader Orit Sklar, became Public Enemy number one for the Georgia Tech left. An ad hoc group called CLAM (Conservatives and Liberals Against Malhotra) formed on campus with the sole raison d’etre of harassing her. An anti Malhotra website appeared calling her “christo-fascist” and showing an unflattering shot of her face stippled with digitized swastikas.

Again, this is standard operating procedure for the left.  Demonize the person, so the message will be ignored.

Malhotra was accepted by Tech for graduate school in the fall of 2006. A few months earlier, a judge had heard the first point of French’s four point suit—the one regarding the speech code—and ordered mediation between the parties. The university agreed to change the policy, but almost immediately reneged on its promise. In August, a few weeks before classes began, the judge heard arguments on the speech code and then struck it down.

Never acknowledging the constitutional reason for the court decision, Tech reacted by appropriating $100,000 to bring in speakers (among them, Maya Angelou at a fee of $22,500) and hold “meaningful discussions” as part of a campus-wide initiative called “Common Ground” meant to reaffirm the commitment to “civility” (which the court hearing had shown was nothing more than officially sanctioned politically correct speech) in spite of the legal setback it had suffered.

So, their speech code was struck down, and they acted as if it hadn’t happened.

It was during this kuybaya moment that threats against Malhotra reached a crescendo. “So your not dead yet Ruth Malhotra,” one of them began with uncertain grammar but unmistakable enmity. “But you will be soon.” Another one warned, “Don’t even try to protest National Coming Out Day. If you do, you will regret it, and don’t say you were not warned. You are hated on this campus and you should fear for your life.” Yet another said, “For every time a student is called Nigger on campus—you will receive a bullet to the head.”

The campus police defined the threats as “terroristic.” But although some of the letters were brazenly signed by persons on and off campus, no arrests have been made. And the administration itself, ignoring the opportunity to strike a blow in behalf of the civility it claims to prize, has remained mute about the invisible outrage taking place on its campus. (A public information officer replies to questions about the case by reading a statement which says that Georgia Tech cannot comment because of its commitment to protecting its students’ privacy; when it is pointed out to him that the only student with a privacy issue in this case, Malhotra herself, is willing to waive this privilege, he says that he will consult the school’s legal counsel and is never heard from again.)

When they couldn’t silence her by threatening her with failing grades, they harassed and insulted her.  When the campus denies her free speech, and they lose the lawsuit, they continue as if nothing happened.  When she would not submit to the left, they went where the left always goes-to threats of violence.  Then, when these threats are reported, they are ignored.  From top to bottom, the leftists at Georgia Tech decided to persecute this woman.

In the end,  the left is totally entrenched at the universities.  Given their tactics, they seem intent on staying on the indoctrination reservation.

I think Ms. Malhotra’s lawyer summed it up best.

David French, her lawyer in this case and a longtime litigator in matters of free speech and student rights, is also stunned by what has happened to Malhotra: “I’ve never seen anything quite like this. The tolerant left at Georgia Tech seems to have decided that Ruth must be destroyed to protect `tolerance.’ The administration sees one of its own threatened by death and rape and they just sit there. I’ve seen conservative students suffer a lot of abuse for their beliefs. But I’ve never seen abuse cross over into threats. And I’ve never seen an administration sit on its hands while one of its students is threatened by death and rape. It makes you wonder: have we gone past simple intimidation to death threats now? Is this sort of thing going to become a standard part of left’s playbook in intimidating conservative students? How far will they go?”

I think we’ve all seem where it’s gone in the three years since this article was written.  Just ask Kenneth Gladney, and the 14-year-old kid that the SEIU intimidated.  Also, please remember the people that were harassed and lost their livelihoods for contributing to support Prop 8 in California.  For that matter, think of how the Democrats & MSM has treated the Tea Parties since they decided to stop ignoring them.  They have consistently used the most demeaning of terms and accusations to describe patriots, yet ignores real violence and terror used by the left.

The only thing that stops bullying is a large number of people standing up to it.  Leftist tactics work well against individuals, or small groups.  But what if thousands, or even millions stood up and said, “NO MORE!”  That, my friends, is when the bullies stop cold.  They don’t know how to handle resistance on that level.  Remember that bullies are, at their core, cowards that desperately try to control situations with force, threats, and dirty tactics.  Cause the tactics to not work, and all you are left with is a coward.  -Matt


More ‘Inner Workings’ of the #FreeKate Facebook Page: Control the Message and Punishing Dissent


Please note that most of this post was written prior to the FreeKate Facebook page “hacking.”  I held off on publishing this until I sent information to the IRC Sheriff’s Office.  The post has been edited to reflect new information.   Also note that I have redacted the names of the former Freekate admins at the request of several of them, as they fear for retaliation at the hands of the Hunt family and their supporters.  This is another post showing how #FreeKate efforts shows similarity to liberal movements.-Matt

One thing that liberals seem to love is to control the message.  Usually, that means that they seek to limit the ability of others to discuss important matters.  If you recall, there have been many efforts to reinstate the (un)fairness doctrine, or install something like it, to prevent Conservative Talk radio hosts from taking to the airwaves.  They have proposed placing limits on what bloggers can say.  They have, in fact, brought it up again.  And, they will even attack supporters if they “leave the reservation.”  Remember how Bob Woodward, once an icon of liberal journalism, was treated once he spoke out?  Needless to say, in liberal land, there is no room for dissent.  And, as a “creature” of liberalism, #FreeKate is no exception.

Here is a single example of how supporters are looked at if they become a “problem”…

To give a glimpse of how Kelly Hunt Smith likes donors, here is a screencap…

(16) NEW ADMIN CHAT - khs slappcontributors2a

Again, donors help their cause, but are treated with disdain.

A significant feature of liberalism is a lack of moral principal.  To liberals, the truth is a malleable thing that can be beaten into whatever shape is needed at that moment.  There is no real truth-no moral center, no absolutes.  As a Christian, I can say that it’s absolutely wrong to have sex with kids.  It was wrong yesterday.  It is wrong today.  And, it will still be wrong tomorrow, and a century from now.  It’s an eternal truth that adults should not exploit children for their own pleasure-even if they manipulate the kid into thinking it was their idea, or even acceptable.   For most of us, there is such a thing as a moral absolute.  We have a permanent set of ideas from a God that loves us, and wishes to protect us from unhealthy things.  It’s something that’s bigger than ourselves, and we try to work at living that way.  We often  fall short, but we try.

For far too many liberals however, there is nothing bigger than themselves.   Without a moral center, they can justify lying, threats, and almost any level of hate needed to get where they are going.  Something might have been “kinda-sorta wrong” yesterday, but today, it’s OK, within some arbitrary limits.  Tomorrow, it might be perfectly fine and unrestricted.  In fact, it might all be acceptable, provided that one is not caught.  If one is caught, then the persons responsible for pointing out the facts are blamed, attacked, and smeared.   (If you recall, the bloggers that “caught” Anthony Weiner in his original sexting scandal were accused of “hacking” him) Without a central set of moral concepts, they stumble from sin to sin, deceiving, and being deceived.    Everything is OK, with the notable exception of disagreeing with them.  Lacking the rudder provided by a functional  moral code, the ends justify the means. In the case of #FreeKate,the end is sex with minors, the means is smearing any opposition as “hate.”  In other words, they are liberals.

And how does #FreeKate respond to truth?  Since they cannot refute it, they attack the people that present it.  Support Honesty, myself, R.S. McCain and anyone else that has presented actual facts about that case are “haters.”  They won’t debate what we’ve said.  They’ll call us “liars,” yet cannot cite a single example of a lie being told.  They just attack us as “haters.”

In fact, Support Honesty has gone as far as to publish this…

We have reached out to Kaitlyn Hunt’s attorney’s office through their website, as well as multiple emails to the Hunt family themselves, as well as several open invitations extended to the Hunt family and their supporters online to give opportunity for anyone to correct the record on anything on this site that factually inaccurate. We welcome anyone interested in fact-checking this site and providing documentation proving where the content here is mistaken.

Despite receiving no response at all from the Hunt family or their attorney to correct the record, Kelley Hunt Smith has on at least two occasions accused this site of lying without backing that claim up with any evidence. My email address is author@supporthonesty.net and I welcome any corrections Mrs. Hunt Smith, her family or her supporters can back up with something more substantial than “because Kelley says so”

I do not expect anyone to believe anything on this site simply at my insistence; I provide references to all source material for each of the facts I list here for this reason. I encourage everyone to do their own homework, review the relevant documents and the statements made by the Hunt family, apply critical thought and come up with your own conclusions.

We back up facts with solid documented proof. We think it would be awesome if Kelley Hunt Smith would do the same.

Of course, there has been no response.  If #FreeKate used facts, they would lose. Reality is against them, so they attack the people that present it.  Reality is the ultimate enemy of any liberal movement, and#FreeKate.  I’ll extend the same offer, but since they have no documented evidence, I don’t see me getting a response.

Just like the Tea Party is racist, and Conservatives are greedy and evil, liberals attack their enemies so their followers won’t listen to them-and realize that the liberals have been lying to them all along.  In this regard, #FreeKate is no different.

To follow up on my prior post about accusing the accusers, here is another screencap indicating that Kelly Hunt Smith, Kaitlyn Hunt’s mother, told admins at the FreeKate Facebook page to publish personal information on someone who pointed out facts about the case…

(13) NEW ADMIN CHAT - khs targeting jeanette2b

And, it appears that even some of the FreeKate admins thought that it wasn’t a good idea, but it was done anyway.  Instead of refuting what Jeanette Victoria said, they decided to get “dirt” on her and publish it.

Here is one of the FreeKate admins reporting about how she went to Facebook pages critical of FreeKate, and attempted to have their comments deleted, and the users suspended…

(13) NEW ADMIN CHAT -blocking reporting truth tellers2a

Here is an example of how the #FreeKate supporters were able to get an entire Facebook group suspended.

(1) NEW ADMIN CHAT - deleted a page2a

Again, there is no effort to spread their message here, or actually promote their own point of view.  They were actively preventing other people from sharing theirs.  When we see liberal groups shouting down opponents, or using thugs to disrupt peaceful demonstrations, or public events, we see the comparisons.  Remember this from the Texas Abortion debates…

Yes, those are pro-abortion protesters trying to drown the speaker out with the call, “Hail Satan.”

Or, you can read up on how liberals heckled school children for singing “God Bless the USA” in a public park. 

Or how union goons disrupted a Special Olympics event.

Is it wrong to keep Special Olympics participants from being congratulated by the governor?  It is if you have no morals!

And this from earlier this week, Wyblog tells us how some political candidates aren’t allowed to speak.

Just like any liberal run activity, only the #FreeKate narrative is permitted, and all others will be silenced!

As I have volumes of information that I am still going through, I found additional information that shows that Kelley Hunt Smith was active in “digging up dirt” on the victim’s mother…

-1-Investigators-Messages 2013-09-08 17-30-32a

Note that they were contemplating using a school district staff person to assist them?  Now, if that school district staff went through educational records in order to dig up “dirt,” would that not constitute a breach of privacy?  Or, do the ends justify the means?  To clarify, at the time of this writing, it is unclear what level of assistance was given, if any.

And, of course, even mentioning the facts of this case makes one a “target.” In a feeble attempt to intimidate your humble corespondent, Rachael Carson Zerbe, the suspected author of the “Jailbait Manifesto,” has decided that commenting on a national news story, or on publicly posted manifestos, constitutes harassment…


You see, #FreeKate supporters can harass, attack, insult, prevent others from speaking out,  “dig up dirt,” and what not. However, if someone simply discusses the case, and particularity the facts of the case, they are suddenly guilty of “harassment.” Again, this is a typical liberal tactic.  Instead of promoting a cause, or stating their case, they seek to silence anyone who discusses the actual facts of it.  Are we to assume that to Rachael Carson Zerbe, the First Amendment applies only to her, and perhaps to people that agree with her?  She can say anything she likes, but if one quotes and discusses it, and worse, disagrees with it, they are guilty of a “crime?” At any rate, nice try, but the last time I looked, Freedom of Speech applied to all American’s, not just you.

Note that in my communications with the IRC Sheriff’s office, Rachael, and her complaints of “harassment,” were never a topic of conversation.

In an additional turn, A different tactic has emerged-one I had not yet seen out of the #FreeKate crowd. One claimed supporter is now threatening the professional careers of people that speak out against adults having sex with minors.  Apparently, Summer Koryo has been targeted…


This would not be the first time that someone’s professional career has been threatened by a leftist. After all, if they have little to no morals, and have to silence dissent, this kind of threat might be expected. However, to get someone’s professional license pulled, they are going to have to lie quite a bit.  Given the track record of #FreeKate, I don’t see lying being an obstacle.

Frankly, Summer doesn’t seem at all alarmed, nor do I think she needs to be.  I’ve seen this tactic used before, in other situations, but I see no professional  licensing body pulling a practitioner’s license for publicly opposing sex with minors.

In the end, like any other liberal movement, #FreeKate seems expends far more time and energy trying to attack and silence people that discuss them than promoting anything substantial, other than making it legal for adults to have sex with minors.  And frankly, they are even having a hard time doing that.

I, for one, refuse to be silenced.


Will “Klan Laws” Protect Officials That Stand up for Laws?



A familiar tactic for regressives is to show up by the bus load, and intimidate someone.  It tells the target, “we know who you are, we know where you live, and if you don’t do what we say, we’ll terrorize your family.”  In other words, it’s thuggery in the Alinsky style.  Here is the latest example, via Freedom Outpost…

The Blaze reports that Kansas Secretary of State, Kris Kobach (R) had hundreds of protestors march on his home over the weekend, targeting him because of work in combating illegal immigration. He likened this type of protest to “KKK-type of intimidation” on the Glenn Beck radio show. While the opposition to Kobach has taken place in the past, it has done so in public locations. Kobach said the “left has crossed a line” by surrounding his home.

The Secretary of State described what he had learned about the protestors, organized by a group called “Sunflower Community Action”: they rose to prominence around the time of the shut down of ACORN; they have “lots of money”; and, they have a least one full time, paid community organizer. Kobach noted the uniqueness of this protest as it was not done in a public location where there would be guaranteed press, but it was done in the suburban neighborhood of his home with the specific intention of intimidating him. Luckily, he nor his family were at home as they would have been isolated.

That’s the idea-intimidate the target.  However, the solution to this behavior comes with how good people fought back against another lawless group that used intimidation….

Kobach has asked prosecutors to look into how the mob may have violated civil rights, explaining, “There called Klan Laws … a set of laws that say you cannot intimidate an official by trespassing on his property threatening violence, [and] you cannot intimidate an individual by threatening violence so that they don’t vote or don’t exercise their civil rights.”

Kobach said he will continue to combat illegal immigration but will have to “beef up” security for his family.

These are the tactics of the KKK used in the southern states decades ago. The KKK used protests, rallies and demonstrations at first; but later turned to violence and abhorrent crimes ignoring God’s laws and the laws of man. This organization inflicted injury on those they perceived as “inferior” and among individuals who had committed no wrong; this group stood as judge and jury dishing out “their” form of justice to “their” perceived wrongs.

No, these people outside Kris Kobach’s home weren’t in the white cloaks and pointed white hats; however, their tactics are essentially the same. If consequences for this behavior are not swift in coming, the behavior could escalate into violence and abhorrent crime. The left has now demonstrated the lengths they are willing to go to in order to promote their agenda.

This is little more than an attempt to terrorize anyone who won’t support the legalization of their crime.  And, it’s ironic that since they decided to emulate the intimidation tactics of the KKK, that they may face the laws designed to combat that type of thuggery.


#FreeKate Update: The “Tolerant Left” at Work



I’ve spent the last four years, among other things, pointing out the utter hypocrisy of the political and cultural left.  Chief among my targets is the “Tolerant Left.”  You see, according to our would be regressive overlords, they are the epitome of “tolerance.”  Just ask them, and they’ll tell you; tolerance just flows through their veins, and shoots out of their eyes like  death rays of love.  Until, that is, some one disagrees with them.  Or, worse yet, is a Christian.  Then, the “Tolerant Left” shows their true nature.  I have shown many examples of the tolerance of the “Tolerant Left.”

This is “Tolerance,” Student Harrassed for Being a Christian

Will the Military Court Martial Christians That Share Their Faith?

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Gays Insult, Make Death Threats Against a 14 Year-old Sarah Crank

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Liberals Threaten to Kill NRA Members

From the Culture Wars: Tufts University Bans Christian Student Group for Christianity

Stacey Dash on Receiving End of Tolerance, Racial Slurs Flung by Tolerant Leftists

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Pro-Abortion Crown Harasses 11 year-old Girl

 Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Tolerant Left Shout Down Praying Priest

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Liberals Threaten Six-Year-Old

Tolerant Left Vandalizes Church in the Name of Tolerance

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Rosanne Barr Channels the Weather Underground, Calls for “Re-Education Camps” and Beheadings

From The Front Lines of the Culture Wars: Student Disciplined for Thinking Homosexuality is Wrong

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Wisconsin Democrat Threatens to “Smack Around” Female (Would be) Constituent

“Tolerant” Lefties do not “Tolerate” Free Speech

University Alert: Tolerance and Diversity on Display

Classic Conservative Hideout: This is the Tolerance of the Left: Intimidation, Harassment, and Threats

OK, that’s enough.  It’s overkill, but there is even more.  The point it  this- the left is not tolerant at all.  They engage in simple insults, threats, intimidation, physical violence, vandalism, and any other thing you can think of in the name of “tolerance.”  In other words, they hate anyone who disagrees with them, and will attempt to silence them.

Because they’re soooooo tolerant.

This has occurred I the case of alleged sex offender, Katiyln Hunt, pictured here in her mug shot, as her family forbade that any other pictured be used.

Kaitlyn-Hunt-mug shot 2

The supporters of alleged sex offender, Kaitlyn Hunt, under the #FreeKate banner, have taken to harassing the parents of the alleged victim in this case.  The Other McCain discussed this at length yesterday.  Here is a screencap of the “tolerance.”

freeKate targets victims parents

it is reported that the Smith family had to have their phone disconnected, as they were receiving death threats from the people that are supporting the person that allegedly molested their daughter.

“f**king bible thumpers.”

Just remember, THEY are the tolerant ones.

R.S. McCain has a great post on all of this, so get over there and give it a read. 


IRS Acting as if it were Behind the Iron Curtain: Armed Security Intimidates Staffers


In a scene taken from some old movie about life behind the Iron Curtain, ABC reporters were allegedly tailed by armed security in an apparent effort to dissuade IRS employeess from speaking out about what they know about the Tea Party scandal.  Dan Riehl has more…

Wow! This reads as though the IRS office in Cincinnati was moved somewhere behind the Iron Curtain when no one was looking!

Welcome to Cincinnati – Ground zero of the exploding IRS scandal.

Things started brewing earlier this month when Internal Revenue Service officials in Washington first admitted conservative groups were targeted for extra scrutiny by tax bureaucrats in Ohio’s Queen City.

One of them, who asked not be named, told ABC News that security guards did remind employees of the official policy not to talk with the press – a warning cemented by the punch line “or risk losing our jobs.”

Even leaders of the local union that represents the IRS workers under fire took the admonition to heart, hanging up on reporters who wanted to ask questions about the scandal. One longtime IRS worker and union member called the response by the National Treasury Employees Union “dazzling.”

As we traveled the public hallways of the building – watched over by security cameras – an armed uniformed police officer with the Federal Protective Service followed us. We were looking for a particular office—of someone who would not want to be seen talking to reporters–but chose to bypass it because of our official babysitter.

via IRS Scandal: Stonewalled in Cincinnati – ABC News.

So, is this an example of the most transparent administration ever?  Following reporters with armed security?  Threatening staffers with termination if they talk?  And talk about what, alleged crimes committed by the agency?

My friends, I fear we are living in a cliché.


A Tale of Two Stories: Pro-Gay Radio Host Abuses Christians, Gay Rights Crowd Ignores Muslims KILLING Gays


I personally find it curious that while the gay rights crowd loves going after  Christians, they leave others off the hook.    Here is a list of stories compiled here over the last few years…

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Gays Insult, Make Death Threats Against a 14 Year-old Sarah Crank

Chick-fil-A Quick Hits: TV News Team Refuses to Cover Appreciation Day, Media Harasses During Protests, Protests are Fail, but Manage Vandalism

Chik-Fil-A Being Punished for Being Christian, Just as Predicted

Tolerant Left Vandalizes Church in the Name of Tolerance

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Best not Believe in the Bible, Ya Hear?

“Tolerance and Diversity” on Display: Biblical Stance on Homosexuality Bullying?

Chick-Fil-A Supports Family Values: How Long Before They are Punished for it?

From The Front Lines of the Culture Wars: Student Disciplined for Thinking Homosexuality is Wrong

Fascist Friday (Wednesday Edition): Losing Your Religion, or Else UPDATED

Czar Wars: Kevin Jennings, Gay Bars and Fighting Back

Czar Wars: Kevin Jennings, This is What He Thinks Your Children Should be Reading

Fascist Friday A Day Late: “Tolerance and Diversity” Goes to Court?

Fascist Friday: The Saga Continues…

So, there is a good bit there.  I have more, but that would be overkill.  To summarize, the gay rights crowd uses “tolerance and diversity” to smear, attack, intimidate, vandalize, and attempt to silence any one who disagrees with them.  For a more current example, let’s see what a pro-gay radio host does…

Of course, what Signorile is saying is that one can’t reject what one sees as a sin without hating the sinner. But that isn’t what any western religion teachers. Christianity, even Mormonism teachers believers to reject the sin, but love the sinner. And when that “sinner” is flesh and blood, that tenet is all the more important.

But this isn’t good enough for the militant Signorile. Says the radio talker:

Those parents who do not move on the issue, who reject their children, either by literally throwing them out of their homes or by saying, “I love you, but I don’t accept your ‘lifestyle,’” are putting themselves above their children. For young people in that situation, living as second-class citizens in their own families and fooling themselves into thinking that their parents love them (because they so much want that love from their parents) while allowing their parents to quietly condemn them each and every day, even as they grow into adulthood, the rejection eats away at their self-esteem.

To Signorile, this all means that homosexual kids must reject their own parents if those parents don’t fully toe the line presented by the militant homosexual lobby.

And this…

Can’t you just feel the tolerance oozing from this?

OK, you get a sense of the problems. Christians are mean, and pick on the poor gays, so they have to be silenced, or even die. Of course, all the nastiness is in the name of “tolerance,” mind you. But, in the midst of all of this, there is a disconect-and it’s a big one.  You see, Christians don’t kill gays.  They simply try their best to be Godly.  However, there is another group that DOES kill gays, but I don’t see the Gays rights crown going after them.  They are the Muslims, and their stated goal is to convert the world at gun point.  And, there is only a few places for gays in their world.  Mr. Conservative has coverage of the ways in which gays are welcome in a Muslim world…


It’s seems that, in certain quarters of Western countries, Muslims are now using violence against gays to impose sharia law. The photo at the top of this post shows a French man who walked through a Muslim suburb outside of Paris, arm in arm with this boyfriend. Al Jazeera reported that

A man in Paris, France was reportedly beaten for walking with arm in arm with his boyfriend Olivier early Sunday morning. Wilfred de Bruijn, a French resident, says he was assaulted while walking in Paris’ 19th arrondissement. He says he sustained several injuries, including a missing tooth, broken bones, and fractured pieces of bone in his skull. He posted a photo of his wounds on his Facebook page with the caption “Sorry to show you this. It’s the face of homophobia.”

It’s important to note here that de Bruijn’s story has not yet been corroborated.  Equally importantly, the majority of Muslims either do not support this extremism or, if they do, nevertheless do not act upon it. Still, there are so many Muslims pouring into the West that, even if a percentage of them believe in raping and brutalizing women and gays, they put a great deal of pressure on the Western societies that they inhabit.

This is one way to welcome gays to Shari-ah law…

gay man beaten in Paris

Cause we know that Christians do this sort of thing all the time, right?  They come barging right out of church and attack the first gay they see, right?  OH wait!

And, not to leave anything else out, here is option number two for gays under Shari-ah law…

Or this…

Now, Gays will publish maps with the names and addresses of Christians, so they can be harassed and threatened. But I see no similar behaviors against Muslims, who REALLY KILL GAYS! No lists of the Muslins that call for the death of Gays, or those that call for Shari-ah law, which would mandate that Gays be executed. Nope, they’ll just pick on the Christians.

I wonder why that is?

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The Psychology of Gun Control



Last week, I saw a picture that shows the psychology of gun control perfectly.  Here’s the pic…

psychology gun control

The real psychology of gun control is far more subtle than the public debate would imply.  It is also far more powerful.  The state always wants order, and power.  While order is desirable, the state’s means of enforcing it is shown by the man with the whip.  It is based on fear, threats, and injustice.  It is not just, it is violence.  As for the people?  Most of them bowed.   But when one stood up, others were emboldened to stand as well, and even thought the state continued using it’s whip, he was eventually broken when all the people stood up.

To look at this further, we have to turn it around, and realize that many people are being conditioned to be compliant, even to their own detriment.  To get there, we need to look at learned helplessness.  It’s a psychological state in which a person does not try to help themselves.  It is, in fact, so pervasive that people do not think to help themselves, because they do not believe that anything can be done for them.  To illustrate, let’s use an old analogy.  I don’t know how factually true it is, but it does capture this quite well.

When a baby elephant was born in the circus or zoo.  A rope would be tied to one leg, and secured with a stake in the ground.  Try as it might, the baby elephant could not escape.  Eventually, it would quit trying, and accept it’s captivity.  As the elephant grew into adulthood, it would continue to be restrained in the exact same way, even though it could easily pull the rope and stake right out of the ground.  Based on it’s learning and conditioning, it no longer contemplates its escape, and passively accepts it’s captivity.  It has learned to be helpless.

That state of passive captivity is exactly where the state wants all of us.  And, the political left attempt to create this by use of the Alinsky Method.  People that dissent, believe in freedom, and such are singled out and destroyed.  They are harassed in public, and in their own homes.  Their children and tracked and harassed.  They receive death threats, false lawsuits are filed.  Basically, the target is relentlessly isolated and attacked until they submit.  They want the target to submit and be passive, and they want to people witnessing it to not get any bright ideas about having independent thoughts of their own.  Also, when children are singled out for punishment in school for being Christian, or c0llege students are threatened with failing grades for not embracing the “tolerance” of the regressives. we see the isolation and attack mode that seeks to create passive sheeple, and punish those that stand up.

How this applies to gun control is simple.  A firearm provides a sense of security and confidence.  As the old saying goes, “God made man, but Samuel  Colt made them equal.”  Meaning, that it became very difficult to intimidate and subjugate a man that is armed.  It is a catalyst for independence, as when a human can defend themselves, they will stand up to the state, community organizers, or union goons.  It’s the “emboldening agent” that could be applied to the picture.  It’s the great equalizer of our Republic. It is the counterbalance to tyranny; the gun owner is confident, and the one(s) that would attack him are wary.  It doesn’t matter that the gun owner cannot impose his will on others, as others cannot impose their will on him.

If you will notice, we see stories about union attacks, and community organizers intimidating people far more in urban areas.  Why is this?  I think most of you will understand why.  In the cities, there are more gun control laws, so these thugs have less of a chance of being confronted by an armed citizen.  In the suburbs, and especially in rural areas, the thug’s shenanigans would be confronted with the sound on dozens of “metallic clicks.”  It’s hard to intimidate someone that can fight back, even if he or she is outnumbered (or, unless the government limits the amount of bullets that go in magazines).

Obviously, the gun owner  can’t stand against the military, nor can he wreck the state single-handedly, nor does he have to.  However, he and a million so of his close friends, could make the country ungovernable.   And when he does that, even more will stand with him.   In that scenario, I wouldn’t want to be the man bearing the whip. Again, it’s about being confident, and not psychologically helpless that wins the day.  It’s a psychological balance of power that is at stake.  And, that’s exactly why the state wants to take the guns-they seek compliant sheeple, and emboldened free citizens with fire arms prevent that.


Student Sues School for Bullying: Was Abused and Threatened After Wearing Romney/Ryan Shirt to Class



For all of the talk about bullying, Conservatives get left out of the mix.  For the proof, take a look at this video, via Gateway Pundit…

See, bullying is bad, unless you belong to the following “categories”…

1.  Conservatives

2.  Christians

3.  Jews

4.  Tea Party members

5.  NRA members

You see, “anti-bullying measures” are meant to protect liberals from dissent (yes, they might protect some poor kids from general abuse-at least while someone is actually looking, but that is another story).  Anyone who disagrees with the regressive agenda are still subject to discrimination, abuse, death threats, violence, and the like. After all, Saul Alinsky was the master bully, and they left isn’t about to throw out that playbook.


Union Thug to Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan, “We’ll be at your daughter’s soccer game”


union thug

My theme for the week here, so it seems, is that if you leave leftists to their own devices long enough, that they’ll show their true nature.  That happened again in Michigan, where a speaker at a public event said (reading between the lines), “that’s a nice daughter you have there. It’d be a shame if something would happen to her.”

Here is the video…

Remember kids, this is how the left operates.  They want what they want, and if anyone stands in their way, they will be subjected to threats, attacks, intimidation, and harassment.  They aren’t above threatening children, or families, or disrupting Church, because even God takes a back seat to the temper tantrums of the petulant left.  And, this particular protest is meant to restore the union’s ability to force workers to join, and more importantly, to make paying union dues a condition of employment.  It’s about the power to force workers to play and pay along.  And, if they have to threaten children, harass public officials, disrupt church, or beat people up and destroy minority businesses to get the job done, so be it.


MIchigan Union Violence Update: Media Ignores it, Leftists Craft Conspriacy Theories


Michigan, Unions, Violence, Goons, Americans for Prosperity, Tent, Attack, Assualt, Intimidation, MSM, Bias, Coverage The post reality world means that it really makes no difference what really happens, and even if you have the most iron-clad evidence, it’s all about who controls the information.  So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at what is happening…

Media Ignores Union Violence:

As usual, the MSM is refusing to cover union violence.  That is not new, and we shouldn’t be surprised, but it still should be covered, and so it shall.  Newsbusters has a storyto that end…

Networks Refuse to Cover Union Violence:

On Tuesday, World News reporter Alex Perez put the focus not on out of control violence, but on the fact that Michigan’s right-to-work bill actually passed. He began, “The anger boiling over. Officers turning to pepper spray to control the crowd at least 10,000 deep. But it wasn’t enough.” One might think the journalist was speaking of the attack on Fox News contributor Steven Crowder. No. Perez kept the attention on the new law: “Michigan Republican lawmakers approving landmark legislation, lifting the requirement that workers in unionized workplaces pay union dues.

Over on Tuesday’s CBS Evening News, Elaine Quijano vaguely explained, “Union members from across Michigan and other states voiced their anger at the Michigan capital.”

On NBC’s Nightly News, Brian Williams also ignored the actual violence. Instead, he worried, “The emotional fight over unions and American jobs in a place many thought it could never happen. Are we looking at a turning point for American workers?”

To sum it up simply, they spiked it.  And, if it isn’t covered, it didn’t happen.

Then, just when you thought you couldn’t  get any more strange, the leftists started projecting…

The Other McCain has more…

After yesterday’s incident in which labor union activists tore down an Americans for Prosperity tent in Lansing and sucker-punched Stephen Crowder, this headline zoomed up the Memorandum aggregation:Breitbart Folks Appear to Fake Violence in LansingHuh? This was a decidedly odd piece of blogging: The claim that somehow the union thug clobbering Crowder was part of a right-wing hoax, based on such “evidence” as the event having been reported by “James O’Keefe’s buddy” Lee Stranahan — because, hey, if anybody at Breitbart thinks it’s actually news, that means it must be phony, right?Also, the video was edited. Anybody who edits a video is obviously engaged in some kind of evil conspiracy.What the hell is this silly gibberish? Are these people crazy?No, they’re engaged in a systematic effort to create confusion and discourage mainstream journalists from reporting on the incident.Accuse the accusers!” Re-arrange the narrative of events so that a story that obviously makes the Left look bad is, instead, a story about the Right unjustly trying to make the Left look bad.

Here’s where my take is a bit different that Stacey’s.  It is true that accusing the accusers is a tactic in the lefts play book. However, there is an additional wrinkle, and that is WHY it’s in the left’s play book.  The name of that wrinkle is projection.  In psychology, projection is the tendency to think that others do as you do.  Since the left is infamous for false flag (remember the Infiltrate the Tea Party), and “staging atrocities” (remember OWS), that they would automatically assume that we are doing what they do for standard practice.  This thinking is the source for the idea that you will always know what the left is up to based on what they accuse us of doing.  In other words, the liberals look at us through the same fecal colored glasses that they use to view their own activities


Michigan: Union Thugs Attack, Steven Crowder of PJ Media Assaulted


Today, in Michigan, the world got yet another lesson in what unions are all about.  We’ve shown multiple examples of union violence in the past.  What the goons failed to calculate this time is that they picked on and assaulted a relatively well known Conservative in Steven Crowder, of PJ Media.  Here is a video of part of the assault…

Ironically, while they are tearing down a tent set up by Conservatives, one is overheard complaining, and cursing about being called thugs….

And, we see the new tradition of attacking people with cameras…

After all, they can’t have people recording the thuggery can they?

This is organized labor at it finest.  They are a system of terror and control.  They insist on forcing others to join them.  They legalize theft from their “members” via dues, and then support politicians that kill the jobs of those same members.  When resisted, they resort to violence each and every time.  The power and control that they have amassed must be defended at all costs, and they don’t particularly care who they assault, attack or intimidate.

Unions:  So great that people should be forced to join!

They are the thugs, bullies, and goons of the left.  Violence is their only tool.  And, as people fight for freedom, we should expect them to become more and more violent.


Obama Voters Publicly Apologize!


When Obama voters apologize they really ought to consider their safety.  But, before I get to that, here is he story…

A full-page Mitt Romney campaign ad in today’s Cedar Rapids Gazette takes the form of an open letter from 13 Iowans who say they voted for President Barack Obama in 2008 but regret their choice and won’t do so again in 2012.

The letter is phrased as an apology, and lays out a case for why Romney, the Republican nominee is a better choice this time around.

“Mitt Romney will deliver the real recovery that President Obama has failed to bring, he’ll get Americans working again, and he’ll turn our economy around,” the letter says.

You’ll have to go to the Des Moines Register to see the rest (link above), including the ad itself.

I have to say that the people that agreed to apologize are most brave.  I wonder if they are aware that death threats, harassment  and intimidation are often used against anyone who publicly comes out against anything regressive.  We’ve covered that extensively here.  Here are some links…

“Tolerant” Lefties do not “Tolerate” Free Speech

Great Moments of Civil Discourse: Tolerant Obama Supporters Threaten to Vandalize Cars with Romney Stickers

Stacey Dash on Receiving End of Tolerance, Racial Slurs Flung by Tolerant Leftists

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Pro-Abortion Crown Harasses 11 year-old Girl

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Liberals Threaten Six-Year-Old

Tolerant Left Vandalizes Church in the Name of Tolerance

Classic Conservative Hideout: This is the Tolerance of the Left: Intimidation, Harassment, and Threats

I have to admire the people in the add.  They do have some guts to potentially expose themselves to the Alinsky Method.  Time after time, people that make public stands against the left have been targeted.  And, if they are subjected to threats and other typical lefty treatment, I hope they come forward with that as well.


Democrat Operatives Engaging in Stalking and Intimidation?


We’ve know for some time that a favorite tactic of democrats is to stalk the homes of their opponents.  The intent is simple, ranging from the typical, “that’s a nice house you have there-be a shame if something were to happen to it,” to the more ominous, thinly veiled, “now people will come to harass your kids.”  Now, it appears that this tactic is being used on a much larger scale.  Politico has more…

Politicians recognize they give up a degree of privacy when they run for office.

But Democrats are testing the outer limits of that understanding with a practice that raises questions about when campaign tracking becomes something more like stalking.

While most serious campaigns on both sides use campaign trackers — staffers whose job is to record on video every public appearance and statement by an opponent — House Democrats are taking it to another level. They’re now recording video of the homes of GOP congressmen and candidates and posting the raw footage on the Internet for all to see.

Once again, this isn’t about trying to catch a candidate saying something stupid, like suggesting that there are 57 states.  This is  about sending a message.  Come to think of it, it’s like sending more of a threat.

Allahpundit has more, and some interpretation…

But no. Turns out they knew, and they’re totally fine with it.

That ratcheting up of the video surveillance game is unnerving Republicans who insist that even by political standards, it’s a gross invasion of privacy. Worse, they say, it creates a safety risk for members of Congress and their families at a time when they are already on edge after a deranged gunman shot former Arizona Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords 18 months ago…

In [Reid] Ribble’s case, a clip of his northeastern Wisconsin home appeared online June 18. The soundless video — which lasts 38 seconds — is taken from a car sitting just outside the house. The shot pans across the large home, showing it from several different angles…

“House Republicans have spent this entire Congress trying to hide that they’re protecting benefits for millionaires and perks for themselves instead of protecting the middle class, but we won’t let them keep it secret any longer,” Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee spokesman Jesse Ferguson wrote in an email.

Democratic officials said placing the videos on the DCCC’s website and YouTube serve a useful purpose, most notably making the footage available to friendly outside groups for use in TV commercials. That way, they don’t violate laws against coordinating with those groups.

Says New York mag, “So it’s creepy and undermining-campaign-finance-laws-y. Impressive.” I’m not posting the vids but you’ll find links at the Politico piece up top if you’re curious. The one of Ribble’s place does indeed look like stalker video, something you’d shoot if you were casing a place; the home itself is nice but not especially large or impressive, which tells you how seriously you should take the “exposing Republican wealth” excuse. (If they’re intent on crude panders aimed at class resentment, they could have stuck with publicizing their opponents’ estimated net worth.) The goal in posting this, obviously, is to intimidate, notwithstanding all the precious rhetoric devoted last January to “tone” after a horrible incident that actually had nothing to do with tone. I’m tempted to accuse them of hypocrisy, but that would require believing that the “tone” nonsense was ever meant as anything more than an opportunistic political bludgeon. Oh well.

While I would guess that Allahpundit is being a tad bit sarcastic when stating that the democrats are “totally fine with it,” it seems, like in all things, there is a double standard.  Here is how democrat/regressive characters react to cameras…

Yep, camera’s are great, depending on who is holding them, I guess.


Children Heckled for Singing “God Bless the USA”


If you recall, a certain school principal in NY, one Greta Hawkins, got into some hot water for denying children the opportunity to sing Lee Greenwood’s “God Bless the USA” at their graduation.  So, parents organized an event in a local park for the children to sing the song there.  Local leftists did not like that idea…not one bit.  The Daley Gator has more…

The protest had been organized by parents at PS 90 in Coney Island. They were outraged after principal Greta Hawkins banned kindergartners from performing the song at their graduation ceremony. Staffers said the principal was worried the patriotic anthem might offend other cultures.

She also feared that the Lee Greenwood song would not be age-appropriate for the youngsters – concerns shared by the New York City Dept. of Education.

Among those attending the protest was Rep. Bob Turner (R-NY) who had been invited by parents. Turner is running for the U.S. Senate against Sen. Kristen Gillibrand (D-NY).

They were shouting down the kids as they were singing,” Turner told Fox News Radio. “This was really bad form.”

The website Politicker transcribed some of the protest.

“You Republicans come go to a Republican area and do that, we don’t do that here,” one of the hecklers said. “This is ridiculous, this is sad. This is so crazy. This is sad.”

A Turner staffer can be heard off camera asking the protesters to stop – and to “let the kids sing.”

“The kids don’t even know what they’re singing,” the unidentified protester replied. “They got something you tell them to say. It’s ridiculous. It’s sad, sad, sad. You all are going to burn in hell. You all burn in hell. Shame on you. Shame on you.”

At one point, a tattooed protester cursed.

“You got a right to make noise, I got a right to make noise,” the protester said.

The video shows boys and girls as they began chanting, ‘USA USA” in an attempt to drown out the protesters.

If you also recall, leftists had no problem showing up to disrupt a Special Olympics event in Wisconsin.

And, ironically, the lefties had no problem with children being forced to sing this…

So then, what do we take from this?  Well, it’s obvious that the left is not above targeting children, or even the mentally disabled, so I would assume that little old ladies, family pets, aunts, uncles, and distant cousins are also on the table.  In reality, it shows just how reprehensible they are.  They want what they want, and even if they have to go after kids to get it, they’ll do it.

That, and don’t they realize, or even care, that people are recording their activities?

H/T: CmBlake6