Hillz First Campaign Speech Tackles Free Speech – Go Figure


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Over budget? What difference does it make?
I get to use Free Speech, but not you people!

Hat/Tip to Andrew Malcom at Investors Business Daily.

Yep, we’re not even really underway as far as the 2016 Presidential Election is concerned, but Hillz is already talking about taking away some of our rights…

You may very well have missed it. But at her first 2016 campaign stop in Iowa Tuesday, wannabe president Hillary Clinton called for a constitutional amendment if necessary to limit free speech rights granted by the Supreme Court to unions, companies and organizations donating to political campaigns.

Few might have expected the ex-Obama aide to kick off her second bid to infiltrate the Oval Office with such a proposal for fundamental change in settled American law. But there she was wearing an uber-smile with more media than audience at Kirkland Community College in Monticello (get the Thomas Jefferson link?).

First, she modestly portrayed herself as somewhat courageous for taking on some evil special interest groups. Because, as her divisive mentor Barack Obama so ably shows, you must have a “Them” to create an “Us.” Hillary proclaimed:

“I want to be the champion who goes to bat for Americans in four big areas, four big fights that I think we have to take on because there are those who don’t agree with what I think we should be doing. And they’re pretty powerful forces.”

  • Topic One: “We need to build the economy of tomorrow, not yesterday.” Take that, Marco Rubio, who’s called her a yesterday leader. (Scroll down for video of her remarks.)
  • Topic Two: “We need to strengthen families and communities because that’s where it all starts.” Remember her 1996 book, “It Takes a Village”?
  • Topic Four (yes, it’s out of order but play along): “We need to protect our country from the threats that we see and the ones that are on the horizon.”

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Purposely not specific. With Clinton, “threats” could be anything from the “vast right-wing conspiracy” to the media to, gee, here’s a thought, maybe even terrorism threats that have exploded since she took office as Secretary of State in early 2009.

  • Topic Three: “We need to fix our dysfunctional political system and get unaccountable money out of it once and for all—even if that takes a constitutional amendment.”

Wait! What? Yup, the woman with her own PACs who could spend upwards of $1.7 billion on her campaign is taking on the 2010 Citizens United Supreme Court decision. That one granted free speech spending rights to nonprofit organizations in the political process, since expanded to unions and corporations.

You may recall Barack Obama violating political protocol in his 2011 State of the Union address to criticize the Citizens decision of Supreme Court justices sitting silently, politely right in front of him. Citizens United is an issue near and dear to the mechanical pumps that pass for hearts in the left-wing of the Democrat Party.





Ted Cruz: Putting Together His White House Team


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Republican Senator Ted Cruz from Texas
Republican Senator Ted Cruz from Texas sets his sights on the White House

Hat/Tip to David M. Drucker at The Washington Examiner.

The field is shaping up early this year. Jeb Bush, Mitt Romney, Mike Huckabee, Marco Rubio and heck, even Donald Trump have all been making the noises expected when one begins to run for the United States Presidency.

Team Ted Cruz is taking shape, and the Senate first-termer’s presidential campaign could start before this spring.

The Republican senator from Texas tentatively plans to fill senior campaign positions with the triumvirate he signed last summer to expand his political operation. At the top is Jeff Roe, whose organizational title is undefined but who would be the campaign’s chief strategic and logistics decision-maker. Jason Miller would shape and oversee campaign messaging; Lauren Lofstrom would direct fundraising.

It seems that Cruz is putting together a team that will reflect his own style of hard-hitting, pull-no-punches, aggressive politics.

Roe, founder of the direct mail firm Axiom Strategies, has never managed a presidential campaign. But he advised Mike Huckabee in 2008 and Rick Perry in 2012 and is familiar with the terrain in the early primary states. Republicans who have worked with Roe describe him as a talented strategist who is capable keeping a campaign operation humming. Perhaps most importantly, Roe is a good fit for Cruz’ aggressive style.

“He is a mean, bare-knuckles brawler,” one Republican operative told the Washington Examiner.

Rounding out the team are pollster Chris Perkins, who earned plaudits for being among the few to correctly forecast November’s Georgia Senate race, and Jason Johnson, the senator’s longtime political consigliere. Nick Muzin, Cruz’s deputy chief of staff in his Senate office, is steeped in South Carolina politics. He is viewed as someone who might take a leave of absence from Cruz’ Senate office to join the campaign.

Johnson, meanwhile, is often referred to as Cruz’s “political brain.” He is rooted in the Texas GOP establishment and has been with the senator the longest among his advisors. Johnson served as chief of staff to Greg Abbott for a period when the incoming governor was state attorney general. It was in Abbott’s office that he and Cruz, then the the Lone Star State’s solicitor general, bonded. Johnson guided Cruz to second place and then victory, respectively, in Texas’ 2012 GOP primary and runoff contests.

Senator Cruz is by far, the most outspoken, staunch Conservative in Congress right now. His appeal to the Conservative base is deep and wide, but in a general election, he faces name-recognition problems, and he’ll have a harder time getting over with moderates and independents.

Those two races constitute the 44-year-old lawmaker’s only experience with competitive campaigns. Cruz had a very easy time in his general election win against an under-funded, no-name Democrat. Republican insiders expect Cruz to contend for first choice among GOP primary voters who favor the most confrontational and conservative candidate. But to compete for the nomination, Cruz has to step up his game.

“His early reviews among tea party audiences have been stellar in Iowa,” a Republican insider in the Hawkeye State told the Examiner. “I don’t think he can appeal as broadly in the party or in the general electorate as other candidates, but his support will be intense among those voters who have the highest anger score.”

Ted Cruz is no dummy, he knows that to win the White House he has to have broad appeal, but he firmly believes that the best chance of a GOP presidency for 2017 – 2020 is for a strong Conservative to oppose the likely Democratic coronation nominee, Hillary Clinton.

Cruz has countered that to win the White House, Republicans must nominate a strong conservative who contrasts sharply with the Democratic nominee, likely Hillary Clinton.

Cruz has maintained a vigorous political travel schedule and been a constant presence in Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina — hosts, in that order, of the first three 2016 primary contests. On Sunday, he was in Myrtle Beach to address the South Carolina Tea Party Coalition Convention. Cruz has cast himself as the conservative alternative in a field that could feature multiple Establishment and Tea Party candidates. That is consistent with the image Cruz has cultivated since bursting onto the national scene three years ago.

Read the full story here.





Iowa Democrats: Someone Please Challenge Hillary


hillary scared


Hat/Tip to Matt Vespa at TownHall.com.

It seems that more and more Democrats are wanting a primary, rather than a ‘coronation’.

Iowa Democratic leaders want something to happen during the caucuses; they want someone to challenge Hillary Clinton. They fear a “coronation” will deprive their voters­ of a discussion regarding the direction of the country. After all, this was a state that backed Obama in 2008 primaries and both presidential elections in 2008 and 2012. A lot of voters have seen this movie before concerning the inevitability/invincibility of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Her numerous drawbacks have the far left of the Democratic Party concerned.

As previously mentioned within liberal circles, Hillary’s ties to Wall Street, the financial sector, and her lackluster campaign skills has this group of Democrats hesitant to rally behind her (via WSJ):

Iowa Democratic leaders say they are troubled by the prospect that Hillary Clinton could win the state’s 2016 presidential caucuses without a serious challenge, a view primarily rooted in a desire for a more liberal candidate or at least a robust debate about the party’s policies and direction.

Interviews with more than half of Democratic chiefs in Iowa’s 99 counties show a state party leadership so far reluctant to coalesce behind Mrs. Clinton. County Democratic officials also voiced qualms about Mrs. Clinton’s ability to win a general election and her fundraising ties to Wall Street firms and corporations, which remain a target of liberal ire.

Many county officials said they would like to see senators including Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Bernie Sanders of Vermont enter the race, though they were split over whether any could gain traction and overtake Mrs. Clinton.

“My heart wouldn’t be in it for Hillary to the extent that it might be if it was a different candidate,” said Jennifer Herrington, chair of the Page County Democrats in southwest Iowa. “I admire Hillary, she’d be a great president, but you know, she isn’t my first choice I guess.”

State Democratic officials also want a contested race because that boosts the party apparatus and fundraising. Mr. Obama’s 2008 campaign attracted scores of volunteers who remain active in the party. Various presidential hopefuls, moreover, serve as star attractions for fundraising dinners and barbecue cookouts across the state.

Read the full story here.





What Senator Elect Joni Ernst Was Caught Doing 2 Days After the Election Tells Us All About Her Character


joni-ernst_004Hat/Tip to IJR.

Joni Ernst was elected as Iowa’s first female US Senator last Tuesday as part of the massive GOP landslide which saw the Party retake the majority in the the Upper House of Congress.

She is an Iowan, born and raised, and has served in the armed forces for over 20 years. For 14 months between 2003 and 2004 she was deployed in Kuwait during Operation Iraqi Freedom. Presently she commands the largest battalion in the Iowa Army National Guard.

Now, as if all that isn’t amazing enough, it is what she was caught doing two days after that election that really points to her true character.

She put on her uniform and clocked in at her part-time job as mentioned above, as Lieutenant Colonel in the Iowa Army National Guard.

Lt. Col. Joni Ernst has been juggling her civilian and military lives since joining the National Guard in 1993. She is on duty every joni-ernst_003week, according to her husband Gail, who told National Review:

Not many folks know she is in uniform on Thursday and Friday. She does it without fanfare.

Ernst, a combat veteran in Operation Iraqi Freedom, has told the Guard she wants no special treatment, but had to re-schedule her drilling from last weekend to till after the election. Iowa Guard Spokesman, Greg Hapgood, told National Review:

We serve regardless of our situations and Colonel Ernst doesn’t want to be treated any differently.

She has been on duty throughout her amazing campaign and during her tenure as a State Senator. The hard working former pig farmer broke out of the primary pack with her hilarious ad about going to Washington and making them ‘squeal.’ She never looked back, beating Bruce Braley, the hand-selected heir to retiring Senator Tom Harkin.

joni-ernst_002She also likes to ride around on her Harley Davidson, even riding it to the gun range.


Come on, what’s not to like?




The return of Ten Buck Friday, support Joni Ernst for U.S. Senate


Week Two of a Nine Week Mission, to Seek Out new life for the Senate, to Boldly Go where our nation has been before!

Once again focusing on the Senate races (Republicans need just six seats to oust the Dimbulb from Searchlight, Harry Reid as majority leader), is it worth ten bucks a week (30 pkgs. of Ramen?) to eliminate Reid’s control and give the Senate responsible leadership again?

With that in mind, this week we look to the open Senate seat in IA. Can you contribute just $10 to Senate candidate Joni Ernst?

Real Clear Politics has Ernst up 2 points on the average, and rates the state as a toss up.

You can contribute to Joni Ernst here. Good luck and Godspeed, Joni!

(If you mark your contribution as “Ten Buck Friday”, they’ll see if the blogosphere can give them a little bump.)


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The Other McCain is in Iowa!


Our friend, Robert Stacy McCain, is in Iowa, covering the Caucuses.  He’s been hitting the campaign stops, and posting quite a few stories from the road.  Here are some of the links…

IOWA NOTEBOOK: Occupy Caucuses?

‘Everyone Sells Out in Iowa’

Rick Santorum Gets ‘The Kind of Optics a Cash-Strapped Candidate Can’t Buy’

SANTORUM SURGE: Finally, the Polls in Iowa Are Catching Up With … Me

Greetings From the Quad City

When the Story Writes Itself

The Santorum Surge: Mainstream Media Finally Beginning to See Omens in Iowa

Republicans With Shotguns

Santorum Gets 4 ‘Clean Kills’ in Pheasant Hunt With Steve King; No Endorsement

Greetings From Iowa

Fear and Loathing at BWI

So, he’s braving the elements, or perhaps even an infection from a rabid occupod-all to get the latest news to us.  Get over to The Other McCain, read his articles, and hit his tip jar.

And, it seems that he and I have identical  Toshiba laptops.  Puts me in rather good company, don’t you think?


Classic Liberal: Ron Paul Can Win


Congressman Ron Paul has been quietly (but steadily) gaining in the polls and is a legitimate contender to win in both Iowa and New Hampshire. So if you’re looking for an “electable” principled conservative, it’s time to get serious about Ron Paul.

Ron Paul is for real in Iowa. Seriously.

Texas Rep. Ron Paul, long dismissed by the GOP establishment as a fringe candidate, has broadened his electoral appeal and emerged as a major player in the Jan. 3 Iowa caucuses, according to several recent polls and conversations with a handful of longtime Hawkeye political operatives.

“He has certainly broadened his coalition from the ‘rage against the machine’ types that primarily comprised his supporters in 2008,” said one senior Iowa Republican operative granted anonymity to speak candidly about Paul’s prospects. “The expanded coalition includes more traditional activists — as a number of GOP county chairs have endorsed his campaign, as have a handful of legislators.”

So, there is broad — if not unanimous — agreement that Paul has momentum in Iowa.

What is behind Paul’s growing momentum? He’s the most consistent and trustworthy Tea Party candidate.

Why Tea Party Voters Are Returning to Ron Paul

In a February meeting of the tea party, caucus chair Rep. Michele Bachmann said,according to Politico: “It is my hope that the tea party caucus will serve as… the best way to get America on a sound fiscal path that adheres to the Constitutional principles on which she was founded.”

This past summer, the tea party members fought so valiantly to keep the Obama administration from additional deficit spending, so much so that Rep. Mike Doyle (D-Pa) had the insensitivity to proclaim, “This small group of terrorists have made it impossible to spend any money.” Not long after wrongfully being labeled terrorists, the tea party was bullied by statements from the Obama administration that Social Security and Medicare could be in danger if their persistence on limiting spending continued.

In the end what most of us know, and what the tea party knew back in February, is that spending is the disease that is causing America to lose credibility and economic prosperity — not our $3 trillion in annual tax revenue. Social Security and Medicare checks would have still been sent, though perhaps we would have had to cut the $3 billion in annual foreign aid to Pakistan.

[O]nly one candidate for president offers a plan that seems to embody the heart and soul of the tea party caucus — Texas Congressman Ron Paul and his Trillion Dollar plan.

The tea party members have always been mindfully focused on fiscal matters, and their gradual return to Paul’s candidacy and spending plan is only beginning. If, or when, the time comes for Bachmann to withdrawal from the race, an endorsement of Paul’s plan seems logical for the tea party Caucus chair; since she will need to maintain her fiscal validity with the tea party members in hopes of retaining their support in the future.

Conservatives can smell Inevitable Mitt Romney’s status quo insincerity a mile away (at least I hope so).“Even Willard Romney’s first name has changed to Mitt, presumably tested by polling and focus groups in which Mitt performed better than Willard.” Lot’s of rhetoric. Little (if any) substance.

In fact each and every “mainstream” Republican candidate supports/supported everything conservatives (especially Tea Party conservatives) profess they oppose: TARPObamaCareprogressive economic theory, and radically “rethink[ing] our Constitution” just to name few.

For too long, conservatives have faithfully fallen in-line only to play second-fiddle to the “leadership” of theRepublican Party Establishment, and their loyalty has been repaid with an increasingly intrusive and exponentially growing bureaucratic state. Partisan loyalty has given us, in our once “land of the free,” a massive social-democratic welfare state, perpetual war, unsustainable debt, and government-approved molestations at the airport.

But as more and more conservatives discover what it is about America they wish to conserve, they’re findingRon Paul to be the only candidate who genuinely wants to firmly adhere to conservative fiscal policy and protect our individual liberties.

New Iowa Poll Places Ron Paul Firmly in First, with 25%

Congressman Ron Paul is leading by a significant margin in Iowa, according to preliminary results of a new TeleResearch poll.

Factoring in both Republican caucus-goers and disaffected Democrats and Independents who’ve indicated that they will participate in the Iowa Republican Caucus, Ron Paul leads at 25%, with an approximate 4-point advantage over Newt Gingrich and Herman Cain.

Just like “flyover country,” Ron Paul mystifies the mainstream consensus: [Drew Ivers, Paul’s Iowa campaign chairman] says Paul’s support in Iowa is ‘textbook grass roots,’ and includes independents, conservative Democrats and many Republicans new to the political process, most of them united by fears about the nation’s economic future and ‘spending, spending, spending’ by the federal government.”

With the most cross-ideological appeal of any candidate – Democratic or Republican – more than “electable,” Ron Paul can win!

The “Old-Right Orthodoxy” of Ron Paul’s traditional American conservatism has mass appeal. The way things look right now, Paul may be liberty’s last hope.

Elites agree: Americans are too darn free

To outward appearances, it might seem as though the left and right have never been more at odds. And for the average man in the street, drawn to the Tea Party on one side or the Occupy movement on the other, this might be true. But it is not so true for elite opinion. The nation’s high and mighty may be divided about many things, but on one point they often agree: Americans are still too darn free.

For example: Not enough people exercise their right to vote. Problem, right? Well, William Galston of the Brookings Institution has a solution: Force them to. The other day he took to the pages of The New York Times to explain why we should be “Telling Americans to Vote, or Else.”

Mitt Romney [wants to force] every U.S. resident to carry a biometric ID card.

Michele Bachmann … proposed forcing everyone to do so, even if they don’t have any income to pay taxes on.

Time magazine proposed forcing every American into national service. A federal advisory board has decided, to much applause, that we should force boys as well as girls to receive the HPV vaccine. Proponents of Obamacare believe the government should force everyone to buy health insurance.

Last year Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood told those at a National Press Club that the administration’s “livability” initiative “is a way to coerce people out of their cars.”

See also: Poll Shows Crossover for Paul Reminiscent of Reagan Democrats circa 1980Why progressives should gladly vote for Ron Paul over any Democratic candidate including Obama, and 5 Reasons Progressives Should Join the Ron Paul Revolution.

Just say ‘no’ to the crackpot ideas of the status quo.

Ron Paul: Can’t you just be a typical Washington politician?

Jon Stewart is urging Ron Paul to become a typical Washington politician. It’s true – during last night’s “Daily Show” the comedian told GOP presidential hopeful Paul he would get a lot more attention if he just changed some of his positions by 180 degrees.

“Have you ever thought about flip-flopping?” Stewart asked a grinning Paul.

Stewart said he’d noticed that during GOP debates the other candidates spend lots of time yelling at each other about alleged changes on the issues, and that they ignore Paul while doing this, since he’s pretty consistent.

A flip-flop would get Paul more televised face time, said Stewart.

A refreshing change from politics as usual, Ron Paul has a 20+ year voting record that shows a consistency and honesty that no other candidate can claim.

The DNC Could Never Run an Ad Like This Against Ron Paul

The Democratic National Committee is out with a vicious, but true, youtube attack ad against Mitt Romneyand his many flip flops.

Contrast the flip flopper with Ron Paul:

I would like to thank the Classic Liberal for the great article and for permitting the SENTRY JOURNAL to post it. Ron Paul can win and does have great crossover appeal.  Conservatives who desire the restoration of our constitution really need to take another look at the man.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!

Original Post:  The Sentry Journal