SEIU Supports ObamaCare: SEIU Rank and File Loses Jobs-Due to ObamaCare


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Ready for a extra thick piece of irony cake?  As we all know, union bosses were big supporters of ObamaCare, funneling millions into democrat coffers.  However, as usual, the boss’s support of democrat causes the people they are supposed to “represent” to lose their jobs.  The SEIU is no exception. And, SEIU represented staff at East Niagara Hospital are being so well “represented” by the SEIU, they they don’t have to go to work-ever again!

From Labor Union Report:

SEIU-Backed ObamaCare Helps Cause SEIU-Represented Hospital To Cut 10% Of Full-Time Staff

With ex-SEIU boss Andy Stern having taken credit for the passage of the monstrosity known as ObamaCare, the irony of an SEIU-represented hospital cutting 10% of its full-time staff, in part, due to ObamaCare is rich.

Then, at the Labor Union Report link…

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via The Mental Recession.

Early last month, ENH [East Niagara Hospital] announced that they would have to cut over 10% of their full time staff, as well as being forced to consolidate their inpatient care and surgical services.  Full-time staff will be cut from 560 to 500.

Chairman George V.C. Muscato, released a statement laying the blame on Obamacare:

“The Hospital reached this decision due to the statewide trend of declining inpatient hospitalizations, declines in reimbursement, and most recently, the impacts of the Affordable Care Act.”

…and the train keeps rolling on.

Just think about it.  These people were forced to join the union (because unions are so great that you have tto be forced to join).  Then, the union takes money off of them, and used it to elect democrats.  The democrats enacted ObamaCare, which caused the people to lose their jobs!

And they’ll likely keep on voting democrat too!


Putin Calls America “Godless,” Historical Irony Ensues


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Back in the days when Vladimir Putin’s bosses worked under the Soviet banner, that particular regime was called “Godless.”  It was called that because, well, it was Godless.  In fact, it persecuted Christians, Jews, and the like.  Now, it seems that the tables have turned…

In the irony of ironies, Russian President Valadimir Putin has criticized western nations for straying from their Christian roots. Putin’s statement, made during his state of the nation address this past December, contends that America has become a “Godless” nation.  What Putin actually said was: “Many Euro-Atlantic countries have moved away from their roots, including Christian values.  Policies are being pursued that place on the same level a multi-child family and a same-sex partnership, a faith in God and a belief in Satan.  This is the path to degradation.”  This is quite a statement coming from a former KGB officer who faithfully served a nation that executed more than 200,000 clergy in the years between 1917 and 1937.

Fear not folks; we know that Putin doesn’t wear a white hat.  It’s as I have been saying as of late; “Obama is so pathetic, that he makes Putin look good.”  But, does Putin have a point?  According to , Putin just might be onto something…

Putin is not alone in his belief that the West has strayed from its Christian roots.  Patriarch Kirill I of the Russian Orthodox Church has claimed that Western nations are guilty of “spiritual disarmament.”  Although it is a little easier to take such a statement when it comes from a religious patriarch than a former KGB officer, Kirill is simply saying the same thing as Putin.  Consequently, for those who want to ignore the message because it comes from an unworthy messenger—President Putin formerly of the “evil empire”—let me encourage you to respond to the following questions before making up your mind:

  • Have liberals conspired with leftwing academics to rewrite American history so that the Christian principals upon which the United States of America was founded have been expunged from the record and replaced by anti-Christian, anti-American tripe that focuses solely on our nation’s warts and blemishes?  Further, have liberal revisionists rewritten the textbooks so that American students spend 12 years learning why they should be embarrassed by and ashamed of our country?
  • Have liberals conspired to be tolerant of everything in America except Christianity?  Is it not true that in the public square Islam, Hinduism, moral relativism, and other religions get a pass while Christianity is to be neither mentioned nor tolerated?
  • Have liberals conspired to transform public education in America into 12 years of leftwing indoctrination that belittles and scorns Christians as Puritanical bigots while praising secular humanism?
  • Have liberals conspired to attack, undermine, and trash Christians who oppose same-sex marriage on Biblical grounds?  Do wedding businesses that do not wish to perform same-sex marriages on Biblical grounds immediately become targets of government coercion and threats from the homosexual community?
  • Have liberals conspired to ensure that the Lord’s Prayer and Bible readings are no longer a part of the public school experience as they once were in all 50 states?  Further, have liberals worked with the ACLU to deny Christians their Constitutional right to pray at high school athletic events and graduations?

Please read the rest of the post, as it is quite good.  Of course, Putin isn’t saying or doing anything for our benefit.  He is simply taking advantage of a weak POTUS with a sense of national loyalty that would make Quisling blush.  And, in the process, Vladimir Putin is forging a name for himself, and attempting to displace us as the world’s predominate super-power.


Irony Overload: Research Ship Went to Antarctic to Prove Global Warming, is Now Stuck in the Ice


snowmen protest global warming

In the Irony Alert from which the MSM is taking a pass, a research vessel set sail for the Antarctic, to show how global cooling global warming climate change was melting the ice.  However, someone forgot to tell the climate, which simply has not been cooperating with the liberal left this year…

It probably seemed like an excellent idea: Load a bunch of tourists and journalists aboard a ship for an expedition to Antarctica in December (the height of summer at the South Pole) so they can see for themselves how global warming is melting the ice.


Alas, somebody forgot to tell the ice that “the science is settled”:


Most of the passengers and some of the crew stranded on a scientific expedition ship off Antarctica will be evacuated by a Chinese helicopter should the weather allow, Russian authorities say.
“A decision has been reached to evacuate 52 passengers and four crew members by helicopter from China’s Xue Long ship, should the weather allow,” the Russian foreign ministry said in a statement.
The Russian-flagged MV Akademik Shokalskiy has been stuck on an ice field since last week with 74 people on board. The multinational passenger list includes scientists as well as tourists and crew.
Snow gusts that severely hampered visibility on Monday forced the icebreaker Aurora Australis to turn around, passengers aboard the stricken MV Akademik Shokalskiy had been told to prepare for the “worst case scenario”. . . .
The expedition is being led by University of NSW Professor Chris Turney who continues to post updates on social media.

All this year,we have been posting that the dire predictions of “settled science” are failing with a massive “thud.”  Here are some examples…

Apparently, Climate Change Causes Record Low Tornadoes: Has Climate Science Jumped the Sharknado?

In 2008 Al Gore Predicts That Arctic Would be Ice Free by 2013

Al Gore Predicted no Arctic Sea Ice, Ice Grew by Nearly 1,000,000 Square Miles After Record Short Arctic Summer

Global Warming Update: Lack of Warming Might Last Until 2030

A Tale of Two Stories: Syrian Civil War Caused by Global Warming, Also Caused Nearly 1,000,000 More Square Miles of Arctic Sea Ice?

Record Cold in Peru, 250,000 Alpacas Perish: Global Warming to Blame?

Uh Oh, Arctic Has Record Short Summer-Must be Because of Global Warming

Global Warming Alert: Parts of US get 30 Inches of Snow Over Memorial Day Weeknd!

Democrat Uses Oklahoma Tornado to Blame Republicans for Global Warming, Which Hasn’t Happened Since 1998

This Just in: Global Warming Causes it to be Cold!

Britain Suffers Coldest Winter Since 1962: Global Warming Alarmists Silent

The Big Lie: UN Climate Chief Admits That Global Warming Stopped 17 Years ago

Of course, people that are personally invested, intellectually, or financially, in global cooling global warming climate change the Big Lie will continue to change their tales of gloom and doom to fit the narrative of the now.  And, as always, all we have to do to fix it is give up all of our freedoms to the nanny state!

I wonder if Soylent Green is good on toast?


Gays Persecute Christians, Yet Ignore Muslims That Would Kill Them!


Once again, I’m confronted with a ironic tragedy.  As we have documented, gays are in the process of targeting, and shutting down (or otherwise punishing) Christian run businesses.  However, at the same time that they are fixed against Christians (because God dislikes their behavior), Muslims are actively calling for their deaths!  Here is the latest example, via The Blaze…

“Gays are not killed in islamic [sic] state as long as they don’t force or openly practice their homosexuality in public,” user “@QadeerBaksh” tweeted, adding that such form of government “would look to preserve God’s law in public only bec [sic] God knows what is best for humans.”

Note that we are not talking about the same “god” in this scenario.

The irony is easily detectable ot a thinking human, except that is, gays, who continue to attack Christians (who would pray for them).  And all the while, these same gays ignore the Muslims, who openly advocate killing them.


Irony Alert: Two Shot at Denver 4-20 Day Celebration


It’s been an irony weekend at the CH 2.0 this weekend.  The later example of irony comes from Denver, where their 4-20 celebration (4-20 is code for marijuana use) turned violent, with two people being shot.  UPI has more…

Two people were shot in Denver’s Civic Center Saturday where thousands of people gathered for marijuana-inspired “420 Day” festivities, paramedics said.

Denver police spokesman Sonny Jackson said a man and woman in their 20s were both shot in the leg, The Denver Post reported. They were expected to survive, said the newspaper, which initially reported three people had been shot.

Police said they were looking for two suspects and were asking witnesses from the big crowd that scattered when the shots were fired about 5 p.m. to come forward.

“Everybody fled. That’s the problem,” Jackson said.

The reason for the shooting had not been determined.

Johnny Lee, who was at the civic center when the shooting erupted, said he didn’t hear any disturbance beforehand.

“Everybody started to run,” Lee said. “They were running over people.”

Damontay Wimberly told the Post he heard about seven shots.

“Pow-pow-pow-pow-pow, about seven times,” he said.

The irony?  Well, marijuana users are supposed to be calm and chilled out.  That didn’t seem to apply in Denver.  And by the way, didn’t Colorado just pass some new restrictive gun laws?  Surely there could be no shootings with the new guns laws, could there be?


Irony Alert! Muslim Marathon Bombers Car-jacked Vehicle with “Coexist” Sticker!


You’ve seen that “coexist” logo.  It’s on bumper stickers, and I saw it on a co-worker in t-shirt form today.  Well, in a turn of complete irony, it was on a certain car the other night, the one car-jacked by the Muslim Bombers had a “coexist” sticker.  Just a Conservative Girl has the pic…


I published a somewhat more realistic version of that logo some time ago…


That’s the reality of it, unfortunately.  And, once again, out two bombers proved it.


Elections Have Consequences: PA College Slashes Hours to Avoid ObamaCare Mandates


How ironic would it be if a college, a bastion of liberalism, got stung by ObamaCare mandates?  What if the professors, who program youth with the glories of socialism, had to live with the consequences of their policies?  Well, it has happened at Community College of Allegheny County.  Breitbart has the details, and the ir0ny…

Pennsylvania’s Community College of Allegheny County (CCAC) is slashing the hours of 400 adjunct instructors, support staff, and part-time instructors to dodge paying for Obamacare.

“It’s kind of a double whammy for us because we are facing a legal requirement [under the new law] to get health care and if the college is reducing our hours, we don’t have the money to pay for it,” said adjunct biology professor Adam Davis.

On Tuesday, CCAC employees were notified that Obamacare defines full-time employees as those working 30 hours or more per week and that on Dec. 31 temporary part-time employees will be cut back to 25 hours. The move will save an estimated $6 million. 

So then, these folks got what they voted for, and they aren’t happy about it.  I guess they didn’t take the time to find what we have know for a couple years, that ObamaCare was going to cost jobs and hours.  In the end, all we can say is…

Elections have consequences.


“Woman of Courage,” Maria Bashir, Touted by Michelle Obama Sends Other Women to Jail for Adultery


What happens when Michelle Obama and Hilary Clinton hails, Maria Bashir,  as a  champion of women’s rights, and it turns out that this woman throws other women in jail for adultery?

Delicious irony, that’s what!   The Daily Mail has more…

Last year she was hailed as one of the most influential people in the world – a defender of women’s rights as Afghanistan’s only female head prosecutor.

Ms Bashir has been lauded by both Michelle Obama and Hilary Clinton – and she was one of ten women to receive a ‘Women of Courage’ Award in Washington last year.

But Maria Bashir’s reputation is now in doubt after the Times revealed that Ms Bashir is also the most prolific prosecutor of women for Afghanistan’s so-called ‘moral’ crimes, such as adultery.

While Ms Bashir campaigns against abuse husbands, more than half of the 172 women jailed in Afghanistan for sex outside of marriage (known as ‘zina’) have come from her province.

Now, here is what Obama and Clinton said of Bashir…

When she received her award, the two presidential wives said: ‘Ms Bashir has waged a determined campaign against crime and corruption.

‘She stands out as a champion of judicial transparency and women’s rights, and exemplifies the resilience of Afghan women.’

Now, this administration can force Catholics to fund abortions.  They can criticism people that cling to their “guns and religion.”  But, they will honor a woman that send women to prison for cheating on their husbands?  Where are the Tammies?  Will they send seven women to protest this, and claim that there were 50,000?  Will Sandra Fluke flop again, or will the feminists just crawl back under the bus where they belong?

H/T:  Jammie Wearing Fools


Live Action Releases Second Video: Planned Parenthood Caught Again


Planned Parenthood

As predicted, Live Action has released another video showing that Planned Parenthood workers were more than happy to do abortions based on gender…

It has been reported that a worker was fired in response to the first video.  Will they fire this one as well?  Or, will they fire the workers from the videos that have not yet been released?

And more with the irony, where are the Tammies?  After all, people are offering to kill females!  However, they can’t acknowledge gendercide without attacking their primary sacrament-abortion.  So, they are willing to overlook a war on women, to wage a war on women!