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Tin Foil Hat Alert: Rachel Maddow Suggests That George Bush Was Trying to Trigger the Apocalypse

Yes, you read that correctly, Rachel Maddow is suggesting that George Bush wanted to trigger the apocalypse, in accordance with a rather un-Biblical conspiracy theory regarding the borders or Israel, or perhaps even reading the entrails of dead animals.  I don’t know, it’s crazy beyond…well, anything.  Here is the footage… Of course, it’s really that FOX News and Rush Limbaugh that are cray-cray, right? Congratulations to Rachel Maddow, who said something so nutsy that I was able to use the CH 2.0 tin foil hat post image!

Israel and Hamas: In Cartoon Form

After all the conflict and spin between Israel and Hamas, the following cartoon sums up the palestinian situation perfectly if this doesn’t tie it all together nicely, I couldn’t tell you what will.    

Anti-Semitism Alert: Obama Supporters Call for Israel’s Destruction

Just in case you have forgotten, the left and the Democratic Party are the current home for Anti-Semitism in the US.  And, in the event you had forgotten that here is a video from Rebel Pundit… I’m sure that more and more of this will come out, and I’ll be reminding the Jews that voted for Obama that they have legitimized the voices of those that wish them dead. Also, it is tragic to see some of the complete naivete of these followers of the POTUS.  And, of course, it will be someone else’s fault when their beautiful messiah fails miserably. NOTE: […]

Romney Points Out Truths About “Palestinians” Liberals Upset

Apparently, the liberals are upset that Romney will make it much harder for Palestinians to kill Jews.  In another segment of the now infamous fundraising video, Mother Jones exposes Romney speaking more to the truth, and thinks it’s a bad thing.  Here is the video… Here is a transcript, from the same site… I’m torn by two perspectives in this regard. One is the one which I’ve had for some time, which is that the Palestinians have no interest whatsoever in establishing peace, and that the pathway to peace is almost unthinkable to accomplish. Now why do I say that? Some might […]

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton Own the “Arab Spring”

Warning! Your humble observer is in rage mode again today. So, if you are not up to listening and sharing my rage, I will understand if you take a pass today. My rage keeps boiling to the top of late because I am fed up with what we are forced to call or government. Govern? Give me a break! These people don’t know the first thing about governing. We could talk about the shredding of our constitution or fiscal policy or monetary policy or foreign policy. All incredibly bad! But, with the events that started on the eleventh anniversary of the […]

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Caught in Another Lie: So What Else is New?

But that doesn’t mean that we won’t cover it!   Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the liar in chief for the DNC, was once again caught lying through her teeth.  Here is (are) the lie(s), from FOX, via The Lonely Conservative Now, listen to the audio of the quote which begins at about the 28 second mark. Now go read the full story at the Washington Examiner which includes how they quoted her, and then tell me who is deliberately misleading the public. That anyone takes this person seriously completely escapes me.  She has been caught lying so many times, and it’s so easy […]

Known by the Company you Keep…

Remember that old saying about the “company you keep?”  The occupods probably want you to ignore it, for the Iranians are, once again, citing their support for the occupods.  Here is the coverage, straight from the source… Despite the attempts made by the US media and statesmen to portray it as an unimportant development, the Anti-Capitalism Occupy Wall Street Movement has gradually grown so wide that it cannot be harnessed by the US administration any more. Now the US administration can suppress people by the help of its security forces, but it no doubt will be unable to root out this movement, and one […]

Some Thoughts on the “Palestinian” State, and the Right of Return

As I’ve watched the “Arab Spring” unfold, and have monitored words and deeds of the “palestinians,” some ideas come to mind.  The entire region is claimed as holy by three religions, and one in particular, has been inflamed into what seems to be a genocidal rage.  With the “new anti-Semitism” out in the open, and spreading, I fear that the next great international conflict will involve Israel. To adequately look at the current situation, a look at history is required.  In 1947, the UN proposed a “two state solution” for the region.  The Jews agreed, the Arabs did not.  For […]

"Palestinians" Attack Israeli Border: Assad's Distraction, or Part of Something Larger?

Yesterday, “Palestinian” protesters rushed the Israeli border in the Golan Heights, resulting in a predictable use of force from the Israelis.  Bloomberg has the coverage. Palestinian refugees and supporters attempted to breach the Israeli border of the Golan Heightsfrom Syria, prompting Israeli troops to fire. Twenty-three people were killed and 350 injured, according to Syrian state-run television. Israeli Lieutenant Colonel Avital Leibovich told CNN that Syria allowed the protest to reach the border in order to divert attention from its own unrest. “Allowing the Palestinians to reach the fence with Israel is a useful distraction for Assad, who can’t stop the demonstrations against his regime,” Mordechai […]

Obama's Hypocritical Middle East Policy

Who bows to foreign dictators, and wants to weaken the only stable democracy in the Middle East?  President Obama, so it would seem. The president has been pursuing what I see to be an inconsistent and hypocritical foreign policy, especially where the Middle East in concerned. First, we had what was commonly referred to as the “World Apology Tour.”  As you recall, the POTUS traveled far and wide, apologizing for the US’s actions in the world.  Of course, we have made mistakes, like any other nation, but by in large, our actions have typically been done with the intent of […]

The Chosen One

From Pastor Terry: Does Jesus value the Hebrew Nation more than those of us that have asked Jesus into our hearts? [podcast] Chosen One.mp3[/podcast] Terry Collins is the founder and president of Discipleship Ministries.

Antisemitism Alert: Jews Protest Israel???

I caught this over at Redstate yesterday, and thought I’d share it here… (Alert:  There is some vulgar language here) I have to say, that if I was filming this, I would have played “dumb” and asked kind questions, working my way up to the “Jewish Question.”  I’m sure that if they thought that they had a sympathetic ear, that they might have exposed more of their actual agenda.  But that’s me. Once I saw that, I decided to look at Jewish Voice for Peace.  Their site looks like so many other lefty sites ( I won’t link to it-you […]

Anti-Semitism Alert: Organized Labor Chooses Sides?

Over the last few months, I’ve been covering the (assumed) increase in Anti-Semitism from the left.  Big Government has pointed out yet another source; organized labor. Members of the American Federation of Teachers, along with AFSCME, SEIU and several other national labor unions, are showing their true political stripes by joining the “Labor for Palestine” movement. These groups are not just calling for a Palestinian homeland in the Middle East and a peaceful resolution to the Palestinian/Israeli standoff. They’re suggesting that the creation of Israel has been a disaster for the Palestinian people. Here is a quote from the founding statement […]

War in the Mideast? Israel may be forced to strike Iran

Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolten told Fox News on Friday that Russia will be loading Iran’s Bushehr reactor with nuclear fuel rods on August 21st. This makes the window of opportunity for a military strike on that facility very narrow, for if attacked after the fuel rods are loaded, then radiation could spread in the air and into the Persian Gulf. News that Russia will load nuclear fuel rods into an Iranian reactor has touched off a countdown to a point of no return, a deadline by which Israel would have to launch an attack […]

Iran offers Navy Escort to Next Flotilla!

If you want to find out just how far Israel will go to protect herself just let Iran escort the next convoy to Gaza. An aide to the supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, offered that very thing today. Yes while we have been negotiating on sanctions against Iran, they are becoming so bold has to do more than ship weapons to the Palestinians. Now they want to help deliver them. Obama promised us 1 ½ years ago that he would bring swift action on the sanctions. Like so much of what he says that has turned out to be so […]

Freedom Flotilla Retroactive Redux

Every so often, I like to juxtapose today’s reactions to yesterdays events.  It usually shows how the MSM has lost any sense of objectivity, or reality,  for that matter.   I was making my way through the internets today, and saw that someone else had the same idea.  (Click the image for the original source) Sad but true, I’d have to say. h/t: Happyacres

"Peaceful Activists" Attack IDF Forces

I’m admittedly late getting this story, but here are the details. IDF forces are enforcing a blockade of Gaza.  This has been in place since Hamas took the area by force in 2007. A flotilla of ships attempted to breach that blockade.  At approximately 2:00 AM EST Monday, after ignoring instructions from IDF Naval Forces to change their course, IDF Forces started boarding the ships.  Here is video released from IDF via their blog. Here is some more from our friends at Reagnite Republican. The Israeli Navy first reported sighting the pro-Palestinian, so-called “Freedom Flotilla” bound for the Gaza Strip late […]

Oi Vay

While I am not Jewish I find it interesting to surf the Israeli newspapers for their perspective on subjects that may be of interest to Americans. Needless to say their coverage of subject is specific to them but those topics of common interest often have information that we never would see in our media. For example how does this headline strike you? Ahmadinejad to Cancel Food, Fuel subsidies, for transfer to Nuclear Projects This November 8th headline describes his government reallocating $30-$50 billion dollars to go towards their nuclear ambitions. This was approved by the Iranian parliament. Doesn’t this just […]

Whose Side is She on?

I know, stupid question.  But every now and again, you just have to ask.  Why? you might ask?  Well, is seems that the KGB director has named an alleged Islamofascist as an advisor.  Let’s take a look at some details, as described on WND. The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, or ADC, also has close ties to anti-Israel professor Rashid Khalidi… The ADC also leads the opposition to domestic anti-terrorism measures taken after the 9-11 attacks, such as watch lists, background check delays for visas and an initiative meant to more comprehensively screen visitors from select Mideast countries or specific individuals labeled […]

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