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Jefferson County

Jefferson County, Colorado “Democrat of the Year ” Charged with Identity Theft of Developmentally Disabled Person

What do you call a person that steals someone’s identity, and that person is disabled, and confined to a wheelchair.  Apparently, in Jefferson Country, Colorado, you get the moniker, “Democrat of the Year!”  Chicks on the Right posted this video, so I though I’d share it here… Isn’t it hilarious that when these things happen, they are NEVER picked up by the national media. However, if a Conservative dog catcher would have stubbed his toe, and cursed loudly, more attention would have been paid?

Is Your City or Town Going Bankrupt?

Most of us follow national politics, many of us follow state politics, but how many are closely watching their own local politics? Your city or town might just be running deficits and facing bankruptcy- and when it does, their might be no one to bail them out, and police and fire and library and recreational services will be gone. From The Trumpet story More U.S. Cities Going Bankrupt Indicate Nation’s Future: …Last Friday, the city of Scranton sent out paychecks to its employees, as it does every two weeks. But these checks were for amounts significantly smaller than usual because Mayor […]