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Jim Quinn

Quinn and Rose “Homeless?”

For those of you in western PA, Quinn and Rose are morning drive institutions.  Their Conservative show, The Warroom,” was a major force in my becoming a Conservative, so I was alarmed when I heard that their contract had run out at the FM talker statiion had expired.  Yesterday, both Hannity, and his guest, Rick Santorum, were angry about the situation.  For those of you outside of their normal listening area, Rose does sub for Hannity from time to time. Here are some details… Conservative talkers Jim Quinn and Rose Tennent (“The War Room with Quinn and Rose”) have ended […]

Audio From Quinn and Rose: Wait, I Didn’t Vote For That! …Uh, Yes You Did

Once of my favorite radio talkers, Jim Quinn of Quinn and Rose in the Morning, has an great monologue.  Give it a listen… Of course, the lefties will blame it on someone else, but go figure. Oh, and just a reminder, elections have consequences. H/T:  The Daley Gator  

It’s Not Easy Being Green: Green Cars Cause More Pollution!

When it comes to green cars, I feel obligated to invoke Quinn’s First Law… “Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of it’s stated intent.” You can’t argue it.  The “war on poverty” caused more poverty.  Since the onset of the Department of Education, education has gotten worse.  I could go on all day, but you get the point.  Liberals state that they are going to make something better, and instead make it worse.  Then, they blame us for their failure.  Here is the latest; green cars cause more pollution!  The Lonely Conservative has more… The Daily Caller reported that a new study by […]