Admirial (Ret) James Lyon: The Obama Strategy Is “Anti-American, Anti-Western, Pro-Islamic, Pro-Iranian and Pro-Muslim Brotherhood.”


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Hat/Tip to BFH at

Adm. (Ret) Lyon is a man who isn’t afraid to name his enemy. He nails our troubles with radical Islam by explaining that there is no radical Islam. There is only Islam – NO modifiers. It isn’t a religion, it is a political movement pretending to be a religion.



Obama’s Approval Rating Implodes Among Military Members To Just 15%…


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Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers.

I would imagine that Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton are both happy with this report. Neither man was as popular with the military as the much maligned George W. Bush. Now it seems that Obama has taken the lead on this. Maybe he wishes he could “lead from behind” on this issue, as well.


Via Military Times:

… The long-term effects of Obama’s social policies on the military remain unknown. But one thing is clear: He is a deeper unpopular commander in chief among the troops.

According to a Military Times survey of almost 2,300 active-duty service members, Obama’s popularity — never high to begin with — has crumbled, falling from 35 percent in 2009 to just 15 percent this year, while his disapproval ratings have increased to 55 percent from 40 percent over that time.



Jimmy Carter Pushes US Government To Recognize Hamas


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Jimmy Carter-HamasThis shouldn’t come as any kind of major surprise to anyone who has paid attention, but former President Jimmy Carter is back in the news. He is really making a splash with an op-ed he coauthored, in which he pushes for our government to formally recognize the terrorist organization, Hamas, as a legitimate political actor. Aren’t you glad this man isn’t in charge of our foreign policy right now? Although, what our current leadership is sadly lacking.

Does anyone really take Jimmy Carter seriously anymore? The idea that he can be so obscenely incorrect in his assessment of the situation in the Middle East gives us a major clue as to why his presidency was such a colossal failure.

Fox News – Former President Jimmy Carter once again is getting way out in front of the U.S. government on the Middle East, co-authoring an op-ed in which he calls for Washington to recognize designated terror group Hamas as a legitimate “political actor” — while blasting Israel for its military campaign in the Gaza Strip.

The scathing column on was written by Carter and Ireland’s former president Mary Robinson.

The article called the current conflict a “humanitarian catastrophe,” and while acknowledging Hamas’ “indiscriminate targeting” of Israelis, focused its criticism on Israel.

“There is no humane or legal justification for the way the Israeli Defense Forces are conducting this war,” they wrote. “Israeli bombs, missiles, and artillery have pulverized large parts of Gaza, including thousands of homes, schools, and hospitals.”

They said “deliberate attacks on civilians” constitute “war crimes” on both sides, though noting far fewer Israelis have been killed in the fighting.

The two “elders” (a group of former statesmen and activists) also pushed the West to formally recognize Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip but is considered a terror group by the U.S. They lauded the recently announced unity agreement between Hamas and Fatah, which controls the West Bank — an agreement that Obama’s State Department has voiced serious concerns about.

“The international community’s initial goal should be the full restoration of the free movement of people and goods to and from Gaza through Israel, Egypt and the sea. Concurrently, the United States and EU should recognize that Hamas is not just a military but also a political force,” Carter and Robinson wrote. “Hamas cannot be wished away, nor will it cooperate in its own demise. Only by recognizing its legitimacy as a political actor — one that represents a substantial portion of the Palestinian people — can the West begin to provide the right incentives for Hamas to lay down its weapons.”

Carter has voiced support for Hamas in the past, and in 2009 visited with Hamas leaders on a high-profile trip.

The picture at the beginning of this post is of the aforementioned visit with Hamas in 2009. At the risk of sounding rude to a former American President, how can he be so naive, so completely ignorant, about Hamas and their role in the Middle East? Can the man not read, so that he can not understand that Hamas wants nothing less than the complete destruction of Israel? There are only three choices here. Either Carter is uncaring about Israel and their plight, or he is ignorant of their plight and the true intentions of Hamas, or a combination of both. I think it is the latter. Thank God he isn’t in charge of anything meaningful right now. Naivety and ignorance, combined with indifference is a dangerous combination that we can not afford. Oh, wait! Don’t we have that already in the Obama administration? I’m surprised President Obama hasn’t offered Jimmy Carter a chance to be a “mediator” to help Secretary of State John Kerry.

Jimmy Carter’s foolish op-ed is another example of just how ignorant so many liberals are about what is happening in the real world.

Original Post:  Political Realities


We Miss You, Dutch.


reagan flag

The Gipper died ten years ago yesterday, and he left himself quite a legacy. All GOP presidential hopefuls since have measured themselves by his yardstick and all the Democratic hopefuls have twisted his legacy, some even comparing themselves to him!

Here are a few quick facts that the lefties cannot dispute, followed by a hilarious video that so aptly illustrates what those on the left just can’t fathom.

Reagan Results:

Number of American taxpayers who claimed more than $1 million in income in 1980: 4,400

Number of American taxpayers who claimed more than $1 million in income in 1987: 35,000


Share of income tax burden borne by the top 10% of taxpayers in 1981: 48%

Share of income tax burden borne by the top 10% of taxpayers in 1988: 57.2%


Total growth of Real GDP 1983-1990: 35.7%

Total growth of Real GDP 1991-1999: 33%


Total federal revenues 1980: $517 billion

Total federal revenues 1990: More than $1 trillion

(in constant inflation-adjusted dollars, this was a 28% increase)


Revenues from individual income taxes 1980: $244 billion

Revenues from individual income taxes 1990: $467 billion

(in inflation-adjusted dollars, this amounts to a 25% increase)


The Reagan-created economic boom lasted 92 months without a recession, from November 1982 to July 1990, the longest period of sustained growth during peacetime and the second-longest period of sustained growth in U.S. history.

The growth in the economy lasted more than twice as long as the average period of expansions since World War II


The American economy grew by about one-third in real inflation-adjusted terms.

This was the equivalent of adding the entire economy of East and West Germany or two-thirds of Japan’s economy to the U.S. economy.


From 1950 to 1973, real economic growth in the U.S. economy averaged 3.6 percent per year.

From 1973 to 1982, it averaged only 1.6 percent.

The Reagan economic boom restored the more usual growth rate as the economy averaged 3.5 percent in real growth from the beginning of 1983 to the end of 1990.


Proportion of total income taxes paid by the top 1% 1981: 18%

Proportion of total income taxes paid by the top 1% 1988: 28%


Doesn’t matter how the left tries to revise the record, history shows Reagan’s fiscal responsibility is by far the most successful economic policy of the entire 20th century.

What he did to the tax structure in this country brought about a boom equaled by no other US President.

He won the Cold War without firing a shot and put the Soviets where they belong – on the trash heap of failed governing systems.

Think what Reagan could have accomplished had he a Republican Congress that would work with him, rather than a Democratic Congress that worked against him.


More Signs That Obama is Jimmy Carter 2.0


Those of us old enough might remember the following speech from Jimmy Carter…

Well, it appears that Obama is becoming the Jimmy Carter 2.0, and Newsmax can explain why.

Americans’ optimism about their country is at its lowest since when Jimmy Carter was president in 1979, a new Gallup poll has found.

The survey of 1,011 adults conducted Jan. 7-10 found that only 39 percent — or fewer than four in 10 Americans — rated the country positively on a 1-to-10 scale, Gallup reports. While the number is about the same as in 2010, it is at its lowest since 1979.

However, they were more optimistic on where the nation will be in five years — with 48 percent giving a positive response — but that is also as low as in 1979.

However, there are two very sad differences between now and then.

1.  Million of brainwashed or dependent people voted for more of the same, if not worse.

2.  Mitt Romney was no Reagan.  NOT EVEN CLOSE.  There was no real Conservative message-no real alternative.

So, while Obama is actually worse that a Jimmy Carter 2.0, the slippery slope of indoctrination, dependency, and general failure is allowing Obama  to do what Carter could not-destroy our economy.


Taking America Back One Bit At A Time – Part 4: The Taking of America Continued


Parts 1, 2, and 3 of this series Taking America Back One Bit  At A Time can be found herehere, andhere.

The Taking of America continued

In Part 3, The Taking of America, we talked about how from day one there were those who wanted to manipulate our new government in wats that would benefit them financially; the practice of  cronyism began in earnest and powerful bankers also took advantage of the potential of America through their investments and very importantly they applied their influence to get our government to establish a national bank that they could control. We talked about how it took the bankers many years to finally get America to establish a central bank in 1913; the Federal Reserve. While these banking interest were reaping the rewards of their investments in America, they became very interested in what was going on in Russia with the Bolsheviks. They thought they saw a similar potential in this communist experiment in Russia as they did in the American experiment. They would help finance the Bolshevik revolution and they would invest in the new Russia.

To this humble observer, it appears that although the powerful banking interests made a lot of money from their investments in communist Russia, it did not turn out like they had hoped. They would not see the same benefits from state ownerdhip of the means of production that they did from America’s free market approach. However, they did see Marxism or, at least, socialism as a very useful tool for advancing their lust for wealth and power.

By coincidence or not, in the early 1900?s groups of true believers in the Marxist worker’s paradise looked upon the United States of America, the bastion of free market capitalism, and came to what would be very important conclusions that would be very important in the eventual demise of America. Groups like the Fabian Society and later the Frankfurt Schoolers and others would conclude two things. One, they would not defeat capitalism in America by force and two, they would not convince the American working class that they were being exploited by rich capitalists. The reason for the latter was that in spite of sweat shops, child labor, and women and blacks being treated like second and third class citizens the working class in American was seeing their standard of living improve rapidly due to the economic miracle that free market capitalism was enjoying in America. Therefore, they concluded that they would have to take the long view and take gown America bit by bit from within. To achieve their goals, they knew they would have to change the way Americans think and that meant they would have to dismantle the American culture. They set four principal goals for changing America’s culture: they would need to control the education of Americans, they would need to control the information that Americans received via media, they would need to control the culture through the entertainment industry, and they would need to break the influence of Christianity on America’s culture.  Parallel to all of this, they would need influence in the political arena. The message of compassion for the working class and the poor that they were selling would find eager buyers among America’s elite political class. They would have some very successes on the political front. Woodrow Wilson would be our first left leaning elitist president. Under the Wilson administration, the founding principles of America would be dramatically altered. Not only did the banking interest get their central bank, but the principle of state’s right took a nearly fatal blow when enough states ratify the 17th Amendment to electect Senators by popular vote instead of the states having the right to appoint their Senators. Also, under Wilson the federal government got the right to tax our income. The stage was set for our central government to grow in size and power. Our second left leaning elitest president was Franklin Delano Roosevelt who was the first to adopt the principle of never letting a crisis go to waste; Social Security was born out of the Great Depression. Eventually the socialist ideologues would take control of the Democratic Party. It may have been when Jimmy Carter was elected; a very ineffective president or certainly by the time Bill Clinton was elected who was very effective for them. Now we have the very left leaning Barack Obama who was just elected to a second term and we can’t deny how effective he has been to advancing the socialist agenda.

So, the question that is begging to be asked is how did some small groups of academic socialist thinkers have so much success? Was it because they were so dedicated to their near religious belief in their mission? Or, did they have a lot of financial help along the way? I certainly think they did. Have you ever asked yourself why huge foundations created from wealth amassed from the free market capitalist system; like the Rockerfeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Tides Foundation, and others support policies that are contrary to the way their founders amassed their fortunes? Why do  mega-rich people like David Rockerfeller, Maurice Strong, Warren Buffet, George Soros, and Bill Gates promote policies that would seem to be against everything their lives have been about? I think the answer is simple. These mega-rich and powerful people believe they became super rich and powerful because they are smarter and wiser than the rest of us lesser souls who inhabit this planet. And, because they believe they are smarter and wiser than everyone else, it is they who should decide how the world should work and what our minimal roles will be. This is where talk about one world order, one world government, and one world currency comes from.

So, here we are in December 2012. Barack Obama has just won a second term. We conservatives look forward with dread about what is to become of this country we love in the next few years and beyond. We believe that this last election was a fundamental game changer. We believe America has passed a tipping point and no matter what happens in the next few election cycles, America will continue to decline both economically and in its influence in the world (militarily) until the monetary house of cards that supports it collapses and leave us and most of the world in chaos. So, I regret to inform you, dear readers, that before we can get to the point of this frustrating;ly long around about way of the title of this seris of posts, we need to do one more thing. In Part 5, we will need to speculate about what we think is going to happen in the next four or five years and what we think mught happen in the next ten, fifteen, or twenty years. Then I promise you we will get into what we can be doing to help pave the way for an American Renaissance two or more generations down the road.

Well, now you know what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

Original Post:  Conservatives on Fire


Nothing Fair About Media’s Foul Play


The mainstream media, or more accurately Barack Obama’s Propaganda Corps, has abandoned all pretense to journalistic integrity in order to ensure the re-election of their skinny Marxist hero. Murders? Intelligence failures? Riots? Wars? Hah! The only news fit to print these days is whatever can be spun to cast discredit on Gentleman Mitt Romney, such as Romney’s entirely accurate statement regarding the 47% of cast-iron dependents … uh, voters … thought to reside in Obama’s left pocket, a private remark serendipitouslyprovided to the radical rag Mother Jones by none other than Jimmy Carter IV, grandson of the former worst president in the history of the Republic. If we didn’t know better, we might suspect that a vast, left-wing conspiracy is unfolding before our bleary eyes:

I don’t know how long Jimmy Carter’s grandkid has had that tape, but I will bet you they’ve been sitting on that tape.  I’ll bet this tape was not intended to be released right now.  I will bet you that this Romney tape might have been intended as an October Surprise, not September … the fact that they have released it now… see, I think it’s Obama who’s in trouble.  Obama is the guy with the record.  Obama is the guy whose policies are having a detrimental effect on practically everything he touches.

It’s Barack Obama who cannot extricate himself from the realities of where this country is and where it is headed.  Romney hasn’t had a thing to do with anything that’s happened, and what is happening has been devastating to this country.  And try as hard as they can, try as hard as they might, the left wing, the media, the Democrats cannot find Romney fingerprints on any of this.  Every fingerprint is Barack Obama’s, Joe Biden’s, Nancy Pelosi’s, Harry Reid’s, Barney Frank’s, you name it, Eric Holder.  Everything that is happening — and none of it good — is traced nowhere to Mitt Romney. (Rush Limbaugh)

In the mainstream media’s Axis of Error, never is heard a discouraging word regarding Nero Obama, who blithely fiddles while Western civilization burns, prattling on about “fair shares” and such, as if it was in any way fair for half of the country to be exempted from contributing theirs while the other half gets taken to the cleaners — “fair share”, of course, being progressive drivel for redistribution of income, that legalized form of socialist theft in which Barack Obama fervently believes. But, as aptly noted atThe Other McCain, history has proven Obama to be “the left breast of the Venus de Milo: a stone cold boob.”

The trouble for the left and media (but I repeat myself) is that most Americans agree with Mitt Romney. Most Americans consider themselves part of the 53% and it is not a winning proposition for Barack Obama to convince Americans they are less than they think they are when most Americans already recognize he has made them less than they were. (Treat the Press as Enemy Collaborators)

In 1941, Frank Luther Mott listed five characteristics to describe what was called the “yellow press”, a “type of journalism that presents little or no legitimate well-researched news” (Wikipedia):

  1. scare headlines in huge print, often of minor news
  2. lavish use of pictures, or imaginary drawings
  3. use of faked interviews, misleading headlines, pseudoscience, and a parade of false learning from so-called experts
  4. emphasis on full-color Sunday supplements, usually with comic strips
  5. dramatic sympathy with the “underdog” against the system.

Not much has changed in 71 years, except for the color.  Now it’s pink.

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Original Post:  Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead


The First Liar Does’t Have A Chance


Assuming that there were some distortions of the truth that emanated from the Republican National Convention in Tampa, the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte has taken advantage of the truism that “the first liar doesn’t have a chance”. Not surprising, of course, because the Democrats have always been superior liars and probably would have out done the Republicans even if their convention had gone first.

I forced myself to watch a good bit of the DNC last night. Thanks to the Fox News live streaming of the conventions, I was able to watch and  listen without having to put up with any talking heads. I missed some of the earlier speeches. I missed, for example, Whatshername-Schultz and I was glad. Thankfully, I also missed Sandra “Pay For My Contraceptives” Fluke. Unfortunately, I did not miss the taped presentation of the second worst president in American history, Jimmy Carter. That was awful! One loser supporting another loser.

I didn’t try to keep track of the number of lies told last night. That would have been an awesome task. But, I was impressed with the sheer number of speakers who focused on three principle lies. Unlike the RNC, there were no musical entertainment breaks. There was just a steady stream of speaker after speaker. So, let me share what I saw as the three big lies that were repeated ad nauseam last night.

Republicans Hate Women

The Democrats had their femmenazis out in force last night. There was a steady stream of women claiming  that Romney and Ryan and the Republicans want to take away a women’s right over her health and deny them access to contraception and take away their right to terminate unwanted pregnancies. These women were very Pro Choice.  Well, I am pro choice too. I believe that women have the right to choose to have unprotected sex or not. And, if they choose not and they get pregnant, they should DAMN WELL CHOOSE TO TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR THAT LIFE GROWING INSIDE THEM! But, Democrats are not big on responsibility, are they?

Obama Saved The Auto Industry

How many times did we hear that last night? And, of course, the lie continues that Romney said “Let Detroit go bankrupt.” Well, of course, Detroit is bankrupt. And, in spite of Obama’s bailout of General Motors, they did in fact go bankrupt. However,  our Law Breaker-In-Chief, intervened the long standing bankruptcy laws in this country and purposely shafted the GM bondholders  and anybody who was not a union member so that he could reward his big union campaign contributors. All those speakers claimed that Obama saved a million jobs. He didn’t save squat! Companies, even big companies, do go bankrupt in this country but that   does not mean they disappear or go out of business. From this American Thinker article we learn:

The U.S. auto industry was not “saved.”  Going bankrupt does not have to mean going out of business.  See, for example, Delta Airlines.  It went bankrupt in the usual, lawful way and is operating today.  On the other hand, GM could be heading into bankruptcyagain, post-bailout.  Oh, and since the bailout, “GM has increased its manufacturing capacity in China by 55 percent.”

The government auto takeovers did not prevent bankruptcies.  What they prevented was the usual rule of bankruptcy law.  Instead of paying back creditors in a predictable and lawful way, the federal government simply robbed bondholders and non-UAW workers and retirees (especially at Delphi) and delivered sweet, sweet payback to the union bosses of the UAW.

The other big lie that was repeated and repeated last night was:

We can’t go back to the policies that got us into this mess in the first place.

In what universe do these people live? We are smack dab in the middle of the policies that got us into this mess. Well, they know better,of course. But, it is their job to repeat and repeat this big lie in the hope that the ignorant American voter will eventually fall for it. This is the biggest and most important lie that the Democrats must try to propagate. I asked the question yesterday here: When will Romney and Ryan and the Republicans start telling the true story of the role of Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton , Barney Frank, and Maxine Waters and the role of Fanny and Freddy? This is the lie the Republicans absolutely must put to rest.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

Original Post:  Conservatives on Fire


And This Man is Supposedly a Genius?


We’ve heard a bit lately that Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton, and Barak Obama are super-ultra-mega intelligent, and, in fact, too smart to be POTUS.  Of course, lefties then contrast that claim with the supposed dullards; George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan.  But, like all really  super-smart politicians, Carter dropped the following comment…


You know, I kinda consider myself a reasonalby intelligent guy, and I think I can help out the former, and epically failed POTUS…

1.  The NORKS have, arguably, the most repressive government on the planet.

2.  That government is of the Communist persuasion, and history teaches us that Communist countries haven’t  done a very good job of feeding their own people. Frankly, they stink on ice at it.  The Soviets and ChiComs had massive starvation problems.  But don’t worry, they just didn’t have the right people running it, right?

3.  While the NORKS eat tree bark, and have just a few hours of electrical power a day, their leaders live like kings.

4.  While the NORKS live in misery, their government does devote massive amounts of funds and resources on maintaining a huge military, developing offensive missile systems, and did I mention the nukes?

5.  Did I mention that the NORK’s “Dear Leader” keeps much of that military, and the threats to use it, pointed at their prosperous and free neighbor to the south?

So, former-failed-President Carter, I think the real human rights abuses might just lie with the NORK government, not the South.  Your claim smacks of a protection racket. The NORKS place their military on the border, sinks South Korean naval vessels, and threaten to nuke everyone, and you want the South to feed every open NORK mouth?  Why don’t you suggest that they hand over their lunch money too?

You see folks, the left confuses political ideology with intelligence. Unfortunately, political ideology, and “progressivism” in particular, makes supposedly smart people say really stupid things.

And Carter just jumped on the short bus.

H/T: Hot Air


Useful Idiot of the Month Poll: February 2011


Well folks, the nomination thread was lively, and there is no shortage of good candidates this month.  Here  are your selections…

James Clapper: Dur…teh Muslim Brudderhood is leik, secular and stuff.

Jimmy Carter: Ditto.  He also allegedly consoled Helen Thomas after being fired for Anti-Semitic comments.

Barak Obama: For all the left reasons.

Wisconsin Democrats AKA: FleeBaggers:

SEIU: Release the Kraken, or the Purple People Beaters!

Lloyd Schofield: San Fran Freako dude that wants to ban circumcision.

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn: For harboring fleebaggers from at least two states.

The Wisconsin Doctors: that signed the fake medical excuses.

Wisconsin Unionized Teachers: And while we’re at it, let’s talk about the teachers that somehow cannot make it to work.

The Entire Democratic Party: Why not?

Mass. Dem Rep. Michael Capuano: Getting bloody much?

Well, there you have it.  Here is your poll.  Embrace the Democracy, my friends.

[poll id=”26″]



Carter insults Reagan in his Diaries


Ronald Wilson Reagan is hailed today as being one of the most successful and well loved presidents in modern history. Some polls such as Gallup and Washington College even place him in the top 3 best presidents going all the way back to Washington. He resurrected the US economy, dramatically reduced inflation, created 16 – 22 million new jobs, brought down the Soviet Union and gave America her confidence back. Under Reagan it was suddenly cool to be an American, people were proud once again of their country.

That is how history sees Reagan and that is how the country saw him at the time, judging by the two huge landslide elections that he won. But to the man he beat in the 1980 election, Reagan was anything but a great president.

In Carter’s “White House Diary,” which he waited 30 years to release, he sees Reagan as a bumbling old man whose “life seems to be governed by a few anecdotes and vignettes that he has memorized.” These were the thoughts of Jimmy Carter in his last day in office, January 20th, 1981. A day that saw not only a new US president take office, but also the release of the 52 American hostages by Iran only minutes after his inauguration.

This is nothing more than an attempt to capitalize on the success of “The Reagan Diaries,” edited by Douglas Brinkley which was published in 2007. When one reads some of Carter’s comments, the bitter jealousy leaps off the page at the you.

Not only does Carter call Reagan “remarkably old in his attitudes,” but he then goes on to accuse Ronald Reagan of wishing to be a dictator.

In describing in his diary their first private meeting in the Oval Office after the election, two months earlier, Carter remarked that Reagan “listened primarily and made a few remarks, apparently excerpted from his basic campaign speech.”

In that same Nov. 20, 1980 entry, Carter also seemed to suggest that Reagan had dictatorial aspirations. “The only original statement he made,” according to Carter, “was that he was very envious of the South Koreans in the way they handled demonstrators, that when President Park [Chung-hee, who ruled from 1961 until his assassination in 1979] was faced with students demonstrating on a campus he closed all the universities and drafted the demonstrators into the army. He described how envious he was of the authority that the president of Korea had.”

To me, this is a pathetic attempt by an enormously unsuccessful president to try and remain relevant and to ride the coat-tails as it were, of “The Reagan Diaries.” Whatever shred of respect, no matter how tiny it was, that I once held for Jimmy Carter, it is now gone. This sad old, embittered man will stop at nothing to try and make himself look better. All it does is show the American people who and what he is – a failed president and a man with little or no morals.


Forget Suspension of Disbelief, We’ve Entered Suspension of Reality: MSM Attempts to Rewrite Carter Legacy


We’ve seen the MSM’s work over the last eight to ten years.  They harrassed Bush on every policy topic (some of it deserved).  When they couldn’t dig up dirt on him, they used forged documents to try to steal an election.   They were persistent; covering or exagerrating failures, and refusing to cover successes.  We all watched it.  In the end, they carried the Democrat’s narrative to the people, turning the perception from a mediocre presidency, to a terrible one.

Then came Obama.  Triumphs, real or imagined, were touted.  Failures and past associations were ignored.  Lies were glossed over, and blatent contradictions were neglected.  As we have gone through the first 18+ months of the current administration, we’ve seem them carry water, ignore key details of Democratic legislation, get all “tingly,” smear  and openly lie about his opponents, and the like.  It’s as if they’ve become the modern day equivalent of the Soviet era Pravada, or Tass, with some Alinsky thrown in for good measure.

As their “progressive” peers in government have had their arses handed to them again and again, are in real jeopardy of losing HUGE in November, we seen  the mouthpieces becoming increasingly shrill.  The propaganda has become more desperate.  I have to be honest, it’s been fun to watch.

And just when you thought that the unreality bubble couldn’t get any thicker, then comes this.

(Lets have some fun and parse some of this fail…)

Noting an “image of ‘a failed President’ haunts the Carters,” Stahl trumpeted: “Carter argues that despite the image of failure, he actually had a long list of successes, starting with bringing all the hostages home alive,” as if that wasn’t because of Ronald Reagan’s inauguration. Stahl proceeded to tout as a success his installation of “solar panels on the roof of the White House.”

Wow, I mean, solar panels are not a viable energy sourse now, but the technology of 40 years ago had to be better, right?  It was a symbolic gesture, and it’s ignored that Reagan left them up there until 1986, that means SIX years.

Absolving Carter of responsibility, Stahl contended he “was cursed by a dismal economy, poor relations with Congress, and a nightmarish standoff over 52 Americans held hostage by Iran.” Yet, “when all is said and done, and many will be surprised to hear this,” Stahl insisted, “Jimmy Carter got more of his programs passed than Reagan and Nixon, Ford, Bush 1, Clinton or Bush 2.” She empathized with his treatment from an unappreciative public: “And yet, as I say, there’s the sense that you were a failed President.”

And the results of those programs?

  • Double digit inflation.
  • Doulbe digit interest rates
  • Gas lines
  • The CRA (that eventually led to the sub-prime mortgage crisis)
  • The Department of Education (Billions spent, and it seems that the only beneficiaries have been the teacher’s union).
  • The rust belt (Trust me, I grew up there).
  • “malaise”

Apparently wrecking the country wasn’t taken into account in that success, or was it?   Come to think of it, if that is they define success, how do they define failure?  I mean, you can pass a whole lot of stuff, but if it’s either ineffective or destructive, is that really something to brag about?

STAHL: Carter argues that despite the image of failure, he actually had a long list of successes, starting with bringing all the hostages home alive. He normalized relations with China, brokered a peace treaty between Israel and Egypt, deregulated railroads, trucking, airlines and telephones; and his energy conservation programs resulted in a 50 percent cut in imported oil, down to just 4.3 million barrels a day.

I rather thought that Reagan’s election scared the you-know-what-out of the islamofascists.  Funny that they were realeased right after Reagan’s inauguration.

Cutting imported oil?  Could it be that the Iranian revolution cut the supply?  Or will he acknowledge that the cost went sky high?  And those gas lines?  Great fun for all, let me tell you.

Did I mention that he also gave away the Panama Canal?

Balance: He did help broker the peace treaty between Israel and Egypt.  That can be interpreted as an acomplishment.

I could go on forever on this.  The documentation of Carter’s failure is a mile wide, and just a deep.  The fact that the MSM is trying to spin this into something else is moving beyond naïve and into psychosis.

On the other hand, maybe this is similar to how Nixon was treated when he re-emerged before his death.  Folks, and even the media, were generally kind to him.  Carter, while he has been public, and controversial, is nearing the end of his life, so perhaps he’s getting the same “doddering old man pass” that Nixon received.  While Nixon was a crook, Carter was worse.  Carter was the kind that committed evil while he thought he was doing good.  Of course, that nuance is completely beyond our left’s ability to comprehend.