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Jimmy Kimmel

This Week In Unnecessary Censorship

One of my favorite late night features of Jimmy Kimmel’s  This Week In Unnecessary Censorship.  Here is last week’s segment… Gotta admit it’s funny, don’t you?  

Useful Idiots, or Just Idiots: People Comment on Inaugeration that Hasn’t Happened Yet

Speaking of useful idiots. what happens when you ask some “low information voters” about the inauguration that doesn’t happen for a couple days?  Well, Jimmy Kimmel found out… Is it hard to guess that these people voted for Obama?  

Jimmy Kimmel: This Week in Unnecessary Censorship

As a change of pace, I thought some fun might be in order.  It’s Friday night, after all! For those of you that haven’t watched Jimmy Kimmel, he has a regular spot, This Week in Unnecessary Censorship.  Here is this week’s edition. Enjoy your Friday nights folks!