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Kaitlyn Hunt

Steven Cook, Michigan Education Association Head, Supports Convicted Child Molester Neal Erickson

If you recall, we covered the story of Neal Erickson, as teacher who was convicted of sexually abusing a male student.  That, in and of itself was a story.  But, when other teachers came form with cries for leniency, the story got a bit more complicated.  Then, when the family’s garage was burnt down, it got more complicated still.  And now, it appears that even his Union is supporting him,  by attempting to obtain funds for him!   Steven Cook, the head of the Michigan Education Organization, has been the focal point of that effort.  FOX News attempted to interview. Now, […]

The Year That Was: 2013, Top Stories

I think it would be safe to say the 2013 was a very strange year. From beginning to end, it supplied the conservative blogosphere with enough controversy, insanity, and flat-out moon battery to keep both writer and reader quite busy. So, off the top of my head, here are my thoughts on some of the top stories of 2013.   Our first story, and the one most covered here the Conservative Hideout, is ObamaCare. We predicted doom, gloom, and absolute failure for president Obama signature legislation. Let’s just say that it did not disappoint. We saw more job losses, hours […]

#FreeKate Update: Stalkers Refuse to Stop Stalking

As I have mentioned more times than I can count, I would really love the #FreeKate story to go away.  It’s become like a mosquito, buzzing in my ear, and I’m apparently all out of Off.   But, the #FreeKate supporters, like Thomas Mix, and @NicoleBonnet1, simply will not stop harassing those that have exposed the truth about the Kaitlyn Hunt.   I’m guessing that part of their effort to legalize sex between adults and minors is to punish and silence anyone who chooses to protect young teens from adults.  And, as we have seen in their persecution of Jeanette […]

#FreeKate Update: Social Justice Advocate Calls for Federal Charges, Supporters Get FOIA, and Are Strangely Silent

I had not planned on another #FreeKate post so soon, but there have been two developments to note.  The first is unexpected.  I received an email regarding a letter written to the Attorney General for the Southern District of Florida, Wifredo A. Ferrer, asking that a federal investigation be started into the crimes of Kaitlyn Hunt.  Here is more… Request for Federal Investigation in Kaitlyn Hunt Case Filed with United States Attorney for Southern Florida. Honorable Wifredo A. Ferrer Asked to Review Evidence for Violation of Federal Law Regarding Transfer of Obscene Material to Minors. Contact: Bill Simpson, 301-339-3338, ProtectChildrenFromPredators@Gmail.Com […]

What’s With All of the Pedophilia?

We’ve been covering the ever expanding list of cases where adults are victimizing kids, and are left scratching our heads and wondering why? Has pedophilia always been this frequent, or is all of these stories a manifestation of something new?  For example, here are some recent cases covered at The Other McCain. ‘Hundreds of Videos Depicting Underage Boys … in Sexually Explicit Conduct’ Cravers of Boy-Flesh: Yet Another Sad Example of a Disturbing Trend Michigan Union: Teachers Still Have a Right to Benefits After Boning Teenagers ‘Teacher of the Year’ Learns a Tough Lesson: Always Take the Plea Bargain And […]

@JanaEschbach Interviews Smith Family Regarding #FreeKate Revelations, Supporters Still Trying Silence Truth Tellers

Jana Eschbach, reporter from CBS12, interviewed the Smith family regarding the new #FreeKate information that has been revealed at the Conservative Hideout, The Other McCain, The American Spectator, and Viral Read.  When Jeanette Runyon filed her FOIA request, she enabled this new information to be discussed at all levels of the media.  Here are some excerpts from the CBS12 interview… Tonight in this CBS 12 exclusive, the victim’s family in this case separates the truth from the rumors.   The rumor: The Smiths turned Kate Hunt into police when she turned 18 because she had a gay relationship with their […]

#FreeKate Update: Victim Tried to Break Off Relationship, Kaitlyn Hunt ‘Wouldn’t Let Her,’ Described to Have ‘Problem With Lying’

For the latest post in our series based on the information acquired via a FOIA request filed by Jeanette Runyon, we take a look into the nature of Kaitlyn Hunt’s relationship with her victim.  It seems that the victim tried to break off the relationship, but Kaitlyn wasn’t willing to do that.  I will be quoting two sources; Detective Shepherd’s report, and the text messages exchanged between Kelly Hunt Smith, and her daughter’s victim.  Please note that since the victim is a minor,  I will minimize the input from her part of the conversation to protect her from undo scrutiny, […]

#FreeKate Update: Hunt Family Claims Anti-gay Bias, Police Investigation Finds None-Kelley Hunt Smith Engages in it?

From the earliest days of the #FreeKate story, the Hunt family had claimed that ant-gay bias was the reason for the arrest of their daughter.  Their claim was that the Smiths (the parents of Kaitlyn Hunt’s victim) had told school staff that they were upset that Kaitlyn Hunt had “made” their daughter gay, and that was unacceptable to them.   However, the police investigation was unable to find anyone who heard that.  Here are some excerpts from Detective Shepherd’s report…   “…has never heard them make any anti-gay comments and has never heard them say that Kaitlyn (Hunt) turned their daughter […]

#FreeKate Update: New Information Proves that Kaitlyn Hunt Knew That Her Relationship was Illegal, and That She Was Warned to End it

The news on the #FreeKate front has been sparse lately.  Other than a handful of #FreeKate supporters openly conspiring to get Jeanette Runyon banned from Twitter via false spam reports, there hasn’t been much about the case itself.  But, while @NicoleBonnett1 was pretending to stalk the Twitter Gulag inhabitant (plus her disabled veteran husband, her community, and her church) in real life, Jeanette was working on the case.  She had the thought to file a Freedom of Information Act Request with the IRC Sheriff’s Office.  That information arrived this past Friday.   Jeanette received over 300 pages of materials on the […]

#FreeKate Update: Hunt Family and Supporters Escalate Threats Against Truth Tellers

Have I mentioned that I’d really like to give the #FreeKate stuff a break?  However, they keep doing and saying things that I need to document here.  Why, might you ask?  I love making connections between stories, and the tactics used  by the subjects of those stories.  #FreeKate is an incredible opportunity to take a look at these tactics, and display them to the world.  When people know and can identify the tactics, they can be countered. So, here is the latest. A couple weeks ago, my pastor and I were discussing a recent sermon.  The gist was that people […]

Kaitlyn Hunt, Defeated: Podcast with Ali Akbar, Robert Stacy McCain, and Jeanette Victoria Discussing #FreeKate

In case you missed it, there was a great podcast last night, featuring the host, Ali Akbar, Robert Stacy McCain, and a call from Jeanette Victoria, as they discuss the recent plea deal announced in the Kaitlyn Hunt case, as well as the bully tactics of #FreeKate. Listen To Current Events Internet Radio Stations with Ali A Akbar on BlogTalkRadio

#FreeKate Update: More Inconsistencies, or Lies, From the Hunt Family

Over the last few days, there have been some rather odd developments in the already strange case of Kaitlyn Hunt.  For those unfamiliar with the story Kaitlyn Hunt, she was a then 18 year old, who was arrested for having a sexual relationship with 14 year old.  At the bottom of this post are some links to catch you up. As for the latest on the legal front, there was a continuance last week, and Kelley Hunt Smith, the mother of alleged sex offender Kaitlyn Hunt stated the following on the #KatesFight Facebook Page… As you can see, the message […]

#FreeKate Update: Bullied in Prison? Are the Hunts ‘Reaping What They Have Sown?’

We’re a nation  that likes underdogs, and have a disdain for people that abuse the underdog.  Even though so many are bullies, we have a gut level aversion to them, and we like to see justice done.   Our pop culture reflects it even to this day.  For example, the mad scientist becomes  lunch for his awful creations.   The criminal get’s killed, and loses in the end.   The crooked cop gets double crossed by the bad guys he was helping.  The corrupt politician gets exposed and humiliated. We love to see people get “theirs.” It’s karma. I know […]

#FreeKate Update: “Jailbait Manifesto” Appears on Twitter: UPDATED

I’m not certain who wrote it, but it was posted by “Rachael.”  I’m calling it, the “Jailbait Manifesto.” Now, this is both interesting, as well as disturbing.   However, since it was publicly posted, it’s grist for the mill, so to speak.  It was posted in segments, as you will see, and  I think I have the order correct.     #FreeKate #KaitlynHunt #StopTheHate #TeenAgeExemption #Florida #TCPalm — Rachael (@MRC_43) September 8, 2013 Update:  Rachael Carson Zerbe was suspended from Twitter, but I had screencapped the “Jailbait Manifesto.” Here, the author misses some rather important details… They overlook that […]

#FreeKate Update: These are the Most Ironic People I’ve Ever Encountered!

There are times that it’s best to know where to watch, and just let a story come to you.  I don’t know if that’s something that is taught to young journalists, as I’m not in that profession.  However, I have learned that as a blogger, sometimes it works quite well to let something unfold right in front of you, and then take to your keyboard to write of the gifts that came to you.  The #FreeKate sage has been just such a story.  For a blogger, #FreeKate has been the gift that keeps on giving.  With all the lies, threats, […]

A Tale of Two Stories: #FreeKate, Lies, and Blaming the Victim

I’ve been discussing the #FreeKate effort in the context of liberalism.  From the anonymous “cool mom” claims regarding Kelley Hunt Smith, to the blaming of the victim and her family, to the frantic efforts to keep their lies from being exposed, #FreeKate is like a Petri dish with pure liberalism as it’s growth medium.  If you can stand the stench, you can take a peek and gain understanding.  Also, one cannot overlook the most important factor… They want to make it legal for adults to have sex with kids. I want to discuss two stories today; one, of course, is […]

A Tale of Two Stories: #FreeKate and the Case of Convicted Sex Offender Neal Erickson

You can really consider this an update on both stories, because I covered the situation with Neal Erickson a few weeks ago.  Here is the what is going on there… Yes, you read that right.  A teacher has admitted to having repeated sexual contacts with a 14 year-old student, and there are a number of fellow teachers, as well as a school board member that have  come forward to defend him.  The Daily Caller has the disturbing details…  Residents in a speck of a rural farm town in northern Michigan want to recall a school board member and fire several […]

#FreeKate Update: Steven Hunt, Supporters Want The Other McCain “Kicked off the Internet?”

The Hunts must be using St. Joseph’s Chewable Crack. They crossed a line yesterday, when this exchange was posted on Twitter… So, they’re going to get R.S. McCain kicked off the internet?  Are they serious?  For one, you simply cannot “remove” someone from the internet. Secondly, R.S McCain, as well as the rest of the Conservative blogosphere, contributed to the downfall of then Congressman Anthony Weiner.  If it were not for the work of the late Andrew Breitbart, as well as R.S. McCain, the media would have lied Weiner out of his scandal.  Also, R.S. McCain, among others, helped lead […]