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Kroger to Slash Hours of Workers to Avoid ObamaCare Penalites

If you are an hourly worker at Kroger, there is a good chance that your hours will either cut, or your chances of becoming a full time worker are nil.  And the cause for this? ObamaCare! Dung Ross (no relation), has more… To give you a sense of Kroger’s size and importance, its sales last year were $90 billion and it employs nearly 350,000 people. Most of its jobs are hourly and the vast majority of workers are neither millionaires or billionaires. Faith is a mid-level manager at Kroger and reports the dire news: Last week we found out that, […]

Birth Control Mandates: A Totally Manufactured, Completely False, Non-Issue

Imagine, if you will, that you are a failed POTUS.  Your economic interventions have achieved the exact opposite of their stated intent.  While that is likely your intended outcome, there are a lot of unhappy people because of it.  Your energy programs have worked as you promised-costs have risen considerably, but that makes people pretty unhappy as well.  You make power grab after power grab, and each and every one causes more failure and misery-just as intended.  Needless to say, you’d really like the media to obsessively talk about something else, because you need a distraction from your “Clowarding and Pivening” […]