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Labor Unions

Massive Projection on Display: Democrat Hank Johnson Wants to Limit Free Speech

We like to say that you always know what the Democrats are up to based on what they accuse everyone else of doing.  Here’s Hank Johnson, a Democratic Congress critter, on why he thinks free speech is a terrible thing… OK, let’s look at some points here… “They control the patterns of thinking,” said Johnson. “They control the media. They control the messages that you get. So, you are being taught to hate your government – don’t want government, but keep your hands off of my Medicare by the way. I mean, we are all confused people and we’re poking fingers at […]

Occupy, Unions and Communism: Oh my!

We’ve been seeing, more and more, the not so subtle relationship between labor unions and communism.  Mike Golash, the former president of the Amalgamated Transit Union local 689,  spilled the beans and once again pointed out the communism/union connection.  Gateway Pundit has the video… It’s like they aren’t even trying to hide it anymore.  Fortunately, that helps us identify what is happening.  And, of course, it gives us bloggers more to write about!  

What if Occupy Wall Street Threw a Strike, and no one Showed up?

Well, the occupods will show up, but as for cooperation, it would appear that they don’t play well with others.  To illustrate that point, let’s take a look at their latest stunt: having a general strike… Occupy Wall Street, largely forgotten over the last few months, aims to make a comeback from this winter’s hibernation with an ambitious plan: a crippling May Day “general strike” in the tradition of 1930s radicalism. The grand promise is what one occupier, Brendan Burke, described to BuzzFeed as “a day without the 99%.” But in the city where the movement was born, it’s already […]

When a Difference isn't a Difference, is There a Difference?

I know, strange title, but I think the idea will become clear.  Earlier this week, this blog, among others ran videos showing two professors teaching a class on labor relations.  I ended that post as follows… And BTW, waiting for the claims that the video was taken out of context in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… It took a few days, which I found surprising, but it happened none the less. Now, there is a spirited defence of these professors in the lefty blogosphere.  It is summed up rather nicely at Crooks and Liars. They are relating the professor’s claims […]

Blog Focus: A Righteous Rant

Most bloggers do rants from time to time.  We go off, in anger, or supreme determination, and publish some stream of consciousness.   Hopefully, the rant will convince or inspire.  The other day, our friend, the Mind Numbed Robot, linked to one of the best rants that I’ve ever read.  So, read on for a long excerpt from E Pluribus Unum at Redstate: Democrat election workers currently cheating the vote: you’ll love federal prison You may already know this: there will be a reckoning. Actually there will be three. This is primarily about the third one. The first reckoning – […]

Union Thugs Strike Again

In public, “official” statements, Union leaders make pleasant statements about protecting worker’s rights.  They tout their history of improving safety and wages, but in the real world-on the streets, their actions tell an entirely different story. Here is the latest example of what union really do, by Kathleen Brady Shea of the Pilly Inquirer. Violence erupted at a King of Prussia construction site Wednesday, and today, police are seeking the public’s help to apprehend some bat-wielding assailants. Upper Merion Township police gave this account: Officers responded at 7:10 a.m. Wednesday to the King of Prussia Plaza area of Mall Boulevard […]