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SEIU Supports ObamaCare: SEIU Rank and File Loses Jobs-Due to ObamaCare

Ready for a extra thick piece of irony cake?  As we all know, union bosses were big supporters of ObamaCare, funneling millions into democrat coffers.  However, as usual, the boss’s support of democrat causes the people they are supposed to “represent” to lose their jobs.  The SEIU is no exception. And, SEIU represented staff at East Niagara Hospital are being so well “represented” by the SEIU, they they don’t have to go to work-ever again! From Labor Union Report: SEIU-Backed ObamaCare Helps Cause SEIU-Represented Hospital To Cut 10% Of Full-Time Staff With ex-SEIU boss Andy Stern having taken credit for the passage […]

Businesses Now Banned for Laying off Workers Due to ObamaCare, or at Least Talking About it

In the earliest days of the Conservative Hideout, I used to joke that the liberals never came up with anything new-they just called it something else.  Apparently, they are now trying to do this with ObamaCare generated job losses.  Smitty, over at The Other McCain, posted this yesterday… Via Drudge: Obama officials made clear in a press briefing that firms would not be allowed to lay off workers to get into the preferred class of those businesses with 50 to 99 employees. How will the feds know what employers were thinking when hiring and firing? Simple. Firms will be required […]

ObamaCare Damage: Emory Healthcare to Layoff 100 Due to ObamaCare

Obamacare strikes again!  This time Emory Healthcare of Georgia is laying off 100 workers to offset the costs of ObamaCare.  Here is the video… Remember kids, if you voted for Obama, you voted for these 100 people, as well as thousands of others around the country, to lose their jobs. Hundreds of thousands more have had their hours cut. Tens of thousands more have lost their plans.  If you voted for Obama, you voted for that too. You were warned.  Elections have consequences.

Fisker Motors Lays Off Most of American Workforce: Government, Mainstream Media Silent

Fisker Motors was one of the more touted “green” projects funded by our government under the guise of “stimulus.”  They reportedly  received $200,000,000 in taxpayer money.  And, by the way, moved production to Finland… Now, we have yet another example of what happens with Porkulus funding.  Apparently, an electric car maker got over a half a billion dollars-to build them in Finland.   In a stunningly wasteful move, apparently made with no research, the Obama administration approved a loan to Fisker Karma, makers of sporty electric vehicles… that can’t even be produced in the US. Vice President Joseph Biden heralded […]

Just in Case You Don’t Know Why ObamaCare Kills Jobs…

I’ve seen quite a bit of shock lately, as liberals see how ObamaCare is actually functioning in practice.  With it’s key components kicking in in just a short period of time, employees are cutting hours, and laying off workers.  While Conservative bloggers and other outlets have been discussing this for over a year, most of the public are now seeing the results, after it is too late.  For a good wrap-up of what is happening, kindly consider this, from Chicks on the Right… In case you weren’t already painfully aware, here’s the skinny on why unemployment will skyrocket in the […]

More ObamaCare Layoffs: Medical Providers Now Bracing for Impact

The ObamaCare Layoffs continue to pile up.  In this edition, we see some medical providers that are taking action to stay in business-by laying off workers.  Michelle  Malkin has the details… The ramping up (or down, depending on how you look at it) for full implementation of Obamacare continues: In the largest staff reduction in its nearly 100-year history, Orlando Health is cutting up to 400 jobs starting immediately, hospital system officials announced Monday. The move is part of a broader effort to position the hospital system for the health-care overhaul, CEO Sherrie Sitarik said. The elimination of jobs will occur […]

Layoff Update: Over 75,000 Lose Their Jobs Since Obama’s Election Day Victory

Categorize this under “elections have consequences.”  There is news on the layoff front. In the few days since President Obama won his surprising, fraud filled victory, over 75,000 people lost their jobs.  Breitbart has more… The Department of Labor has announced that new jobless claims rose by a staggering 78,000 in the first week after the election, reaching a seasonally-adjusted total of 439,000. Over the past year, and in the weeks leading up to the election, jobless claims were said to be declining, dipping as low as 339,000, with the media proclaiming that they had reached the “lowest level in more […]

Layoff Bomb Continues: Social Media Traffic Reflects Grim Job Outlook

It seems that the layoff bomb continues.  Here is a screencap from Twitchy. The main article has even more, so check it out. More and more people are losing their jobs, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing.  The question is, how long before the media covers it, and what spin will they use to cover for the Obama Administration? NOTE:  The tweets shown above are as is, I can make no claim to their veracity.  It is, after all, the internet.  However, I see little benefit to lying about these things.

Small Business Owners Explain Why ObamaCare Causes Cuts in Hours and Layoffs

As the layoffs continue to mount, and the left continues to blame everyone/everything but Obama’s policies, business people continue to attempt to explain the situation.  FOX News has the video.  Why FOX News?  Because the other networks won’t cover it! Of course, leftists will probably promise to boycott these businesses, and try to put them under.  Because, as we all know, putting all of the workers in the unemployment line is far better than some of them losing their jobs.  As far as I can ascertain, it must be a twist on the normal liberal fairness meme.  You see, if some losing their jobs, and others […]

Leftist Meme for Layoff Bomb, Anything but Obama’s Policies!

As the layoff bomb continues, it might be a good idea to take a look at the probable reaction from the left.  For this one, I think it will rather simple.  It’s all going to be variations on the leftist classic… It’s ALWAYS something or someone else’s fault.   Remember that no matter what happened in Obama’s first term, it was Bush’s fault?  Or maybe even a tsunami?  Or perhaps ATM machines?  It doesn’t matter how bad the liberals fail, the fault always lies elsewhere. This is not  new.  The communists made an art form out of it.  Remember this from […]

Elections Have Consequences: Layoff Roundup

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Elections Have Consequences: Let the Layoffs Begin!

In the run up to the election we had covered how many companies had planned layoffs due to Obama’s policies, as well as those that planned layoffs in the event that Obama was re-elected.  And, just as predicted, it has begun.  Here are a set of links and excerpts… Small Businessman Lays off Workers to Avoid ObamaCare Taxes… The HuffPo has the story… The man identified himself as Stu, without giving a last name, and said he owns a small aviation services company. He told C-SPAN’s Washington Journal that he“simply can’t afford” to run his business if he has to comply […]

Romney Recommends the Small Business Owners Warn Employees of Obama Second Term: Liberals Upset

What happens when Mitt Romney recommends that business owners talk to their employees about the consequences of a second Obama term?  Upset liberals! Here is the “leaked” video… And, here is commentary from Working in These Times… In the June call, Romney went on to reassure his audience that it is perfectly legal for them to talk to their employees about how to vote: Nothing illegal about you talking to your employees about what you believe is best for the business, because I think that will figure into their election decision, their voting decision and of course doing that with your family and […]

Layoff Update: Lockheed Martin Delays Announcing Tens of Thousands of Layoffs Until After Election

As we covered earlier, the Obama Administration if offering to pay the fines and expenses of companies that would otherwise have to announce layoffs just before the election.  Michelle Malkin has the update, citing that Lockheed Martin has taken the Government deal… As we discussed on Saturday, the Obama administration has offered to cover expenses (court-ordered penalties, severence costs, etc) for contractors willing to ignore the WARN Act by delaying sending layoff notices to tens of thousands of their employees who will likely be hit by Pentagon budget cuts. Following up on that, today, Lockheed Martin said “count us in”: Lockheed Martin said Monday […]

Obama to Illegally Delay Upcoming Layoffs, Promises to Cover Companies Fines and Expenses

What happens when layoffs are coming…lots of them, and the law dictates that they be announced just before the election?  Apparently, the Obama administration is allowing companies to skate, while promising to cover their expenses for breaking the law.  Michelle Malkin has the rest.   According to the WARN Act, employers must provide 60 days notice to workers, labor union reps, local governments, etc., in advance of plant closings and mass layoffs that fall within the parameters of the Act. Defense contractor layoffs due to sequestration cuts (that Obama is pictured above announcing in January of this year) are looming January 2, 2013. […]

Obama’s War on Coal Kills More Jobs: Alpha Natural Resources to lay off 1200

Apparently, Obama is making good on his promise to put coal out of business, as Alpha Natural Resources announced plans to lay off a total of 1200 workers in Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.  The WAPO has more… Alpha Natural Resources will cut its coal production by 15 percent and immediately lay off about 160 mineworkers while idling eight mines in Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Alpha Natural Resources becomes the latest in a series of coal mining companies to trim output and jobs this year as domestic coal-fired power plants shut down in the face of cheap new U.S. natural gas […]

Will the Transportation Bill Kill Roll Your Own Cigarettes?

Thanks to a tiny amendment buried in the Transportation bill, businesses that have machines to roll cigarettes will be forced to close, and lay off their workers.  America’s Watchtower has more… Buried deep in the transportation bill was an amendment which was added to the legislation which will change the definition of cigarette manufacturers to include those who own and operate roll your own cigarette machines, effectively shutting down these small businesses all across the country. For those who do not know: Loose tobacco is taxed at a much lower rate than cigars and cigarettes and because of this many people have opted […]

Public Sector Unions at Work: Some Profiting at the Expense of Others

If we listen to the occupods, they’ll tell us again and again how a select few profit, while many others suffer.  Today, I have to announce that I agree with them 100%.  I know that all of you are likely shocked, if not dismayed-but fear not, I have not taken leave of my senses.  I do agree with the occupods, but not in a way that they would likely anticipate.  There are indeed a select few that are cashing in at the expense of others, and it’s right from within the occupod ranks.  In fact, they openly support this exploitation. […]