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Democrats Want House Back, But Don’t Want Pelosi Back

Hat/Tip to So even the Left has a point in which someone of their own can wear out her welcome… Who’d A Thunk It? There is growing consensus in the House is that their only chance to retake the House is to move Nancy Pelosi out the door.  Not even the biggest propagandist the democrats have in the tamestream media will not predict that happening in 2016.  Even the democrats like Massachusetts Democratic Rep. Stephen Lynch, who want to dump Pelosi knows it will take more than one election to regain their power.  I agree with him but while he […]

President Bush Just Blew His Audience Away With 12 Words Obama Would Never Say

  Hat/Tip to the Conservative Tribune. This man constantly demonstrates two things: Class and Leadership. President George W. Bush left the the crowd in awe of his words at the Military Services Initiative Summit on Feb. 18th to support post 9/11 veterans and their families. Like most former presidents, Bush is always asked about what he misses most about being in the Oval Office. At first, he joked around saying that he missed the Air Force accommodating him with a shower on the airplane that flew him around. He also joked about the inconvenience of having to stop at stop lights as a civilian. […]

America is in danger … We need a real American leader

This is just a rant. I’m saddened about the direction America is being taken. I sometimes wonder where have all the men gone. I mean real men like General Douglas MacArthur and other great generals and patriots who had the ability to recognize danger to the United States and wouldn’t hesitate to act against that danger. America’s homeland has been attacked by Muslim terrorists, albeit it’s alleged the U.S. government was at the very least complicit in that, but nonetheless the result of the tragic events of 9/11/2001 led us into war with Afghanistan and Iraq.  We’ve accomplished little. The perpetrators […]

Mark Levin wants John Boehner and the Republican Leadership Removed M

Most of you know I’m no fan of John Boehner.  It was an epic failure by the House Republicans when they voted him back in as Speaker this past January.  The Republicans once again let an opportunity get away from them to turn this thing around and make a difference.  Today I was listening to Sean Hannity on the radio and he was interviewing John Boehner.  Nothing Boehner said inspired or gave me hope as a conservative.  He is the poster child for the establishment and as long as he remains as Speaker of the House conservatism will suffer.  Today […]

The Self Fullfilling Prophesy of Zero Leadership

Does hysteria breed hysteria? I think that is the message of Professor Larry Kotlikoff;s article at VOX. Imagine that you are an employer. Every day you hear, “the economy’s going over a fiscal cliff. Tax hikes and spending cuts totalling $600 billion will kill the economy”. Everyone is saying it – the politicians, the media, the economists, the Fed, the CBO, the IMF. So it must be true. Sure, the Republicans and Democrats may make a deal and save the day. But these guys never agree and, meanwhile, economic doomsday – January 1st – is just weeks away. What do […]

Obama's "Chief" Problem

One can only speculate why Obama chose West Point to as his podium for his Afghanistan speech. Perhaps he thought it would give him that “Commander in Chief” look. The cadets didn’t seem to see him all that chiefly. Then again why would they. The military have laid everything on the line; a line which seems to move with the whims of Washington. Barak has blamed, delayed, and all but talked the war issue to death. What he did not do in the past months nor again last evening was instill confidence that he can be “Chief”. A brief look […]