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Greatest Hits: Liberty Deserves Better From Me

Liberty Deserves Better From Me: John Carey made a rather strong point. Note that this post was originally published in 1-9-13 On this day in 1776 Thomas Paine published his pamphlet “Common Sense.”  This 47-page pamphlet made the arguments in favor of American independence.  Mr. Paine’s use of plain language spoke to the common people of America. It was also the first published pamphlet that openly argued for independence.  The powerful words of Mr. Paine helped galvanize a movement that before Common Sense was published was a scattered grumbling at best. Paine fundamentally changed the tenor of colonists’ argument with […]

When Has The Left EVER Been Right?

014 by Bob Mack “America’s national security cannot be entrusted to left-wing Democrats.” –– Richard Winchester “Weakness is policy, and the world’s dictatorships have taken note. The only question now is how much more damage can be done before this disastrous presidency finally comes to an end.” – The Commentator “Russian troops are invading Ukraine and we have no response. I suppose the Pentagon has more important things to worry about – like hair and makeup for our gay military.” – Allen West Pick a topic, any topic. Barack Obama and his “progressive” cohorts have been wrong about it.  Global […]

The left’s war on women

We’ve heard for years the asinine claim that Republicans and conservatives have been leading a “war on women” … or a “war on women’s rights”.  Pro-abortion folks as well as liberals have the propensity to deflect or misdirect attention from abortion, always referring to “women’s health” or “women’s reproductive rights” or “women’s right to choose”.  None of those terms apply to abortion. In truth the pro-abortion crowd and liberals have been waging a genuine war on women and a war on children. With each abortion a death takes place. The pro-abortion crowd vehemently resist educating women so they can make […]

What’s with the Left’s attraction to Pedophilia?

It is a rare day when I write about anything that doesn’t have to do with politics or economics. I leave social issues to others, which isn’t to mean that I’m not interested in social issues. I am. But, I don’t care how the Left twist and distorts the English language, sexual abuse of children is not a life style choice. It is the most vile and disgusting of criminal acts. And, it is even more vile and disgusting when it done by someone in whom we intrust our children for hours at a time; such as, a teacher. Maybe […]

Leftwaaard..Maaaarch! Left….Left…Left…

While we on the Right have been enjoying some well deserved Schadenfreude at the expense of President Obama and the Democrats over the diasterous rollout of Obamacare, with some of our pundits going so far as to claim that the public’s awakening due to Obamacare will be the end of liberalism in America, the Left has been planning their counter attack. Rather than concede that Obama’s program to provide health insurance to everyone, including those with preexisting conditions, was too big of a move to the Left, the left Left-wing of the Democratic Party is looking at Barack Obama and […]

British Raise Top Tax Rates, Two Thirds of Millionaires Left

Evidence shows again and again that if you want there to be less of something. , you tax it.  Well, either there is less of it, or it goes underground, which means you don’t get to tax it at all.  The British are learning this lesson now, as after passing a unsubstantial increase in their highest tax rate, they suddenly found that they had far fewer millionaires to tax.  The Telegraph has more… In the 2009-10 tax year, more than 16,000 people declared an annual income of more than £1 million to HM Revenue and Customs. This number fell to just 6,000 after Gordon Brown introduced the […]

Anti-Semitism Alert: Obama Supporters Call for Israel’s Destruction

Just in case you have forgotten, the left and the Democratic Party are the current home for Anti-Semitism in the US.  And, in the event you had forgotten that here is a video from Rebel Pundit… I’m sure that more and more of this will come out, and I’ll be reminding the Jews that voted for Obama that they have legitimized the voices of those that wish them dead. Also, it is tragic to see some of the complete naivete of these followers of the POTUS.  And, of course, it will be someone else’s fault when their beautiful messiah fails miserably. NOTE: […]

Liberty deserves better from me

As a conservative I’m fighting each day to restore the constitutional republic our founding fathers gave us.  My weapon in this fight is the words that I use in the articles I write.  After all this an ideological war, one that pits two very different views about the role government should play in our lives.  It’s a topic that has been debated since the founding of our great nation.  Great minds like James Madison and Patrick Henry had two very different views on the role government should play in our lives and they matched wits against each other during the […]

It’s “Everyone Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day!” How Kimberlin Operates

We must, indeed, all hang together or, most assuredly, we shall all hang separately. Benjamin Franklin, Founding Father, United States of America That quote is most appropriate today, and dozens of bloggers unite to raise awareness regarding the activities, past and present, of Brett Kimberlin.  As it has been noted, Kimberlin has been threatening (via the legal system, to the best of my knowledge), any blogger that discusses his criminal history.  At the time of this writing, Robert Stacey McCain, and family, are in hiding due harassment by Kimberlin.  And, as Franklin suggested, we are uniting in common cause, as […]

Keeping the Ignorant Feeling Informed

“There’s nothing I like less than bad arguments for a view that I hold dear” – Daniel Dennett A good friend of mine, one whom I never enjoy being on the opposite end of an argument with, explained to me that in order to properly argue for a belief that you hold true, you should not only want to present good arguments, but deny bad arguments.  It seems simple enough, but in practice we consistently fail – especially in politics. Politics has become a cesspool for talking points and half truth rhetoric.  Few actually know the principles or intricacies behind the topic they are […]

The USA and the USSA : Maybe it is Time to Go Our Seperate Ways

Maybe it is time to split the blanket. The politically Left and the politically Right peacefully co-existed, more or less, for around 200 years. But, since the sixties, the two groups have become more and more polarized. Today it seems the differences are irreconcilable. The left doesn’t like our constitution. For them it has long out-lived its usefulness. We on the Right love the Constitution. We believe it defines the very best form of government that man has ever devised. The Left believes in the collective while the Right believes in the individual. The Left believes in an all-powerful centralized federal […]

Jared Loughner and Zeitgeist: The Narrative Evolves

I guess I couldn’t go on forever with out commenting on the “connection” between Jared Loughner and the film, Zeitgeist.  RS McCain has been on this from the onset, so kindly take a look at his posts on the matter… Zeitgeist: Watch the Conspiracy Movie That Had a ‘Profound Impact’ on Tucson Mass Murder Suspect Jared Loughner How to Talk to a Follower of the Zeitgeist Cult (If You Must) Tucson, Zeitgeist and Madness: The Obsolete Politics of Jared Loughner UPDATE: Another E-Mail From a Zeitgeist Follower; Movement Leader Issues ‘Message to Members’ Jared Loughner’s Zeitgeist Obsession: ‘He Wanted to Watch It All the Time’ OMFG: Zeitgeist Is […]

Blog Focus: The Gloves are off

Karen, at Eastern Right, has crafted one of the best posts I’ve read regarding last week’s shooting.  Here is an excerpt. I must admit that I’m rather glad that the Soros sycophants have reacted the way they have. It’s really about time that we came to grips with the fact that we have no common ground with these people. Too often, many conservatives assume that those one the Left, though misguided, are sincere and acting in the best interest of their country and society. We’re quick to tell them that we know they love their country too and that we […]

Monday Links: Leftist Hate Edition

Well, sadly, the left has taken us off task.  Instead of concentrating on the political agenda, and supporting the victims of Saturday’s shooting, we are now having to defend our movement against the false claims of the left wing lie machine.  So, let’s take a look at what the lefties have been saying, and doing, just for perspective, shall we? Enjoy the links, and fight the lies. Sentry Journal has their regular Sunday Links. A Conservative Teacher is exploring who does not embrace life. The Other McCain has a post about the government’s stand on the shooting in Arizona. Conservatives […]

Conservatism as the New Idealism

For too long, it has been common knowledge in our society that leftist political philosophies contain within them the ingredients for an ideal state of affairs in the world. The perceived “humanism” and liberalism (in the classic sense) of the leftists emerged from the stark contrast between their ideas and that of the “establishment.” History is riddled with examples of how the “establishment” has wronged mankind, held back the spirit of progress, and led to countless atrocities. From religious wars to despotic rule to exploitative capitalism during the Industrial Revolution, the Old Order seemed to keep us all in a […]

Fear and the Far Left

Recently, Chris Matthews was on MSLSD running down Sarah Palin yet again. Will the left never learn? The more they run her down, the higher her popularity rises. He said she was an “empty vessel” with “nothing going on mentally.” This from the same person who said he forgot Obama was black after the SOTU speech and also during the campaign said when he was around Obama, he got a thrill running up his leg. What is fear, and why does it affect us so? The process of creating fear starts with a scary stimulus and ends with the fight-or-flight […]

Leftist Liberal Values Versus American Values

I was thinking the other day that far left liberals in this country have an odd view of the world, as if they completely rebelled against the things that they were taught as children. This is a general statement of course and is completely subjective, taken from my own experiences when I was a young child and the lessons that I was taught. I understand that there are many differences in the way that people are raised, but in general there are some values that are pretty widespread, dare I say universal, in this country. Let’s call these American values. […]