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Leon Panetta

What Has Happened To The Leadership Of America’s Armed Forces? When Did The Idea Of America Die?: Update

It’s Sunday and normally this page is dedicated to the poems of The Bard of Murdock. You will find the Bard’s poem to the right. It is well worth your time to read. I am posting today because there is rage roaring inside of me that will not subside. Ever since the Fox News story broke on Friday that our CIA operatives, ex-Navy Seals at the Benghazi Consulate annex asked permission to go to the aid of our Ambassador Christopher Stevens and were told TO STAND DOWN! Not once but twice. Row of those Navy Seals,  Tyrone Woods and  Glen […]

Heat Stroked

Note From Matt:  I’m please to announce the we have a new contributor here at the CH 2.0, Bob Mack, from Be Sure You’re Right, Then go Ahead.  Please give him a warm welcome. Leon Panetta Claims Global Warming Is Now A National Security Threat While the Russian bear threatens to preemptively blow the bejesus out of NATO’s European missile defense shield, while the Chinese People’s Liberation Army is building upfaster than an Olympian on steroids, when looming budget cuts, automatic sequestration, and the scrapping of most of our nuclear arsenal by Barack Obama foreshadows the impending transformation of the once mighty U.S. […]

Useful Idiot of the Month Poll: February 2012

Well folks, I’d like to thank the readers for all the nominees for Useful Idiot of the Month.  Here are your nominees… 1.  Barak Obama:  For the suggestion that pond scum is a great power source, as well as the Useful Idiot Lifetime Achievement Award.  Nominated by Steve Dennis, Jim, LC Aggie Sith, and Infidel de Manahatta. 2.  Sec. of the Navy, Ray Mabus:  For catastrophic fleet reductions.  Nominated by Bob Mack. 3.  Leon Panetta: because loose lips sink ships. Nominated by our very own Don. 4.  Anyone  who plans on voting for Obama in November: for obvious reasons.  Nominated by Beth. 5.  Kathleen Sebelius: For […]