If Life Was Fair …


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If Life Was Fair

If Life Was Fair …

Al Gore would be selling boiled peanuts on a chilly roadside in Tennessee … Barack Obama would be a towel presser in a Turkish bath houseHarry Reid would be in the Witness Protection Program … Joe Biden would be in the Witless Protection Program … John Kerry would be an aging gigolo aboard a French cruise ship … Sheila Jackson-Lee would be facing charges stemming from misuse of her EBT card … Bill Clinton would be suffering from a variety of antibiotic resistant STDs … Hillary Clinton would be spending her days scolding the help … Rachel Maddow would be an assistant producer on the Ellen Degeneris Show …

Alas, fairness has nothing to do with it these days.  It’s all about how well you can sell the con.  How else could we have elected a man intent on disarming us while he drives us into the poorhouse?We Give  Or a Congress that lets him get away with it?  The latest bone-headed maneuver by the shakiest gun in the West is his proposal to eliminate our cruise missiles:

It makes sense if you assume that destroying American influence and military dominance is the goal of the ideology that Obama follows. Why should he risk having American military power fall into the hands of a Republican?

Obama refuses to waste money on cruise missiles for the Navy, because he thinks that there are other more important things that the Navy ought to be doing.

Increase supports energy efficiency goals directed by the DoD Sustainability Plan to meet a 37.5% decrease in greenhouse gas emission by FY 2020. Initiatives reduce fossil fuel usage by improving energy efficiency and shifting to renewable energy such as biomass, hydropower, geothermal, wind, and solar.

What would the Navy be without solar panels and windmills?

And what would America be without the buffoonish politicians offered us by the Democrats?

Safer, that’s what.


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Life is not fair and never has been. That’s the way the 0.1 percenters like it!


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The government and their sycophants in the media never tire of telling us how well the economy is doing (just look at the stock markets, they say) or how we have had umpteen consecutive months of private sector job growth. Those who are not brain-dead know that this so-called recovery has been a disaster for most Americans. Millions of unemployed Americans have given-up looking for work, which makes the BLS unemployment numbers look better than they really are. Real  income for the middle class has been falling since at least the year 2000 and our president proudly talks about how his government is helping nearly 50 million Americans with food stamps, which, in his and Nancy Pelosi’s imaginations, helps to grow the economy.

But, not everybody is complaining about this non-recovery recovery. The 1.0 percenters and especially the 0.1 percenters are doing very well indeed and they no doubt send their thanks to Ben Bernanke and the Federal Reserve every day.

Zero Hedge has an excellent article by Jim Quinn, of the  The Burning Platform blog, on the sad state of affairs in the all important Retail sector of our economy. Please give this article a read when you have time. For now, I want to share this comment by Jim, which succinctly explains why the 0.1 percenters are so happy:

The entire economic recovery storyline is a sham built upon easy money funneled by the Fed to the Too Big To Trust Wall Street banks so they can use their HFT supercomputers to drive the stock market higher, buy up the millions of homes they foreclosed upon to artificially drive up home prices, and generate profits through rigging commodity, currency, and bond markets, while reducing loan loss reserves because they are free to value their toxic assets at anything they please – compliments of the spineless nerds at the FASB. GDP has been artificially propped up by the Federal government through the magic of EBT cards, SSDI for the depressed and downtrodden, never ending extensions of unemployment benefits, billions in student loans to University of Phoenix prodigies, and subprime auto loans to deadbeats from the Government Motors financing arm – Ally Financial (85% owned by you the taxpayer). The country is being kept afloat on an ocean of debt and delusional belief in the power of central bankers to steer this ship through a sea of icebergs just below the surface.

But, rest assured my friends, the asylum we live in is not just the U.S. of A. The asylum encompasses the entire planet. The central bankers of the world have all followed Bernanke’s lead and the beneficiaries have, of course, been the 0.1 percenters. Take a look at this graphic from another Zero Hedge article.

Eye popping, right? Well, not as eye-popping as this graphic:

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But, the Zero Hedge author has more to share with us:

Naturally this should come as no surprise: after all the past 5 years of this website have been, more than anything, a  testament to the systematic theft, plunder and pillage of the global middle class by a small cabal of global financial oligarchs – those who have implicit control of the printing presses, who have the legal and legislative support of a few, actually make that all, corrupt and purchased politicians, who have merely made this wealth transfer from the poor, not so poor and modestly wealthy to the wealthiest, possible.

And not only possible, but the most rapid it has ever been in history.

The chart below from OxFam summarizes the unprecedented speed of wealth transfer going to the richest 1% courtesy of Bernanke et al’s theft-enabling, and Congress-approved policies.

None of this should surprise anyone. The world has always worked this way, more or less. You can learn more about the roles of the players and the payers by reading the “About Page” here at Asylum Watch. Those of us who are no longer young lived through the last part of the industrial age. This was a time when innovations created more opportunities of the average person, which is why many, if not most of us, were able to realize our  ”American Dream”. This IT age is a much different animal. As improvements in computerization and robotics are realized, we are finding that all the goods and services the world needs, can be produced with fewer and fewer people.

I have some advice for today’s young people. You had better have a very good plan about how you will become one of the 1 percenters or, at least, a damn good plan on how you will make yourself useful to one percenters. Otherwise, your “American Dream” will necessarily be limited to the government’s ability to keep your SNAP card recharged.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

Original Post: Asylum Watch


Celebrate Life


Barack Obama celebrates the deaths of about 57 million babies today.  He makes one of the most hypocritical statements I’ve ever read …  “Because this is a country where everyone deserves the same freedom and opportunities to fulfill their dreams.”  thousands of people from across America are gathering in Washington D.C. in the bitter cold to participate in the March for Life.

I got the idea to post these pictures from The Foundry. I asked permission to repost their article but sometimes with the “important sites”,  a humble blogger like myself can’t even get a response, you know, they’re way too busy doing important stuff to answer a request.  So I’ll use some of their photos and the link is provided to visit their site.

Barack is right … “everyone deserves the same freedom and opportunities to fulfill their dreams”, and people like Obama shouldn’t be praising the fact that the most innocent are being cut off from those opportunities.

Celebrate Life …








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OK, this is newer, but I hate the Snuggle Bear.  Sooo….


NASA Finds Life On Mars


NASA unveiled the results of the recent Opportunity and Spirit probes sent millions of miles through the solar system to discover signs of extraterrestrial life.

The recent missions have gathered evidence of sulphates on Mars, a strong indication there is water on the planet and therefore life.

Previous missions to Mars have concluded there is probably water on the planet.

But the NASA boffins (scientists) said the recent missions have gone further than any others in proving there is life on Mars.

A special mission to the Red Planet has revealed the likely presence of a form of pond scum. – So that means on Mars right now, there are plans for socialized medicine, open borders and appeasement to the Red Planet’s enemies…

Hat tip to Pesky Emotional Republican and TheSun.co.uk