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The Lincoln Liar

The ever-worshipful sycophants of the 44th president of the United States rarely miss an opportunity to liken their clay-footed hero to the 16th, an apt comparison only if you judge both chief executives by their habitual disregard for the American Constitution and the rule of law — a custom increasingly popular, especially among the haughty left-wing elitists that masquerade as our intelligentsia. But while Dishonest Abe’s extra-legal actions were taken under the exigencies of war, Barry Obama’s are the direct result of a lifelong allegiance to a fundamentally alien ideology. The old Republican prairie lawyer who preserved the Union must […]

RIP: Mercury 1938-2010

Well, another car brand died today.  Ford announced that the Mercury brand will go to that show room in the sky in the fourth quarter of this year.   Here’s some coverage from Automobile Magazine. According to Fields, the decision to cut Mercury was difficult considering the brand’s heritage, but an annual vehicle study put the final nail in the coffin. Mercury’s total market share was shown to be 0.8 percent and most Mercury buyers were cross-shopping – and transitioning to – Ford vehicles. So, it was poor demand that did it.  That’s really no surprise to me.  Mercury hadn’t been […]