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State of the Union 2014 Live Feed

I’m torn about actually watching the State of the Union tonight.  Part of me says that it doesn’t matter; that Obama us going to lie extensively, and the MSM will treat it as Gospel.  However, as we continue to creep into dictatorship, the slide needs documenting, so I may just watch it.  At any rate, you can watch it too-right here at the Conservative Hideout 2.0!  Here is the live feed… If I can keep the bile down, I may be Tweeting it via @MrEvilMatt.

New Years Eve in Times Square Live Feed!

Hello all, the site was down for much of the day, due to a data center problem that impacted several web hosts.  The site is back now, and it’s back to what I was going to do in the first place. We have something that I have never tried before; the live feed of the Times Square New Years Eve celebration… I’ll be posting some thoughts on the year that was later, so stay tuned for more! Enjoy!

Live Feed for Rand Paul’s Filibuster

Rand Paul is using a good old fashioned filibuster to delay the nomination of John Brennan for CIA Director.  His focus is drones and the Obama’s Administration assertion that the president can not only order the killing of Americans-not only abroad, but domestically as well.  Since the government has already declared his opposition as “potential terrorists.”  There are rather chilling implications for being a declared terrorist, potential or otherwise. At any rate, here is the video, via Raw Story… I will stickie this for the duration.

Super Bowl XLVII Live Feed

Unless you’re living under a rock, you know that Super Bowl XLVII takes place today.  As a service to the CH 2.0 readership, here is the live feed for the game. SUPER BOWL XLVII LIVE FEED Stay safe folks!

Election Night Live Feeds Here! ABC, CBS, FOX: See Them all Here!

We’ve all been looking forward to this moment…the opportunity to see Barak Hussein Obama reduced to “Citizen Obama.”  For your viewing enjoyment, here are several live feeds for tonight’s election coverage… Youtube is handling the ABC/Yahoo News Feed… FOX News (via Hulu)… CBS (Via Ustream) Live stream videos at UstreamSadly, NBC appears to not have enabled something that could be embedded. Thanks for stopping here for your election night live feed!

Third Presidential Debate Live Feed: October 22, 2012

Here is the live feedfor the third, and final debate between President Barak Obama, and his challenger, Governor Mitt Romney. Feel free to comment on the results, and we’ll have ongoing coverage.

Vice Presidential Debate Live Feed

Here is the live feed for tonight’s Vice Presidential Debate, via ABC News… Watch More News Videos at ABC | 2012 Presidential Election | Entertainment & Celebrity News Enjoy, because I can’t help but think that this will be comical.

Presidential Debate: Live Feed

Here is the live feed link for the Presidential Debate this evening.  It’s Mitt Romney, the Republican challenger, vs. Barak Obama, sitting President of the United States. Note:  The Conservative Hideout is not responsible for fits of anger, rage, vomiting, or general nausea generated from watching the embedded feed. Here is the live feed link for the Presidential Debate this evening.

CNN and Arizona GOP Debate: Live Feed

Here is the link to the live feed for tonight’s debate… CNN I will adding commentary, if able.

Super Bowl XLVI: Live Feed


If you are away from the TV, out on the road, or otherwise unable to catch the game normally, here are live feed links for the game… Link 1 Link2 Link 3 Enjoy the game!

GOP Debate: Live Stream

We, some are gone, and fewer remain.  The GOP debate will be taking place  tonight at 9:00PM.  For those of you wanting to watch on-line, here are the links for the live stream. WMUR Yahoo! News It should be interesting to see if Rick Santorum has a strong showing.  He needs one to show that his performance in Iowa wasn’t a one-time deal.  He also needs to strike a contrast with Romney,  and try to sell voters on there being a difference.   Come to think of it, all the candidates need a strong showing,  With Romney in the lead, […]

Live Feed for the 12-10-11 ABC News GOP Debate: Watch it Here UPDATE: NOT SO MUCH

My apologies, the link for the live feed is broken, and it apparently cannot be fixed. Here is the link for the local ABC affiliate for the debate Here is the live feed for tonight’s ABC debate… video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo playerEnjoy, and feel free to drop comments as the debate goes on, or for wrap up at the end. Debate Sponsored by: ABC News, ABC5/WOI-DT, The Des Moines Register and Republican Party of Iowa