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Abortion Barbie, Wendy Davis, Wins Primary, But Fails to Win a Single Vote in 22 Texas Counties

Wendy Davis, often referred to as “abortion Barbie,” due to her great love of killing babies, won the democratic primary in Texas.  However, there are some ominous undercurrents… LAREDO, TEXAS–Texas Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Wendy Davis woke to some unsettling numbers along the Texas/Mexico border today. Of the 14 counties along the Rio Grande, Davis lost seven—including heavily Hispanic Webb and Hidalgo Counties. Davis Challenger Reynaldo “Ray” Madrigal’s prediction may have come true to an extent—Wendy has a pro-life Catholic problem and may not hold the support of motivated Latino voters by default.    Based on unofficial vote tallies by county, […]

Some Brief Thoughts on the UAW, or Organized Labor as a Whole

As you recall, the UAW recently lost a landmark vote at a VW Plan in Tennessee.  The defeat was even more devastating with the fact that VW fully endorsed the union.  Not only did they not resist in any way, they rubber stamped it.  As usual, like most leftist entities, when they fail, they blame someone else.  Because, as well all know, it’s only democracy when  the leftists win. But, let’s take a look at the legacy of the UAW.  Here is an image that sums it up nicely… The causal relationship  is obvious.  It reminds me of something I […]

ObamaCare to Cost Delta Airlines $100,000,000 IN ONE YEAR!

We’ve covered a lot of ObamaCare Damage in the last couple years.  Hundreds of thousands of workers have had their hours cut.  Many have lost their plans.  Almost 75% of all jobs created so far in 2013 are part time jobs.  And as a far as we can see, that’s only the beginning.  For the latest, here is a letter from Delta Airlines. Delta Airlines expects Obamacare will directly and indirectly cost it $100 million in 2014. As you can see, ObamaCare is going to present a significant threat to Delta, and it’s workers. Delta has the usual options at […]

Even More ObamaCare Damage: Even Reuters is Reporting on the Part-Time Job Trend

It seems that even Reuters can’t avoid discussing what we’ve been covering for months; that ObamaCare is forcing businesses to convert full time jobs into part time jobs.  Even Reuters can’t hide the truth any longer: U.S. businesses are hiring at a robust rate. The only problem is that three out of four of the nearly 1 million hires this year are part-time and many of the jobs are low-paid. Faltering economic growth at home and abroad and concern that President Barack Obama’s signature health care law will drive up business costs are behind the wariness about taking on full-time […]

ObamCare Damage: Even NBC Now See’s That ObamaCare is Causing Worker’s Hours to be Cut

It seems that even the most loyal of networks is now talking about the fact that ObamaCare is causing worker’s hours to be cut all over the country.  Here are the facts… According to a NBC News investigation, union bosses and small business owners agree President Obama’s signature healthcare law is causing employers to lessen workers’ hours to less than 30 a week. The reduction is leading to the destruction of the 40-hour work week and creating financial hardships as workers see their wages decreasing. “To tell somebody that you’ve got to decrease their hours because of a law passed in Washington […]

Dick’s Sporting Goods Stops Selling AR-15’s, Stock Suffers

Dick’s Sporting Goods Caved to anti-gun zealots and decided to stop selling the mother of all assault rifles ugly guns, the AR-15.  But, that seems to have backfired on Dick’s.  Fire Andrea Mitchell has more… Dick’s Sporting Goods sales and stock have plummeted after they decided to cease AR-15 sales, shortly after Newtown. They bowed to the anti gun zealot crowd and decided to stopped selling AR-15s. Now only did Dick’s Sporting Good stop selling the AR-15s, they didn’t bother filling orders of those who purchased the guns before the Newtown shootings happened. That was right after Christman and before […]

Regal Entertainment Group Reduces Worker Hours to Comply with ObamaCare

It’s a shame that so many Obama voter are suffering the consequences of their vote.  But, then again, being a “low information voter” is a choice.  The information was out there, freely available.  People could  have looked up the facts and known that they were in for it if the voted Democrat.  But, too many listened to the MSM, or their union boss, and now, they are paying the price-literally and figuratively.  FOX News has the latest example, the Regal Entertainment Group, The nation’s largest movie theater chain has cut the hours of thousands of employees, saying in a company […]

ObamaCare Damage: Universal Studios Part-Time Workers to Lose Coverage

It seem that the part-time workers at Universal Studios Orlando are going to lose their insurance at the end of next year.  The culprit?  ObamaCare!   The Lid has more… Universal Studios Orlando provides limited health insurance for it’s part time workers…or at least will until the end of the year. The theme park announced that it will stop offering medical insurance to part-time employees beginning next year, a move the resort says has been forced by Obamacare. Universal currently offers part-time workers a limited insurance plan that has low premiums but also caps the payout of benefits. For instance, Universal’s […]

Election 2012: What Went Wrong?

So President Barack Obama won Election 2012. What went wrong? Some people will go small and point towards factors such as the Chris Christie and Colin Powell’s backstabbing, a chance hurricane, a weak third debate from Romney, Romney’s unforced Jeep mistake, or the power of the ground game. But I think the what went wrong is something much bigger than this. In my post Has America Passed the Point of No Return (ie, 50.1%+ Dependency on Government)? I quotes an article by John Hinderaker over at Powerline blog calledWhy Is This Election Close?: …On paper, given Obama’s record, this election should be a […]

More Reasons for the Obama Campaign to Panic? Collapse and Impending Doom on Election Day?

Yesterday, we discussed that the Obama Campaign’s allocation of funds and resources indicated that they are panicking, using scarce resources in places that a democrat incumbent should never have to defend this late in the game.  Today, however, even more indications of collapse and impending doom came to light. Reason for Panic 1:  Dwindling Crowds at Obama Events… In a related presidential campaign rally in Commerce City, Colorado, former President Bill Clinton was the designated cheerleader to speak to the gathered faithful. However, the rally, held at a Commerce City High School, wasn’t “optimal,” to use a phrase from President Obama. The school extended the […]

High Cigarette Taxes Backfire Once Again: Illinois Latest State to Collide with Reality

Who would have thought that higher cigarette taxes would reduce tax revenue?  Well, anyone with a brain would have predictecd that, so I guess that’s why regressives went and did it anyway.  Hot Air has the details… With some time having passed to let the cash cow fatten, we should check back in and see what the fine citizens of the Land of Lincoln are doing with their new found largesse. I do hope they’re not all getting fat and lazy now that all of the state’s fiscal problems have been solved. Ahhh… happy days. When Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed a bill […]

MSM Deathwatch: Faith in Media at an all Time Low

What happens when the MSM is continually caught telling lies, ignoring stories that everyone knows about, and basically making it up as they go along?  Well, people stop trusting them! And, that appears to be happening to our friends at the MSM.  Newsbusters has the details… America’s confidence in TV news has hit a new low, but should anyone be surprised? According to Gallup’s analysis  of their annual Confidence in Institutions survey , only 21 percent of Americans have “a great deal” or “quite a lot” of confidence in TV news. Newspapers don’t fare much better with only 25 percent of respondents expressing confidence.  Gallup’s survey, which was […]

324,000 Women Dropped out of Work Force: NOW Silent

While the GOP and Conservatives have been accused of a mythical “war on womyn,”the Obama administration has been waging a very real one. CNS News has the details… ( – 324,000 women dropped out of the nation’s civilian labor force in March and April as the number of women not in the labor force hit an all-time historical high of 53,321,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The civilian labor force consists of all people in the United States 16 years or older who are not in the military, a prison, or another institution such as a nursing home or […]

ObamaCare Damage Roundup: It Costs Almost Twice as Much as Promised, and Millions Might Lose Their Plans

Are Conservatives and Libertarians prophetic?  Or do they just have a good grasp of the obvious?  While I’d like to think that we’re able to see the future, the reality is that we can integrate information from a variety of sources, and make reasonable predictions about future events.  Consider ObamaCare-when we were told that Congress had to pass it “so we can see what is in it.”  While the contents were supposedly a mystery, promises were made, like it being revenue neutral, costing approximately $900,000,000,000 over the first ten years.  However, Conservatives pointed out that there were many accounting tricks done to meet that number, and […]

President Obama Puts 20-Year Ban on Prosperous and Safe Uranium Mining in Arizona

Until 1980, the United States was the world’s leading producer of uranium, but today there are only three operating uranium mines left. This may have been due to the fall in uranium prices, which hit a low of $7.92 per pound in 2001. But with the price climbing to over $50 today, there is renewed interest in mining uranium, which is essential to powering nuclear power plants and important for national security- and it gets even better, because there are still considerable deposits of uranium in the United States, including fairly large deposits that were discovered in northern Arizona over recent years. Uranium […]

New York Cigarette Tax Fails to Bring in Projected Revenues: Anyone Surprised?

One thing that statists miss is that taxes change human behavior.  When something is taxed to the extent that it becomes less affordable, people will either stop using the taxed item, use less of the taxed item, or obtain the item by other means.  For the latest, NY State is lamenting the fact that their cigarette tax revenue is far below expectations… The Empire State is struggling to bring in additional tax revenue it projected it would gain from efforts to stop smokers from buying untaxed  cigarettes on Indian Reservations, reports the New York Post: The state’s tax collectors were recently […]