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Cigarette Taxes Create More Failure? NY and Chicago Suffer From Liberalism

It’s common sense, really.  If you tax something highly, human nature dictates that people will go out of their way to avoid the tax.  Liberals, however, seems to have missed that, because they continue to tax and tax.  Then, they are completely shocked and surprised when people do what they have always done.  Hot Air has the latest… First, my own home stomping grounds of New York, which has been seeking a way to stave off total fiscal collapse by jacking up one of the highest tobacco tax rates in the nation. How’s that working out for ya? ALBANY – […]

California Raises Taxes, Lose Revenues…Again!

They say that they definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, and expecting a different result.  If that is indeed the case, California’s tax policies make them the official land of fruits and nuts, as they are proving the insanity axiom to be most true. On March 15th of this year, we took a look at the fact that after yet another failed tax increase… One of the greatest weaknesses of the statists is that their efforts at creating a fantasy world. more often than not, create the exact opposite of their stated intent.  They try […]

Is it Time to Start Suing the Occupods?


Imagine that you’re trying to get to work, and you’re an hourly worker.  But, the Occupods have blocked the streets, and you can’t get there on time, or not at all.  The Occupod organizers have planned the protest, and their drones followed their orders.  Can you, then, sue the organizer for depriving you you of opportunity to work? Imagine that you own a small business, like a shop or a restaurant, and the Occupods have blocked the street.  You lose customers, and therefore income.  Maybe they are targeting you.  Maybe they are just occupying space.  Can you sue the organizers for actively and intentionally […]