Steven Cook, Michigan Education Association Head, Supports Convicted Child Molester Neal Erickson


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If you recall, we covered the story of Neal Erickson, as teacher who was convicted of sexually abusing a male student.  That, in and of itself was a story.  But, when other teachers came form with cries for leniency, the story got a bit more complicated.  Then, when the family’s garage was burnt down, it got more complicated still.  And now, it appears that even his Union is supporting him,  by attempting to obtain funds for him!   Steven Cook, the head of the Michigan Education Organization, has been the focal point of that effort.  FOX News attempted to interview.

Now, when you listen to the interview with the victim, you see what the supporters of Neal Erickson are behind, so to speak…

1.  Use of alcohol to gain the “cooperation” of a young teen.

2.  The use of threats to control the young victim, and gain his silence.

3. Manipulation of a sexual abuse victim.

4.  The classic pedophile/abuser claim that, “it was consensual!”

This, according to an increasing number of Americans, is OK.  From the supporters of Kaitlyn Hunt in Florida, to the supporters of Neal Erickson, these people think that adults have the right to prey upon children, and there is something wrong with the rest of us.

Welcome to the Brave New World; with some 1984 mixed in for good measure.



#FreeKate Update: Victim Tried to Break Off Relationship, Kaitlyn Hunt ‘Wouldn’t Let Her,’ Described to Have ‘Problem With Lying’


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For the latest post in our series based on the information acquired via a FOIA request filed by Jeanette Runyon, we take a look into the nature of Kaitlyn Hunt’s relationship with her victim.  It seems that the victim tried to break off the relationship, but Kaitlyn wasn’t willing to do that.  I will be quoting two sources; Detective Shepherd’s report, and the text messages exchanged between Kelly Hunt Smith, and her daughter’s victim.  Please note that since the victim is a minor,  I will minimize the input from her part of the conversation to protect her from undo scrutiny, as well as from retaliation from the Hunts, or their supporters.

In essence, from two sources, we find that the victim tried to break off the relationship at some time prior to January 9, 2013, and Kaitlyn Hunt threatened to openly disclose that the victim was a lesbian.  Note that this come over one month before the arrest of Kaitlyn Hunt.  First, here is a screen capture from Detective Shepherd regarding a talk he had with the Captain of the Basketball team…

investigation no gay bias5

As you can see, the victim (indicated by her initials, C.S.) was reported as trying to break off the relationship.

Kiandrea told me that C.S. told her she attempted at one point to break it off with Kaitlyn.  However, Kaitlyn would not let her. Kaitlyn threatened to tell people about her sexual orientation.

Now, here are a serious screencaptures of the January 9, 2013 conversation between Kelley Hunt Smith, and the victim of her daughter…

cs tried to leave

khs victim 10

khs victim 10

What do U mean? Uve tried to break it off with her, and she wouldn’t let u? Kelley Hunt Smith

She threatened to put all the stuff we had out.  So. Like I’m not with all that. The victim of Kaitlyn Hunt

In this interaction, Kelley Hunt Smith does provide the victim with more information about her daughter…

kate lies

kate lies 2

Sweetie I hate to tell u this, but Kate has some issues, especially with lying.

Kate knows I have my concerns with it. You are very young. I don’t know if your parents and an family knew about this or approved, which obviously they don’t. 

I think what we are starting to see is that a young and vulnerable teen was taken in by an adult that has, “some issues, especially with lying.”  When the younger teen tried to break off the relationship, the adult threatened to make known that the young girl was a lesbian.

And what else did Kelley Hunt Smith think of the relationship between Kaitlyn and the victim?

cant understand what love is

Ur both young and at your age can’t understand what love is.

Just to add to the argument, let’s review some of the information that was uncovered in the Notification of Violation of Pretrial Release…

“Keep the f*ck quiet.”

“if my mom finds out we’re talking, I’m blaming it on you.”

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“F*ck you…You’re stupid…you want me to go to jail…you’re such a messed up person…you snitched on me.

Kaitlyn Hunt, to her victim.

Does this not run completely counter the the assertion of #FreeKate supporters, like Rachael Carson Zerbe, who claimed that this was nothing more than a “loving relationship” between “peers?” Does “love” mean threatening to “out” someone if they leave a relationship?  Does it mean sending verbally abusive texts?  Or, was this an exploitative relationship, based on lies and threats?  I think the evidence, and the reaction Kelley Hunt Smith, would suggest that.

But there is more…

cant understand what love is2


Not to mention that your both very young to label yourselves sexually.  U may grow up to date guys, get married, and have kids. If u truly feel that you bi or a lesbian those are thoughts and feelings u should share with your parents.

Does this sound like a parent that was ready to go to war over this being “anti-gay bias?”   It seems that she believes that they are not set in their sexuality.

But was the victim a lesbian at all?

I don't like girls


 But, what I’ve tried to teach her is that lying always leads to something bad.  Kelley Hunt Smith

smh & this is.  I’m so sorry  I don’t like girls.  I guess I got wrapped up in Kate & what she would say.  Aha. Wow. yeah.  Victim of Kaitlyn Hunt

Once again, I think that we are seeing a very young girl who fell victim to manipulation at the hands of an adult.  She indicated in the above comment, as well as in another (unpublished one), that she isn’t a lesbian.   However, we see that Kaitlyn hunt was able to manipulate her into at least acting like one.

And, But, what I’ve tried to teach her is that lying always leads to something bad. could be an epitaph for this entire case.

For me, this interaction very strongly suggests that Kaitlyn Hunt was engaged in  a verbally abusive and manipulative relationship with a young teen.  The young teen was confused and easily manipulated by the older, more savvy adult, who in the words of her own mother, had problems with lying.

It also raises the question of what happened to the Kelley Hunt Smith, who in this entire interaction, was rather nurturing to the young victim?  Why did she go from being supportive and kind to this?

James and Laurie Smith wouldn’t give up. They were out to destroy my daughter, they feel like my daughter “made” their daughter gay. They are bigoted, religious [zealots] that see being gay as a sin and wrong, and they blame my daughter. Of course I see it 100% different. I don’t see or label these girls as gay. They are teenagers in high school experimenting with their sexuality, all teens do it in one form or another. They are teens, its healthy and normal. And even if their daughter is gay, who cares, she is still their daughter. (Emphasis added)

And why does Kelley Hunt Smith talk about the victim being “gay” when the victim herself told her that she was not?  Why did Kelley Hunt Smith go from indicating that they were too young to label themselves sexually, to stating that the young victim was gay?

The questions are starting to get a bit numerous, aren’t they?

In a sense, this post does leave us with  a number of unanswered questions.  However, it does show us that the relationship between Kaitlyn Hunt and her victim was abusive and controlling, and when the victim tried to leave, Kaitlyn Hunt threatened to “tell people” about her “sexual orientation.” And, if homosexual behavior is, in the words of Kelley Hunt Smith, “healthy and normal,” why did her daughter threaten her young victim with exposing that very “healthy and normal” behavior?  Why the inconsistency?  Or was it just a case of an adult using power and control to manipulate a young teen into staying in a relationship?  You can be the judge of that.

While we know more, I have a hunch that this is only the tip of the iceberg.  But, unless other legal developments come about, we will likely not know.  What we are left with is a traumatized victim and family, whose only desire was to protect their young daughter from an adult that wouldn’t let go.

For now, this is the last post regarding the information obtained in the FOIA request filed by Jeanette Runyon.   As always, should something newsworthy, such as more harassment, arrests, bullying, “pretend IRL stalking,” new evidence emerges, or legal developments occur, we will revisit the case.   In other words, this story is alive as the Hunts and their supporters make it.

Also, I will make the same offer that the website Support Honesty makes.  If there is any kind of actual documentation that proves anything in these last three posts incorrect, I will happily post it to correct the public record.  However, “documentation” means actual documentation, not, “because I said so.”

As always, we need to thank Jeanette Runyon, who has born the brunt of much abuse at the hands of #FreeKate supporters.  From openly plotting to get her banned from Twitter via false spam reports, to one even pretending to stalk her IRL, Jeanette came through under pressure.  Also, we need to thank Robert Stacy McCain, of The Other McCain, whose extensive Twitter readership, his blog, Viral Read, and an American Spectator post all supported the release of this information.  We also need to acknowledge the Smith family, that dug in and stayed the course for the sake of their daughter.  There are a host of other bloggers and individuals to thank and acknowledge, and I will do that in a future post.


Voter Fraud Alert: Mentally Disabled Made to Vote for Obama?


Allegations of mentally disable persons being manipulated or instructed to vote for Obama have surfaced.  While it is clear hat democrats always win the zombie vote, manipulating some of the most vulnerable Americans into voting for Obama is far more disturbing.  Doug Ross has more. 

And I mean the truly mentally ill and incapacitated, not just run-of-the-mill Democrats.

…I was not prepared for a conversation I had at Thanksgiving dinner with my brother-in-law, Henry, who has lived most of his life in a home for the mentally disabled and although now in his 40s, has the intelligence level of a 6-year-old.

“Obama saved me,” he said to me out of the blue.

“What do you mean?”

“I voted for him for president and now he’s saving me.”

I was taken aback by these words, since Henry had no idea who Obama was, or what a president might be, and would be unable to fill out a registration form let alone get to the polling place by himself.

So I asked him how he knew that and how he had registered and cast his vote. In halting, impeded speech he told me that the people who take care of him at the home filled out “the papers” to register him to vote, told him how Obama cared for him, even taught him the Obama chants, and then took him to the polling place to vote. They did the same for all of the mentally disabled patients in their care, approximately 60 in all.

Doug Ross (no relation) has more at the original link.

While it’s likely a misnomer to refer to this a voter fraud, it does show how far leftist are willing to go to get votes.  I’s probably also likely that the main motivation comes from facility owners, who want to protect their own funding.


Newt Gingrich: Once Again the Left is Trying to Manipulate the Right


I got tell you when I first heard that ABC was going to air an interview with Newt Gingrich’s ex-wife Marianne Gingrich, my first thought was here we go again; the left leaning MSM is trying to manipulate the right.  Nothing ticks me off more than when the left tries to manipulate the right by using our core values against us.  Most conservatives respect and honor the institution of marriage and the left knows this.

Back in October when Herman Cain was leading and pulling away in the polls, Politico felt obligated to run a story that asserted Mr. Cain had sexually harassed two unnamed women during his tenure as the head of the National Restaurant Association. Even though the claims could not be substantiated, the MSM picked it up and ran with it.  When it was becoming apparent that the claims were not impacting his poll numbers, liberal lawyer and women’s rights advocateGloria Allred stepped forward with Sharon Bialek another alleged victim of sexual harassment by Herman Cain. Now people could put a face with the story and Cain’s numbers began to drop.  It didn’t matter if the claims could be proven or not, Herman Cain’s fate was decided.  The other shoe dropped in early December when an Atlanta businesswoman Ginger Whiteclaimed she had a 13-year affair with Cain.  Cain dropped out of the race a few days later and our choice was reduced by one.  It’s something note that since Cain dropped out of the running these stories magically disappeared.  They served their purpose.

Gloria Allred revealed what this was about in her interview with thegrio this past December.

When asked how she felt about Herman Cain and if she thought he would make a good president, she replied, Character and honesty are always an issue for anyone that is going to be in the White House. Given the claims of numerous women about his misconduct, I think that his character and his honesty are definitely an issue.

When they asked if she felt responsible for potentially derailing his campaign, she replied, I don’t know if it is derailed, because he hasn’t said he’s quite stepped down yet.  He said he’s going to be thinking about it and talking to his family tomorrow.

So as you can see they know full well that character and honesty matters to conservatives and they used it against us. They planted the seeds of doubt in regards to Herman Cain and they got away with it because we conservatives are very predictable when it comes to character and honesty.  Forget we have a President who has lied to the America people on a regular basis with stunning consistency.  His character and honesty are not in question here.

Cain realized he had lost many conservatives because of the allegations.  It didn’t matter whether they were true or not, the MSM established reasonable doubt in the minds of those supporting him and that was all the left needed to do.  They used our conservative values against us and forced a solid conservative candidate out of the race.  Like I said conservatives are very predictable as to how they will react to certain events or stories when character and honesty are in play.  The left knows this and they use it against us.  This is what they’re getting ready to do with Gingrich.

As many of you know I’m not a fan of Newt Gingrich. I find his infidelity in his marriage with Marianne Gingrichdeplorable.  I’ve been happily married for 19 years and believe in the institution of marriage.  But what I find almost as deplorable is the left trying to use my values and beliefs about marriage to influence how I vote for a candidate.  This is what they do and they do it quite effectively.  See Herman Cain.  Funny how they weren’t this interested in Barack Obama’s cocaine use, or his association with a domestic terrorist (Bill Ayres) or the controversial Reverend Jeremiah Wright.   Strange how they didn’t investigate his relationship with convicted real estate developer Tony Rezko.  No we can’t talk about the character and honesty of President Obamabecause it’s not up for discussion.  Instead the left wants to manipulate the right by steering us towards the candidate they want to run against.  We can’t fall for this tactic again.  We need to make our own minds up about who we will choose as our nominee.

Newt admitted he caused a great deal of pain in his marriage with Marianne. He also admitted that he made mistakes that he regrets.  The one thing we all need to do is to keep things in perspective in regards to divorce.  I have witnessed first-hand the pain and anger divorce has cause people in my own life.  People say and do stupid things because divorce tends to be a very emotional event. It can turn nasty and ugly very quickly and the scars never really fade.  If you choose not to vote for Newt Gingrich because his infidelity goes against your core beliefs then follow your beliefs.  Just don’t let the left use this painful and emotional event of one of our candidate’s life to manipulate how you vote. Frankly I’m tired of the left picking our nominee by using our values against us.  Maybe the left needs to take a hard look at the character and honesty of their own candidate before they throw stones at ours.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!

Original Post:  The Sentry Journal


Even More Verizon Strike Quick Hits: Flinging Poo is Out, Alleged Internal Union Memo Leaked


Well, the Verizon Strike just keeps plugging along.  Or should that be, thugging along?

Flinging Poo is apparently not appropriate:

And we’re so glad that it actually had to be said…

According to the Toms River News, NJ Supreme Court Justice Marybeth Rogers ordered that there should be no vandalism, violence, harassment, obstruction, intimidating, threatening, blocking, or trespassing.

Rogers also set restriction on picketing, allowing no more than six picketers at the entrance to any Verizon owned property at any one time. Picketers were also advise that no more than two picketers may picket a private residence of a Verizon employee and must stay more than 10 feet away from any Verizon individuals performing work on a private residence or business. Rogers’ decision also specified picketers may not have animals present or block any ingress or egress to prohibit movement of a Verizon contractor vehicle.

Striking workers have also been barred from entering inside of any Verizon properties unless they are performing their duties as Verizon employees under the direction of Verizon. Rules were also set for recording, video taping or photographing any individual at any Verizon or performing company.

Ironically, section J is one that would normally go without saying, yet is clearly stated:

”Dropping, spreading, throwing, placing or otherwise causing nails, glass, cinder block, spikes, feces, clubs, rocks, screws, or puncture devices of any kind, or other object or debris to be thrown or strewn in, on, or about Verizon’s driveways, parking lots, entrances, exits, vehicles and adjoining roads to any of Verizon’s property or at any work site.”

The order took effect immediately after its filing on August 11th. IBEW 827 agreed to the proposal and posted a $50,000 bond for payment of incurred future damages.

Seriously, what does it say about your efforts when a judge has to ORDER YOU NOT TO THOUGH FECES??  That it even had to be said speaks volumes about the situation.

Alleged Internal Union Memo Lays out Strike Strategy:

Labor Union Report has posted what is, allegedly, an internal memo that discusses the union strategy for this strike…

The company is using out of state cars/vehicles that are unmarked except for verizon door magnets. There is a possibility that other Unions may be accessing our facilities whether building or manhole. If they are you may first beat them repeatedly with a tire iron then advise them that we are on strike.

Keep pushing the pickets at verizon wireless. The number of stores visited daily is a part of the call now. If you are out of fliers let me know. There is a new flier and I’ll get 100?s of copies made for us to hand out. If we can generate the support of the employees (look how hard we fight for employee rights, etc.) as well as the general public it bolsters our image and public support grows. Believe it or not the public is more with us than against us right now and we need to take steps to keep it that way. If we can keep people out of the stores it will also be a benefit to us because that is money that will be spent on a competitor and not verizon. Any lost profits in wireless only emphasize our value.

A new mobilization is to get everyone in the habit of calling repair several specific times a day. For example, some at 10am others at 11am etc. to keep a steady and disruptive volume of calls slowing the companies ability to take real ones. Have everyone dial *67 first if they are nervous about their number being tracked. A direct number to repair is xxx-xxx-xxxx in case the 800 # is busy. A direct fios number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. We can start our own time table to do this. I think the biggest part is to get EVERY member doing it at different times through out the day.

We cannot sit back and wait. You folks are kicking serious ass! It was requested that whenever possible get pictures of families walking our lines together. Spouses and children who stop by or come for a full shift need to be highlighted and photographed. Matt B. Thanks for the picture of the kids in Bethel. It is exactly what that is about.

Get over to the link to see the rest.

I do post the alleged memo with some hesitation.  It is a tactic of leftist to leak false information in order to discredit opponents.  That being said, subtly has never been a hallmark of organized labor, so you never know.

As for the content of the memo, it seems pretty standard leftist/union fare.  Intimidation, violence, using families and children to score PR points; we’ve seen all of it before.  And considering that my traffic almost doubles when I post about this strike, and 90% of the increased traffic comes from search engines, more and more people are seeing it too .

Can you hear us now goons?