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Common Core Idiocy: 3rd Grade Math is Purposely and Overly Complex

Common Core, when it is not indoctrinating children with Marxist ideology, makes math problems complex to the point of being incomprehensible.  Here is an example I found on Facebook… Why take a simple math problem, and make it more complicated that need be?

Common Core Math Assignments; Meant to Make People Stupid?

Take a look at this common core math assignment and ask yourself if it is intentionally meant to make children stupid… Mina Boyd, whose kindergartener came home with a Common Core math workbook this week, noticed her daughter’s unusual frustration regarding one lesson entitled “Count and Write 20.” “Count and tell how many pieces of fruit. Write the number,” the assignment asks. To Boyd’s surprise, the math problem only included 19 countable apples despite several surrounding problems correctly showing 20. “They ask her to count and write 20. So she counts, counts again, and again, and says ‘mom, there’s only […]

Common Core Math Problem Blasted by Parent

Common Core seems to be uncommonly stupid.  As social media allows the distribution of the nonsense, more and more Americans are finding out that the only thing common about the core is that it’s intrusive, nonsensical, and full of propaganda.  For the latest, here is a parent’s response to an overly complicated math problem… Of course, practical reality has nothing to do with education.  In fact, I believe that is intentional.  Reality doesn’t cooperate with the regressive agenda.  Common Core should be called Common Corpse-at least Obama would get it.

5th Grade Math Worksheets Published by Scholastic Corporation Push Communist Views?

The following was spotted over at the blog The Bold Pursuit: …No, this isn’t a rightwing nutjob nightmare – it’s reality… This worksheet is sold by Scholastic Corporation to teach 5th graders math. Scholastic Corporation is one of the worlds largest book publishing companies and is a major supplier of educational materials for schools, and is deeply involved with the nationalization of education effort called the Common Core Standards. In this worksheet we can clearly see students practicing something called the Distributive Property, which makes numbers easier to work with by separating or breaking equations into parts (I think- I’m not […]