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Michigan Teacher Sues to be Freed From Union

I hope she realizes what she is getting in to. Miriam Chanski, a teacher from Coopersville, Michigan, is suing to be freed from her union, the Michigan Education Association.  EAGNews has more… Miriam Chanski, 24, attempted to drop out of the MEA teachers union this May after Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder approved legislation making Michigan a right-to-work state. But Chanski told WZZM television station the union responded with a letter two months later rejecting her request. The MEA, like most teachers unions, only allows members a very small window of time to drop their memberships each year – for the […]

MEA President Politicize Shootings, Uses Tragedy to Push Personal Agenda Using Union Resources

Hours after the tragic school shooting, I received an email from the Michigan Education Association President Steve Cook. The entire statement can be found on the MEA website, paid for by unionized school employees, but here is the bulk of it: “Regardless of what the details and facts are of today’s events in Connecticut, this nation must have a real conversation about guns and the safety of our students and those who care for them. “I am a gun owner and avid outdoorsman, but something must be done to protect our children from such acts of violence. Entire school communities — boards, administrators, teachers, support […]

Support Local Teachers Unions, Question State Teachers Unions, Oppose National Teachers Unions

All around the state of Michigan, when teachers aren’t talking about their NCAA brackets, the conversation is the coming teacher’s strike. These conversations are getting tougher and tougher on me, because I have a unique position among government employees- whereas most teachers support ‘their union’, I make a distinction- I defend and support my local union and its actions, but disagree with the actions of my state union, and attack the actions of my national union. You see, there are important differences between local, state, and national teachers unions- differences in who is in them, what they do, and what they […]