Obama White House Warns The Press To Stop Publishing Stuff That Offends Muslims


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Perhaps here’s one reason why President Golf Pants didn’t attend that Paris anti-terrorism rally — he doesn’t want the media publishing stuff that offends Muslims. It’s too dangerous.

President Barack Obama has a moral responsibility to push back on the nation’s journalism community when it is planning to publish anti-jihadi articles that might cause a jihadi attack against the nation’s defenses forces, the White House’s press secretary said Jan. 12.

“The president … will not now be shy about expressing a view or taking the steps that are necessary to try to advocate for the safety and security of our men and women in uniform” whenever journalists’ work may provoke jihadist attacks, spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters at the White House s daily briefing.

The unprecedented reversal of Americans’ civil-military relations, and of the president’s duty to protect the First Amendment, was pushed by Earnest as he tried to excuse the administration’s opposition in 2012 to the publication of anti-jihadi cartoons by the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

The White House voiced its objections in 2012 after the magazine’s office were burned by jihadis, followings its publication of anti-jihadi cartoons.

Earnest’s defense of the 2012 objections came just five days after the magazine’s office was attacked by additional jihadis. Eight journalists, two policeman and a visitor were murdered by two French-born Muslims who objected to the magazine’s criticism of Islam’s final prophet.

In other words, shut up or you’ll make the Muzzies angry. Because if you make them angry, they’ll hurt you. And, stunningly, if they hurt you, your president won’t do anything about that.

Throughout the press conference, Earnest repeatedly said the media would be able to decide on its own whether to publish pictures, articles or facts that could prompt another murderous jihad attack by Muslim against journalists.

But he did not say that his government has a constitutional and moral duty to use the nation’s huge military to protect journalists from armed jihadis, but instead hinted strongly that journalists should submit to jihadi threats.

Submit, Dhimmis!

Nice little newspaper you got there. Be a shame if anything happened to it.

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Barack Obama is a traitor to our Constitution. Every president’s first “moral responsibility” is to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, where free speech and freedom of the press are sacrosanct. But Obama’s highly questionable morality sends him in the opposite direction, into the arms of freedom’s enemies.

He’s a coward, spineless in the face of murderous thugs. Unwilling to stand up for what’s right. Committed to appeasement in the name of expediency.

Hey President Quisling, Fuck You. And the camel you rode in on.

charliehebdo 006

One more thing Barry. Here’s a Muslim with more balls than you.

Mayor Aboutaleb
Rotterdam Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb

Mayor Aboutaleb said: “It is incomprehensible that you can turn against freedom… But if you don’t like freedom, for heaven’s sake pack your bags and leave.”

“There may be a place in the world where you can be yourself, be honest with yourself and do not go and kill innocent journalists. And if you do not like it here because humorists you do not like make a newspaper, may I then say you can f*** off.”

“This is stupid, this so incomprehensible. Vanish from the Netherlands if you cannot find your place here. All those well-meaning Muslims here will now be stared at.”

Islam is a virus. Freedom is the only cure.

It disgusts me that a majority of the people in this country voted for a gutless so-called “leader.” America used to be better than that.




State-Run Media Circling the Drain: MSNBC Has Lower Ratings Than Reruns of “Shark Tank”


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For the past 3 months reruns of “Shark Tank” beat out every show on MSNBC. Oh, and Fox News is still #1.

shark-tank-s3No one would say the summer of 2014 suffered any shortage of breaking news.

From the crisis in Ferguson, Mo., to the cultural impact of Robin Williams’ and Joan Rivers’ sudden deaths and all the way up to recent round-the-clock coverage of U.S. strikes on ISIS, cable news has been heavily occupied. The last three months have been so big, Fox News Channel just clocked its first quarter with the most-watched prime time across all of cable in more than a decade — even besting USA and ESPN.

The average 1.79 million viewers between 8 p.m. and 11 p.m., Monday through Friday, gave FNC its first quarter atop the dial since the Iraq War broke out in 2003.

CNN’s gains from the comparable quarter last year were modest, but they were still gains. Its 186,000 adults 18-49 in prime time (8-11 p.m.) marked a 4 percent improvement and even outpaced MSNBC — now back in third place. MSNBC, still holding slight second-place edge in total viewers, was down 21 percent in the key demo compared to last year. Pulling just an average 150,000 adults 25-54 in prime time, it meant quarterly lows for Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O’Donnell in the key demo.

The wondrous anomaly of Shark Tank encores also continues. With the ABC reality competition in heavy off-net rotation on CBNBC, those repeats are outperforming much of cable news and ranking No. 14 in prime time where adults 25-54 are concerned — besting every telecast on MSNBC.

Can you guys hear me laughing? ‘Cause I’m rolling here. The Obamunist preenings of Rachel Madcow & Co. draw fewer viewers than reruns of a show devoted to naked capitalism. That’s gotta hurt.

Then, in a burst of schadenfreude synchronicity, we see that Pinch Sulzberger’s Pravda is sacking another 100 reporters.

The New York Times Co. said Wednesday it plans to cut about 100 newsroom jobs through buyouts, and perhaps layoffs, to cut costs and shift more resources to digital news products.

The company, whose advertising revenue fell 4% year-over-year in the most recent quarter, will offer buyouts to employees at its editorial and business operations. If not enough employees take the offer, it will resort to layoffs.

“The job losses are necessary to control our costs and to allow us to continue to invest in the digital future of The New York Times, but we know that they will be painful both for the individuals affected and for their colleagues,” said newspaper publisher Arthur Sulzberger Jr. and company CEO Mark Thompson in a note to the staff.

Except, their “digital future” isn’t looking too good either.

They also announced that the company will shut down NYT Opinion, a recently launched mobile app for opinion content, because it wasn’t getting enough subscribers.

Folks aren’t willing to pay for Obamunist claptrap emailed to them 24×7? Well sure, it’s available for free on MSNBC, and we’ve already seen how well they’re doing…

If only there was a news outlet that was successful, one the Times could emulate, and maybe cash in on millions of new subscribers. I wonder if Carlos Slim has Rupert Murdoch’s phone number?




Journalism in the Age of Obama: All the News The White House Lets Them Print


 photo censorship_zps66d78786.jpg

To be fair, the First Amendment enjoins Congress from restricting freedom of the press. I just never expected to see our legions of wannabe Woodwards and Bernsteins acquiesce so easily to White House censorship.

White House press-pool reports are supposed to be the news media’s eyes and ears on the president, an independent chronicle of his public activities. They are written by reporters for other reporters, who incorporate them into news articles about President Obama almost every day.

Sometimes, however, the White House plays an unseen role in shaping the story.

Journalists who cover the White House say Obama’s press aides have demanded — and received — changes in press-pool reports before the reports have been disseminated to other journalists. They say the White House has used its unusual role as the distributor of the reports as leverage to steer coverage in a more favorable direction.

The system is set up to incorporate censorship. Reporters send their stories to the White House Press Office, and the White House sends them on to the national and international media.

After careful vetting by the Ministry of Propaganda, of course.

So when Instapundit calls reporters “Democratic Party operatives with bylines” he’s hitting pretty close to the mark. The media goes along because everybody is on the same team.

And it’s easy to understand why CBS ditched Sharyl Attkisson, because she didn’t toe the Obama Administration line on Benghazi. CBS News President David Rhodes has a brother named Ben. Ben Rhodes is Obama’s Deputy National Security Advisor for Strategic Communication, ie, Director of the Ministry of Propaganda.

Did you know that it was Ben Rhodes who rewrote the Benghazi “talking points” given to Susan Rice, deleting all references to al Qaeda and to the security warnings in Benghazi prior to the attack?

Gee, I wonder why you never read about that in the papers.


#Ferguson: What do we know so far?


I’ve been waiting to discuss the events that have occurred in Ferguson, MO.  Like any emotionally charged situation, there are claims and counter-claims.   I tend to wait a bit and summarize what is known.  So, here is what we know about the situation in Ferguson.

The “victim” in this situation is Michael Brown, aged 18.  Mr. Brown was seen on video robbing a local store.

Here is a video, from FOX News, shown at the linked DC article…

Here is more footage, from CNN…

And, we also now know that this video was available for some time, but had not been released at the request of the DOJ.  Breitbart has more…

The shooting took place on Saturday, August 9 and it took until the Friday the 15th for the surveillance video to be released. Since the shooting occurred, Ferguson has been wracked with  riots, destruction of property and looting every night.

The significance of the surveillance video has understandably led some to wonder, why on earth did the police not release it sooner?

“What upsets me is that it should have been all over the news,” said Tatinisha Wheeler, a protester who lives in St. Louis. She said she was confused why the police wouldn’t have immediately said Mr. Brown had been allegedly involved in a crime. “Now they’re going to say it’s a robbery?” she asked.

If the video had come out right away, the gentle giant narrative would never have been able to take hold in the way it did.

Now we know the reason for the delay.

The Holder Justice Department pressured the Ferguson Police Dept. not to release the tape showing the latest left-wing cause celeb to be a violent criminal.

Via NBC News:

The Department of Justice urged Ferguson police not to release surveillance video purporting to show Michael Brown robbing a store shortly before he was shot and killed by police, arguing the footage would further inflame tensions in the St. Louis suburb that saw rioting and civil unrest in the wake of the teenager’s death.

Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson released the video Friday, telling reporters that he had no choice because the media requested the release under the Freedom of Information Act. The Department of Justice, which is conducting its own investigation into Brown’s Aug. 9 death, has had a copy of the footage all along and never considered releasing it to the public, the source said.

Then, the 6*4″ 290 (plus) Brown leaves the store.  And is soon confronted by a police officer, who was called and alerted to Brown’s description.  Donald Douglas at the American Power Blog has more…

And then Dana Loesch has the interview with the friend of Officer Wilson, who explains that Brown assaulted Wilson at the police car, walked 35-feet away, and then turned and launched into a crazed “bum-rush” toward the police car, via Gateway Pundit, “EXCLUSIVE: Friend of OFFICER DARREN WILSON Speaks Out on Shooting of Mike Brown (AUDIO)“:

He pulled up ahead of them. And then he got a call-in that there was a strong-arm robbery. And, they gave a description. And, he’s looking at them and they got something in their hands and it looks like it could be what, you know those cigars or whatever. So he goes in reverse back to them. Tries to get out of his car. They slam his door shut violently. I think he said Michael did. And, then he opened the car again. He tried to get out. He stands up.

And then Michael just bum-rushes him and shoves him back into his car. Punches him in the face and them Darren grabs for his gun. Michael grabbed for the gun. At one point he got the gun entirely turned against his hip. And he shoves it away. And the gun goes off.

Well, then Michael takes off and gets to be about 35 feet away. And, Darren’s first protocol is to pursue. So, he stands up and yells, “Freeze!” Michael and his friend turn around. And Michael taunts him… And then all the sudden he just started bumrushing him. He just started coming at him full speed. And, so he just started shooting. And, he just kept coming. And, so he really thinks he was on something.”

Go straight to the radio interview here, “Josie On The Dana Show 8-15-14.”

Additionally, there is video of the aftermath of the story.  This comes from the Conservative Treehouse.  On the video is audio of witnesses discussing the situation.

And just for another perspective…

Now, it is important to know that these videos and information were NOT available at the time of the incident.  It’s only since Friday that this new information has been trickling out.

Since the death of Michael Brown, there has been rioting and looting every night in Ferguson.  For “justice,” of course…


A simple search engine query will return hundreds of images of vandalism, looting, and destruction.  Because, apparently, “justice” means destruction.

But there is more.  This story also emphasizes that the police have become too militaristic.  When you see pics of cops, and then of armed soldiers, and you cannot tell the difference, there is something wrong.

Then, we still have to ask if the government was trying to get a riot going by withholding key information, like the video of Michael Brown stealing the cigars?  Did they want the mobs rioting a looting, and using the false narrative that Brown was shot in the back as a justification?

I have seen some bloggers state that the new information represents a “change in narrative.”  I would stress that the narrative will not change.  I say this in reference to Trayvon Martin.  If you would recall, Trayvon Martin was in the process of bashing in George Zimmerman’s skull when he was shot in self defense.  No matter what evidence came out, it was still clear that the only way for “progressive justice” to have taken place was for Trayvon Martin to have killed George Zimmerman.  Had that been the case, it would have been a local story, and the world would have been deprived of it’s very first “White Hispanic.”   This case is much the same.  Had Michael Brown been successful in further assaulting, or even killing, officer Wilson, there would be no public outcry.

It is possible that even more information might come out.  In that case, I will do my best to keep up with it.  Don will be back on duty for Tuesday, at which point, I will go back to more spiritual pursuits.

In the meantime, I will pray for peace, and actual justice in this situation.


Trey Gowdy: No Pursuit of Truth if Democrats Can Veto Subpoenas – Benghazi Survivors Taking Polygraphs Monthly?


This post is a mash-up of an interview yesterday on Fox News Sunday, and portions of previous statements made about Benghazi by Congressman Trey Gowdy (R-SC). Below are snippets of two video transcripts along with the videos. The Democrat talking points from Congressman Xavier Becerra (D-CA) would be funny if Democrats had not tried so baldly to keep evidence from the public. He even used the words “reckless and irresponsible” about the coming House Select Committee. More: “we participated in seven investigations,” “nothing new,” “want fair and balanced process,” “witch hunt,” “open and balanced process,” (and that, after Democrats shut Republicans out of every House ObamaCare committee that led to the actual legislation). Not only was ObamaCare secret, they bought votes and Becerra talks about “open, fair, balanced,” and had the audacity to intimate that only Democrats would respect “four dead Americans.”

gowdy obama fiction prize

I don’t think I’ve ever seen Chris Wallace be dogged about pressing Democrats on their hypocrisy, as he did in this interview. In fact, I’ve never seen him lean even slightly toward a conservative side, but there was one issue Wallace was having none of, and that’s the Democrat argument that the Dan Rhodes email contained nothing new or different from what has been known for 20 months. In the first video, watch Becerra’s face: patronizing, holding up his pitiful stack of papers from previous hearings, smug, impolite, making faces.

Wallace put up these demands to be met, issued from Nancy Pelosi, if Democrats are to participate on the House Select Committee:

• Democrats must sign off on subpoenas

• Democrats must be allowed to participate in witness interviews

• Republicans must not selectively release testimony

xavier becerraWALLACE: Congressman Becerra, I have a simple question. Are you saying that if you get satisfactory answers to those, the Democrats will participate, and if you don’t, that you won’t?

BECERRA: We’ve participated in all the other seven

investigations. If it’s a fair, open and balanced process, absolutely, but we don’t want to see reckless, irresponsible handling of an affair that took the lives of four brave Americans.

WALLACE: You’re saying that if you’re satisfied with the ground rules, you’re declaring that the Democrats will appoint members to this Committee?

BECERRA: I believe so. We’ve always said that we are ready to participate. We have an oversight responsibility in Congress. What we don’t want to see is reckless and irresponsibile use of taxpayer money to do these witch hunts.

WALLACE: Congressman Gowdy, is it reasonable for Democrats to demand some say in how the Committee is run?

GOWDY: No sir, and if you talk to the ranking members of the two sub-committees that have presided, Zoe Lofgren and Eleanor Holmes Norton, they will tell you, I don’t run my committees the way that Democrats are fearful of. I want a process Chris, that at the end of it, you are welcome to draw different conclusions from the from facts, but I want everyone to say, it was fair, it was exhaustive, and we know more than we did when it started, so on two of those three parts, I think reasonable minds can agree, but on the first point, Chris [Becerra continually trying to interrupt], imagine you and I starting an investigation, and the first thing you ask for is the ability to deny or veto subpoenas going to witnesses. How can it be a pursuit of the truth?

BECERRA: We’ve never asked for that Trey [but Nancy Pelosi clearly did]. What we are simply saying is, make it a process where we can’t be excluded from the interview of witnesses; where we can’t be excluded when a decision is made to subpoena a witness. Make it so that we are all in the room when we are reviewing the documents that are supposed to be evidence. What we don’t want to be is excluded. We don’t want the American public to be shut-out. Fair, balanced and open…

GOWDY: How does it benefit me, Xavier, when I have said from Day 1 that I want this to transcend politics and I want it to inspire trust in you and our fellow citizens. How does it benefit me to do any of the things you just listed?

Wallace asks how Gowdy answers those who say the Select Committee has the sole purpose to hurt Hillary Clinton’s chances for a 2016 presidential race?

GOWDY: I have no friends to reward and no foes to punish and we’re going to go wherever the facts take us. Facts are neither Republican nor Democrat. They are facts, and if we overplay our hand, and engage in a process that is not fair, according to the American people, we will be punished, as we should be for that.

WALLACE: Tell me the biggest single question you want to ask Secretary Clinton.

GOWDY: Why were we still in Benghazi? The British Ambassador was almost assassinated. Our facility was attacked twice. There were multiple episodes of violence. We were the last flag flying in Benghazi, and I would like to know why.

WALLACE: The Pew Research Center did a poll recently and I want to put its results up on the screen, because when asked what single thing they have the most negative view of in Hillary Clinton’s career, they cited Benghazi more than the Monica Lewinsky scandal [15% Benghazi more negative to 9% Monica Lewinsky negative]. People still have a lot questions about Hillary Clinton’s role.

BECERRA: Chris, so the year-and-a-half that was spent by seven different committees, didn’t answer — of course it did.

WALLACE: Wait, wait. You keep pointing to that. We didn’t fine out — and they had been subpoenaed — all the State Department documents [Becerra tries to break-in] — excuse me Sir, they had subpoenaed all the State Department documents and it took until last week for the Administration to finally to release the Ben Rhodes email, in which two days before Susan Rice appeared on this show, he was suggesting that she say that it was the video, not because of a policy failure.

BECERRA: You got yours. You know that that email shows nothing new. It simply…

WALLACE: I don’t agree with that. I think it shows something dramatically new, despite what the White House has been saying for the last year and a half, is shows that inside the White House they were telling Susan Rice what to say.

BECERRA: Chris, every time you get a witness or someone to come talk to you here, they are always going to try to prepare for that conversation with you.

WALLACE: That not what Jay Carney said for 20 months.

BECERRA: That email has nothing that is inconsistent with what the CIA and our security personnel were telling us at the time. It’s exactly the same, but if I can make one quick point, I love what Trey just said. I hope that Trey is going to stay true to what he just said. The rules, however, will determine if this is a fair process, not what Trey says. It’s whether the rules for the conduct of the hearing will provide for a fair, open and balanced process.

WALLACE: You brought up earlier, that I want to finish with Congressman Gowdy. You are saying that this is not political, this is just about fact finding, but as Congressman Becerra brought up, just this week, the National Republican Congressional Committee [NRCC], which is the Committee that supports GOP House candidates, sent out this fundraiser:

House Republicans will make sure that no one will get away from Gowdy and the Select Committee. Will you automatically add your name today to join us and become a Benghazi Watchdog?

This is a fundraiser coming down from the NRCC. Congressman Gowdy, isn’t this exactly the danger, the risk that you overstep your bounds, the GOP, not you personally, you overreach and you make this political and as Congressman Becerra mentioned, you end up, like, going on a political hunt, instead of dealing with issues that people deal with their daily lives, like ObamaCare and jobs?

GOWDY: Yes. Which is exactly why I said, I will never, and have never, sent out any fundraising literature, trying to raise money in the grief and the tragedy of four dead Americans, and I have asked my colleagues to follow suit, but my friend and colleague, Tommy Cotton, from Arkansas, did a magnificent job on the House floor of pointing out the duplicity and hypocrisy of Democrats all of a sudden, deciding that certain things are above politics. They raised money on Sandy Hook. They raised money on Katrina. They raised money on Iraq and Afghanistan, and so for me, I will not raise money on Benghazi, just like I never raised money using crime victims when I was a prosecutor; and I’ve asked my colleagues to follow suit but it would be helpful if our colleagues on the other side  of the aisle did not have selective amnesia when it comes to what’s appropriate to raise money off of and what is not.

The second video below is Gowdy with a montage of his past comments on Benghazi. Here are a few snippets:

There is nothing “phony” about four murdered Americans in Benghazi and he thinks there is, I encourage him to look at the autopsy photos.

• They stood their post. The most that we can do is stand this meager post that we’ve been assigned and demand that this administration speak the truth to the people it is supposed to serve. This was never about a video. It was never spontaneous. It was terror, and I want to know why we were lied to.

• So, if anyone wants to know what difference does it makes — anyone want to ask what difference does it make, it always matters, whether you can trust your government. And to the families, we’re going to find out what happened in Benghazi and I don’t give a damn who’s career is impacted. We’re going to find out what happened.

• I was a prosecutor for 16 years. This is not my first death threat. I’m always happy when it doesn’t come from my wife, and this one did not. I’m going to be fine. It’s not going to keep me from doing my job.

• I need all the evidence, all the documents, unredacted, and I need access to all the witnesses.

• You can draw all the conclusions you want, but you can’t draw any conclusion if you don’t have the evidence. You can say whatever else you want: he’s not smart, his suit doesn’t match, bad hair cut, but no one will tell you I’m not fair.

Remember Gowdy walking up a podium and immediately asking the media questions?

I’m going to ask you some questions and if you can’t answer these questions, then I’ll leave you to draw whatever conclusion you want to draw, about whether or not the media has provided sufficient oversight [on Benghazi].

1. Can you tell me why Chris Stevens was in Benghazi the night that he was killed? [silence] Do you know? [silence] Does it bother you whether or not you know why Chris Stevens was in Benghazi?

2. Do you know why we were the last flag flying in Benghazi after the British had left and the Red Cross had been bombed? [silence]

3. Do you know why additional requests for security were denied? [silence] Do you why an Ambassador asking for more security, days and weeks before he was murdered and those requests went unheeded? Do you know the answer to why those requests went unheeded?

4. Do you know why no assets were deployed during the siege? I’ve heard the explanations, which defy logic, frankly, that we couldn’t have gotten there in time, but you know, they didn’t know when it was going to end, so how can you possible cite that as an excuse?

5. Do you know whether the President called any of our allies and said, can you help? We have men under attack. Can you answer that? [silence]

6. Do any of you know why Susan Rice was picked? The Secretary of State did not go. She says she doesn’t like Sunday talk shows. That’s the only media venue she doesn’t like, if it’s true. Why was Susan Rice on the five Sunday talk shows? [silence]

7. Do know the origin of this mythology that it was spawned as a spontaneous reaction to a video? Do you know where that started? Do you know how we got from no evidence of that, to that being the official position of the administration?

john leboutillierNo video for this, but Fox News’ Harris Faulkner had a panel on Benghazi last night that revealed an astonishing fact, if indeed it is a fact. On the panel were John Leboutillier, Pat Caddell and Doug Schoen. Leboutillier said he hoped the House Select Committee on Benghazi would subpoena all those on the ground in Benghazi that night, who have been told they cannot testify and who must endure a polygraph MONTHLY (paraphrased but the words “polygraph” and “monthly” were his words). I did know they were not allowed to come forward and I had heard that they were polygraphed, but — monthly!

What do you think? Are all Benghazi survivors subjected to monthly polygraphs?

H/T The Right Scoop

See my entire Benghazi database here.






Global Warming Advocates Heating up Rhetoric While America is in Deep Freeze


When leftists lie, and invest themselves heavily in their lies, they double down on the to the extreme.  The examples are endless…

1.  ObamaCare is great, and is not causing people to lose hours, jobs, plans, or doctors.

2.  The Porkulus was a massive success.

3.  Benghazi was nothing, move along, nothing to see here.

4.  The IRS scandal never happened!

5.  Any resistance to sucky policies emanating from the White House is completely due to raaaaacism!

6.  If a mistake is even acknowledged, it’s always someone else’s fault.

And, the mother of all lies, or as I like to call it; the Big Lie, is Global Warming.  It is by far the most persistent all lies, and the cannot help but continue to lie about it in spite of massive scientific evidence against it.  As for the latest spate of doubling down, Mike’s America, posting at Political Realities, has more…

The week after the biggest freeze to hit North America in 20 years, Democrats in Washington began a campaign to demand that news outlets do more stories to scare people into believing global warming is real. It seems that after more than thirty years of telling us the world was about to end if we didn’t act now by raising taxes on energy (as if that would have the slightest effect on the climate) polls show fewer and fewer Americans are buying the “sky is falling” scaremongering.

So, after receiving instructions from their Democrat masters news media outlets obeyed by ramping up the scaremachine (1,2) just as another record blizzard and cold machine grips an area from the Midwest to the mid-Atlantic and northeast (1,2). Despite telling us for years that lack of snow was proof of global warming the warmongers turn on a dime and tell us exactly the opposite (2), none of which was predicted by the models they claim as proof of their theory.

Anyone up for sledding on the Nile?
Spinx and Pyramids in snow December 2014

And it’s not just the United States. When was the last time you saw snow on the Spinx and Pyramids in Egypt? Try, NEVER, as it hasn’t happened in more than 100 years. But it did happen in December.

Get over to Political Realities, and read the rest; it is an excellent take-down of the politically motivated, fake science sourced, and lying media supported fakery that is global warming.


Welcome to Amerika, 2014!


Note: As I’ve been paying attention the rhetoric of the left, particularly the content in Common Core, I am again reminded of the old ABC miniseries, Amerika. Here is a modified version of a post I wrote about it in March of 2010…

Every now and again, I refer to Obama’s version of our nation as “Amerika.” Given that the ObamaCare abomination has survived it’s first few hurdles, it might be a good time to revisit why I say that.

In 1987, ABC ran a 12 hour miniseries called, “AMERIKA,” chronicling life in an America that was taken over by the Soviet Union. Here is the trailer.

I started looking for clips from it. There aren’t all that many, but this one rings true for modern liberal thought.

All that’s missing is the “mmm, mmm, mmm.”  That, and it sounds to be straight out of Common Core.

I wonder what folks in the lefty media thought…

Well, that sounds like anyone on MSNBC referring to Conservatives.

Is it just me, or is truth imitating fiction here?

Note: This is the fourth time I’ve run this post since 2010.  Each time I’ve run it, I’ve had to find another version of the last video, which featured some heated exchanged among the media talking heads of the time.  Seems that many of the were thinking that the miniseries was too tough on the Soviets.  Perhaps that’s why news coverage of a TV miniseries from 1987 has to be censored, or put down the “memory hole,” so to speak!  Can’t have the fictitious Amerika interfering with the real Amerika, can we?


The Government-Media Complex: The Greatest Threat To Freedom


A free society does not only become unfree at the point of a gun. It becomes unfree when its mechanisms of freedom are jammed, when the institutions that are meant to provide power to the people are taken over by unelected forces and twisted into the apparatus of a new tyranny. When undemocratic institutions seize control of democratic institutions then democracy dies, strangled by men and women who keep on smiling while they tighten their grip.

_ Daniel Greenfield, Sultan Knish 

If I could be granted one wish for my fellow Americans, it would be that they would read, understand, and think about the brilliant essay written by Daniel Greenfield linked above. We conservative/libertarians lament the low information voters with regularity. Daniel Greenfield writes about the deliberately misinformed voters. Deliberately misinformed by what he calls the mediacracy.

A nation where governments are elected by the people is most vulnerable at the interface between the politicians and the people. The interface is where the people learn what the politicians stand for and where the politicians learn what the people want. The bigger a country gets, the harder it is to pick up on that consensus by stopping by a coffee shop or an auto repair store. That’s where the Mediacracy steps in to control the consensus.

The media is no longer informative, it is conformative. It is not interested in broadcasting events unless it can also script them. It does not want to know what you think, it wants to tell you what to think…

Remember the presidential “Town Hall” debate where candidate Mitt Romney was expected to take President Obama to task for the Benghazi disaster? Greenfield has some thoughts about Candy Crowley’s performance:

Candy Crowley, in true Mediacrat style, was not there to facilitate a conversation, but to tell us what to think. Unlike Obama or Romney, Crowley had no legitimate reason for being there. She was not a political candidate and had not passed any of the democratic tests that Obama and Romney had to be able to sit there. Her influence had no basis of any kind in the voice of the people. Instead she was there as a representative of the powerful and unelected Mediacracy which was determined to have its say. She was there to remind the pols that even in a Two Party system, the Fourth Estate acts as the third candidate, never running for office but always winning by controlling the conversation.

The vast majority of the media in America are owned by a handful of large corporations. They are acting as the traffic cop controlling the flow of information about the government to the people and about the people to the government. Jesus said: “…the truth will set you free.” But, the Government-Media Complex does not want Americans to be free. To which, Greenfield wrote:

The Mediacracy has directed all its efforts into hijacking the public dialogue, turning elections into a cheap sideshow accompanied by sneering commentary. It has insisted on being the third candidate in every election and turned its corporate shills into the pretend voice of the people. It has stomped all over the traditions of this country, its independent institutions and its freedoms with thousand dollar shoes while wrapping itself in any available flag. And it cannot be allowed to get away with it.

Those who write and those who read conservative/libertarian blogs are the primary source of truth today. MAKE YOUR VOICES HEARD!

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

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Colorado School Shooter, Karl Pierson Taunted Republicans on Health Care and the Climate Hoax


Sadly, there was yet another school shooting. This time, the event occurred in the state of Colorado, and the perpetrators name was Karl Pierson. As usual, liberals attempt to politicize the event. And, as usual, reality proved them wrong yet again. Jammie Wearing Fools has more coverage.

Well this sure upsets the narrative.

In one Facebook post, Pierson attacks the philosophies of economist Adam Smith, who through his invisible-hand theory pushed the notion that the free market was self-regulating. In another post, he describes himself as “Keynesian.”

“I was wondering to all the neoclassicals and neoliberals, why isn’t the market correcting itself?” he wrote. “If the invisible hand is so strong, shouldn’t it be able to overpower regulations?”

Pierson also appears to mock Republicans on another Facebook post, writing “you republicans are so cute” and posting an image that reads: “The Republican Party: Health Care: Let ‘em Die, Climate Change: Let ‘em Die, Gun Violence: Let ‘em Die, Women’s Rights: Let ‘em Die, More War: Let ‘em Die. Is this really the side you want to be on?”

Carl Schmidt and Brendon Mendelson, both seniors at Arapahoe High, knew Pierson. They said he had political views that were “outside the mainstream,” but they did not elaborate.

Schmidt said the shooter “was an outspoken kid about what he believed and a good political thinker.”

And while this part of the quote is interesting, Ace has even more at his place.

Let’s read some more.


Thomas Conrad, who had an economics class with [the shooter] Pierson, described him as a very opinionated Socialist*.

“He was exuberant I guess,” Conrad said. “A lot of people picked on him, but it didn’t seem to bother him.”

In one Facebook post, Pierson attacks the philosophies of economist Adam Smith who through his invisible hand theory pushed the notion that the free market was self-regulating. In another post, he describes himself as “Keynesian.”

“…I was wondering to all the neoclassicals and neoliberals, why isn’t the market correcting itself?” he wrote. “If the invisible hand is so strong, shouldn’t it be able to overpower regulations?”

Pierson also appears to mock Republicans on another Facebook post, writing “you republicans are so cute” and posting an image that reads: “The Republican Party: Health Care: Let ’em Die, Climate Change: Let ’em Die, Gun Violence: Let ’em Die, Women’s Rights: Let ’em Die, More War: Let ’em Die. Is this really the side you want to be on?” (emphasis added)

So, to put it bluntly, the shooter was a liberal. And in all of these shooting attacks, they have yet to find a conservative, the Libertarian, or Tea Party activist it is not a single one of them. However, that does not stop liberals from making the suggestion, as soon as such an event occurs, that it’s someone who actually believes in freedom. With history being the greatest teacher, we see that leftist regimes whether under the banner of fascism or communism, have committed the greatest acts of violence the world has ever seen.

It is also worth mentioning that the original dinosaur media story was edited to eliminate the word, “socialist.”

I think Stacy McCain, over at The Other McCain, sums it up rather well…

If teenage terrorist Karl Pierson had been a Fox News-watching Rush Limbaugh fan, you can bet the media would be very specific about his influences, but because his “outside the mainstream” views were to the left, it’s all very vague, isn’t it?

I guess we have to add Karl Pierson to the list of liberal killers (or attempted) that, once cleared of Right Wing associations, are edited of their political affiliations.


SooperMexican to the Rescue: Forcing the MSM to Correct a False McDonald’s Story



What happens when the MSM spreads a very false story regarding Mcdonald’s, their wages, and their prices?

SooperMexican happens, that’s what.

SooperMexican has waged a Twitter war on MSM outlets that have continued a false story that McDonald’s could double the pay for it’s workers while only increasing their prices by 17%.  It was, of course, a lie.

Get over to SooperMexican’s place to see how he has extracted retractions from several sources! 


Politics is Scandalous: Media Continues to Protect Obama


For weeks I’ve been visiting the Huffington Post and looking for stories on Benghazi.  To nobody’s surprise, I found almost nothing.  On the days that big stories broke on even the major news networks, nothing was to be found on the HuffPo.  The last few days have been quite different – Benghazi everywhere!  When the IRS and AP stories broke, nothing on HuffPo, but the stories are mentioned now.  Is the HuffPo that slow to respond to news?

The stories are to be found on the biggest political blog in the world, but they were buried for bigger headlines like Angelina’s mastectomy and the ills of cheap labor overseas.  All of those recent stories on the scandal subjects are, of course, in defence of the administration.  Go figure.

Peter Goodman praises the IRS for going after the Tea Party groups:

“In castigating government as the root of all evil while portraying taxation as a form of tyranny, the Tea Party is no less than a mass celebration of the evasion of the basic responsibilities of American citizenship. Common sense alone tells you that people drawn to its ranks may feel extra temptation to find ways to limit what they surrender to the rogue federal bureaucrats who have supposedly seized the nation.”

I wonder if Goodman would be so inclined to allow the IRS to go after Muslim groups because those who are drawn to its ranks may feel extra temptation to fund terrorism.  It’s funny how the words “equality” and “fair” are thrown around by liberals until they get a chance to stick it to the right.  The right doesn’t deserve equality though because, as I’ve been told, we are the ones who abuse equality; apparently by being wealthy, white, and capitalists (I can only claim the last one with certainty).

The rest of the lemmings at HuffPo have written these scandals off as political attacks.  Their sentiments can be wrapped up in the first line of the genius of Barbra Streisand, “Sometimes in the face of national tragedy, politics should take a backseat”.  Unless that tragedy is due to politics.  The most obvious response to this kind of blind protectionist rhetoric is that all of these scandals are political in nature.  I don’t remember her bypassing politics when it came to her stance on 9/11’s inside job.

Sadly, they’re all the same.  They all poo poo the failures of this administration and continue to find excuses for the President.  Why is this?  Why continue to support someone who has failed us so often?  Even Chris Matthews and Jon Stewart this week have had to publically cast their doubts to the sainthood of Obama.  Those doubts will diminish as these stories fade and their love for him will return (it took Chris 22 minutes).  I think that Gutfeld had it right in his first Breitbart piece (yay!),

“In fact, the media are so desperate to be liked by Obama that they are willing to overlook anything unseemly. When I look at the multitude of scandals, I cannot blame the President. My disgust is reserved for the media who let him wander so far off the reservation–because they love him more than their own principles.”

He goes on to call the media Obama’s enablers not unlike a drug addicts mom who refuses to cut him off for fear of losing his love.  Meanwhile the addict feeds off of that love, money, and attention.  This is the second reason this is political.  The media has not done its job.  When Nixon committed his political crimes, the media was ready and willing to ready the noose.  That’s what the media is for, to get the tough and dirty truths to the people so that we can hold them accountable.  When the media is in bed with those in government, who passes on the pillow talk?  Partisans!

Thankfully we also have bloggers and conservative groups who are ready and willing to take the responsibility of the old media, which is perhaps the motive behind the IRS scandal.

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Home Invaders Assault Man, Lock Him in a Closet-Where His Guns Are Kept, National Media Silent


As the title implies, some home invaders made a big mistake when the roughed up a man, and then threw him in his closet-where the home owner kept his gun collection.  The man promptly armed himself, and the rest was rather predictable…

A Houston, TX resident was caught off guard when 3 men, at least one of whom was armed, kicked in the door to the home he shared with his parents in broad daylight.

The violent men roughed up the resident and placed him in a closet while they ransacked the home.

What the suspects didn’t know – that closet is where the homeowner keeps his collection of handguns.

The resident armed himself and went through the house, where he encountered one of the suspects.

The two exchanged gunfire which resulted in the suspect being shot twice, but he was still able to escape.

He ran down the street and collapsed nearby. The other 2 suspects escaped in an old Chevy Tahoe.

Of course, this man was just supposed to be a victim.  He was supposed to sit back and hope that the home invaders didn’t decide to revisit the closet and finish him off.  Since guns are only supposed to be portrayed in a negative light,  this kind of story is never mentioned in the national media.


MSM Reports What the Rest of us Have Known for Months: Military Help for Benghazi was Available but Denied


At last, the MSM is starting to report what we knew all along-that military help was available to relieve Benghazi, but was denied.

The deputy of slain U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens has told congressional investigators that a team of Special Forces prepared to fly from Tripoli to Benghazi during the Sept. 11, 2012 attacks was forbidden from doing so by U.S. Special Operations Command Africa.


The account from Gregory Hicks is in stark contrast to assertions from the Obama administration, which insisted that nobody was ever told to stand down and that all available resources were utilized. Hicks gave private testimony to congressional investigators last month in advance of his upcoming appearance at a congressional hearing Wednesday.

And now we see why the administration was threatening whistle-blowers.  The people have a story that completely contradicts the administrations narrative.  Now, I have some concerns about the story.  Is CBS going to run with it, and then discredit it, in order to cover for the administration?  Maybe it’s just me being a tad bit paranoid, but considering the lengths to which the media has gone to in order to cover for the president, I have a hard time believing that they are going to throw him under the bus.

Unless, that is, they are going to throw someone else under the bus to protect team Obama.

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Benghazi: Officials are Finally Coming Out of the Shadows With Explosive New Information


The mainstream media has tried extremely hard to bury the story, but the tragic events surrounding the attack on our compound in Benghazi that led to the death of four Americans will not go away.  With little to no answers the administration that promised to leave no stone unturned in order get to the bottom of this is now taking a “nothing to see here…move along” attitude.  The proverbial “These are not the droids you’re looking for” line from Star Wars appears to be the tactic this administration is running with.  However, new information from inside sources appears to contradict the administration’s claims that there was no possible way to rescue our citizens who died in the attack.  Maybe there is something to see here.  Make no mistake folks, in my opinion this goes all the way to highest levels in our government and they desperately want this to go away.  I knew this ran deep a few days after the attack when Hillary Clinton was contemplating seeking legal counsel.  Not many people remember that little talked about fact.  Because this runs so high up the ladder, there has been a concerted effort by this administration to deflect, obstruct, and bury this story.  Below is a clip of Special Report that tackles this new revelation.  Please watch it.  It’s about 10 minutes long.

Folks if this leads to where I think it’s going to lead, then there really needs to be a criminal investigation.  Benghazi was and is a low point in our nation’s history and people need to be held accountable.  I don’t care how far up the chain it goes.  Four brave souls died and as of this writing I don’t know one person who has been held accountable.  When this story looked as if it was going to fade away, one of the first things I said was where are the people who know the truth?  Why isn’t anyone stepping forward?  Well it looks as if that is finally starting to happen.  I hope we have the courage to see it through no matter where it takes us.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!

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Earth Day 2013: Mythical Creatures Plan Protest


Here is another classic CH 2.0 post in honor of Earth day 2013.  

I recently received a message from none other than Bigfoot!  Not wanting to miss an opportunity for a good story, I decided to interview him.

Me:  Hello Bigfoot, thanks for contacting me.  BTW, do you go by Bigfoot?

Bigfoot:  Thanks for answering, FYI, my name is Bill.

Me:  Mmkay, Bill it is.  What was the reason for contacting me?

Bill:  Well, we’re planning a protest.  We’re tired of being compared to something so ridiculous, that we end up looking bad.

Me:  OK then, I have a couple of questions then.  Who are “we?”  and what are you being compared to?

Bill:  “We” are a variety of different “mythical creatures” around the world.  So far, we have Nessie, Champ, and the Yeti on board. What we are opposed to is the whole notion of Man Made Global Warming.   It is infuriating to be compared to something that is being disproved every day!  Don’t these idiots realize that the Earth is cooling?

Me:  So, your issue is the lack of evidence?

Bill:  Absolutely!  There are pictures of Nessie, Champ, and myself.  There are eyewitness sitings of all of us.  There are footprints of myself and the Yeti-he’s my cousin, by the way.  What is there of Global Warming?  Falling temperatures??  It makes us all look bad!

Me:  I see.  What do you intend to do?

Bill:  Initially, we we going to eat environmentalists, but we changed our minds.

Me:  How come?

Bill:  I ate a earth first terrorist once.  Did ya know that most of them are vegans?  He tasted terrible, and I had terrible gas for days!  Even the other monsters avoided me!  As you might guess, there’s no dosage of pepto or beano for a guy my size.  I just had to suffer through it.

Me:  So what’s your plan?

Bill:  Well, we’re going to hold marches and protests, but the MSM won’t cover it.

Me: Oh Really?!?

Bill:  Yeah, they said they’d rather cover a myth that fits their agenda rather than one that can be proved correct.

Me:  Typical… sad, stupid, but typical.  We’ll cover it though.  By the way, what about the chupacabra?

Bill:  Well, there’s a couple problems there.  He refuses to learn English, and he’s (whispers) an illegal immigrant.

Me:  (Facepalm)

Bill:  Thanks…Gotta go, Nessie is texting me.   Bye, and thanks!!!

There you have it folks.  Mythical creatures ignored, who have more evidence on their side than does global warming.  This can only happen in the Liberal Zone.

Disclaimer: No mythical creatures were harmed in the writing of this post.

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Unbreaking: No Arrests in Boston Marathon Bombing


Despite of the many conflicting reports during the course of the day, there have yet to be arrests in the Boston Marathon Bombing.  Viral Read has the latest…

UPDATE IV: The FBI statement:

No Arrest Made in Bombing Investigation
FBI Boston
April 17, 2013 Special Agent Greg Comcowich
Contrary to widespread reporting, no arrest has been made in connection with the Boston Marathon attack. Over the past day and a half, there have been a number of press reports based on information from unofficial sources that has been inaccurate. Since these stories often have unintended consequences, we ask the media, particularly at this early stage of the investigation, to exercise caution and attempt to verify information through appropriate official channels before reporting.

The news organizations that previously claimed to have official sources telling them that an arrest had been made have not yet explained why their official sources were wrong.

I was at the day job today, and could not follow the story to any read degree, but I had heard that there is a suspect.  Once again, we go back to Viral Read, where Stacey McCain reports…

UPDATE V: Liz Goodwin at Yahoo News reports:

Authorities have identified a suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings and forcefully denied news reports that an arrest had been made in the attack Wednesday afternoon.
The Associated Press and the Boston Globe reported a suspect had been arrested and was en route to the Moakley Federal Courthouse in South Boston. CNN also reported that a suspect was in custody, before backtracking from its earlier report and saying no suspect had been nabbed. The Boston Police Department and the US Attorney’s office in Boston denied those reports on Wednesday afternoon, saying no arrest had been made.
The FBI issued a sternly worded rebuke to the press for reporting that a suspect was in custody.

A press conference previously scheduled for 5 p.m. ET in Boston has been indefinitely postponed. Meanwhile, Internet users believe they may have identified at least one of the suspected bombers.

Well, the more news there is, the less actual news there seems to be.  I’ll stay on top of it, as my time allows, and I’ll get information out as it comes in.

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Are Those Who Believe in Traditional or Christian Beliefs Now to be Contemned?


Although I know that I risk the wrath of the Detroit News and others who would judge me for posting my personal feelings on this issue, I nonetheless have felt compelled to weigh in with some further thoughts about gay marriage that supplement my earlier posting about the Supreme Court having to be very careful with issuing a ruling on this matter that is legitimate.

David Brody, the Christian Broadcasting Network News Chief Political Correspondent, noted in his post Are Evangelicals Now More Scorned than Homosexuals? that:

…Direct from the school of, “Counter-Intuitive Thinking,” I bring you this question: When it comes to the issue of same-sex marriage, are Evangelical Christians actually the ones more ridiculed than homosexuals? In the media’s narrative, you would think that homosexuals are the poor souls who have been banished by society like ugly stepchildren and are now rising to overcome incredible odds.

But what about today? Let’s be honest: If you are a conservative evangelical who believes in the biblical definition of traditional marriage then guess what? You are one of the following: An outcast, a bigot, narrow-minded, a “hater” or all of the above. It’s a different type of ridicule but it’s still ridicule.

The tables have been turned. Evangelicals are now the ugly stepchild. In our American culture today, you can easily make the argument that it is harder to stand for biblical truth than it is to be a supporter of gay marriage in today’s society.

Don’t believe me? Ask Kirk Cameron or Tim Tebow who both have been endlessly ridiculed for stating mainstream biblical positions on marriage and other topics. How about the comments by Chick-fil-A Founder Dan Cathy? Remember his comments in strong support for traditional marriage? He nearly had his head ripped apart by the mainstream media.

Meanwhile, politicians like former Sen. Rick Santorum have been labeled part of a “Jesus-eating cult” (Whatever that means). The list goes on. It happens all the time. Why? Just because evangelicals believe in the biblical definition of marriage? American society and culture may change but the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob does not.

Evangelicals shouldn’t be surprised by any of this. The Bible clearly states that becoming a born-again believer and walking with Jesus will cost you something and you will be treated like an outcast. Luke 21:7 says, “Everyone will hate you because of me.” Matthew 10:22 exclaims, “You will be hated by everyone because of me, but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.” And Luke 6:22 proclaims, “Blessed are you when people hate you, when they exclude you and insult you and reject your name as evil, because of the Son of Man.”

Let me be clear: The Brody File believes hate crimes and incendiary talk and bullying against ALL people (gay or straight) is a sin against God Almighty. And Evangelical Christians have fallen short in this area as well, hence the need for a Savior who forgives us and washes our sins away. Still, the level of vitriol by media commentators and others who support the homosexual lifestyle is just going to continue to increase and get more aggressive against Bible-believing evangelicals….

As a public school teacher, I would concur strongly with this- nothing makes students and fellow staff and administration reject you and judge you like expressing mainstream Christian beliefs consistent with the Bible, and nothing makes those same people accept and praise you and reward you like implementing policies and lesson plans and actively promoting beliefs that are rejected by mainstream and traditional Christian teachings.

In our school system, we have clubs and organizations and ‘days’ set aside for promoting and teaching about: homosexuality, not bullying or teasing those who promote homosexuality, environmentalism, eastern religions, Harry Potter and anime, diversity (and by diversity I mean exclusively those who believe in homosexuality and promote it), black history, Muslim tolerance, evolution, anti-creationism, and separation of church and state (which is interpreted as anti-Bible teaching). To teach or promote or even talk about mainstream Christian values and beliefs is not allowed in public schools- or in the media or in the newspapers or increasingly in politics. Wrong is now right, and right has now become wrong.

This is not to say that we should not have these days- rather it is to note that we no longer also have days for lessons and promoting: traditional marriage, not bullying or teasing those who promote traditional marriage, growth and productivity and building, western religions, prayer and the Bible, diversity (and by diversity I mean debates and conversation about theological and moral issues from every perspective), history of other sorts, Jewish tolerance, creationism, and the proper role of religion and government in society. To teach or promote or even talk about these values and beliefs above should be part and parcel to public education, journalism discourse, and politics today- and yet these are the very beliefs and teachings that apparently will make you and outcast and hated in today’s society. And this is wrong.

Let’s work towards and promote a society that is loving and caring and supportive of God’s word and traditional Christian beliefs- and tolerant of and knowledgeable of and accepting of other beliefs and religions as well. This culture of hate- from one side or another- and promotion of values and beliefs- from one side or another- surely can’t be consistent with the desires of a loving and caring God.

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Two Christians Were Beheaded by Muslim: National Media Silent


If seems that  more and more good people  are being set upon by all sides.   Christians are being persecuted in schools, in universities, in hospitals, and via ObamaCare.  Now, add to the fray the Muslims, for  two Christians were beheaded by a Muslim in New Jersey.  And, as usual, the MSM is taking a pass on covering it.  The Western Center for Journalism has the video…

Then again, the Book tells us that this sort of thing is going to happen.  But the MSM is performing its function and not reporting on it.  However, if a Tea Party member were caught jaywalking, it would be a national story.  In fact, maybe NBC will just make it up and report it!

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