MUST See Video: #Ferguson Protesters Are Right, Watch This Shocking Act Of Police Brutality…


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Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers and the City of Lowell.

Where are Sharpton and Jackson on this??

In an incredibly unique and quite clever way, the City and Police Department of Lowell, Michigan are doing their best to turn the tide of public opinion away from the stereotypical power hungry peace officer.

Kudos to the City of Lowell PD!!





School Security Guard to Army Officer: You Can’t Come In While Wearing Your Uniform


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Hat/Tip to Fox News.

As seen on Fox and Friends

Fox and Friends asked its viewers what story outraged them the most this morning. And this one out of Michigan was an easy winner: an Army officer was apparently told he could not enter his daughter’s school because he was wearing his Army uniform.

His wife, Rachel Ferhadson, explained what happened via phone. Ferhadson and her husband, Lt. Col Sherwood Baker, had stopped at Rochester Adams High School in Rochester Hills during the day to clear up an issue with his daughter’s class schedule.

But when Baker tried to go in, a security guard told him that he could not enter wearing the uniform because it could offend people, Ferhadson recounted.

“They told him some kids might not understand and might be offended. So they gave him a choice, told him he could phone in to the office or go home and change his clothes,” said Ferhadson.

At that point, the couple called the superintendent’s office from the parking lot and a staff member came out to let him in the school.

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Ferhadson says the superintendent, a combat Marine veteran himself, was also “appalled” at what happened and the principal has also expressed regret to the family.

“I feel a lot better about it now than I did 24 hours ago. … They have taken steps to correct what happened.”

Ferhadon says she “doesn’t know what they would have done” if officials had stood by the security guard and not allowed her husband into the school.

In a statement to Fox 2 in Detroit, superintendent Robert Shaner said, “The district has apologized for any perception that individuals in uniform are not welcome in the school. The district does not have a policy excluding individuals in uniform and will be working with administration and the firm that handles our security to make sure district policies are understood and communicated accurately.”






Louis Farrakhan Supporter, John Conyers, Back on Ballot: Used Non-Registered Voters, Oh Well…


Remember the 2012 presidential elections when Republican presidential candidates Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, Jon Huntsman and Newt Gingrich failed to receive the required 10,000 signatures for a ballot placement in the important state of Virginia? They did not end up on the ballot, but Democrats in Michigan have better fortunes. Congressman John Conyers, running for yet another opportunity to screw the American people through his congressional privilege, allowed non-registered voters to circulate petitions gathering names for his run, and — the petitions failed to get the required 1,000 VALID signatures. After the INVALID names were removed, Conyers had only about 400 presumed VALID names. The petitions were still circulated by unqualified persons. The Michigan Secretary of State said Conyers’ name would not be on the ballot and cited the state’s “purity of the ballot access process,” but a Detroit federal judge cited Conyers’ “good intentions.” Guess who won.

Brilliant John Conyers Cartoon by Mike Thompson. Click the graphic to visit.
Brilliant John Conyers Cartoon by Mike Thompson. Click the graphic to visit.

“The Michigan Election Law is designed to protect the purity of the ballot access process,” the Secretary of State’s review said. “The laws governing this activity place affirmative duties on petition circulators. As evidenced over the past two election cycles, when campaigns fail to comply with the law by executing basic principles of petition circulation, they create their own ‘ballot access crisis’ when their failures are discovered by or brought to the attention of election officials. In this instance, consultant Steve Hood freely admitted that he failed to ensure that the petition circulators he hired to work on Conyers’ campaign were registered to vote.”

Despite the state’s legal findings on the very same day that state election authorities determined that Conyers did not belong on the ballot, the Obama-appointed federal judge reversed that decision and insisted he be placed there anyway.

And Conners’ “good faith intentions:”

There’s evidence that the failure to comply with the law was a “result of good-faith mistakes that (circulators) believed they were in compliance with the statute,” the judge said. Source: Fox News

A little more detail:

After Conyers’s primary opponent, Reverend Horace Sheffield, challenged the congressman’s ballot petition, election officials discovered that a large number of his campaign’s signatures had been collected by volunteers who weren’t registered Michigan voters, as the law required. Source: National Review Online

Sheffield is a Democrat. He was allegedly arrested and charged with “misdemeanor violence.”

Another example:

In 2012, Michigan Republican representative Thad McCotter was kept off of the ballot because of invalid signatures. McCotter initially pursued a write-in campaign, before eventually dropping the effort and resigning from Congress.

Conyers said he was trying not to “smile openly.”

Find Cartoonist Mike Thompson’s Facebook page here. 

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Michigan Teacher’s Union Contract Specifically Excludes Christians


“Christians need not apply,” might as well read the signs at one Michigan school.  The union’s contract with that district specifically excludes Christians from the hiring process.  Here is more on the teacher’s union hatred for Christianity…

One of the latest outrageous reports emanating from this bastion of leftism, however, indicates just how dedicated unions are to the cause of whitewashing America’s founding principles and values.

One Michigan school district’s teachers union boasts a contract that unequivocally states that “[s]pecial consideration shall be given to … those of the non-Christian faith” in filling open positions within the school system. It appears that this inclusion not only violates a previous passage in the contract but also a state law that prohibits religious discrimination in employment decisions.

The contact, which governs teachers in the community until 2017, guarantees similar advantages for minorities and women. Though millions of Americans consider such considerations antithetical to the selection of the best candidate, regardless of race or gender, the emphasis on hiring non-Christians is especially distasteful.

Ann Arbor’s Thomas Law Center President Richard Thompson expressed his concern regarding the contract’s language.

“Why would they be discriminating against Christians?” he asked. “They are not supposed to be discriminating against people for their religious beliefs. It’s outrageous – and I believe it’s unconstitutional.”

He concluded that the document could clearly result in a religious litmus test for current and future teachers in the district.

“Are people going to hide their faith so they can get a promotion?” he wondered. “There is a subtle persecution of Christians.”

Again, the left wants all sorts of protections against discrimination, but allow themselves to violate those same requirements.  Remember when the AARP was sued for age discrimination?  Remember when ACORN was a “champion” of the “living wage,” and refused to pay their workers minimum wage?  Or how about unions paying homeless and other disadvantaged folks slave wages to carry protest signs?  You see kids, rules are for you to follow.  Your leftist overlords, on the other hand, are immune from those rules.  And as soon as you get used to that fact, the more comfortable you will be with your enslavement.


What’s with the Left’s attraction to Pedophilia?


It is a rare day when I write about anything that doesn’t have to do with politics or economics. I leave social issues to others, which isn’t to mean that I’m not interested in social issues. I am. But, I don’t care how the Left twist and distorts the English language, sexual abuse of children is not a life style choice. It is the most vile and disgusting of criminal acts. And, it is even more vile and disgusting when it done by someone in whom we intrust our children for hours at a time; such as, a teacher.

Maybe this story caught my attention because it happen in my home state of Michigan. This article at The Blaze back in August of this year tells us that a male teacher at the Rose City Middle School was found guilty of molesting an eigth grade boy over a period of three years. The community and the boy’s father were rightly outraged by this hideous act. They were even more outraged when six other teachers protested when their colleague, Neal Erickson, was sentenced to 15-30 years in prison. These six teachers even sat with Erickson’s family during the trial and, at least, one of them wrote a letter to the judge pleading for a light sentence for their friend:

“Neal has plead (sic) guilty for his one criminal offense but he is not a predator,” Harriet Coe reportedly wrote. “This was an isolated incident. He understands the severity of his action and is sincere in his desire to make amends…”

The boy’s father and many in the community were distraught by these teachers defending a child abuser. The father has called fro these teachers to be fired.

 “Do you want somebody who says 15-30 years for raping a child, an 8th grader, is a little harsh? Do you want them teaching your child?”

“Since when do we put a price on a child? Since when? It is wrong. How many teachers are going to turn a blind eye? These teachers cannot be trusted, they cannot be trusted.”

The pedophile defenders were not happy with the father speaking out in defense of his son:

“At one thirty in the morning on a Saturday, I was awoken to a bomb sound going off,” Janczewski said, choking back emotion.  “I went to the window to find my garage was on fire and engulfed in flames, my camper and the side of my house…

The family also had the letters “YWP” and “ITY” spray painted on the side of their house, which Janczewski thinks mean “you will pay” and “I told you.”

Fortunately for the boy and his family, the judge in the case was not pleased by these happenings:

Circuit Judge Michael Baumgartner said during the sentencing that he was “appalled and ashamed” at the community’s support for Erickson, saying: “What you did was a jab in the eye with a sharp stick to every parent who trusts a teacher.”

So, now it is December and this sad story has not ended. Fox News reports:

A teacher’s union in Michigan is fighting to get a $10,000 severance package for a convicted child molester whose case that drew outrage earlier this year when his former school colleagues pleaded with a judge to sentence him lightly.

In recapping the original story, the Fox News reporter wrote:

Neal Erickson, 38, pleaded guilty in May to raping a young boy over the course of three years — from 2006 to 2009 — and was sentenced to 15-30 years in prison. The prison term came over the pleas of seven of Erickson’s former fellow teachers at Rose City Middle School, including Sally Campbell, who said in a letter to the judge that “Neal made a mistake. He allowed a mutual friendship to develop into much more.”

Excuse me! “A mutual friendship??? Do these people have any concept of right and wrong? I knew or worked with several self-proclaimed atheist in my time. Only one was a jerk about it. The others respected people of faith and they had the same concepts of right and wrong as I. But today? I do not understand these  people. I want to go on a long rant to explain the rage I feel about those who abuse children. But, frankly, after a long while sitting here before my keyboard, I find I don’t have the words to adequately describe my feelings. These teachers clearly think they are on the moral high ground. Can somebody explain that to me? How is defending people who rape children a moral high ground? How is  attacking the family of the victim a moral high ground? And, the teacher’s union wants to make sure the pedophile gets his severance pay? Is that a moral high ground?

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

Original Post:  Asylum Watch


How the State Standards are Indoctrinating our Youth with Marxist Views on the Great Depression


For many long years conservatives have failed badly in teaching the lessons of the Great Depression, instead deferring to the liberals and accepting their ‘lessons’ as the reality of the situation. The damage from years and years of learning the wrong lessons from the Great Depression is that today our nation is replicating the same sorts of policies that led to and lengthened the Depression and it is questionable whether or not there are enough around still educated in different lessons to implement different policies that will lead our nation to greater success and liberty and prosperity.

In 2004, the State of Michigan adopted a revised set of social studies standards- the high school’s standards are called the High School Content Expectations. These HSCE’s are intended to establish what every high school student that graduates from Michigan should know by the time they graduate and the Michigan Merit Exam and other tests created by the state are designed to test whether or not students are indeed learning what is expected. Although language is included that says that teachers can teach other content, the reality is that the amount of material that must be taught effectively precludes this, and so these standards really are a good basis for judging what what is being taught in our classrooms in Michigan and what students therefore are learning. These standards remain in place today, and have so far have not been replaced by the far worse Common Core standards.

United States History and Geography Standard 7.1 covers the time period of the 1920’s and 1930’s, and has been titled “Growing Crisis of Industrial Capitalism and Responses,” and let us first look at this suggested way of viewing the 1920’s and 1930’s as some sort of ‘crisis of’ ‘industrial capitalism’. Wikipedia defines industrial capitalism as a variety of capitalism marked the development of the factory system of manufacturing and characterized by a complex division of labor between and within work process and the routine of work tasks, but most of the literature and google hits on the term ‘industrial capitalism’ were various Marxist sites and discussions of Karl Marx. Framing what happened in the 1920’s and 1930’s therefore in this sort of Marxist vision of the world and using a term that is virtually unknown in our nation like ‘industrial capitalism’ to describe this time period therefore are causes of concern for how this time period will be taught to our impressionable youth.

The standard 7 includes three subsections- 7.1.1, 7.1.2, and 7.1.3. Let us take a moment to consider each in turn.

  • 7.1.1 covers “The Twenties,” and according to the state guidelines which all teachers follow which all students learn, students are to take away from the 1920’s two major lessons- first, they are to learn about cultural movements, such as the Harlem Renaissance and the “lost generation”, and second , they are to learn about the so-called struggle between “traditional” and “modern” America (e.g., Scopes Trial, immigration restrictions, Prohibition, role of women, mass consumption). These both include meaningful and important information from the 1920’s, but the focus on cultural and on judging traditional values both are designed to reinforce liberal ideology. Not taught but probably more important from the 1920’s are the Roaring Twenties- the great explosion on wealth generated by Harding and Coolidge’s laissez-faire capitalism, drastically cut tax rates, drastically cut government spending, and lessened regulation of businesses. Every student should know how about the inventors and great businessmen from this age- and yet this is not included in the state standards and so not taught to our children. Any sort of lead-in to the Great Depression should focus on what came before, for without this context the policy responses that follow are delivered in a vacuum of ignorance… although perhaps this is exactly what those who wrote these standards wished.
  • 7.1.2 covers “Causes and Consequences of the Great Depression,” and according to state guidelines which all teachers follow which all students learn, students are to take away as the causes of the Great Depression the following- “fiscal policy, overproduction, under consumption, and speculation, the 1929 crash, and the Dust Bowl”. Based on the books and conversations with other teachers, fiscal policy as a cause of the Great Depression is intended to mean that the very policies that created the wealth of the 1920’s- limited government, limited spending, lowered taxes- caused the Great Depression, even though the reality is that this wasn’t the case. ‘Overproduction‘ is a another Marxist term, and has been frequently debunked by economists, as has ‘under consumption’. ‘Speculation’ stemmed from the manipulation of the money supply by the new Federal Reserve, and thus government caused this problem and not ‘greedy bankers’ like the books portray. Not mentioned as causes of the Great Depression were Hoover’s big government policies, increased taxes, and treaties that cut off international trade, or FDR’s policies which caused a severe recession caused by government to turn into a long depression caused by government. Missing in the standards are the very real consequences of meddlesome monetary policy, restrictive trade policies, punishing tax rates, wild and unpredictable regulations of businesses, and the corrosive effect of crony capitalism that stemmed from massive government spending. It is as if a liberal wrote the standards- which is okay and brings balance and critical thinking- but no conservative values or beliefs were included on purpose- which is wrong and as a whole should lead to the rejection of the standard and the education which follows from it.
  • 7.1.3 covers “The New Deal,” and according to the state guidelines which all teachers follow which all students learn, students are to take away from this time period several lessons. First, students are supposed to learn that the federal government has a responsibility to protect the environment and should do so by violating the Constitution (TVA) and taking control over formally private business activities- yet this is a judgement and not a history lesson and should not be pushed in public schools. Second, students are supposed to learn that the national government is supposed to be meeting challenges of unemployment by creating jobs, as if a political system designed to protect people’s liberty and property can exist in a nation where the government takes wealth from one group and redistributes it to another and creates businesses in competition to private companies. Students are supposed to learn how the Supreme Court then was wrong in striking down these unconstitutional attempts to twist our nation from a republic into a fascist dictatorship, and that opponents of the New Deal were just heartless and evil businessman who wanted to continue making a buck like the Marxists teach. Finally, students are to learn the consequences of the New Deal, which are listed as “promoting workers’ rights, development of Social Security program, and banking and financial regulation, conservation practices, crop subsidies”- all good consequences and not a single bad consequence listed. Nowhere is it mentioned that the Great Depression was in reality several recessions, all caused by these policies, and that our nation didn’t recover from the Depression until FDR died and many of his policies were rejected and repealed in the 1950’s.

The one sided liberal education through a Marxist viewpoint that are the standards of Michigan education is designed to produce students who are liberal and Marxist and who will be ignorant of the successes of Coolidge or the failures of FDR while learning and embracing Marxist theories regarding the economy and the proper role of government.

And Common Core, when it does turn its corrupting influence on Social Studies, will be even worse and will be a national curriculum designed to even more strongly push these values and beliefs on your youth. See my earlier post Oppose the Common Core Standards Initiative: Reasons for Opposition Both Republicans and Democrats Should Agree On.

By comparison, the prosperous and happy years of the 1980’s are covered under the standard 9.1.2, and focus on the “intensification of partisanship” and “partisan conflict over the role of government in American life”- whereas students were taught about the liberal view of what the role of government should be, the conservative view of what role government should play in society should only be covered due to the role it played in increasingly conflict in our society. And not included in the standards are any sort of mention of the successes of Reagan’s policies in international or domestic affairs, because it doesn’t fit with the false narrative pushed by the left and so students are to remain ignorant to this important and valuable information.

There are important efforts underway to take these sorts of standards and make them even more communist and make them cover the whole nation and make teachers not deviate at all from them- be aware of this and be mindful of fighting these efforts and pushing for policies at the national and state levels which lessen the role of government in education, because only be doing this can we further the life, liberty, and prosperity of our children.

UPDATE: As I thought more on this today, it occurred to me that missing from standard 7.1.1 was any sort of discussion on the Recession of 1920-1921 and the lessons that our nation learned from this economic recession. There is an entire standard devoted to the recession that occurred under FDR, so obviously ‘recessions’ are something that students should know about- but nothing on the Recession of 1920-1921. My theory- the lessons that our nation learned in that recession don’t fit in the liberal narrative that our children are supposed to be learning. For more about this recession and the lessons we learned in it, see my posts Lessons from Economic Recessions II- The Forgotten Recession of 1920 or Obama’s University of Vermont Speech Analyzed by Logic and History Reveals Dangerously Incompetent Fascist?.

Original Post:  A Conservative Teacher


Explaining the Opposition to Drilling and Fracking: A Michigan Teacher’s Perspective

 Michigan apparently is sitting on valuable oil and gas reserves and is quickly becoming a battleground between those people who want to environmentally extract these valuable resources to power America and those who worship the Green God.

Those who worship the Green God believe that no drilling should occur in their backyard, although they will repeatedly state that they have no problem with it being done in a much more environmentally destructive manner in other areas and then being shipped at great damage to the environment to them to power their cars and homes. These people believe that those who do want to drill are all part of some hidden conspiracy that includes the regulators, the regulated, elected officials, and any citizen who supports drilling in an environmentally friendly manner, but they through their superior morality and intelligence have seen through this conspiracy and know the real TRUTH. They don’t really want to protect the environment, you see- in many cases these groups actually oppose drilling even if it is done in an environmentally safe way that bans controversial methods like hydraulic fracturing (better known as “fracking”)- these people are not so much environmentalists who care about the environment and doing things in a manner that protects it, but rather they are worshipers of an old religion and shout their beliefs from a wellspring of faith.

These worshipers of the Green God believe in an elaborate cosmology describing the struggle between a good, spiritual world of light, and an evil, material world of darkness. They will frequently make derogatory comments about the material world, sneering at money and budgets and putting food on the table and powering their cars, instead speaking lovingly of some sort of greater spiritual world that is being damaged by these things. They view what is happening with fracking and drilling as some sort of ongoing process in which they are battling a historic battle to keep the light of the environment protected from those who are gradually processing and drilling it and moving it into the world of matter. Of course they know the real knowledge of the world, having watched some sort of movie or youtube clip or read it on the internet. They gather in their societies and have meetings where they talk about these ideas until everyone is faithfully preaching the same message. And then they go forth to battle those who would harm the light of the world by drilling it and using it, screaming ‘shame on you’ on those who they oppose as the pass judgement on them, which they see as only natural since they have achieved mystic enlightenment, or gnosis, whereby others have not.

At local meetings around Michigan that are discussing proposals to drill or engage in hydraulic fracturing, logical arguments are advanced and sensible safeguards are proposed, but in meeting after meeting- Barry County, West Bloomfield, Waterford, Rochester, Ionia, etc- the meetings inevitably break down in order as those who worship the Green God are not interested in logic or reasoning or really even protecting the environment- to them it is instead a matter of questioning their faith.

For example, Independence Township Board is currently considering a proposal from Jordan Exploration, an oil and gas company from Traverse City. Jordan Exploration has offered to enter into a nondevelopmental lease with the township board, which wouldn’t allow a wellhead on township property. Instead, wellheads would be located on nearby properties owned by private landowners. In other communities they have also promised (and signed a legally bind document that stated this) that they would not engage in fracking on township land- or any other land in the community that they legally could do so- if the lease was signed. And they would pay generous royalties to the community that would help them to pay police, fire, library staff, and build parks and sidewalks. And America would become more energy secure and prosperous. And the whole process would be supervised by the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), with environmental groups ready to sue if any sort of infractions occurred. It’s a good deal that only someone who was motivated by something other than logic and reasoning could oppose.

Water Resources Commissioner Jim Nash is obviously this sort of person- at that meeting he said- “you can put on all the safeguards you want, but human nature is we’re not perfect and things happen.” This sort of idea that human beings are imperfect yet the environment is fits with the Manichaeism ideology that is the older form of the worship of the Green God.

At the Independence Township Board meeting and others, experts and geologists and those in the industry and even lawyers came forward to testify that the environmentally friendly route to go that would also provide revenue to the township would be to sign the lease- and yet the worshipers of the Green God kept calling out for a “real expert” to testify on their behalf. But in all honesty, they were not looking for an expert to speak on the issue- they wanted a priest of their religion to testify and call down the wrath of their God on the unbelievers. The wild look in their eyes betrayed their agenda- go to these meetings yourself and you will see, as I did at recent meetings in Genesee County over this issue.

And the saddest part of this whole debate is that those who oppose fracking ‘in the name of protecting the environment’ really are producing more damage to the environment. Their opposition to fracking is lessening the use of natural gas, which offers significant public health and climate benefits over coal and was once seen as the bridge fuel to a clean energy future. But better public health, protecting the climate, and a cleaner energy future aren’t really the goals of those who oppose fracking- instead, it is a worthy tithe to the Green God that demonstrates their superior morality over the other fallen beings of the material world.

Celebrities such as Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon, Robert Redford, Mark Ruffalo, Mario Batali, Scarlett Johansson, Alec Baldwin, and Matt Damon have spoken out against the expansion of natural gas drilling, producing movies like Gasland and speaking at fancy events on the issue- even though natural gas provides a very substantial health benefit in reducing air pollution and leads to tremendous health gains (source). These are simply false prophets leading followers of a false god to a worse world.

Be prepared- followers of the Green God or some sort of other Gnostic god will increase as our schools churn out more children filled with dubious scientific knowledge, rejecting Christianity, and filled with a willingness to assert their opinions vociferously even though they are unable to put together a coherent argument. We must teach these people and work to move our nation back to a more moral, logical, spiritual, and prosperous path that includes more environmentally safe drilling and oil exploration.

Original Post: A Conservative Teacher


Union Thug to Governor Rick Snyder of Michigan, “We’ll be at your daughter’s soccer game”


union thug

My theme for the week here, so it seems, is that if you leave leftists to their own devices long enough, that they’ll show their true nature.  That happened again in Michigan, where a speaker at a public event said (reading between the lines), “that’s a nice daughter you have there. It’d be a shame if something would happen to her.”

Here is the video…

Remember kids, this is how the left operates.  They want what they want, and if anyone stands in their way, they will be subjected to threats, attacks, intimidation, and harassment.  They aren’t above threatening children, or families, or disrupting Church, because even God takes a back seat to the temper tantrums of the petulant left.  And, this particular protest is meant to restore the union’s ability to force workers to join, and more importantly, to make paying union dues a condition of employment.  It’s about the power to force workers to play and pay along.  And, if they have to threaten children, harass public officials, disrupt church, or beat people up and destroy minority businesses to get the job done, so be it.


MIchigan Union Violence Update: Media Ignores it, Leftists Craft Conspriacy Theories


Michigan, Unions, Violence, Goons, Americans for Prosperity, Tent, Attack, Assualt, Intimidation, MSM, Bias, Coverage The post reality world means that it really makes no difference what really happens, and even if you have the most iron-clad evidence, it’s all about who controls the information.  So, with that in mind, let’s take a look at what is happening…

Media Ignores Union Violence:

As usual, the MSM is refusing to cover union violence.  That is not new, and we shouldn’t be surprised, but it still should be covered, and so it shall.  Newsbusters has a storyto that end…

Networks Refuse to Cover Union Violence:

On Tuesday, World News reporter Alex Perez put the focus not on out of control violence, but on the fact that Michigan’s right-to-work bill actually passed. He began, “The anger boiling over. Officers turning to pepper spray to control the crowd at least 10,000 deep. But it wasn’t enough.” One might think the journalist was speaking of the attack on Fox News contributor Steven Crowder. No. Perez kept the attention on the new law: “Michigan Republican lawmakers approving landmark legislation, lifting the requirement that workers in unionized workplaces pay union dues.

Over on Tuesday’s CBS Evening News, Elaine Quijano vaguely explained, “Union members from across Michigan and other states voiced their anger at the Michigan capital.”

On NBC’s Nightly News, Brian Williams also ignored the actual violence. Instead, he worried, “The emotional fight over unions and American jobs in a place many thought it could never happen. Are we looking at a turning point for American workers?”

To sum it up simply, they spiked it.  And, if it isn’t covered, it didn’t happen.

Then, just when you thought you couldn’t  get any more strange, the leftists started projecting…

The Other McCain has more…

After yesterday’s incident in which labor union activists tore down an Americans for Prosperity tent in Lansing and sucker-punched Stephen Crowder, this headline zoomed up the Memorandum aggregation:Breitbart Folks Appear to Fake Violence in LansingHuh? This was a decidedly odd piece of blogging: The claim that somehow the union thug clobbering Crowder was part of a right-wing hoax, based on such “evidence” as the event having been reported by “James O’Keefe’s buddy” Lee Stranahan — because, hey, if anybody at Breitbart thinks it’s actually news, that means it must be phony, right?Also, the video was edited. Anybody who edits a video is obviously engaged in some kind of evil conspiracy.What the hell is this silly gibberish? Are these people crazy?No, they’re engaged in a systematic effort to create confusion and discourage mainstream journalists from reporting on the incident.Accuse the accusers!” Re-arrange the narrative of events so that a story that obviously makes the Left look bad is, instead, a story about the Right unjustly trying to make the Left look bad.

Here’s where my take is a bit different that Stacey’s.  It is true that accusing the accusers is a tactic in the lefts play book. However, there is an additional wrinkle, and that is WHY it’s in the left’s play book.  The name of that wrinkle is projection.  In psychology, projection is the tendency to think that others do as you do.  Since the left is infamous for false flag (remember the Infiltrate the Tea Party), and “staging atrocities” (remember OWS), that they would automatically assume that we are doing what they do for standard practice.  This thinking is the source for the idea that you will always know what the left is up to based on what they accuse us of doing.  In other words, the liberals look at us through the same fecal colored glasses that they use to view their own activities


Union Violence Update: Crowder Assailant Identified


The good thing about modern technology is that we can identify people that engage in stupid activity while in a public space.  This comes in particularly handy when dealing with “peaceful” leftist movements, who are always looking to spread “democracy.”  Then, when they end up spreading violence and thuggery, we have lots of footage to show the world.  Then again, we also get to identify the union thugs that commit said violence.

Applying this to the current happenings in Michigan, we see that there may be a positive ID on the man who was filmed punching PJ Media’s Steven Crowder.  Stacey McCain has updates, and indicates that the the assailant’s  name might be Tony Cummings.

Gateway Pundit has information as well. 

His name is Tony. Tony Camargo is a member of the IBEW. The IBEW local is 876, Grand Rapids, MI…. About 1:32 in the video his whole name flashes on the screen.

Also, Dana Loesch interviewed Steven Crowder.
There is debate as to the last name on Crowder’s assailant.  Some have said Cummings is the last name, but Loesch has some conflicting evidence.  So, since we are not liberals, let’s not jump to conclusions until the evidence is in.
Again, this is the nature of organized labor.  They are mobsters whose only advantage is that they have purchased a political party.

One Consequence of Forced Union Membership



As the unions fight to keep forced union membership in Michigan, I thought it might be a good idea to re-visit a story we did in early 2011, about how the SEIU got the then Governor of Michigan, to make parents of disabled children members.  Of course, the SEIU got to take dues from them, in exchange for…nothing!

In other words, the SEIU has gotten to take millions of dollars from people that care for their disabled children. Because unions are so super great, that people have to be forced to join them.

Now, let’s flashback to a more current story…

The linked article at the Mackinac Center has even more…

The SEIU has taken over $33 million from the elderly and disabled in Michigan in the last six years through a unionization scheme it orchestrated when Jennifer Granholm was governor. The majority of these people had no idea they were being forced into a union.

When the Michigan Legislature and Gov. Rick Snyder acted to end the scheme, the SEIU took legal action and then spent at least $6 million — money taken from those caregivers without their consent to use it for politics — to try and lock the dues skim into the state constitution: It failed.

Every newspaper in the state editorialized against Proposal 4. The Detroit Free Press called it “easy to dismiss” and The Detroit News said it was a “crass power grab.”

Several families reached out to Michigan Capitol Confidential to tell their stories: The Haynes family, who look after their two adult children who have cerebral palsy; Steven Glossop, who looks after his mother who lives with medical complications following heart surgery and a stroke; the Milliron family, whose adult son Ronnie “cannot walk or talk and is like a 5-month old” needing to be spoon-fed; and Richard Nottage, who looked after his ex-wife for just a few weeks. All of those individuals had some sort of current or previous experience as union members outside of the SEIU.

If Michigan becomes a right-to-work state, no union could ever force a worker to pay dues or agency fees as a condition of employment, and unions would be forced to cater to their member’s needs.

And, as we posted yesterday, union goons are beating people down in order to keep taking money away from the elderly and disabled.  Because, as we all know, forced union membership is a right, and if you disagree, your kneecaps can be broken!


Michigan: Union Thugs Attack, Steven Crowder of PJ Media Assaulted


Today, in Michigan, the world got yet another lesson in what unions are all about.  We’ve shown multiple examples of union violence in the past.  What the goons failed to calculate this time is that they picked on and assaulted a relatively well known Conservative in Steven Crowder, of PJ Media.  Here is a video of part of the assault…

Ironically, while they are tearing down a tent set up by Conservatives, one is overheard complaining, and cursing about being called thugs….

And, we see the new tradition of attacking people with cameras…

After all, they can’t have people recording the thuggery can they?

This is organized labor at it finest.  They are a system of terror and control.  They insist on forcing others to join them.  They legalize theft from their “members” via dues, and then support politicians that kill the jobs of those same members.  When resisted, they resort to violence each and every time.  The power and control that they have amassed must be defended at all costs, and they don’t particularly care who they assault, attack or intimidate.

Unions:  So great that people should be forced to join!

They are the thugs, bullies, and goons of the left.  Violence is their only tool.  And, as people fight for freedom, we should expect them to become more and more violent.


Unions Attempt to Embrace Democracy, by Preventing Vote


If you recall, the unions love the chant, “this is what democracy looks like.”  But they seem to not understand what democracy is, as they seem to try very hard to stop actual votes from being taken.  We saw that in Wisconsin, and now, in Michigan.  The Blaze has more…

Police used pepper spray Thursday to subdue protesters trying to rush the Michigan state Senate after Gov. Rick Snyder and other Republican leaders announced they would press for quick approval of right-to-work legislation limiting union powers.

“When several of the individuals rushed the troopers, they used chemical munitions to disperse the crowd,” said Michigan State Police Inspector Gene Adamczyk. “It would be a lot worse if someone gets hurt and I failed to act.”

It seems that the thugs didn’t want a vote to tale place.

Notice the chant “Right to Work has got to go.” Now, I thought the leftists we all about choice? Or, is that all about being to choose what they want you to choose.

And if you disagree?

So, to summarize, lets make some observations about labor unions, and the left as a whole.

1.  Democracy is what they are all about, unless the vote goes against them.

2.  Choice is great, as long as you choose what they like.


More Reasons for the Obama Campaign to Panic? Collapse and Impending Doom on Election Day?


Yesterday, we discussed that the Obama Campaign’s allocation of funds and resources indicated that they are panicking, using scarce resources in places that a democrat incumbent should never have to defend this late in the game.  Today, however, even more indications of collapse and impending doom came to light.

Reason for Panic 1:  Dwindling Crowds at Obama Events…

In a related presidential campaign rally in Commerce City, Colorado, former President Bill Clinton was the designated cheerleader to speak to the gathered faithful. However, the rally, held at a Commerce City High School, wasn’t “optimal,” to use a phrase from President Obama. The school extended the gymnasium’s partition across the half-court line, so as to give the rally a more intimate setting.

This Obama rally was in start contrast to the Romney/Ryan rally held last week at Red Rocks which was filled to overflowing capacity and had to turn away thousands who attempted to attend the rally.

Can you spell e.t.h.u.s.i.a.s.m?  Apparently, team Romney has a ton, and team Obama…not so much.

Reason for Panic 2:  Romney Leading in Early Voting…

According to the Colorado Secretary of State’s reporting of early voting, Republican’s continue to lead the way in returning their early voting ballots. With total votes of 1,150,698, reported so far the breakdown is as follows;

Republican – 439,269 (38.2%)

Democrat – 404,870 (35.2%)

Undecided – 295,122 (25.6%)

If that keeps up, maybe the Democrats will shy away from early voting.  Though, they probably think that the truckloads full of “absentee ballots” that they have on hand will counter this.

Reason to Panic 3:  Obama Having a Hard Time Leading in Cooked Polls

But with one week to go the last gasp effort to rally the MSNBC troops took place today on Morning Joe as they touted the Quinnipiac/CBS?NYT polls Saying Obama is up 5 in Ohio with a week to go.

What really got me was their claim that the Quinnipiac poll was the “most accurate” and again playing the “poll denier” card. I’ve personally found their numbers the least believable and while they were talking about the fights in other states as an alternative to Ohio for Romney I looked up the internals of this Ohio/VA/Florida poll and found this:

After talking about how reliable Quinnipiac is, for 15 minutes and while I was tweeting out the D+8 samples in all of these states D+7 in Florida, they suddenly pivoted as Mark Halperin brought up the D+8 sample and people asked how can this be the case if Mitt is up by huge margins among independents in this poll?

Um, if you have a hard time leading in a poll that is over-sampled  to your side, how do you have confidence that you’re going to win the election?  It’s not looking good.

Reason to Panic 4:  Freefall in Michigan?

And, Obama is in a free-fall collapse in Michigan.
Business Insider reported:

President Barack Obama has seen a once-steady lead in Michigan decline to just 2 points in a recent poll, and Michigan has been thrown into “toss-up” status in the election’s final week.

The poll, from The Detroit News, finds Obama leading Republican rival Mitt Romney, 47.7 percent to 45 percent. That’s the second poll in a week that has shown an increasingly tight race in the state, including a Foster McCollum White Baydoun poll that showed the race virtually tied. And it comes as a pro-Romney super PAC, American Crossroads, includes Michigan in its $50 million, final-week ad buy.

Intriguingly, when comparing the Michigan poll to a new poll of Ohio released today, it shows that the race in Michigan is actually closer.

Only leading by 2.7 points?  With most polls, that will be within the margin of error.  And, if Democrats are over-sampled, as they are in most polls, it can spell doom for Obama.

Reason  to Panic 5:  Has Obama Lost Independents?  

Take a look at this…

The evidence is piling up.  The Obama Campaign has many reasons to panic.  The problem is that as they panic, their lies will become more outlandish, and their ability to justify illegal acts to win will only be amplified.  It could get very interesting.