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Re-writing the Constitution to our demise … part II

A few days ago I wrote Re-writing the Constitution to our demise to address the latest attack on the 2nd Amendment rights of American citizens. Former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens who is 93, and I’m not sure if all his oars are hitting the water now that he’s retired, suggests the 2nd Amendment be re-written or amended to read … A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms when serving in the militia shall not be infringed. Now anyone can understand what, if that were to happen, […]

Another Reason to NOT Vote for Obama: Gun Grabbers on the Supreme Court

In the next four years, one or two nominations will be made to the Supreme Court.  To emphasize the importance of this to gun owners, here are some comments by retired Justice John Paul Stevens… Retired Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens says your right to self-defense in your own home should be limited to a cellphone “at your bedside.” Stevens, 92, served on the Supreme Court for 35 years before retiring in 2010. A liberal jurist, Stevens wrote the dissenting opinions on both the 2008 Heller ruling and the 2010 McDonald decision, both of which were 5-4 affirmations that […]

Angry Right-Wing Rhetoric Leads to Violence!

Manhattan infideldouble feature

Dateline April 19, 1775.  Ye Olde New York Times. We here at Ye Olde New York Times have just received dispatches telling of an actual physical outbreak of violence between King George’s troops and angry militia members at Lexington and Concord in the colony of Massachusetts Bay. We have long feared this moment and place the blame squarely where it belongs:  With the militia of the several colonies. The angry, anti-government, unchristian rhetoric promulgated by those in the so-called opposition could only lead to further violence.  We here at Ye Old New York Times denounce the Adams’ of Massachusetts Bay […]

Media Matters Lies About America's Watchtower: I'm Jealous


It seems that our good friend, Steve Dennis, of America’s Watchtower, was linked by Media Matters.  Apparently, they think Steve is pro-militia… This was an interesting week “behind the scenes” here at America’s Watchtower: First, America’s Watchtower was linked in a post which was cross posted on Noisy Room, Trevor Loudon, and Gulag Bound; this brought in some extra and always welcome traffic. But later in the week, as I was checking out my referrers, I noticed a few hits coming from Media Matters so naturally I had to check it out. Why would America’s Watchtower be linked at Media Matters?   Imagine […]