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Mitt Romney

James Carville Says Romney Will ‘Get Back In The Race’ After Jeb Drops Out

Hat/Tip to Karen Tumulty and Robert Costa at The Washington Post. With only Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Marco Rubio on the Republican side and Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side OFFICIALLY in the race for the 2016 Presidential Election, speculation still abounds. Saint Anselm College has been a required stop on the pilgrimage for presidential aspirants, going at least as far back as John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon more than a half-century ago. When former Florida governor Jeb Bush (R) made his first speech here on Friday, he pointed to the historic photos on the wall. “I’m […]

Video: Donald Trump Has Harsh Words for Mitt Romney And Jeb Bush at CPAC… Crowd Cheers

Hat/Tip to the Conservative Tribune. Donald Trump is no politician. He is a blunt, say it like it is businessman and that is a huge part of his appeal. His bluntness was on display at CPAC this year, as well. The last week has been a bit rough for Jeb Bush. The former governor of Florida attended the Conservative Political Action Conference with high hopes for a 2016 presidential run, but he has been hit with a harsh dose of reality. Several prominent conservatives took time in their CPAC speeches to specifically criticize the brother of George W. Bush, and […]

Breaking News: Romney Makes Decision On 2016 Run For POTUS

Hat/Tip to Foxnews. He’ finally made the announcement! Mitt Romney announced Friday he will not run for president in 2016, after briefly flirting with a third White House run — a decision that only slightly narrows the crowded field of potential Republican candidates.  “After putting considerable thought into making another run for president, I’ve decided it’s best to give other leaders in the party the opportunity to become our next nominee,” Romney told donors on a conference call Friday morning.  The announcement comes after the 2012 GOP nominee, who repeatedly denied interest in another campaign, surprised donors earlier this month […]

Trump On The Attack: Romney ‘Choked Like a Dog’ in 2012 Campaign

  Hat/Tip to Sandy Fitzgerald at Newsmax. Never one to back away from controversy or let the media set the tone in whatever endeavors he participates in, Donald Trump is at it again. This time it’s about the next Presidential election and he minces no words. Mitt Romney “choked like a dog” in the 2012 election, Donald Trump said Monday, adding that neither Romney nor most of the slate of potential GOP nominees will be able to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016. “I supported Mitt Romney and he didn’t bring out the people,” Trump said on “Fox & Friends” Monday. […]

2016 Republican Campaign For President

Just for the record, I really despise how early the campaign for the Republican nomination for President is already heating up. It should be rebranded as the campaign of 2014-2016. Even before the new Congress was sworn in, the hopefuls were rattling their swords. It’s no secret that Jeb Bush is going to run. Oh, I know he hasn’t officially announced, but anyone who thinks he will not be in the race is fooling themselves. Mike Huckabee has resigned his show on Fox, signaling that he is also thinking about running. The Huckabee hopefuls, of which I may be one, […]

Sources: Yep, Mitt Romney is Probably Going to Run Again

  Hat/Tip to Guy Benson at Well, it’s all but official that dear old Mitt is throwing his hat into the ring for a third time, as he seeks the Presidency in the upcoming 2016 election. Details have been bleeding into the press for days now, and the emerging picture strongly suggests that the GOP’s 2012 presidential nominee is angling to take a third crack at a White House run after all. Mitt Watch: 2016 struck me as a silly exercise as recently as a few months ago, when the former Massachusetts governor was still adamantly denying that he harbored any […]

Paul Ryan Says He WON’T Run For President In 2016…

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. Paul Ryan made his Presidential aspirations for 2016 public today. Ryan said he would not run if Mitt ran again. Romney also just made clear he’s thinking about running again. Wonderful… Via Daily Caller: Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan is a no-go for 2016. The 2012 Republican vice presidential nominee announced Monday that he will not run for the White House. Ryan’s news comes just days after Mitt Romney, his running mate, made clear he may run again. “I have decided that I am not going to run for president in 2016,” Ryan told NBC News on Monday. […]

For Jeb Bush And Mitt Romney, A History Of Ambition Fuels A Possible 2016 Collision

Hat/Tip to Philip Rucker and Robert Costa at The Washington Post. It looks like the Leftist Media – and you can’t get too much more left than The Washington (Com)Post – are going to be pushing this huge rivalry. Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney have much in common. Both were pragmatic as governors, mild-mannered as candidates and more comfortable balancing budgets at their desks than clinking glasses at a political dinner. The two Republican leaders’ personal rapport is cordial. But they are hardly chummy — and at moments their relationship has been strained, with each man’s intertwined political network carrying […]

Political Death Match? Romney vs Bush!!

  Hat/Tip to Melanie Batley at Newsmax. Whether you view him as the bad penny that always turns up, or the man who could get our economy chugging again, Mitt Romney is making all the noises one does when they are considering a run for the Presidency of the United States. Mitt Romney, the 2012 GOP presidential nominee, is more open to a third presidential bid than ever before, according to the National Review. “The governor is preserving his options — that’s the message I’ve gotten from Boston,” Robert O’Brien, a Los Angeles attorney and former Romney foreign policy adviser, […]

Ted Cruz Says Republican Voters Will Stay Home In 2016, IF…

Hat/Tip to Patriot Update. Well of course a great Conservative like Cruz knows what is needed in ’16. It’s the RINO GOP Establishment that we’ve got to put asunder. We have to have a strong Conservative candidate that has the uplifting outlook of Reagan’s “Morning in America,” and we have to overwhelmingly support that person to the point that the RINOs have no choice but to join us.   “In my view, Republicans cannot win… …if we don’t stand for anything.”   You know, if you look to prior elections, the one thing that’s clear, is if we nominate in 2016, […]

Where Was The Media When Jonathan Gruber Was Bragging About ObamaCare?

I have watched the ongoing revelations about Jonathan Gruber and his role in lying to the American people about ObamaCare with no small amount of interest. The reality of the situation is simple for me. We have known all along the liberals who shoved that monstrous piece of legislation down our throats were lying. Many of us tried to warn the country what was going down, what the legislation was intended to do, but we were shouted down. It wasn’t just the liberal politicians and policy wonks who raised their voices against our protests. The media establishment has done everything […]

Donald Trump to Mitt Romney: Don’t Even Think of Running

Former Republican presidential candidate and Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, left, and Donald Trump. (Ethan Miller/Getty Images) Hat/Tip to Melanie Batley at Newsmax. The Donald has spoken. In an interview with Breitbart News, Trump covered the question of  a Romney run in ’16. Former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney should by no means make a bid for the presidency in 2016 because “he had his chance and he blew it,” says real estate mogul Donald Trump. In an interview Tuesday, Trump also expressed his disappointment with Romney’s performance in the final four weeks of the 2012 campaign against President Barack Obama. […]

Romney was Right

Hat/Tip to Newsmax and Politico. He tried to tell America during his ill-fated 2012 run for the President of the United States, but it seems he wasn’t listened to. Well at least it’s for sure that Obama didn’t believe him or listen to him, judging by Obama’s spectacularly awful year and half since winning his second term. In the nearly 20 months since Mitt Romney lost the election to President Barack Obama, many of the former Massachusetts governor’s predictions have played out on the world stage. For instance, Romney called Russia the nation’s “number one geopolitical foe”; he pledged strong […]

Obama Worst, Reagan Best, Mitt a Better Fit

Hat/Tip to Newsmax. Quinnipiac: Obama Worst President Since World War II, Reagan the Best It seems as if the pollsters are finding out what we here in flyover country (anywhere outside of DC) already knew. President Barack Obama is the worst president since World War II, and the United States would have been better off if his Republican challenger, Mitt Romney, had won the election in 2012, a new Quinnipiac University national poll released today reveals. The best president? Ronald Reagan. “Over the span of 69 years of American history and 12 presidencies, President Barack Obama finds himself with President […]

Video: Students Shocked to Hear What Hillary Said

This is an excellent video that shows not only the institutional bias that colleges foist upon our young people, but it also shows how much of  a pass they are willing to give Democrats. At first, when MRCTV’s Dan Joseph read this quote, the students virtually all said that it sounded like something “any Republican,” or Mitt Romney, or Rick Santorum might say. “Marriage has got historic, religious and moral content that goes back to the beginning of time, and I think a marriage is as a marriage has always been, between a man and a woman.” He then asked […]

Obama and the major media owe Sara Palin and Mitt Romney an apology

Well Obama, his ass kissing major media and every despicable liberal in America who called Sarah Palin every ungodly name imaginable were wrong and it’s all over the news. Both Sara Palin and Mitt Romney were right on every issue and Obama lied his ass off. But thanks to the betrayal by the major media of the American people they covered up and mis-represented both Palin and Romney. They both realized that Obama was/is a limp-wrist bisexual who never had “manhood” but has worn Tampons his entire life. They realized then and it’s more evident now that world leaders don’t […]

What Has Happened To The Once Mighty Peacock?

The executives and powers that be over at 30 Rockefeller Plaza have evidently never heard that old adage, when you find yourself in a hole – STOP DIGGING!! What has happened to the network that brought us such sterling news people as, Hugh Downs, Tom Brokaw, Tim Russert, David Brinkley, Jessica Savitch, John Chancellor and Stone Phillips? The list of NBC’s faux pas keeps growing and growing with each passing day, it seems. Let’s recap, shall we? (and these are just the ones this author remembers) * MSNBC television host Ed Shultz via his radio show – – calls radio […]



  It is always a joy for me to introduce a Bill Whittle video, however this one is by far and away his best effort, EVER!