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Mob Rule

President Obama and Mob Rule

In the latter days of the Roman Empire it was mob rule that guided Rome to its eventual demise.  Emperors remained in power for as long as the mob was entertained and distracted.  Emperors recognized the power of the mob and used it to increase their popularity and gain support for radical reforms and much like the Roman Emperors of old who used the mobs to advance their agenda today very little has changed. America stands on the edge of a fiscal cliff.  There is gridlock in Washington and both sides appear to be unwilling to compromise.  Where is President […]

America Was Never Intended To Be A Democracy


Few things will cause my blood to boil more than hearing somebody touting the virtues of democracy. I am especially infuriated when I hear one of our political leaders talk such nonsense. Yet we do hear “the blessings” of democracy being preached by those in government, often by our own State Department. Our Founders did everything possible to avoid democracy in the new nation they were creating. You will not find the word democracy in the declaration of Independence or in the Constitution of the United States of America or in the constitutions of any of the  fifty states. Our Founders new very well […]