Earth First Calling for Creepy Mock “Assasinations”


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Um, sometimes, even Moonbats do something that is so creepy…well, it’s really creepy.  Case in point, Earth First (just think of them as outspoken, yet cowardly militant tree huggers).  They recently published a “hit list” for mock assassinations.  Moonbattery has the details…

The libs avoid conspiracy charges by stopping a millimeter short of actually advocating murder:

Let us say clearly, this is not a call to undertake assassinations of the elite scum who are pillaging the planet and enslaving the populace — but not because we think that is a bad idea.

And it’s also not because we think killing CEOs and lobbyists is negative PR either. In fact, most everyone hates these creeps, and many would applaud their demise. Some would even be so enthusiastic as to make a bid on the assassin’s old underwear if given the chance in a government auction, as we found out last year, when the State sold off Ted[ Kaczynski]’s personal belongings to further enrich the family of Unabomber victim Thomas J. Mosser, executive of corporate marketing giants Burson Marsteller. [See EF!J Vol. 31, #2]

We are not calling for the assassinations of CEOs and lobbyists primarily because those [EXPLETIVE DELETED] are disposable and replaced with relative ease. Whereas eco-revolutionaries like us are still far and few between, and someone getting popped on that sort of charge it could pull them out of the game for a long time.

So instead, until the police state and prison industrial complex is weakened, thus leveling the battlefield a bit more, we propose a campaign of “prank assassinations.”

This involves various acts intended to let people know they are vulnerable, and well hated — even that we wish they were dead.

Suggested “prank assassinations” are juvenile stunts that characteristically involve feces. But if one of the mental cases who comprise this movement gets carried away and kills someone, so much the better. Earth-rapers allegedly deserve to die for making the lights come on when we flip the switch.

So, they collect information on where their targets live and work, and invite their moronic cadre of tree huggers to target them.  Of course, the first thing this does is send the message of “we know where you live.”  But, I think the more sinister note is that the left has a history of carrying out assassinations at an appointed time.  It is a part of the playbook.  Of course, the useful idiots conducting the assassinations often don’t know that they are next of the list, because they know too much.