#FreeKate Update: “Jailbait Manifesto” Appears on Twitter: UPDATED


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I’m not certain who wrote it, but it was posted by “Rachael.”  I’m calling it, the “Jailbait Manifesto.” Rachael (MRC_43) on Twitter_20130908-142114

Now, this is both interesting, as well as disturbing.   However, since it was publicly posted, it’s grist for the mill, so to speak.  It was posted in segments, as you will see, and  I think I have the order correct.



Here, the author misses some rather important details…

They overlook that the relationship between the victim and her abuser began when the victim was 14.

She overlooks that from the texts revealed by the prosecution, there was a great deal of manipulation going on.

The Jailbait Manifesto’s author forgets these texts from the alleged sexual offender, Kaitlyn Hunt…

“Keep the f*ck quiet.”

“if my mom finds out we’re talking, I’m blaming it on you.”

“F*ck you…You’re stupid…you want me to go to jail…you’re such a messed up person…you snitched on me.”

And, who can remember this, from Kelley Hunt Smith, the alleged sexual offender’s mother?

“DELETE EVERYTHING..My Number is (redacted) my email is (redacted) PLEASE delete everything and make sure that NO ONE finds out you’ve spoken to Kate at all!”

As well all know, threats and manipulation are at the core of every “loving” relationship, right?

SJ Reidhead, a blogger who is also an abuse survivor, shared her insights in a very powerful post…

This is what Kate Hunt’s victim is looking forward to, for the next 30 or 40 years of her life.  She’s been separated from her parents, now probably doesn’t even trust them.  She won’t trust her old friends.  Friends at church will not be part of her life.

I know someone who dated a guy who was abusive.  His family thought they were above the law, so to speak.  His mother did everything she could to separate this person from her mother.  The damage has taken over thirty years to be repaired.  Their relationship has never been the same.  This is what the victim’s mother has to look forward to, if she is lucky.

Kate Hunt’s victim is at an extremely vulnerable age.  Being 14 and 15 is traumatizing enough, without being a young lesbian, and without being the victim of a psychopathic, narcissistic predator and her extremely vicious parents.  Dealing with life at her age is not easy.  You either hate or love yourself, both at the same time, almost bi-polar as normal.  You are up and you are down, all in the same minute.  When you sit, you hold a pillow in front of your body.  That’s normal.

The victim has been manipulated into thinking that Kate is probably the love of her life.  Her morals have been destroyed.  Her innocence is shattered.  Unless her parents take her far away from Florida, she’s never going to get a break.  The Hunts of this world are far too nasty and far too invasive.  If you  what Steve Hunt is doing to those who are writing about the story is bad, just wait until they continue to harass an innocent life and her family.

As you can see, the victim has been manipulated into thinking that she wants to be with Kate, even though alleged sexual offender,Kaitlyn Hunt, was reportedly in a relationship with another woman!

In this part of the manifesto, the author goes to great lengths to deceive the reader into thinking that this was a consensual relationship, when all along, it is well known that 14 year-olds cannot consent, and the fact that she was so completely manipulated is proof of why.

Here is the second post…


Here is the second post, from Rachael Carson Zerbe, of the “Jailbait Manifesto”

RCZ right to jailbait 2

Both girls were humiliated? How might that have happened?

Was it that the Hunts repeatedly named the victim and her family?

Was it the Hunts that went on the Today Show, MSNBC, CNN, and a host of others?

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Was it the Hunts the created petitions?

Did the Hunts use Facebook pages in an effort, among others, to discredit/embarrass/extort(?) the victim’s mother and the Detective (and, ironically Rachael published the said “information” about that detective openly on Twitter!)?

Did the prosecutors have to release the Arrest Affidavit and the Notice of Violation to counter the extensive and persistent lies told by the family on social media, as well as the national media?

So then, who did the embarrassing?

I really loved the part about “Christian Conservative Bloggers,” that “spew the most vile hate filled vitriolic bullsh*t.” Ofcourse, I’m one of those, and you know what?  The author is right.  We have published “vile, hate filled, vitriolic bullsh*t.”  Here are some examples of  vile, hate filled, vitrtiolic, bullsh*t…

James and Laurie Smith wouldn’t give up. They were out to destroy my daughter, they feel like my daughter “made” their daughter gay. They are bigoted, religious [zealots] that see being gay as a sin and wrong, and they blame my daughter. Of course I see it 100% different. I don’t see or label these girls as gay. They are teenagers in high school experimenting with their sexuality, all teens do it in one form or another. They are teens, its healthy and normal. And even if their daughter is gay, who cares, she is still their daughter.

Unfortunately by the letter of the law, this girl has NO voice. Her parents can play the “victims” and ruin my daughters life. We have written letters through our attorneys trying to appeal to these people as parents, talk through it and come to some agreement or understanding but James and Laurie Smith refuse. These people’s delusional stand, their hate and bigotry is tearing our daughter apart.

See, See
See Rachael, what you posted is correct.  We have posted all the vile, hate filled, vitriolic BS posted by the Hunts and their supporters. We have pointed out that they have been lying since day one. And, as we know from the liberals, truth=hate!

And, as we all know, trying to keep an adult from molesting your minor child is the epitome of  a “witchhunt.”

After all, Kate had the legal right, as a lesbian, to sample that jailbait, didn’t she Rachael?  Forget that PFLAG wouldn’t support Kate, because even they said that simple research showed that heterosexuals are prosecuted for the same thing on a regular basis.

The Other McCain has the details…

The local chapter of Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) refuses to support accused sex offender Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt:

PFLAG of Vero Beach has received questions and comments regarding the controvery involving the two young ladies in Sebastian.
We have been watching the developments in this case since it was brought to our attention. PFLAG of Vero Beach cannot enter into the controversy for the following reason. We have not been able to find where the charges brought against this unfortunate young lady are inspired by homophobia, or are in any way anti-LGBTQ. . . .
The cry of discrimination, unless more facts come out, does not seem to apply here. Some very simple research yields cases where heterosexual kids have been arrested and prosecuted under the same law.

Moving right along…


Update:  Rachael Carson Zerbe was suspended from Twitter, but I had screencapped the “Jailbait Manifesto.”RCZ right to jailbait 3

Wow, this is just total nonsense. “Entrapment?” Didn’t Kaitlyn entrap herself by molesting the younger girl in a school restroom? Or, is the author just lamenting the fact that the victim didn’t lie for her abuser?  Then again, the victim didn’t lie for her abuser the second time, even after being instructed to lie, as well as destroy evidence.

Let’s tale a look at the final piece of text…


Update:  Rachael Carson Zerbe was suspended from Twitter, but I had screencapped the “Jailbait Manifesto.”RCZ right to jailbiat end

Wow, there is a Constitutional right for adults to have sex with minors? I’m not sure that I’ve ever read that in the Constitution before.

If this were an equal protection case, it would already be over, because, as PFLAG points out, heterosexual cases like this are prosecuted on a regular basis. Is the author suggesting that there is some “special right” for lesbians to molest minors?  The lesbians aren’t asking for it, so I wonder where this is coming from?

Heroines?  I can see it now.  Kaitlyn Hunt can be the “Harriet Tubman” of the jailbait.  Portraits will be painted of her, leading minors out of the dark, cold, night, and into her bed?

There is nothing heroic about molesting minors.  There is nothing virtuous about violating court orders, threatening a victim, or instructing the victim of a crime to destroy evidence.  There is nothing heroic or good about “digging up dirt” on a sexual abuse victim’s family, or a detective.  There is nothing praiseworthy about naming the family of the victim of a sex crime, and causing them to receive threats.  There is nothing noble about lying about a crime so much, that the prosecution has to release true information to correct the public record.  In fact, it is the opposite; it is cruel, manipulative, and completely evil.  A child was victimized, and the Hunts, along with their #FreeKate supporters keep lying and manipulating in order to make it all legal.

I have to admit that reading this “Jailbait Manifesto” was pretty disturbing.  My sarcasm was a reaction to the discomfort.  You see, I’d like to think of myself as a decent man, so seeing this blatant effort to legalize sex with minors is deeply disturbing.  I also know that leftists will work incrementally, so this is really the first slide on the slippery slope towards making sex with younger and younger children legal.  I know about Cultural Marxism.  I knew that this was coming.  It’s just the next step in the process.  It has been an openly stated objective for over 40 years.  But still, I get frankly upset when I see something so totally evil being promoted.  And, as long I have breath, and a keyboard, I’ll continue to point out the the pure evil, the hate, and the lies.

For now, I’m going to hit the “publish button,” and take a shower.

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