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Baby born alive and well weeks after mother declared brain-dead

I’ll try not to be too blunt or offensive but sometimes I can’t help myself.   Let me think about this for a minute … Okay, a minute is up … I’m pretty sure most everyone remembers just a couple of weeks ago the story about the woman in Haltom City, Texas who was declared brain-dead after collapsing. The woman was 14 weeks pregnant when this happened and the folks at JPS (John Peter-Smith Hospital) was keeping her on life support in accordance with Texas Law which protects an unborn child. The brain-dead person must remain on life support until the child is able to […]

#FreeKate Update: Media Coverage, and Kaitlyn Hunt’s Mother Allegedly Contacted Victim to Told Her to Delete Evidence of Illegal Contact, Hearing Set for Tuesday August 20th

Just to followup on last night’s post regarding alleged sex offender Kaitlyn Hunt, here is some media coverage… Also, something significant was left out of last night’s post-that Kaitlyn Hunt’s mother allegedly contacted the victim as well, and told her to delete any evidence of Kaitlyn Hunt contacting her. “DELETE EVERYTHING..My Number is (redacted) my email is (redacted) PLEASE delete everything and make sure that NO ONE finds out you’ve spoken to Kate at all!” Note that I did not punish the phone number or email of Ms. Hunt.  It is in the court documentation, but I saw no need […]

Mother Used Gun to Fight off Home Invaders: National Media Silent

As more and more people defend themselves with firearms, the silence from the national media becomes more deafening.  For example, last  week, a woman defended herself from home invaders with a firearm, and the national media took a pass on covering it.  Here is more from MRCTV… I guess the liberals would prefer this woman, and perhaps even her child, be dead. After all, it’s better for the narrative that way.

Mother of Six-Year-Old Uses Gun to Chase off Three Home Invaders: National Media Silent

It was a bad day for the bad guys, as three home invaders were run off by a pistol packing mother.  Of course, the national media will not touch this story, as it goes against the “guns are bad-mmkay?” narrative.  Breitbart has more of the story… A 33-year old mother took matters into her own hands when three men broke into her house in Magnolia, TX on Friday night while she and her 6-year old child were home alone.  The mother grabbed her pistol, and when the men found her she had the gun pointed at them. She shot at them, causing […]

A Possible Motive in the Sandy Hook School Shooting? Did Adam Lanza Act Before His Mother Could Commit Him?

Today, FOX News reported that Adam Lanza, the perpetrator of the Sandy Hook Massacre, had a possible motive for his murder spree.  Some are reporting that his mother was planning to commit him.  Here is some video… The Daley Gator has more on motives as well… The Other McCain, who I stole part of that headline from, reports that we mayhave a motive in the Newtown shootings We now have the first clear suggestion of a motive: NEWTOWN, Conn. –  The gunman who slaughtered 20 children and six adults at a Connecticut elementary school may have snapped  because his mother was planning to […]