Rolling Stone to Retract Fake Rape Story, No Disciplinary Measures for Staff that Perpetrated Said Hoax


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H/T: Weasel Zippers

It seems that Rolling Stone, months after holes (big enough to drive a truck through) were poked through the alleged rape case that was said to have occurred at the University of Virginia.

Via Yahoo news

The author of Rolling Stone’s discredited “A Rape on Campus” story, Sabrina Rubin Erderly, will apologize Sunday in conjunction with the release of the Columbia Journalism School’s external review of the erroneous story, according to media reports.

Rolling Stone will also pull the story from its site and put Columbia’s review in its place, Brian Stelter reported Sunday on CNN’s “Reliable Sources.” The decision to take the story down is a fairly unprecedented step in the digital media era.

The reportedly 12,000-word review is expected to be a damning piece that places fault in all corners of Rolling Stone for errors made in the reporting and storytelling process for the campus rape story, published in November. Rolling Stone will also be taking responsibility for its errors, Stelter reported.

The review will be authored by Columbia Journalism School Dean Steve Coll. It is expected to be published on the Columbia Journalism Review’s website as well as on Rolling Stone’s site.

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In March, police in Charlottesvile, Virgina issued their investigation’s findings, saying they found no evidence a rape occurred at the University of Virginia on the night in question in 2012.

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Of course, there will be no disciplinary action taken in this case.


Rolling Stone publisher Jann Wenner has decided not to take any disciplinary action against the editors or fact-checkers involved in the discredited story “A Rape on Campus.”

This means no one will be dismissed or suspended as a result of the error-filled story, according to people with direct knowledge of the decision.

Wenner believes the missteps by the magazine’s staff members — from managing editor Will Dana on down — were unintentional, not purposefully deceitful.

After all, the truth wasn’t a goal in writing this story.  The goal was advancing a narrative.  The only actual issue for Rolling Stone, in my opinion, is that they were caught.


#Ferguson: What do we know so far?


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I’ve been waiting to discuss the events that have occurred in Ferguson, MO.  Like any emotionally charged situation, there are claims and counter-claims.   I tend to wait a bit and summarize what is known.  So, here is what we know about the situation in Ferguson.

The “victim” in this situation is Michael Brown, aged 18.  Mr. Brown was seen on video robbing a local store.

Here is a video, from FOX News, shown at the linked DC article…

Here is more footage, from CNN…

And, we also now know that this video was available for some time, but had not been released at the request of the DOJ.  Breitbart has more…

The shooting took place on Saturday, August 9 and it took until the Friday the 15th for the surveillance video to be released. Since the shooting occurred, Ferguson has been wracked with  riots, destruction of property and looting every night.

The significance of the surveillance video has understandably led some to wonder, why on earth did the police not release it sooner?

“What upsets me is that it should have been all over the news,” said Tatinisha Wheeler, a protester who lives in St. Louis. She said she was confused why the police wouldn’t have immediately said Mr. Brown had been allegedly involved in a crime. “Now they’re going to say it’s a robbery?” she asked.

If the video had come out right away, the gentle giant narrative would never have been able to take hold in the way it did.

Now we know the reason for the delay.

The Holder Justice Department pressured the Ferguson Police Dept. not to release the tape showing the latest left-wing cause celeb to be a violent criminal.

Via NBC News:

The Department of Justice urged Ferguson police not to release surveillance video purporting to show Michael Brown robbing a store shortly before he was shot and killed by police, arguing the footage would further inflame tensions in the St. Louis suburb that saw rioting and civil unrest in the wake of the teenager’s death.

Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson released the video Friday, telling reporters that he had no choice because the media requested the release under the Freedom of Information Act. The Department of Justice, which is conducting its own investigation into Brown’s Aug. 9 death, has had a copy of the footage all along and never considered releasing it to the public, the source said.

Then, the 6*4″ 290 (plus) Brown leaves the store.  And is soon confronted by a police officer, who was called and alerted to Brown’s description.  Donald Douglas at the American Power Blog has more…

And then Dana Loesch has the interview with the friend of Officer Wilson, who explains that Brown assaulted Wilson at the police car, walked 35-feet away, and then turned and launched into a crazed “bum-rush” toward the police car, via Gateway Pundit, “EXCLUSIVE: Friend of OFFICER DARREN WILSON Speaks Out on Shooting of Mike Brown (AUDIO)“:

He pulled up ahead of them. And then he got a call-in that there was a strong-arm robbery. And, they gave a description. And, he’s looking at them and they got something in their hands and it looks like it could be what, you know those cigars or whatever. So he goes in reverse back to them. Tries to get out of his car. They slam his door shut violently. I think he said Michael did. And, then he opened the car again. He tried to get out. He stands up.

And then Michael just bum-rushes him and shoves him back into his car. Punches him in the face and them Darren grabs for his gun. Michael grabbed for the gun. At one point he got the gun entirely turned against his hip. And he shoves it away. And the gun goes off.

Well, then Michael takes off and gets to be about 35 feet away. And, Darren’s first protocol is to pursue. So, he stands up and yells, “Freeze!” Michael and his friend turn around. And Michael taunts him… And then all the sudden he just started bumrushing him. He just started coming at him full speed. And, so he just started shooting. And, he just kept coming. And, so he really thinks he was on something.”

Go straight to the radio interview here, “Josie On The Dana Show 8-15-14.”

Additionally, there is video of the aftermath of the story.  This comes from the Conservative Treehouse.  On the video is audio of witnesses discussing the situation.

And just for another perspective…

Now, it is important to know that these videos and information were NOT available at the time of the incident.  It’s only since Friday that this new information has been trickling out.

Since the death of Michael Brown, there has been rioting and looting every night in Ferguson.  For “justice,” of course…


A simple search engine query will return hundreds of images of vandalism, looting, and destruction.  Because, apparently, “justice” means destruction.

But there is more.  This story also emphasizes that the police have become too militaristic.  When you see pics of cops, and then of armed soldiers, and you cannot tell the difference, there is something wrong.

Then, we still have to ask if the government was trying to get a riot going by withholding key information, like the video of Michael Brown stealing the cigars?  Did they want the mobs rioting a looting, and using the false narrative that Brown was shot in the back as a justification?

I have seen some bloggers state that the new information represents a “change in narrative.”  I would stress that the narrative will not change.  I say this in reference to Trayvon Martin.  If you would recall, Trayvon Martin was in the process of bashing in George Zimmerman’s skull when he was shot in self defense.  No matter what evidence came out, it was still clear that the only way for “progressive justice” to have taken place was for Trayvon Martin to have killed George Zimmerman.  Had that been the case, it would have been a local story, and the world would have been deprived of it’s very first “White Hispanic.”   This case is much the same.  Had Michael Brown been successful in further assaulting, or even killing, officer Wilson, there would be no public outcry.

It is possible that even more information might come out.  In that case, I will do my best to keep up with it.  Don will be back on duty for Tuesday, at which point, I will go back to more spiritual pursuits.

In the meantime, I will pray for peace, and actual justice in this situation.


Fake Hate Crime: Tennesse Anti-gay “Hate Crime” Faked?


It seems that when reality doesn’t fit the narrative, reality will be invented. At least that’s what folks in the feminazi crowd, like Meg Lanker Simons, and in the Gay community, like Joseph Baken, like to do.  When they can’t claim real hate, they create some. Consider it, “do it yourself social engineering.”  There is another case in the works, and The Other McCain has more from Tennessee, where Joe Williams had an attack that might just have been self inflicted…

Whether or not Paris, Tennessee, is such a hotbed of homophobic hatred as to cause Williams to fear for his life, however, it now appears that this alleged hate crime never happened:

A man who told police he had been robbed and beaten at a Paris health food store a few days before Thanksgiving was arrested after he allegedly withheld information about the incident and has now been charged with filing a false report.
Joe Williams, 32, of 803 E. Wood St. was arrested [Dec. 20] after turning himself in at the Henry County jail.
Williams originally told officers he had been beaten and robbed Nov. 20 at Healthy Thyme, which is at the same address as Williams’ home. . . .
Officers later found inconsistencies in Williams’ story. Paris Police Sgt. Ricky Watson said Williams failed to bring up certain facts known to investigators on three different occasions.
“He was given three opportunities to disclose that information, and he chose not to,” Watson said.
That leaves investigators trying to determine how much of Williams’ story might have been true.
“We’ve not been able to verify or dispel any of the statements made about the actual robbery or fire,” Watson said. “We’re looking into Mister Williams, and we’re looking into whether it did or did not happen.”

The apparent fakery by Williams probably won’t be reported in bold headlines by some outlets that reported the story originally.

These people are obviously mixed up, or, are they just liars?  It’s hard to tell; but one thing is certain, when reality doesn’t fit their victimhood narrative, reality is wrong, and must be altered!  Just consider it reality, with some lies and fakery thrown into the mix.


Democrat Party Created Shutdown Mashup: Illegals can Gather-Veterans Cannot, Death Benefits Denied, Losing Control of Narrative? Updated with Water Fountain Handles


In our latest shutdown update, we have to look at what our Democratic Senators have created by refusing to vote on any House-passed Continuing Resolutions.

Veterans cannot visit open air memorials, but Illegal Aliens can have a rally on the Mall?

I guess when it comes to the Democrat Party Generated Government Shutdown, the pain is applied to WW II and Vietnam Veteran, but illegal aliens are A-OK! 

Nothing could be more emblematic of the Obama Regime than this. Even as it attempts to block off the open air World War II memorial to vets who traveled across the country to honor their fallen brothers, and other vets are chased away from the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall, illegal aliens are allowed to use the National Mall to protest the withering concept of American sovereignty:

A planned immigration reform rally will take place on the National Mall on Tuesday even though the site is closed due to the government shutdown.

Organizers for the “Camino Americano: March for Immigration Reform” were spotted Monday setting up a stage and equipment on the National Mall for the rally which will take place on Tuesday.

Dozens of leftist congresscritters are expected to attend, including Rep. Nasty Pelosi and the corrupt, child-molesting Senator Robert Menendez. The event is sponsored in part by the ACORN-affiliated SEIU, which spent $27 million helping Obama to power.

And, that event went on as scheduled, and some congresscritters even got arrested. 

Eight members of Congress were arrested during a Tuesday immigration rally on Washington, D.C.’s National Mall.

Several House Democrats sat in the middle of Independence Avenue and blocked rush hour traffic, according to the Star Tribune.

The representatives, Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MN), Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ), Rep. Joseph Crowley (D-NY), Rep. Al Green (D-TX), Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-IL), Rep. Jan Schawkowsky (D-IL) and Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY), were then arrested by U.S. Capitol Police, spokeswoman Kimberly Schneider confirmed to TheBlaze.

The congressmen were charged with “crowding, obstructing, and incommoding” under D.C. Code 22-1307 and will be processed by the U.S. Capitol Police at 67 K Street, SW.

But, it’s OK to allow illegal immigrants and the SEIU (campaign contributors) to have a rally and visit.  But, not only do they discriminate against veterans, they disrespect the fallen dead as well. 

Last weekend, four members of the United States Army gave their all for our nation. As the families began to grieve for their loved ones, the Obama administration made their loss even worse by insultingly refusing to pay death benefits due to the government shutdown.

Fallen SoldiersNormally, $100,000 is wired to the surviving kin within 36 hours of losing a loved one to cover funeral expenses and the loss of the service members paycheck. It also assists family members with travel costs to Delaware in order to meet the plane carrying the body of their fallen soldier. Shannon Collins, who lost her son, said

“The government is hurting the wrong people…Families shouldn’t have to worry about how they’re going to bury their child.”

This behavior from our goverment is unacceptable.

Ashley Peters lost her husband last weekend, and said

 “It is upsetting because my husband died for his country, and now his family is left to worry.”

It would appear that the powers that be on the left are feeling some heat on this “disgrace.” Some of them, like Rep. Braley seem oblivious (he’s just mad his gym no longer has towel service), but some are taking it a little more seriously. Harry Reid said that this gratuity would “be restored, without any question.” We’re waiting. 

This really shows the length to which the Obama Administration and the Senate Democrats will go to punish patriotic Americans, all while honoring those that break our laws, and blaming the GOP.

However, there is some evidence that they may be losing control of the narrative here.  Take a look at this video, taken on the University of Colorado campus. 

If they are getting trashed on a University Campus, then they are losing it big time.  Can’t say anything else about it other than that.

People are realizing what we knew all along-that this POTUS is a petulant child-king.

Update (Language Alert): Wyblog gives his input on where all the water fountain handles went…

How petty is Obama? He’s removing the handles from water fountains in parks

America, your president is an asshole. A petulant, childish, spiteful asshole.

And he’s got the water fountain handles to prove it.

In what looks like a spiteful move, the NPS even removed handles from water spigots along the Chesapeake and Ohio canal where bikers and joggers exercise as well as along the Great Allegheny Passage, just to ensure people don’t get any water from them.

But did he turn off the water fountains he set up for illegal aliens trespassing in Arizona? Hell no!

He’s also put Barrycades on national monuments. And locked them. Except when illegal aliens come knocking.

He threatened Senior Citizens with arrest for photographing Mount Rushmore and Old Faithful.

He actually arrested Vietnam veterans for honoring their fallen comrades.

Get over to his place for more.


#FreeKate Update: Blaming America’s Most Wanted’s John Walsh? Targeting Coach, Devastating Podcast


Once again, I’d really love to put this #FreeKate story to bed, but the Hunts and their supporters simply refuse to stop blaming, and/or threatening people.  Today was a banner day in #FreeKate land, and they went gaga in terms of blame.  The latest victim is John Walsh, of America’s Most Wanted fame.  Here is some accomplishments of   John Walsh after the kidnapping and brutal murder of his young son by a pedophile…

Following the crime, the Walsh family founded the Adam Walsh Child Resource Center, a non-profit organization dedicated to legislative reform. The centers, originally located in West Palm Beach, Florida; Columbia, South Carolina; Orange County, California; and Rochester, New York; merged with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC), where John Walsh serves on the board of directors.

The Walsh family organized a political campaign to help missing and exploited children. Despite bureaucratic and legislative problems, John and Revé’s efforts eventually led to the creation of the Missing Children Act of 1982 and the Missing Children’s Assistance Act of 1984.

Today, Walsh continues to testify before Congress and state legislatures on crime, missing children and victims’ rights issues. His latest efforts include lobbying for a Constitutional amendment for victims’ rights.

The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act (Pub.L. 109–248) was signed into law by U.S. President George W. Bush on July 27, 2006 following a two-year journey through the United States Congress and was intensely lobbied for by Walsh and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Primarily, it focuses on a national sex offender registry, tough penalties for not registering as a sex offender following release into society, and access by citizens to state websites that track sex offenders.

By the late 1980s, many malls, department stores, supermarkets, and other such retailers have adopted what is known as a “Code Adam,” a movement first made by Wal Mart stores in the southeastern United States. A “Code Adam” is announced when a child is missing in a store or if a child is found by a store employee or patron. If the child is lost or missing, all doors are to be locked and a store employee is posted at every exit, while a description of the child is generally broadcast over the intercom system. “Code Adam” as a term has become synonymous with a missing child, and is a predecessor to an “Amber Alert,” which serves as a system of broadcast-driven community notification.

In other words, John Walsh took the tragic murder of his son, and helped to create many legal safeguards that have likely saved countless children since.  But, according to members of the Kate’s Fight Facebook page, Walsh is the villain that is ultimately responsible for Kaitlyn Hunt’s plight.  Here are some screenshots from some Kate’s Fight insiders  from earlier today…

walsh to blamewalsh to blame 2blame walsg3blame walsh 4Please note that at the time of this writing, as far as my sources can tell, these posts are still there, even 12 hours after their posting.  What does it say about #FreeKate that they would smear and blame on of the most famous child advocates in the US?  I would remind people that movements like this need external enemies.  They need to distract from the inconsistencies in their own narratives, so what better to have a great “evil” that is oppressing them.  In this case, Walsh is just the latest in a long line.

Again, in the interest of lashing out at enemies, real or imagined, they are also talking about going after the basketball coach that initially reported the illegal activity…

hunts after mandated reporter coachOK, I addressed this before, but since they are looking at this again, let’s review…

Teachers, doctors, nurses, coaches, social workers, and anyone else who works with kids are “mandated reporters.”  Please pay close attention to the word, “mandated.” You see, if a “mandated” reporter suspects that child abuse is going on, they are MANDATED to report said abuse.  It’s not an option, or a maybe, or an alternative, it’s MANDATED!  Getting the importance of that word? Under Florida law, 14 year-olds cannot consent for sex, and adults are not allowed to have sex with minors, so the coach was MANDATED to report this activity.  So, in other words, the Hunts are looking to punish a coach because the coach obeyed the law.  They aren’t going to get very far with that,  as you can’t punish people for following the law.  “Reverse-counter-negligence” is not something that any court will recognize.  In fact, the coach could lose not only their job, but career, if they did not report the abuse.  But, it appears, by history, that the Hunts have a difficult time understanding legal mandates, don’t they?

I could go on some more, as we have screenshots of them wanting to retaliate against the local school board, and one member was even trying to track down the information on the victim’s church.

It seems that these people are dead set on lashing out at anyone, rather than look at their own behavior.  And, the longer this goes on, the more outlandish the claims become.  Given the death threats, threats to “ruin” people, and just picking “enemies” at random, I can see them getting themselves arrested at some point.

But, of course, that will be someone else’s fault as well!

In related news, Ali Akbar and Robert Stacy McCain (who also has a related post), along with a call from a former Free Kate Facebook admin, had a rather devastating podcast this evening.  It’s embedded here for your listening pleasure.

The Conservative Hideout does not recommend direct contact with the Hunts. I condemn any attempts to “dox,” harass, or threaten them in any way. We have the truth on our side, there are no need for thug tactics.

Linked by Grumpy Opinions, thanks!


Racial Violence Update: Des Moines Man Beaten to Death by Three Blacks, Al Sharpton, MSM Silent


In another case of racial violence, three blacks are accused of beating a Des Moines man, Richard Daughenbaugh.  He was 40.  The Clash Daily has more…

Three 18-year-old men have been charged with murder in the beating death of a Des Moines man last weekend. Yarvon Nathaniel Russell, 18, James Alon Shorter, 18, and Kent Anthony Tyler III, 18, all of Des Moines, were charged Friday with first-degree murder. Russell has been arrested and is being held in Polk County Jail on a $500,000 bond. Shorter was taken into custody by Des Moines police and a warrant has been issued for Tyler’s arrest. Officers found Richard Daughenbaugh, 40, severely beaten in a parking lot near the Center Street bridge around 1 a.m. Sunday. He later died from his injuries at a local hospital. The medical examiner ruled the cause of death as undetermined. Des Moines Police Sgt. Jason Halifax said Daughenbaugh apparently got into a verbal altercation with one of the three suspects; Halifax declined to say which one. The altercation turned physical when one of the men attacked Daughenbaugh. The other two men – and likely several others – joined in. “We feel there are probably more and if we can file charges, we will,” Halifax said.

Here is video…

As usual, there is no response from the racism industry, or the MSM. Since traditional sources of public information are declining to do their “duty” the blogosphere will pick up the slack.  So, sadly, it is up to us to cover racial violence-because it doesn’t fit the racist narrative of the racism industry, or MSM that supports that industry.


Home Invaders Assault Man, Lock Him in a Closet-Where His Guns Are Kept, National Media Silent


As the title implies, some home invaders made a big mistake when the roughed up a man, and then threw him in his closet-where the home owner kept his gun collection.  The man promptly armed himself, and the rest was rather predictable…

A Houston, TX resident was caught off guard when 3 men, at least one of whom was armed, kicked in the door to the home he shared with his parents in broad daylight.

The violent men roughed up the resident and placed him in a closet while they ransacked the home.

What the suspects didn’t know – that closet is where the homeowner keeps his collection of handguns.

The resident armed himself and went through the house, where he encountered one of the suspects.

The two exchanged gunfire which resulted in the suspect being shot twice, but he was still able to escape.

He ran down the street and collapsed nearby. The other 2 suspects escaped in an old Chevy Tahoe.

Of course, this man was just supposed to be a victim.  He was supposed to sit back and hope that the home invaders didn’t decide to revisit the closet and finish him off.  Since guns are only supposed to be portrayed in a negative light,  this kind of story is never mentioned in the national media.


Resource Post: Listing of People Saved by Guns-National Media Silent


I found that a site, AKDart, has a listing of cases in which people were saved by guns.  Of course, since those stories do not match the narrative, they are not covered by the national media.  So, here is a small selection of links from AKDart…

Georgia College Student Saves Himself, Ten Friends By Shooting At Masked Attackers, Killing One.  But no, he shouldn’t have had an “evil gun”…

College Student Shoots, Kills Home Invader.  A group of college students said they are lucky to be alive and they’re thanking the quick-thinking of one of their own.  Police said a fellow student shot and killed one of two masked me who burst into an apartment.  Channel 2 Action News reporter Tom Jones met with one of the students to talk about the incident.  “Apparently, his intent was to rape and murder us all,” said student Charles Bailey.

Grandma With Gun Halts Store Robbery.  A gun-carrying grandmother in Milwaukee foiled an attempted robbery when she pulled a firearm on the suspect as he grabbed for her grocery store cash register.  Ernestine Aldana, 48, was behind the counter at the San Ignacio Market when a man in a dark hat pulled a knife on her and attempted to rob the store register, police said.

CBS Actually Covers Gun Self-Defense Case Promoted By NRA; ABC, NBC Punt.  On Friday’s [1/11/2013] CBS This Morning, Bill Plante refreshingly spotlighted how firearms are used to protect the lives of ordinary Americans.  Plante noted how the National Rifle Association “Tweeted a story… about Melinda Herman, a Georgia woman who shot an intruder in self-defense as she waited with her two children in a closet….  She fired at the man multiple times with a .38 caliber handgun.”  The two other Big Three morning shows failed to mention this story during their coverage of the current gun control debate.

School Shooting in Tennessee That National Media Did Not Report.  I am sure that no one outside of our immediate region has ever heard the story, because the only person who was shot — and killed — was the gunman.  These types of stories don’t fit the narrative of those who want “gun-free zones” and so are ignored by the national media.

Never bring a cattle prod to a gun fight.
Police: Fla. clerk’s gun beats thief’s cattle prod.  Authorities say a Florida Panhandle man has been arrested after he tried to rob a convenience store with a cattle prod but was thwarted by a clerk with a gun.

Armed businessman confronts thieves in the act, deputies say.  A 64-year-old man armed with a shotgun caught two burglary suspects in the act Monday [1/7/2013] and detained the men until deputies arrived, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office reported.  The owner of West Crane Services on Newport Avenue told deputies his business was burglarized last week, so he staked out the property at night anticipating the thieves would return.

Homeowner shoots at two men breaking into his Vallejo residence.  At about 11:45 a.m. the man found the two men breaking into his home in the 200 block of Windsor Court, police said.  The man then armed himself with a weapon and took a shot at the suspects, who fled the house in a champagne four-door late 1990s Cadillac, police said.

Concealed Carry Holder Teaches Armed Robber Why It’s a Bad Idea to Pull a Gun on a Dad.  A father in Columbus, Ohio was forced to defend himself and his 2-month-old son when a man pulled a gun and attempted to rob him on Monday night [1/7/2013].  Luckily, Kelby Smith, 34, owns a permit to carry a concealed handgun and was able to shoot the robber.

Armed Florida senior changes would-be robber’s life with legal handgun.  Here’s some more news for the media gatekeepers to bury, since it runs strongly counter to their preferred gun-control narrative:  a 71-year-old Florida man used his lawfully carried firearm to thwart an armed robbery at an Internet cafe in Ocala, Florida.

Girls With Guns.  In October 2012, 12-year-old Kendra St. Clair was also at home alone when a home invader kicked in her back door.  Her mother advised her over the phone to hide in the bathroom.  Luckily, the preteen grabbed her parents’ handgun first — and shot the intruder in the shoulder.  “When I had the gun, I didn’t think I was actually going to have to shoot somebody,” she told ABC News.  “I think it’s going to change me a whole lot, knowing that I can hold my head up high and nothing can hurt me anymore.”  Now that’s girl power.

Boy Uses AR15 To Stop A Home Invasion.  Bottom line, banning the AR15 and its variants is banning perhaps the single most effective weapon for home defense.  That is particularly true for women and teens.  Keep that in mind as the left tries to disarm America in the wake of Sandy Hook.

Mother Hiding with Kids Shoots Intruder.  As I’ve mentioned before, while I’m a huge supporter of the Second Amendment, I’m no fan of guns and sincerely wish that owning one (or three) wasn’t a necessary responsibility, especially when you have a family.  Here’s another reason why that’s the case.

So, get over there for more.  And, I will end this post as I did the others…

The liberals would prefer that these people be dead.  That they lived is bad for the narrative.


Man Shoots and Kills Two Home Invaders: National Media Silent


In yet another example of self defence using a firearm, a man used a gun to defend himself, and his toddler son from home invaders.  Yet, the national media chose to take a pass on covering it.

My last post about guns and self defence caused a big stink on some sites, where people took issue with the comment that the liberals would prefer people to be dead, as it is better for the narrative. Allow me to expand a bit: Democrats, liberals, regressives (whatever you want to call them) will not stop at taking ugly guns-they want them all.  So, at some point, their desire is to have a 100% disarmed populace.  When considering that, any example of the lawful use of firearms is detrimental to the confiscation narrative.  However, dead civilians, and especially dead children, are easily exploitable-they are convenient emotional justifications to ban guns.  However, if they ever did get all the guns, and only criminals had them, there would be even more dead children.  But, I would wager that those dead children would no longer be worth covering.  Dead children only have propaganda value in certain contexts.

Linked by:

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Thanks to all!


AR15 Stops Home Invasion: Media Silent


The AR15 is a much maligned firearm.  It’s the civilian version of the M16, and can only fire as a semi-automatic, making it a glorified 22 long rifle.  However, because it looks mean, it’s a favorite target of the gun grabbers.   Since it is target of future “ugly gun laws,” it can do no good-even if it stops a home invasion.  Texas Fish and Game has more…

If the gun grabbers, and their allies in the MSM had their way, these children might be dead.  But, that would be a small sacrifice in order to get the guns, and the power that goes along with that.  It sounds cruel?  The only cruelty is that guns save lives every day, and they save far more lives than they “take.”  But, since the narrative is to take guns, these stories will not be reported.

Frankly, it would be better fro the liberals and their MSM lapdogs if the children had died.  It would have fit the narrative, not disproved it.


Conservatives need to stand up, speak up, and drive the narrative


I’m tired of the left driving the narrative this election cycle.  We have anemic economic growth, over 8 percent unemployment, little to no job growth with a bleak outlook, no budget for three years, Obamacare and the Dodd-Frank financial reform laws destroying our healthcare and economic systems, over $5 trillion more on the national credit card, the loss of our triple AAA credit rating, failed green energy companies at the taxpayer’s expense, a massive tax increase (Obamacare) on the American people, the fast and furious scandal leading to the Attorney General of the United States being held in contempt, the FED monetizing our debt and devaluing our dollar leading to inflation, the doubling of gas prices since 2009, and a President running roughshod over the rule of law and our constitution.  All these very serious problems we face as a nation; our very future hangs in the balance and the left wants us to shift our focus towards the tax returns for the past 10 years of Mitt Romney.   How has this ridiculous narrative that should insult the intelligence of most Americans, hijacked the real debate we should be having over the issues that will impact our children and grandchildren?

This is how ridiculous it has gotten.  Yesterday Sen. Dick Durbin (D-Ill.) and Rep. Sander Levin (D-Mich.) proposed legislation that would require presidential candidates to release their tax returns from the past 10 years.  Not only would they be required to release their returns but they would also have to disclose any overseas investments; those evil Swiss bank accounts.  Rep. Sander Levin said Romney should “set the example” for future candidates and release his returns. But then he said the law must be changed so release of tax information is not at the discretion of candidates.  So where exactly do they get this so call legislative power to create such a law?  The last I checked the constitution is very clear about the requirements that a candidate must meet to be eligible to run for President of the United States. I don’t recall anything about having to release their tax returns for even one year.

Article II, section I of the constitution states:  No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty-five years, and been fourteen years a resident within the United States.   So it would actually make more sense to craft a bill that would require potential candidates to show their birth certificate to prove they are a natural born citizen and provide confirmation of their age.  To add eligibility requirements for candidates to release their tax returns and disclose overseas investments would require an amendment.  Well it would require an amendment if we actually followed the constitutional process to change the constitution.  We don’t do that anymore, our elected representatives make it up as they go and pass bills without any regard to our constitution.  My point is this insane narrative is being pushed forward by a united Democratic front with little or no resistance from the right.  Where is the right?  Why aren’t conservatives as united in defending Romney as the Democrats are in attacking him?

This is a perfect example of how the right lets the narrative slip through their fingers even though everything I stated in the first paragraph of this article is factual and is the reality many Americans live with each day.  The left has become skilled at shifting the focus away from the facts and towards their narrative.  They are emotional thugs and agitators who will lie and cheat their way to a win.  They use emotional appeal and class warfare to pretend they’re the defenders of the down trodden.  They count on emotion because when people are in an emotional state their judgment tends to be clouded.  They employ a “get the rich” tactic, tapping into the raw emotions of envy and jealously.  They say and do whatever it takes to advance their narrative and for the most part get very little resistance from the right.   Remember when President Bush was hammered by the left day in and day out not matter what he did.  I remember how frustrated I was that he didn’t fight back.  Instead he became a punching bag for the left that propelled them to retake the House in 2006 and the Senate and Presidency in 2008.  This cannot happen again.  The right must start pushing back and standing on principle.  When truth is our shield nothing can penetrate it.

We need a united conservative front at all levels.  From bloggers to elected representatives, we need to stand on principle and stop being punching bags for the left.  If they use emotional appeal, we use reason and logic with the same conviction.  If they lie then we expose them for the liars they are, because only through lies can they advance their narrative.  We must be united so we can wrestle the narrative back and remind people just how bad things have been under the Democrats watch.  As bad as things are now they can become a great deal worse if Obama is reelected.  People need to be reminded of all the above facts day in and day out.  They need to see through the political theater the Democrats are putting on in an attempt to shift their focus from the things that really matter.  And lastly we need to show how the narrative of “hating the rich” is the antithesis of everything America is supposed to be about.

Our founders wanted each of us to have an opportunity to be successful no matter where we were born on the social ladder.  It’s time we stop turning our backs on the opportunity our founders envisioned for each of us.  It’s time to advance a new narrative; one that is powered by liberty and freedom.

Liberty forever, freedom for all!

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Media Bias: MSNBC Talking Head Does Not Take Kindly to the Narrative Being Questioned


When the POTUS is pumping out distractions, the job of the dutiful MSM is to keep these stories alive, even if they have to make fools of themselves to do so.  For the latest example, The Other McCain posted the following…

Well, here is the CH 2.0 Translation…

There is a narrative to promote, and it will be promoted. No matter how much reality has to be ignored.

The latest economic figures are not so good, so they have to keep on talking about what Mitt Romney did almost 50 years ago.  Ironically, they couldn’t find the time to figure out what Obama, a much younger man, did in college, the Senate, in Church, or damn near anywhere else.  But, we’ll have to ignore that as well, because, after all, the narrative/distraction must go on!

H/T: The Daley Gator


Neo Nazi Who Attended Occupy Goes on Shooting Spree, Kills Five-Media Silent


Here is a video from an Occupy Protest that the MSM refused to share with America…

If you recall, Jason Ready, a known neo Nazi, was openly displaying military style weapons at Occupy Phoenix.  Of course, that didn’t fit the “peaceful movement” narrative, so the MSM decided to ignore it.  However, Mr. Ready was apparently all to eager to do what all “peaceful” leftist movements eventually do-kill a lot of people.  

This week Jason Todd went on a horrific shooting spree.
Yahoo reported:

Arizona vigilante Jason Todd “J.T.” Ready’s final act might have been his most horrific, say police.

Police have identified the former Marine with ties to neo-Nazi and Minutemen groups as one of the five people killed in a shooting spree in Gilbert, Ariz., a Phoenix suburb on Wednesday, according to the Associated Press.

It also appears that Ready, who was running for sheriff in Arizona’s Pinal County, killed four people, including a 15-month-old baby girl, her mother, and grandmother, before he turn the gun on himself, reports The (Ariz.) Republic.

Hat Tip Ed

As Jim Treacher says, “The Occupy Camp is a great incubator for domestic terrorism.”
That’s an understatement!

Now, let me guess…it’s someone else’s fault?

Of course, here is the narrative that the MSM uses when guns are seen at Tea Party events…


Some More Thoughts on the Nature of Ideological Warfare


I’ve been thinking about the current political climate, as well as history, both recent and more remote.  What we are seeing today is nothing new, it’s all happened before-a few are trying to dominate the entire population, and far too many average citizens have no idea what is really happening.  So, I thought it might be a good idea to discuss what is going on now.

I look at OWS, the unions, as well as the multitudes of small organizations that are meant to Cloward-Piven the Republic.  I consider that OWS participants number in the thousands, or perhaps the low five-figure area.  In other words, all the occupiers combined represent the attendance at ONE of the larger Tea Party protests from 2009-2010.  When compared to the Tea Party, the so called 99% isn’t even a drop in the proverbial bucket.

Then, I remember that unions only represent 11.8% of workers in the US.  I also have to realize that among union workers, the vast majority never voted in a union election (for which they would have had to show photo id, by the way), and are only in a union because they had no choice.  Also, when workers are allowed to leave the union, or are not forced to pay dues, many abandon the union.  Consequently, the number of union members is not indicative of how many people support unions.  As in the old Soviet Bloc, many would escape if they could, so the bosses keep them in against their will.

Also, they have community organizations, like the “organizations formerly known as ACORN.”  These are the “grassroots” organizations that send people to protest in rented buses, with their identical, professionally printed signs, as well as their identical shirts, hats, or jackets.  Or if the participants are lucky, they get paid to protest, even if they have no idea who or what they are protesting.  Because, as well all know, real grassroots organizations have identically pre-printed signs, “uniforms,” pay people to protest, and use rented buses.  You know, spontaneity, right?

What am I getting at, you ask?  From what the evidence dictates, OWS, the unions, and all of the community organizations represent a tiny percentage of the overall population, yet they reserve for themselves the right to dictate all aspects of life to the rest of us.  They have had a great deal of success.  This success comes from several factors:

  1. They are organized.  They coordinate with other groups and individuals.  Not always all that well, but some organization goes a long way against small groups or individuals.
  1. Tactics:  Most leftist groups use pressure tactics against organizations or individuals.  These are tactics historically used by Communists, labor unions, or community organizers (or do I repeat myself?). Saul Alinsky compiled them in his book, Rules for Radicals, and they target individuals (in particular) for intimidation, harassment, and disruption in an effort to discredit them, and then to cause their capitulation.
  1. Additionally, their tactics do not have to have anything to do with reality.  They seek to create a false perception, rather than deal with reality.  The tactics are unethical and dishonest, but they don’t let that get in the way.  For them, the ends justify the means.
  1. They are persistent:  Leftist groups don’t let laws, elections, or even the Constitution get in their way.  They come back for more.  They raid union coffers.  They pay more protestors.  They bus in more goons.  They engage in vandalism, extortion, or even violence in an effort to reach their objective.  The will of the people means nothing to them.  When defeated, they come back again, relabeled and slightly reconfigured, but underneath it all, it’s still the same.
  1. They are amoral:  While that may sound like I’m pushing the envelope, there is some truth to this.  First, consider that the first edition of Rules for Radicals was dedicated to Lucifer.  Then, consider that they will lie, intimidate, coerce, strong-arm, extort, vandalize, and commit assault to meet their objectives.  While being reprehensible, having a lack of morals leaves a lot of options open to them.  Those options are rarely considered by their targets, who often do have a moral center.

With all of the above, they are able to make “noise” that is far out of proportion to their actual numbers.  They attempt to create the perception that they represent a large segment of the population, when, in reality, they represent their own narrow interests.   When they bus 500 goons to a banker’s house in order to intimidate a banker’s teenaged child, they try to make themselves look much larger than they really are.  However, the fact is that the goons were likely paid to go, or otherwise offered incentives.  It was structured, pre-planned, and completely fake.  And, it only represents the needs and wants of the union bosses, not the public at large.  In other words, they try to make David look like Goliath-by acting like Al Capone.

As for the future, I really see these groups continuing following the Alinsky playbook.  Perhaps the frequency and level of violence will increase, but this is what they know, and they won’t depart from it easily.  They are creatures of habit, and like all humans, will almost always return to what they know.  That is their glaring weakness, and it is what will lead to their defeat-if we exploit it to own advantage.  Here are some more thoughts on their weaknesses.

  1. Their adherence to a small set of tactics limits them.  They have a hard time dealing with people that stand up to them.  Like the schoolhouse bully, they don’t know how to take it when their presumptive victims refuse to submit.  So, if people stand up to them, they’ll be rather perplexed as to how to deal with it.
  1. Since they are a very small part of the population, they haven’t sufficient numbers to attack a large number of targets simultaneously.  If a significant number of their victims come forward, they won’t have the resources to hit all of them. As I noted earlier, they are successful because they can isolate small numbers, or individual targets at any given time.  Then, the targets usually break, one by one, or are destroyed.
  1. Additionally, if their targets support each other, and work to counter the goons, they will have no clue as to how to respond.  Most of their tactics are predicated on isolating individual targets.  They can’t freeze or isolate a moving target, nor can they freeze or isolate people that stick together.  Essentially, they don’t have a ”Plan B.”
  1. With the advent of social media, they aren’t able to hide their activities.  In the past, they could harass individuals, destroy property, or even assault people, and the MSM wouldn’t cover it.  And, in most cases, there would be no arrests.  So, they are used to being able to project a kind face to the public, while acting like a criminal mob behind the scenes, or in the street-hidden behind the shield of a compliant media.  Therefore, there are still in that mode of thinking that they can act with impunity.  That will be a significant weakness for them.
  1. Social Media coverage also helps the targets of leftist groups.  In the past, the isolation and intense thug tactics would be psychologically devastating to the victims, as they would feel very alone, and isolated.  When one feels as if they have no friends or supporters, they are more likely to cave in to the demands of the goons.  On the contrary, when people feel like they are supported, or others are going through the same thing, they gain strength to fight on.  Now, thanks to social media, when someone is targeted, they can gain worldwide support.  And, people all over the world will see the goon tactics in action.   In general, people do not like thugs, so it will reflect poorly in public opinion.
  1. Pursuant to item 1, when dealing with tantruming children and bullies, when thwarted, will usually try to escalate their behavior or rhetoric.  What that means is that when they are challenged, they may double down on their behavior, and do even more of what does not work.  Again, that can be recorded and posted, and be used to expose them to an even greater degree.
  1. The denial of reality hurts the goons.  As I noted earlier, goons depend upon creating a false narrative and perception to change opinion.  The problem is that false narratives are easily crushed by reality.  And, in the age of social media, the truth can be easily distributed.  The more that the thugs put out false information that is easily disproved, the less credibility that they have.

When you think of it, it is already working.  In decades past, would the public have known about what is “in” ObamaCare?  Would Sandra Fluke’s story have “gone over?”  Would the majority if the people believed that the Tea Party was just an new incarnation of the KKK without the hoods?  I believe the answer to all of those is yes.  So, we are having an impact, and we keep pouring it on, because information is the weapon of choice in this war.

Over a year ago, I posted an article about the nature of ideological warfare.  In that post, I noted that there isn’t going to be an end point to this war for freedom that we are waging. There is never going to be a surrender ceremony, no VE day, or no VJ day.  We need to recognize that, and even when we win a battle, the war goes on-it always will.  Needless to say, we need to keep winning over people with the truth. It is working, and the more we do it, the more it will work.


Tales of Voter Fraud: In Three Acts


It’s a tale of fraud, exposing fraud, and of useful idiots trying to deny the fraud exits.  And it all unfolded yesterday, right on our Internet.

There are times when it is prudent to wait before running a story.  A story might jump off the page at you, and you have an immediate reaction.  You might want to spread the word about some new injustice, or debunk something blatantly false.  But, those really attractive newsbits might just be blog poison.  What appears to be a truth can be false, and that blatantly false story might just turn out to be true.  Apparently, Think Regress has not learned that particular lesson.

But, we need to start from the beginning.   James O’Keefe released a video showing how people could use the names of the dead in order to vote…

The bombshell video is the work of conservative filmmaker James O’Keefe and his organization , Project Veritas.

Voters in the Granite State are not required to present identification to vote. O’Keefe’s investigators were able to obtain ballots under the names of dead voters at polling locations Tuesday by simply asking for them, he said.

“Live free or die,” an election worker told one of the investigators in the video. “This is New Hampshire. No ID needed.”

You can watch the video for yourself, and make your own judgement.  As usual, O’Keefe has promised to release the full and unedited footage.

It is at this point, that Think Regress decided to “debunk” O’Keefe.  The tools are typical leftist fare.  They try to discredit O’Keefe while maintaining a high level of denial regarding voter fraud.  

The undercover video shows unnamed individuals working at O’Keefe’s behest approaching polling stations throughout New Hampshire. After poll workers asked for the person’s name, O’Keefe’s agents gave the name of a voter who died within the past few weeks, before then receiving a ballot to vote. The individuals asked the poll workers if they needed ID to prove their identity, and when poll workers confirmed that they did not, O’Keefe’s men insisted on returning to their car to retrieve their ID and returned the ballot.

In addition, O’Keefe’s group may have run afoul of New Hampshire’s law against hidden recording devices. Granite State law requires both parties to consent when recording devices are used, a fact that even O’Keefe’s own website notes. However, the video gives no indication that poll workers were aware they were being filmed.

If you read the entire Soros funded article, you’ll see that they accuse O’Keefe of voter fraud, and cite the recording issue that I quoted above, and all the while, they don’t discuss the substantive issues that O’Keefe raises.  Of course, O’Keefe has shown questionable judgement in the past, but that doesn’t alter the nature of the problem-that anyone can go to the poll in New Hampshire, and claim to be anyone.

But, it get’s even worse for Think Regress.  When they decided to deny the problem, and attack O’Keefe’s credibility, they failed to wait to see how the story unfolded.  Had they done so, and checked a search engine, they would have seen that there was another story regarding this exact type of activity…

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) – The director of South Carolina’s Department of Motor Vehicles has told the State Law Enforcement Division that more than 900 people who were recorded as having voted were actually dead.

DMV Director Kevin Shwedo told legislators about the issue Wednesday as the U.S. Justice Department questions a new state law requiring people to show photographic identification when they vote in person.

So, while Think Regress was spending Spooky Dude’s money to state that this problem does not occur, the DC was running another story showing that it does.  Had they any type of integrity, they would correct themselves.  However, since their job is to deny reality, and to fabricate “news,” they aren’t really concerned with the truth.  Consequently, they will continue to deny that voter fraud occurs.  When the truth does not fit the narrative, they will deny that truth exists.

That will be their undoing.


Occupod Plans for 2012 Revealed?


We’ve been saying that the Occupods were going to come back in the spring, and we assumed that they were going to have a switch in tactics.  After all, large, static protests puts all of their rather unsavory tendencies on public display.  MSN Money has some details..

Warning; OWS tells us America’s going to be shocked by not one but hundreds of wake-up calls in 2012.

How? In a recent Washington Post column, OWS leaders say they are accelerating their battle strategy in 2012. In what amounts to a new declaration of war that promises to electrify the 2012 elections, OWS will be using new asymmetrical warfare strategies, write two of the men who have been the driving force behind the movement since early this year: Kalle Lasn, the editor-in-chief of Adbusters magazine, and senior editor Micah White.

Listen to some of the specific guerrilla tactics they warn will be used in their 2012 “American Spring” assault: A “marked escalation of surprise, playful, precision disruptions, rush-hour flash mobs, bank occupations, ‘occupy squads’ and edgy theatrics.” And in a New Yorker magazine interview shortly after New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s “military-style operation,” Lasn warned: “this means escalation, pushing us one step closer to a revolution.”

As Lasn and White warned: “In this visceral, canny, militantly nonviolent phase of our march to real democracy, we will ‘float like a butterfly and sting like a bee.’ We will regroup, lick our wounds, brainstorm and network all winter. We will build momentum for a full-

Among the biggest targets are events related to the proposed constitutional amendment to get money out of voting and reverse corporate personhood . . . presidential debates venues are high-profile . . . Supreme Court rulings on health care, immigration, voter redistricting . . . any events tied to “voting out incumbents” . . . supporting “Occupy Colleges” anger at oppressive student loans and no jobs . . . Federal Reserve System money and credit to Wall Street . . . special-interest K Street lobbyists . . . state recall campaigns . . . Keystone XL pipeline . . . Congressional hearings on jobs . . . taxes benefits for the rich . . . and the too-greedy-to-fail banks . . . corporations that pay less in taxes than in CEO salaries . . . occupy state and local campaign headquarters . . . support young millennials rejecting America’s failed two-party system . . . occupy lawns of elderly citizens being evicted . . . protesting states that repealed voting and union rights . . . and many more.

So, they are going to escalate their efforts.  If you recall, I published a post on that very topic in November…

When a child is told “no” they have a number of options on how to react; they might throw a tantrum, they might cooperate and get over it, or they may sulk and become passive aggressive, among others.  If the child pitches a fit, and it succeeds in achieving their goal, they will continue using this response until life intervenes and makes that behavior ineffective or unprofitable for them.  Doesn’t liberal reactions to losing a vote, or demanding a result, look like temper tantrums?  Also, if organizations, governments, or individuals “cave in” when the liberals whine, threaten, and protest; you might suspect that they’ll do it again.  After all, it worked all those other times!

In other words, they are going to throw a larger, albeit more wide-spread, tantrum.  Besides inflicting Alinsky on more people, it does serve another important function-to take attention off of the left’s natural tendencies.  The long-term occupations displayed them all, as if in a zoo:

1.  9 deaths.

2.  Drug use.

3.  Sexual assault/rape.

4.  Anti-Semitism.

5.  Openly promoting Communism, and denying the 100,000,000 deaths caused by that ideology in the last century.

6.  Random violence against others.

7.  Vandalism of local businesses.

8.  Urination/Defection on private and public property.

9.  Rats, and other vermin.

By limiting the exposure of those aspects of their movements, the occupods might do a better job staying on message.  However, by blocking traffic, disrupting local businesses, and generally making a nuisance of themselves, the occupods are likely to alienate more people than they win over.  That, and they have a little more than a year in which to do it, because if an actual Conservative get’s into the White House, the recovery should start in relatively short order.  Movements like occupy depend on misery, plus a false narrative, to grow.  Obama is helping to keep the misery going, by providing numerous disincentives to hiring.  Once those are removed, the misery will decrease, and the narrative will be discounted by reality.

In other words, 2012 is going to be a very interesting year.



Obama Attempts to Protect Progressive Narrative: Launches "Attack Watch" UPDATED


Well then, talk about shades of the ObamaCare “snitch line!”  The Obamaites  have now launched “Attack Watch,”  a site for loyal useful idiots to turn in their friends, neighbors, and family members for “counter-revolutionary activities,”  like believing in individual  freedom, and other crazy notions.  Apparently, there is far too much truth going on out there, and something must be done about it, ammitrite?  At any rate, I did report myself.  We’ll see if there is a sudden influx of paid trolls.  That might just be fun!

On a serious note, informing on your neighbors…where have we heard that before?  Where did that happen, and what  was the result?  Well, other than with the original ObamaCare snitch line, we saw that extensively in dictatorships, especially ones in which millions of their citizens suddenly disappeared, never to be seen or heard from again.  It’s really not a great model to be following, but that’s how our regressives roll.

I would encourage our Conservative and Libertarian friends to report themselves to “Attack Watch.”  Because, you see, we are all guilty of terrible crimes…

1.  Exposing the failure of the porkulus, and the fraud therein.

2.  Exposing ObamaCare’s Cloward-Piven status, and then showing how our predictions have come to pass.

3.  By supporting Conservative candidates that won big in 2010.

4.  By exposing the regressives in the MSM, and their lies.  And, come to think about it, gloating over their falling ratings.

6.  Where would GunRunner be as a story, if we had not helped expose it?

7.  Climategate, and every other hole in AGW the Big Lie, that are big enough to drive a truck through.

8.  Voter Fraud, and the Acorn nuts that did it.

9.  Czars, czars, everywhere a czar.

10.  How about how regressive policies cause the housing crisis.

11.  Why businesses refuse to hire.

12.  Unions and Communists living together.

13.  Why are our gas prices so high?  Could it be government policies?  It’s more likely than you think.

14  Where is ACORN?

15.  Union thuggery on display.

16.  Covering the reality of the Tea Party Movement, not just the MSM narrative.

17.  Pornoscanners, and molestation by the TSA.

18.  Planned Parenthood’s racism and failure to report child abuse.

19.  Exposing attempts at media control.

20.  Weiner’s weiner!

21.  Civil Discourse, and how the regressives are apparently immune to it.

22.  Public education failure.

23. Detroit, and why it is a steaming pile of failure.

24.  Individual freedom.

25.  The Constitution

26.  The Founders

27.  Illegal immigration, and the Americans that die as a result.

28.  How Obama cannot complete a sentence without a teleprompter.

29.  ObamaCare waivers, and why such a huge percentage go to Nancy Pelosi’s district?

30.  Plotting to vote out Obama and as many Dem members of Congress as humanly possible in 2012.

If you have written, spoken about, or thought about any of these, you are guilty of these crimes.  It is, therefore, your patriotic duty to turn yourself in to “Attack Watch.”  After all, reality cannot be allowed to interfere with the regressive narrative!

For your information, here is a video about “Attack Truth Watch,” via Michelle Malkin.

Who knows, maybe Snarky Basterd and I will have neighboring cells at gitmo?

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