Dems Push for a National Popular Vote – Reader Post


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TCL over at The Conservative Lady (which is an awesome site), has news that George Soros and the Democrats are once again pushing for a change in our national elections.


Electoral College Cartoon

This is an old cartoon. I guess it should now say “…the most Facebook friends”.


I’ve posted on this subject in 2011, and now it’s coming back into the forefront.  The New American and Dick Morris are reporting that the Democrats have a plan to “transform” our county’s voting system, and not in a good way.  The plan is for the Electoral College to get thrown out and be replaced with the National Popular Vote.  Some states are already on board, with New York being the latest.

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Unsurprisingly, the push for a National Popular Vote is being promoted by a George Soros funded election group called The Center for Voting and Democracy.  Another site to check out is National Popular Vote.

Find out the details in the articles below:

Via:  The New American

The Democrats’ Plan to Destroy Our Electoral System

Written by  

While most people aren’t aware of it, there’s a movement afoot to completely change the way we elect our president — and its success would have serious consequences for our nation’s future.
The plan is a National Popular Vote Interstate Compact that would neuter the Electoral College and give the presidency to the winner of the popular vote. Under this agreement, your state would award its electors to the candidate winning the most votes nationally — even if a majority of your state’s residents voted for a different candidate.
The compact will take effect once enough states ratify it to constitute at least 270 electoral votes, a majority of the total 538. And with Governor Andrew Cuomo having signed a bill on April 15 making New York the 10th state party to the agreement (the District of Columbia is also on board), its 29 electoral votes bring the compact’s total up to 165, well more than halfway to the goal. The other signatory states are California, Maryland, New Jersey, Illinois, Hawaii, Washington, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Rhode Island.
Moreover, the compact has already been passed by one house in Nevada, Arkansas, Colorado, Maine, North Carolina, Connecticut, Delaware, Michigan, New Mexico, and Oregon. Upon ratification, these states would represent 78 more votes, bringing the compact’s total to 242 — just 28 shy of activation threshold. At that point the agreement would conceivably be just one state away (Florida) from taking effect.
To many people the compact is an easy sell. What’s wrong with a popular-vote system? But as political consultant and pundit Dick Morris explained recently in a Newsmax article, there’s a reason why virtually all the compact’s proponents are leftists, with every ratifying state — and 80 percent of the one-house states — having voted for Obama. The movement is also receiving funding from radical leftist George Soros’ Center for Voting and Democracy. Morris writes:
Democrats usually see a smaller percentage of their people go to the polls than Republicans do.
Under the electoral vote system, they figure why beat the drums to get a high turnout in New York City when the state will go Democrat anyway? But, if its [sic] the popular vote that matters, the big city machines can do their thing — with devastating impact.
And think of the chances for voter fraud! Right now, the biggest cities, the ones most firmly in Democratic control (e.g. Washington DC, New York, Detroit, Chicago, San Francisco, etc.) are all solidly in blue states. Not only does this make it unnecessary to maximize turnouts there, but it also makes it unnecessary to promote double voting, fraudulent voting, and all the other tricks of the trade at which Democrats excel.
Additional Articles:

Here’s a good article explaining why we should keep the Electoral College:


Why Keep the Electoral College?  

What Were the Founding Fathers Thinking?

“A popular election in this case is radically vicious. The ignorance of the people would put it in the power of some one set of men dispersed through the Union, and acting in concert, to delude them into any appointment.” — Delegate Gerry, July 25, 1787

“The extent of the country renders it impossible, that the people can have the requisite capacity to judge of the respective pretensions of the candidates.” — Delegate Mason, July 17, 1787

“The people are uninformed, and would be misled by a few designing men.” — Delegate Gerry, July 19, 1787


Forget The Constitution. Let’s Elect Our Presidents By Popular Vote: A View of National Popular Vote


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Every four years we have an election in the United States to decide who will be our president. And, every presidential election the question arises as to why we use the indirect electoral vote method for choosing our presidents instead of a direct popular vote method. This is especially true when an election is close as the case in the Bush – Gore election of 2000. To my knowledge, every democracy that isn’t a parliamentary system, elects their presidents by popular vote. The United States is the exception.

In the United States, the voters in each of the fifty states, when voting for their presidential candidate of choice, are actually voting for electors who will then go to what we call the Electoral College and cast the the electoral votes of their state according to their states laws. Each state has electoral votes equal to the sum of their number of representatives in congress and the number of Senators (each state has two Senators). Some states allocate their electoral votes in proportion to the way their citizens vote and for other states the winner in their state gets all the states electoral votes. In some states the electors are legally bound to vote as their state laws dictate and in others they are not. Today, it takes 270 electoral votes to win the presidency.

Our electoral system may seem a bit strange, but our Founders always had a reason for everything they did. Among other reasons, our electoral system was designed so that the big states couldn’t ru rough-shod over the smaller states.

Over the years groups have formed tp promote an amendment to the constitution to provide for electing our presidents by popular vote. But, there is an organization called National Popular Vote (NPV) that is working behind the scenes to achieve the popular vote system without changing the constitution. Maggie at Maggie’s Notebook did an excellent piece on this the other day. Folks, you really need to read this article.

What the NPV is doing is working within states to get them to pass legislation that would make it law that the state’s electoral votes would always be cast for the candidate who won the popular vote nationally. (You can find the NPV Home page here.)

Would American voters be so stupid as to go along with such an idea? Why, for example, would the voters of a state like California, which always votes overwhelmingly for the Democratic presidential cnadidate, ever agree to give all of their electoral votes (55) to the Republican candidate just because he won the national popular vote by say less than 100,00 votes? Californians would never agree to that, would they? My friends, never underestimate the stupidity of the American voter. From Maggie’s article we learn:

States which have passed legislation: California (55), Washington (12), Illinois (20), Maryland (10), New Jersey (14), Massachusetts (11), Vermont (3), Hawaii (4) and the District of Columbia (3). [Washington DC is not a state, it is a federal district, but does have 3 Electoral votes] = 132 votes already designated as Winner Take All (National Popular Vote)

Bills have been introduced: Idaho (4), Wyoming (3), Texas (38), Florida (29), Georgia (16), South Carolina (9), Tennessee (11), Indiana (11), and Ohio (18).

Legislation has passed both Houses: Colorado (9) and Rhode Island (4).

Legislation has passed in one House: Oregon (7), Nevada (9) , New Mexico (5), Arkansas (6), Michigan (16), North Carolina (15), New York (29), Maine (4), Michigan (16) and Delaware (3).

Legislation has passed 1 Committee: Montana (3), Oklahoma (7), Louisiana (8), Mississippi (6), Alabama (9), Minnesota (10), Iowa (6), Kentucky (8), West Virginia (5) and Alaska (3).

Hearings have been held: Utah (6), Arizona (11), North Dakota (3), South Dakota (3), Nebraska (5), Kansas (6), Missouri (10), Virginia (13), Wisconsin (10), Pennsylvania (20) and New Hampshire (4).

Legislation is underway at some stage in every state.

So, how smart are the American voters? NPV says they are getting close to the half way point of have enough states pass their plan to account for 270 electoral votes. In theory that could be achieved with less than a third of the states going along with their plan. According to Maggie’s article, there is a lot of bipartisan support for the NPV plan. Unless there is a massive movement to reject the NPV movement, I predict that in a few years our president will be elected by popular vote and that will be a sad day indeed. That would end the last vestiges of states rights. In 1913 the american voters were stupid enough to pass the 17th Amendment to our constitution taking away the states right to appoint Senators. I’m sure it was an easy sell. It just sounded right that citizens should be able to elect their Senators. The American voter in 1913 did not know their history and why it was important for the states to be able to appoint Senators to look after the rights of their states. Here is a rhetorical question for you. Do you think Americans today know their history any better than Americans did in 1913?

Well, now you know what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

Original Post:  Conservatives on Fire


Progressive States Network: Distorting the Electoral Process?


In my first post on the Progressive States Network, I went over their Board of Directors, and showed that they are a far-left, if not quasi-Marxist organization.  In coordination with John, owner of The Current, who wrote about the National Popular Vote, I’m going to address some of the PSN’s election initiatives.

First up, is Vote by Mail.  Here are some details from their own website:

Vote by Mail: Vote by Mail is now an option in five states (California, Colorado, Montana, Hawaii, and New Jersey) and has been increasingly popular with voters. California and Colorado have seen the greatest usage with almost a third of California voters voting by mail in November 2008, and an astounding 71% of Colorado voters doing so. Key arguments in favor include:

  • Vote by Mail Helps Increase Turnout: For many voters going to the polling place on election day is difficult, either for work or family reasons. Vote by Mail is the obvious, low-cost solution for giving such voters the flexibility they need to participate in our elections. Allowing voters the option to vote by mail for every election gives them a flexible path to the ballot box, without which they might not participate.
  • Vote by Mail Gives Voters a Choice: In the 21st century, we have the ability to give all voters a choice in how they cast their ballots. There are many voters who can make it to the polls, but who prefer to vote by mail either for convenience or because they like having time to fill out their ballots in the comfort of their home. However, under current practice in some states the mail ballot option requires voters to have one of a few narrow reasons (an “excuse”) for not voting at the polls; and in all but five states, voters must reapply for a mail ballot every election.
  • Vote by Mail Reduces Election Day Chaos and Costs: Vote by mail also helps make sure that no one is prevented from voting on election day by long lines. Colorado residents reaped this benefit in the last presidential election with a smooth election that contrasted sharply with the previous election without vote by mail. In that election some Denver voters waited in lines that lasted half a day or more.

They put a very nice wrapper around this idea.  It does sound very nice, doesn’t it?  However, as I have looked at the PSN, it became obvious that one has to look at what they DON’T say.  In this scenario, they discuss nothing of preventing fraud, or how the integrity of the vote will be maintained.

For example, we know that the organizations formerly know as ACORN, and similar groups, sign up thousands of fake voters with every registration drive.  This is still happening, as it recently was recently exposed in Houston.  If there are fake registrations, might there be fake mail in ballots with return addresses being vacant lots, or places that are not residences?  Now, a supporter of this will probably say that these can be checked.  However, this is the same Cloward-Piven that was ACORN’s voter registration fraud.  The idea is to overwhelm the system with false registrations, making it impossible to verify them all.  With untold thousands of ballots being cast by mail, there could be no possibly way to verify all of them.  I think that the results are predictable.  In my opinion, this is a means to facilitate fraud.

The PSN also supports the National Popular Vote:

National Popular Vote: NPV garners the support of greater than two-thirds of voters in the 30+ states where it has been polled. The bill has now passed in five states (MarylandNew JerseyHawaii, Illinois and, most recently, Washington) with a total of 61 electoral votes, almost a quarter of the total needed for NPV to go into effect. Voters typically support NPV at about 75%, including healthy majorities of Republican voters. Polls in individual states show consistent support as well, with voters supporting it in a range from 68% to 81%. The following messages help address some of the myths and misunderstandings about the consequences of NPV:

  • The Winner Should Win: Emphasize the primary reasons why NPV has such broad support – because every vote should count equally, and the candidate with the most votes should win the election. These are the principles that we respect for our local, state and congressional elections and they should hold for the Presidential election as well.
  • Making Every State a Battleground State Will Increase Turnout: Average turnout in the 15 most competitive Presidential states was 6% higher than in the rest of the states for the 2008 general election, so NPV will help expand turnout.
  • NPV is a Civil Rights Issue: Civil rights has drifted out of the national dialogue as the battlegrounds have shifted away from states with high percentages of minority voters. For example, just 21% of African Americans and 18% of Latinos live in the twelve closest battleground states from 2004. NPV assures that all groups and their issues get equal attention. This is why the NAACP and African-American and Latino legislator organizations support NPV.
  • NPV Helps Small and Rural States: Despite myths otherwise, by leveling the playing field, NPV forces candidates to concentrate on all constituencies, states and populations, rather than disproportionately spending time in a few larger winner-take-all mega-states. In addition, because 12 of the 13 small states are spectators, they actually constitute the most ignored groups of states.
  • NPV Avoids Disputed Close Presidential Elections: Because a very close result is more likely among a smaller group of voters, the possibility of a Florida 2000 style electoral meltdown is much less likely under NPV. Put another way, because the margin of victory nationwide is much larger than it is in individual states, NPV elections are less susceptible to problems than essentially 50 state races.

This issue has been much discussed over the last couple months.  So I will not cover the objections to this.  Steve, at America’s Watchtower, Kristen, at Kristen’s Mishmash, and John from the Current, have all expertly covered this topic.  My analysis will take a different direction.

Again, my take deals with what the PSN does not say.  The NPV moves us, as a nation,  closer to a Democracy.  While I know that many would think that is a wonderful development, it is clearly not.  The PSN fails (deliberately) to recognize that the United States is a Constitutional Republic.  While there are components of Democracy to our system of government, there are built in protections against mob rule.  There are checks and balances built into all of our systems.  For background, consider this from Thomas Jefferson:

“A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.”

There is truth to this statement.  If we went purely by popular vote, there might be still slave states.  We might have never had civil rights legislation of any kind.  Popular rule is mob rule.

For even more, let’s take a look at this from Alexander Tyler.

“A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.” (Emphasis added)

Let’s take a look at this idea a bit more closely.  Do we not have 50% of the population that pays no federal income tax?  Does a segment of that 50% receive the Earned Income Tax Credit…for income that was NOT earned?  How many of that 50% owe their housing, medical care, food, and other essentials to the government?  Out of that segment, how many will vote against their own benefits?  Or, will they vote for the “progressive” that promises them even more?

Then, take a look at the move to make more and more people dependent on government benefits? Using unemployment expansion, ObamaCare, and other programs, the current administration seeks to make more and more of the population dependent on the government for their basic needs.  This has the effect of turning more and more Americans into dependent classes, and therefore, permanent “progressive” voters.

If you want proof, how many times have the Democrats said one, if not all, of the following at election time?

  • The Republicans are going to take your Social Security!
  • The Republicans are going to take your Medicare!
  • The Republicans are going to take your Schools!
  • The Republicans are going to starve the children!
  • The Republicans are going to freeze the elderly!
  • The Republicans are going to make granny eat Alpo to afford her medication!
  • The Republicans want the poor to die.

It’s a work right now.  And by bringing us closer to a Democracy, they know they can enslave enough of the population to achieve insurmountable levels of power.

Again, it’s all about what they haven’t said.

Another initiative that the PSN supports is National Voter Compliance Act:

National Voter Registration Act Compliance: NVRA compliance has been re-implemented by public assistance agencies in five states (North Carolina, Michigan, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Missouri). The messages to expand these successes include:

  • NVRA Compliance Increases Registration: The reward has been substantial, and in some cases dramatic, increases in voter registrations obtained. Missouri has obtained the most impressive turn-around, with a 2600% increase in registrations collected from public assistance agencies after reforms were implemented.
  • NVRA Compliance Assures Equal Opportunities to Register: The National Voter Registration Act was enacted with the understanding that opportunities to register to vote must be equally available to all. But racial and socio-economic gaps in the electorate will persist so long as public assistance agencies fail to offer voter registration to their low-income clients. Such individuals, who are less likely to own a motor vehicle, must have a chance to register to vote at public assistance offices as others do at departments of motor vehicles.
  • NVRA Compliance Addresses Racial and Economic Disparities in Registration: Recent U.S. Census data confirms the racial, ethnic and class bias of the electorate: 73.5 percent of non-Hispanic whites were registered to vote in 2008, as compared to 69.7 percent of blacks, 59.4 percent of Latinos, and 55.9 percent of Asian Americans. Only 65 percent of adult citizens in households making less than $25,000 a year were registered to vote in 2008, as compared to 85 percent of those in households making $100,000. Effective voter registration programs at public assistance agencies are powerful tools for reducing these disparities and bringing more voices into the democratic process.

Again, the presentation is quite nicely worded, but the key is in what they DO NOT say. As I discussed in my recent post on voter fraud, AG Holder has decided to not enforce the part of Motor Voter that dictates that voter rolls be purged of dead or ineligible voters.  The PSN does not mention this either.  Then again, even if they did, Holder’s inaction might well be replicated at the state level as well.  In my opinion, again, this could be a means to facilitate fraud, as there is no apparent means to provide oversight to the voter registration and verification process.

Also missing is the checks for actual citizenship in the PSN’s description.  In many states, illegal aliens are receiving welfare benefits.  If they are signing up for benefits, are they also being registered to vote?  Again, with the systems for monitoring voter registration in most areas being deficient at best, who is to say that there aren’t illegal immigrants voting?  Again, the PSN doesn’t seem to care for the integrity of the election, they simply want to register as many people as possible.

They should want to do that, as I have repeatedly mentioned, the breakdown for political demographics is as follows:




The “progressives” cannot count on the Moderates, they switch from time to time, and they’re currently trending to the right.  With these numbers, it is impossible for them to maintain any kind of majority over time.  As we’ve seen with the current administration and Congress, once their agenda becomes clear, and the results of their actions come to pass, the electorate recognizes the stench, and votes accordingly.  By (potentially) creating fake voters out of thin air, they might be able to make some gains to avoid a rout, or create a victory.

Now, let’s add one other fly into this ointment.  In the post on voter fraud, I mentioned the Soros funded Secretary of State project.  No, I’m not talking about Hillary Clinton’s current job.  The Secretary of State, at the state level, is charged with certifying elections.  Soros, and his minions, are intent on making sure that as many of them as possible are “progressives.”

Considering that several people on the PSN Board come from other Soros-funded organizations, might they be coordinating?  Let’s consider that for a moment…

Imagine this hypothetical situation based on what I’ve discussed.  In my scenario, there are tens of thousands of fake voters, illegal immigrants, and otherwise ineligible voters mailing in ballots.  There is no way to check them all, as the system is overwhelmed (Cloward-Piven).  Also, there has been no effort to remove fake, dead, or ineligible voters from the rolls.  Massive fraud changes the result of the vote.  Then, the “progressive” Secretary of State will certify that election no matter what is exposed, and the “progressive” candidate wins.

As for this topic, the PSN seems to be able to create a very pretty picture of their intent. However, if you look at what they aren’t saying, and what is, or could be done, a different picture emerges.  At every stage of the process, we MUST realize that “progressives,” like any other totalitarian form; will always misrepresent themselves to achieve their long term control agendas.  The ends justify the means, and they are very free and loose with the means.  Just as reminder; remember how ObamaCare was going to reduce costs?  Remember how the porkulus was going to create all these jobs, and keep unemployment below 8%?  Remember how there were no taxes in ObamaCare?  Remember how ObamaCare wasn’t going to fund abortions?  I could write a book on all of the lies, all told to advance an agenda that they knew we wouldn’t like.

In other words, if a “progressive” tells you that “fish live in the sea,” you might want to check, just to make sure.


Blog Focus: Negating the Electoral College and the Trolls that Love it


Over the years, there has been some talk from the “progressives” about doing way with the Electoral College.  I remember folks in the Clinton Administration talking about it in the 90’s.  It came back again in 2000.  Lately, there are a number of states that have been passing laws to do just that.  I first heard about this at Kristen’s Mishmash.  Here is a quote from her original article on Bypassing the Electoral College

A bill is working its way through the Massachusetts state legislature that would bypass the electoral college and give all electoral votes to the candidate who won the national majority. Illinois, New Jersey, Hawaii, Maryland, and Washington already have this kind of legislation.

This is another way that Progressives are chipping away at the Constitution and the vision of our Founders. Our Founders believed that the people should not elect the president directly, so they set up the Electoral College whereby the people of a state would vote for an Elector who would have pledged to vote for a specific person for president.

Obviously, we are already a long way from this method (I can’t help but think of the 17th Amendment here, but that’s another story). These laws will further erode the Republic. A candidate who was not supported by the citizens of a state could easily win the state’s electoral vote.

There is a reason Progressives, Communists, Marxists and their ilk like to call the United States a Democracy, not a Republic. Our Founders warned about democracies. A democracy is the enslavement of the minority by the majority. Venezuela is a democracy.

Seems simple enough, however, there was a development that After Kristen’s first post, she was visited by a troll by the name of “toto.”  This person created a blogger profile this month, and suddenly spams Kristins comment section with talking points and links to sites that support this law.  She then did her second post.  Here is the comment that I left on that post…

Their reasoning is simple. Most of the population is concentrated on the coasts in blue states. By mass of numbers, they’ll carry most election. If you’re in “flyover country,” you might as well stay at home on Election Day. It won’t matter how you vote. The millions of libtards in the cities will render your vote irrelevant.

The Electoral College, much like the structure of the Congress, is set up to give less populous states a voice in elections. Do away with the college, and folks in, for example, the plains states will have no voice. It’s a perfect way to gain “progressive” dominance, and silence all of us “rednecks.”

At the time, I didn’t think much about seeing a troll.  We all see them from time to time.  I didn’t see “toto” as being worth the time, so I didn’t engage.

Then, I did my daily visit with Steve at America’s Watchtower.  He was covering the Electoral College story as well.  Not only did “toto” arrive, but they also brought some friends.  They didn’t leave permalinks, and they all agreed with each other.  They also linked the same websites that were left at Kristen’s place.

Steve and Kristin do not link each other, so “toto” and friends (or sockpuppets), must be searching Google for anyone that is covering this, and spamming up the boards.  For me, this is actually the most interesting part of the story.  I know that the left wants to co-opt the electoral process.  That’s not at all a surprise.  When you consider that Holder will not enforce the parts of Motor Voter that force states to purge voter rolls of deceased, or otherwise ineligible to voters, and that the Dems have sought to control Secretaries of State all over the nation (they certify elections), we see that there is a pattern of electoral malfeasance.  Also consider the fact that ACORN added who knows how many fake voters to the rolls, and will again now that they split into dozens of smaller organizations with different names.  In the end, once you piece it all together, there is a pattern of interfering with the electoral process.  The elimination of the Electoral College can  simply be seen as another part of that overall effort.

We have also documented that the left will use trolls to attack, silence, spam, or otherwise disrupt Conservative sites and forums.  We also know that some are paid.  I have no idea if that is the case here, but who knows?  Maybe they’re doing some of Cass Sunstein’s “cognitive infiltration.”  No matter the cause or impetus, these same messages are being spammed extensively.  This is clearly an indication of a coordinated effort.

Here is a list of sites that have been spammed with the same “copypasta:”

The Baltimore Sun Forum

Stuck in Massachusetts

The Ten O’clock Scholar

Philadelphia Speaks


I could go on, but you get the point.  Someone really wants to support this destruction of our electoral system, and they are quite persistent in doing so.

To sum it up, let’s hear from Thomas Jefferson…

“A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.”