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Happy New Year, Here are Your New Taxes!

Curtis Dubay at Heritage has an article on all of our new taxes, courtesy of the Obama administration.  New Year’s Day was tough for taxpayers. Thirteen tax increases kicked in. The deal that Congress and President Obama struck that finally—but only partially—avoided the fiscal cliff resulted in seven tax increases. Those hikes combined with six tax increases from Obamacare that also began on New Year’s Day. 13 Tax Increases That Started January 1, 2013 Tax increases the fiscal cliff deal allowed: 1. Payroll tax: increase in the Social Security portion of the payroll tax from 4.2 percent to 6.2 percent […]

A New Conservative Resource: Trending Right

Doug Ross (no relation), who is linked here for his primary site, has collaborated in creating a new Conservative resource, Trending Right. I’d invite you to check it out.  Other friends of the CH2.0, like Wyblog, have compared it to Memorandum, minus the “progressive” propaganda.  I’ve already bookmarked it, I think you’ll do the same.  I’ve also made it a featured site on the sidebar.  


Welcome to Conservative Hideout 2.0!  There’ll be more snark, more capabilities, and a faster server!  I’m configuring everything, so it might be a day or two before I post again, but there are snarky things in the works!