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Chinese State Media Demands US Citizens Be Disarmed

Hat/Tip to Brandon Darby at Breitbart. So the murderous regime that is the Chinese government is now seeing fit to lecture us on the 2nd Amendment. The Chinese state-controlled media’s statement, titled “Innocent Blood Demands No Delay for US Gun Control,” is primarily focused on the Newtown tragedy in which 26 Americans were killed by a mad gunman. Twenty of the victims were young children. The Chinese government stated, “Their blood and tears demand no delay for the U.S. gun control.” It would seem that the Chinese powers that be feel that they need to engage in propaganda to subvert freedom. […]

Man Told To Remove His NRA Instructor Hat Before Being Allowed To Vote

Hat/Tip to Chuck Ross at The Daily Caller. In Georgia, as he was early voting, a man named Bundy Cobb was told to remove his hat before being allowed to vote. While he was early voting on Friday, a Douglasville, Georgia man says he was asked to remove a hat he wears everywhere, one that reads “NRA Instructor,” because poll workers said it was too closely associated with the Republican party. Bundy Cobb, who is certified by the National Rifle Association in firearms training, wears the hat in part to promote his business, True Aim Defense. But poll workers apparently […]

Mark Levin Slams GOP as ‘French Republicans’ at NRA Convention

Conservative radio icon, Mark Levin was a guest speaker at the National Rifle association’s annual convention Friday, at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis, Indiana. He only spoke for a little over 10 minutes, but just like a scatter gun, he hit a lot of targets. Now it’s obvious to many of us that we live in a post-Constitutional period. This has been the objective of the Democrat Party for a century. Meanwhile, the other party acts like a bunch of French Republicans, confounded, confused, not sure what to do. They’re looking for a new agenda, they’re looking for a […]

Wayne LaPierre at CPAC: “We Don’t Trust Government! Because Government Has Proven Itself Untrustworthy!”

Absolutely! Original Post: Wayne LaPierre at CPAC: “We Don’t Trust Government! Because Government Has Proven Itself Untrustworthy!”

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Kansas Professor, David Guth, Wishes Death on Innocent Children

It seems that reciting lies about mass shootings for political points, and then, wishing  death on innocent children is all in a day’s work for journalism professor, David Guth.  A journalism professor at the University of Kansas (KU) turned to Twitter on Monday to suggest he would like to see the murder of children of National Rifle Association (NRA) members at the hands of a deranged gunman. A journalism professor has defended tweets he sent out which called for the death of NRA employees children. “#NavyYardShooting The blood is on the hands of the #NRA,” tweeted David Guth, who is […]

Jared Marcum, Age 14, Faces Possible Year in Jail for Wearing NRA T-Shirt

Of course, the powers that be will not say that it has anything to do with the shirt, but it appears that Jared Marcum, a 14 year-old student is facing potential imprisonment for wearing a NRA T-shirt. We covered this back in April… And, as the TV report indicates, the shirt in question does not violate school policy, yet they took some rather extreme actions against him. Here is a bit more from WOWK… “I don’t’ see how anybody would have an issue with a hunting rifle and NRA put on a t-shirt, especially when policy doesn’t forbid it,” Lardieri […]

Anti-NRA Rally Draws Next to no one: National Media Silent

What happened to the rent-a-mob?  That mass of protests for hire that show whenever a leftist protest is funded?  Because when the call went out for an Anti-NRA Rally, something strange happened… No one showed up. Reagan Coalition has more… There are more pictures at Reagan Coalition. According to Reagan Coalition, there were perhaps 100 people in attendance, if you count the media.  Here are the folks that put it together… Participating organizations include  And that was all they could muster?  The lefties must be running low on cash if 100 moonbats and media are all that they muster?

8th Grader Suspended and Arrested for NRA T-Shirt

When liberals run schools, there subject the children to, among other things, “tolerance and diversity.”  Now, the irony of “tolerance diversity” is that it only extends to those that agree 100% with the regressive agenda.  If you have an opinion that differs one iota from the regressive line?  Well, then to forces of “tolerance and diversity” become rather intolerant.  Just ask Jared Marcum.  He is an eighth grade student, whose school did not like his NRA t-shirt, so they had him arrested and suspended when he refused to change it.  WOWK has more… WOWK 13 Charleston, Huntington WV News, Weather, […]

Countering Mayor Bloomberg’s Anti-gun ad Campaign…

Mayor Bloomberg is a typical statist who believes we the people can not be trusted with self-governance.  That all of our actions must be managed by some governmental agency or policy.  We simply do not know what is best for us, so he’s more than willing to spend his money to run ads that tells us what he thinks is best for us in regards to gun control and background checks and quite frankly I find this insulting and offensive on so many levels.  These ads are to be used to sway or shift public opinion in regards to gun […]

Des Moines Register Editorial Suggests Death to Gun Owners

It kinda reminds you of why we have the Second Amendment.  It isn’t to hunt, or to target shoot.  It’s to protect us from tyrants, and moonbat editorial writers from the Des Moines Register, who suggest death to gun owners.  Moonbattery has more… Sandy Hook served as a pretext for the following homicidal bile: “I would tie Mitch McConnell and John Boehner, our esteemed Republican leaders, to the back of a Chevy pickup truck and drag them around a parking lot until they saw the light on gun control,” he wrote. Is that a threatening James Byrd reference? “And if […]

Student Sues School for Bullying: Was Abused and Threatened After Wearing Romney/Ryan Shirt to Class

For all of the talk about bullying, Conservatives get left out of the mix.  For the proof, take a look at this video, via Gateway Pundit… See, bullying is bad, unless you belong to the following “categories”… 1.  Conservatives 2.  Christians 3.  Jews 4.  Tea Party members 5.  NRA members You see, “anti-bullying measures” are meant to protect liberals from dissent (yes, they might protect some poor kids from general abuse-at least while someone is actually looking, but that is another story).  Anyone who disagrees with the regressive agenda are still subject to discrimination, abuse, death threats, violence, and the […]

Liberals Threaten NRA with Death, Forgets That Clinton Made Same Suggestion

The hypocrisy runs pretty deep in liberal-land.  If fact, hypocrisy might just be the bedrock upon which planet liberal rests, but that is a post for anther day.  Yesterday, the NRA responded to the horrific massacre at Sandy Hook, by advocating for armed police to be in each school.  Liberals all over, from political figures, to media talking heads, all vilified the NRA President, Wayne Lapierre, and many death threats were issued.  However, all of these useful idiots failed to recognize that one of their own, then President Bill Clinton, made that exact same suggestion after the Columbine incident in […]

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Liberals Threaten to Kill NRA Members

They’re liberal, tolerant, diverse, and loving… And they’ll kill you if they disagree with them.  At least that’s what many of the liberals on Twitter were saying as of late. Freedom Outpost has the details, via Free Republic…   Um, do these people even know that they are proving the point? If someone did go after a NRA event, or a NRA office, what are the odds that they will be killed by an armed citizen?  Go after a bunch of NRA members at an event, and they may go down in a hail of gunfire!  But that’s the point, […]

NRA deal opens the way for DISCLOSE Act

Well it finally looks like the way is clear for the controversial DISCLOSE Act (H.R. 5175) to be brought to the House floor. On Monday, Democratic leaders cleared the bill’s way by cutting a deal with the NRA, exempting the massive gun-rights organization from the Act’s requirements. Democrats in moderate districts were wary of crossing the NRA by trying to limit its campaign ads. You can read more about the NRA deal here. Democratic leaders now believe they can ram the bill, H.R. 5175, through the House without any opposition to stop it. This bill is so loosely crafted that it’s an absolute […]