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If You Like Your Nuclear Program, You Can Keep Your Nuclear Program…

“Now is not the time for us to impose new sanctions, now is the time for us to … give diplomacy a chance, give peace a chance.” – Barack Obama “And by peace he means let Iran have nuclear weapons…” (Weasel Zippers) Well, we knew Barack Obama was a Leninist, but it appears we had the wrong Lenin. What’s next, a Bed-In with the Mooch taking Yoko’s place while Barry fiddles with his granny glasses and channels the shade of Tim Leary? Hardly. Obama’s antipathy for radical Islam has always been less than skin deep, and his idea of peace […]

(D) Is For “Domestic Enemy”

Unfortunately, in presidential elections there are no do-overs and no rewinds; no repeats, reruns, reissues, or recalls; no Lemon Law that covers the inhabitant of the Oval Office.  In America, barring the unlikely and the unforeseen, you’re stuck with your mistake for four years, and if you don’t learn from it, eight. Barack Obama’s first term in office produced ample reasons why there should have been no second.  But this is 21st Century America, where the degradation of the electorate is nearly complete, where up is down and right is wrong and woe betide the lonely dissident who dares to […]

As “Big E” Retired, New Carrier to take Name “Enterprise”

The Navy recently deactivated CVN 65, the Enterprise.  However, they have announced that CVN 80 will carry the name on.  The Army Time has more… On the day the Navy officially took the aircraft carrier Enterprise out of service after 51 years in the fleet, the service announced that the name Enterprise won’t be absent long from the fleet. The third Gerald R. Ford-class aircraft carrier, CVN-80, will become the ninth ship in the Navy’s history to be named Enterprise, Navy Ray Mabus announced Dec. 1 in a pre-recorded video message that was played at the inactivation ceremony. As the […]

Green Energy Is Burning Up Your Green $$$

Obama’s insane energy policy is burning a hole through the American’s family budget. At the same time, our government is burning through our tax dollars while putting our future generations deeper and deeper in debt. How are Americans reacting to this insanity? That I can tell, there is almost no reaction from Main Street America. The reason, I think, is obvious.  The average American is being battered about like a ball in a pin ball machine by the multitude of negative impacts their government’s policies are having on them. It is almost impossible for anyone to focus on one bad policy long enough […]