ISIS to Offer Universal Healthcare


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Your female genital mutilation will be paid for!

ISIS, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, announced today that it will be introducing universal health care in areas under their control.

“The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria” began the statement “are pleased to announce that all Muslims will have access to free, universal healthcare.”

We do this because the prophet wants us to.  Under our caliphate, believers in the prophet can go to any hospital, office or goat-filled cave to have their medical needs met. This means that women will no longer have to worry that they will not be able to afford their female genital mutilation.  You will no longer have to live with the shame of being a wild, hip-thrusting woman.

The announcement that the heretofore feared Islamicists will take care of the health needs of those in its territory has modified their image dramatically.

“This is a game changer” said Secretary of State John Kerry.

This announcement shows that we have nothing to fear from ISIS.  They believe in the same things we do:  The rule of law, socialism and the right that every human being has to universal health care.  We welcome ISIS into the family of nations. These are people the United States can work with in the middle east peace process. Would that Israel would follow their lead.

Under the provisions in the Islamic Affordable Care Act (commonly known as “Behead the Infidel Care”) provinces captured by ISIS will set up health exchanges.  Muslims can then go online, or after the internet is banned, to their nearest hospital and sign up for healthcare, which is mandatory.  Those who do not sign up will be fined or taxed, depending on how one interprets the 10,000 page bill.

“We have to institute the Islamic Affordable Care Act so we can see what’s in it” said the head of ISIS’s legislature.

The Democratic-controlled senate praised today’s announcement.

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“ISIS has proved itself to be a tolerant, multicultural, Democratic movement” declared majority leader Harry Reid.

We hope to establish diplomatic relations with them soon, assuming we can overcome Republican obstructionism. By this one act ISIS has proved itself to understand democracy more than my Republican colleagues. I say this to shame those on the other side of the aisle. Hopefully they will look within themselves and see the error of their ways.  And as far as the female genital mutilation thing, at a certain point you have to ask yourself if you’ve thrust your hips enough.

Israeli reaction was typically what you’d expect from Zionists.  Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced that their policy towards ISIS will not change.

“They are still our enemy.”

The CIA however, was circumspect when discussing ISIS.

“Look none of us speak Arabic” said CIA director John Brennan.

Normally we don’t pay attention to the middle east.  We are too busy spying on Teabaggers.  We do have one translator and he’s still working on the document.  It may be about universal health care or it may be about pizza.  We don’t know yet. Personally I hope it’s about pizza.  I’m starving.

From Los Angeles where he was attending a fund raiser, President Obama lauded the institution of universal health care by ISIS.

“This is what the face of tolerance looks like.”

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Dude, where’s my exemption? 90% of the uninsured are now exempt from Obamacare penalties


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It seems like everybody is exempt from Obamacare, except me.

Today comes the breathtaking news that 90% of the remaining uninsured are exempt from paying the individual mandate tax penalty.

Almost 90% of the nation’s 30 million uninsured won’t pay a penalty under the Affordable Care Act in 2016 because of a growing batch of exemptions to the health-coverage requirement.

The architects of the health law wanted most Americans to carry insurance or pay a penalty. But an analysis by the Congressional Budget Office and the Joint Committee on Taxation said most of the uninsured will qualify for one or more exemptions.

Remember when John Roberts twisted the Constitution by deciding Obamacare was a “tax?”

Well, the joke’s on him. It’s a “tax” that virtually nobody has to pay.

The Obama administration has provided 14 ways people can avoid the fine based on hardships, including suffering domestic violence, experiencing substantial property damage from a fire or flood, and having a canceled insurance plan. Those come on top of exemptions carved out under the 2010 law for groups including illegal immigrants, members of Native American tribes and certain religious sects.

Factoring in the new exemptions, the congressional report in June lowered the number of people it expects to pay the fine in 2016 to four million, from its previous projection of six million. Also bringing down the total: At least 21 states have opted not to expand the Medicaid insurance program for lower earners under the health law, and those residents may be exempt from the penalty.

Dear Anybody Paying The Fine: You’re a schmuck.

“If your pajamas don’t fit well, you don’t need health insurance,” said Douglas Holtz-Eakin, former director of the Congressional Budget Office and president of the American Action Forum, a conservative think tank. “It basically waives the individual mandate.”

Yup, the catch-all exemption is “hardship.”

In December, a hardship application form was released that laid out the 14 exemptions. Among other things, people could avoid the penalty if a close family member had died recently, if they were facing eviction or if they had medical expenses that couldn’t be paid in the last 24 months and resulted in substantial debt.

Critics have assailed one exemption for people who “experienced another hardship obtaining health insurance” as too broad. That exemption asks for documentation if possible but doesn’t require it.

Hey, I “experienced hardship obtaining health insurance!” Aetna raised our rates so high we were forced into buying a craptacular Oxford plan which is still about 20% more expensive that what we paid last year. The renewal forms should be here in another month or so, I can’t wait to see what next year’s premium increase will look like. Because single guys paying for maternity and pediatric dental coverage is the epitome of fairness, or something.

And spare me the whole “cost sharing” nonsense. If cost sharing was actually the goal, there wouldn’t be so many damn exemptions from having to actually share some costs.

Nope, Obamacare was, and is, all about vote-buying. Exemptions exist because otherwise Democrats would have already gotten creamed in 2012, and the idea now is to soften their looming chances of losing the Senate in November. If people had to pay the true cost of Obamacare nobody would vote for Obama’s duplicious cronies.

The only thing Democrats care about is Power. They’ve got it, and they’ll do anything to keep it. You? Me? America? We’re, in the candid words of Nancy Pelosi, insignificant.

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An Embarassment Of Glitches


 photo e2572cde-281c-4ff6-bf74-5a2d03040b28_zps239bda50.png

“Instead of worrying about whether immigrants can learn English, you need to make sure your child can speak Spanish.” – Barack Obama

“By opening our borders to illegal immigrants, and pardoning those illegals already here as he plans through executive order, Obama will create millions of new citizens within a few years to help him transform America into a multicultural vacation land for the world’s footloose homeless with free food, housing, education, entertainment, and healthcare as drawing cards.” Douglas Hertz

“At least 71 individuals from the three nations affected by the current Ebola outbreak have either turned themselves in or been caught attempting to illegally enter the U.S. by U.S. authorities between January 2014 and July 2014.” – Breitbart

It’s official.  What was once the Home of the Brave and Land of the Free has become the haunt of the knave, the LGB and T.  Oh, and the me:

In this week’s address, President Obama shamed Congress and extolled himself in what has become a predictable weekly practice. Referring to himself at least 10 times as practically the only one working hard for Americans, Obama declared his “top priority” the U.S. economy by promising to create more jobs and opportunities … (Obama: Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me)

Funny how much “hard work” a man can get done whilst puttering about on the links — which is where America’s never-toiling Duffer-In-Chief once again spent his weekend (“A recent report in the New York Post revealed that since his 2012 re-election, President Obama has attended 75 fundraisers, and played golf 81 times.”Forbes):


Michelle Obama, or, as her husband calls her, “Michael,” famously remarked during the presidential campaign of 2008 that for the first time in her adult life, she was proud of her country.  Which coincidentally, was the first time the paying customers of America became ashamed of theirs — not to belittle the randy era of that draft-dodging Arkansas traveler Bill Clinton and his screech owl of a co-president, mortifying enough on its own merits.

But those two refugees from the Sixties are not even in the same league as Barack Obama, whose Manhattan Project of an administration is wreaking destruction on a hitherto unimaginable scale.  The checklist of Obamian-caused catastrophe grows lengthier by the minute and threatens to linger, like the smell of decomposing rats under the rotted floorboards of an once-magnificent home, long after its deadbeat tenant has finally left the premises:


underhand-and-underwoodAnd we haven’t even mentioned the many scandals, a grab-bag of corruption diverse enough to make even Frank Underwood blush.

Unfortunately, it’s not just Obama. His seedy accomplices, or, as Sherlock Holmes might call them, the Napoleons of Slime, in the Socialist Democratic Party, continue to chip away at the foundations of American liberty, prosperity, and justice:

Based on their percentage of policy success, which is zero, the socialists Democrats oughta be quarantined along with suspected victims of the Ebola virus.  After all, both of ‘em will kill you.  It just takes the Democrats a little longer.


Federal Appeals Court Rules That ObamaCare Subsidies Only Apply to State Exchanges, Obama Administration Promises to Ignore the Decision


It always struck me as funny that when a court ruled for something liberal, like killing babies, or the First Amendment doesn’t mean what it says it means, it’s the gospel truth, etched in granite, and can never again be questioned.  However, if  a ruling goes against them, that’s a different story indeed.  Then, it’s terrible, awful, and require laws to be passed to bypass the court.  Or, they might just ignore it anyway.  The latest example of this comes from the ObamaCare front, where the administration’s efforts to bypass states that did not set up exchanges (or did, and failed miserably) met an end at the hands of a Federal Appeals Court.  The Blaze has more…

A federal appeals court delivered a serious setback to President Barack Obama’s health care law Tuesday, potentially derailing billions of dollars in subsidies for many low- and middle-income people who bought policies.

In a case before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, a group of small business owners argued that the law authorizes subsidies only for people who buy insurance through markets established by the states – not by the federal government.

A divided court agreed, in a 2-1 decision that could mean premium increases for more than half the 8 million Americans who have purchased taxpayer-subsidized coverage under the law. The ruling affects consumers who bought coverage in the 36 states served by the federal insurance marketplace, or exchange.

The majority opinion concluded that the law, as written, “unambiguously” restricts subsides to consumers in exchanges established by a state. That would invalidate an Internal Revenue Service regulation that tried to sort out confusing wording in the law by concluding that Congress intended for consumers in all 50 states to have subsidized coverage.

So, they passed a law, so they could see what was inside it, and now, they are finding out what happens when they disregard their own law.

But, in true Obama Administration fashion, not only do they disregard the law, they’ll also disregard the Court’s ruling on that law…

White House spokesman Josh Earnest told reporters this morning the administration will ignore the ruling.

‘This ruling does not have any practical impact on their ability to receive tax credits right now. Right now there are millions of Americans all across the country who are receiving tax credits from the federal government as a result of the Affordable Care Act. While this ruling is interesting to legal theorists it has no practical impact on their tax credits right not.”

Just remember kids, when democrats use fraud to win elections, it’s called “Democracy.”  When, in spite of their cheating, they lose, it’s “NOT Democracy.”  When they win in court, it’s final.  When they lose in court, they say “f**k you.”  Sometimes, I’d like to live my life that way, but I’m a grown up.

Go figure.


Somebody Out There Still Likes Him??



“There’s going to be a time when MS-13 fires an RPG into an Alexandria [Va.] police car, and [Americans] are going to say, ‘What the hell happened?’” – Roger Noriega

“The president is getting regular updates on the situation.” — Josh Earnest

With the Mid-East falling into the feculent hands of Islamic terrorists and the U.S. southern border crumbling like cheap cement, it’s a miracle that Barack Obama has thus far escaped being clapped in irons and frog-marched to the detention facility closest to whatever fundraiser or golf course upon which he was apprehended.  We don’t have a president in charge; we’ve got a juvenile delinquent.




Gas prices shouldn’t be high, but are: What gives?


10 most expensive gas prices may 2014

We’re all tired of the impossibly high prices at the pump, but what can we do about them? During the debates, President Obama said that gas prices were cheap when he took office because the economy was at a standstill and now they’re going up because of his “robust” economic recovery.

Sorry, but I call Bullshit on that.

If that were true, during the Reagan years, gas would have tripled or quadrupled in price because the GDP grew on average 4.1% per year. Under Obama GDP is “growing” on average, 1% a year. So if 1% GDP growth increases gas prices by over 100%, from $1.78 when he took office to $3.67 per gallon now, under Reagan gas prices should have skyrocketed, yet they didn’t.

And gasoline prices are steadily on the rise.

gas pump

Is it demand? Oil production?

Rumors about the demise of U.S. gasoline demand have been greatly exaggerated.

Until late 2013, most energy observers forecast the world’s most reliably gas-guzzling market to consume less fuel this year. What was once thought to be a structural decline in demand, however, has proven more durable than expected.

As the summer driving season nears, retail gas remains stubbornly lodged near $4 per gallon. According to the Energy Information Administration, gas prices rose for 12 straight weeks through late April, and were 20 cents a gallon higher than the same point last year.

So what gives?oil well opec

“The world’s not swimming in crude or gasoline yet,” said Francisco Blanch, commodities strategist at Bank of America-Merrill Lynch, in an interview. “Despite all the crude and gasoline production in the U.S., international markets are not tagging along.”

International developments matter, analysts say, because gas prices are linked to internationally priced Brent crude. Turmoil in Ukraine and spotty supply from the perennially unstable Middle East has conspired to keep oil above $100 per barrel.

I see! It’s the rest of the world, if they’d just get their act together…

BofA-Merroil wellsill points out that domestic oil and gas production has driven gasoline imports to near zero, while the U.S. is churning out nearly 10 million barrels a day. Despite all this, there has been little relief at the pump due largely to factors outside America’s control.

The International Energy Agency said in its most recent report that OPEC will need to increase its own production this year to sate rising demand. Meanwhile, the energy watchdog said non-OPEC production is also falling short of expectations.

‘Shale boom may not be helping’

“In the U.S. and Canada, yes, there is a big shale revolution going on…but the rest of the world is not producing enough to feed itself,” said BofA’s Blanch. “That’s why oil prices abroad are elevated and why gasoline, which is pegged to oil prices, are so high.”

But never fear, the Feds are throwing us a bone.

The EIA expects crude oil prices to fall this year, which should keep a lid on gas prices. Still, the agency expects average gas prices to rise by 3 cents during the June—August period compared with the same quarter last year.

If I were you, I wouldn’t hold my breath…

Read more here.


CNN’s Tapper on WH Benghazi Responses: “Dissembling, Obfuscating, Insulting” Guy Benson | May 02, 2014


Jake Tapper is a former ABC News reporter and is now working for CNN. Even though he works for CNN, he is a damn good reporter. He disregards political bias and goes for the truth of the story which is a rare commodity these days. He was on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show and had some pretty strong words concerning the Obama administration’s handling of the whole Benghazi debacle.

CNN anchor Jake Tapper — who interviewed Amb. Susan Rice on September 16, 2012 on ABC’s This Week — appeared on Hugh Hewitt’s nationally-syndicated radio show last night to discuss the administration’s response to newly-disclosed Benghazi emails. Asked about White House spokesman Jay Carney’s dishonest and smug performance over the last few days, Tapper offers a cold assessment:


 “The comments that are being made [by Carney] are dissembling, obfuscating, and often, you know, insulting. – Jake Tapper

Tapper is going after this story in a pretty aggressive manner.

Tapper’s CNN program aired a relatively strong report from correspondent Dana Bash yesterday afternoon, laying out how the email revelations fuel Republicans’ accusations of a cover-up, which the White House continues to dismiss as a “conspiracy theory.” Click through to watch. I wrote a piece at Hot Air last evening reviewing Carney’s most recent sparring match with journalists, in which he repeated specious talking points and fired churlish insults at skeptical reporters.

But Carney’s public spectacle display of lying isn’t even the low point for this administration. As reported here earlier, a low level bureaucrat just can’t understand why we are “still” talking about Benghazi.

Former White House National Security Council spokesman Tommy Vietor appeared on Special Report with Bret Baier and truly outdid himself. Vietor somehow managed to make Carney look like a paragon of statesmanlike dignity:


 “Dude,” Vietor sneered, addressing Baier, “[the Benghazi controversy] was, like, two years ago.” That disrespectful and flippant answer would look bad enough if it were simply a case of Vietor losing his cool. Not so. It appears as though it was a rehearsed line, judging by this pre-interview tweet:


tommy vietor twitter avatarTommy Vietor @TVietor08

Guessing @BretBaier invited me to come on @SpecialReport to talk #Benghazi as a #TBT thing since it happened in 2012 but tune in!

5:15 PM – 1 May 2014

 Yeah, that terrorist attack that killed four Americans is so old. What a joke that anyone’s still talking about it! Appalling. Also of note from the broadcast was Vietor’s apparent confirmation that President Obama was not in the White House situation room during the multi-hour Benghazi raid, a previously open and lingering question. It is a matter of record that Obama skipped his daily security briefing the day after the deadly attacks, flying to Las Vegas for a political speech and fundraiser. As for the paramount talking points-related question of how the internet video became entangled with the White House’s Benghazi narrative (the CIA says it never offered that assessment), Vietor claimed the faulty linkage came from media reports. What? The CIA says it didn’t come from them, and the administration insists it didn’t stem from Ben Rhodes’ White House talking points that…specifically mentioned the video. No, according to Vietor, it came from obscure media interviews with people on the ground who supposedly mentioned the online video. He even held open the possibility that the attack was somehow rooted in the video, in spite of all the subsequent evidence. Problem: Even if there was some initial confusion and fog of war dissonance, the coordinated terrorism angle was confirmed within hours of the attack — up and down the US intelligence, diplomatic, and military chains. How were unfounded rumors still embedded in White House talking points days later, after they’d been debunked by the facts?

Move along, paranoiacs, there’s nothing to see here.


ABC News’ Karl Clashes With Jay Carney Over Benghazi


It’s a joyful site to see when the MSM finally, FINALLY begins asking the Obama administration the tough questions.


ABC News reporter Jon Karl tangled with White House press secretary Jay Carney Wednesday over a newly released White House email chain covering “talking points” given then-Ambassador Susan Rice after the deadly 2012 Benghazi terror attack.

Republicans charged Tuesday that a White House official’s email advice to Rice to link the attack to an anti-Muslim video confirms the connection was fabricated to help President Barack Obama’s re-election.

At the heart of Wednesday’s 8-minute skirmish between Karl and Carney was Rice’s appearance on five Sunday shows after the attack on a U.S. compound in Benghazi – and where her information came from.

Carney was part of the email chain, the Daily Caller reports.

“You knew full well that these Sunday show appearances were going to be dominated by the attack on Benghazi, as they were,” Karl fumed after Carney insisted Rice’s talking points were geared toward addressing region-wide protests as well as the Benghazi attack.

Then, Karl pursued the source of Rice’s talking points for the Sunday news shows.

“Ambassador Rice went on those shows, and she said that the attack in Benghazi was rooted in protests over an Internet video.

“We now know that that was not true, that, in fact, the CIA Director, [Michael] Morell, just — former Director Morell just testified last month that quote, ‘when she talked about the video, my reaction was, that’s not something the analysts have attributed this attack to.’

“It did not come from the CIA. You stood there at the podium time after time and said that she was referring to talking points created by the CIA. Now we see a document that comes from the White House, not from the CIA, attributing the protests to the video, and we have the former director of the CIA saying that that was not something that his analysts had attributed it to.”

Carney fired back, saying: “I would point you to what Mike Morell has said repeatedly in testimony about the creation of the talking points,” at which point Karl broke in, noting:

“Well, now we have new talking points, and you didn’t release them….”

The two went round and round after this, with neither side giving an inch. Eventually Carney, with the wind out of his sails, took questions from other WH Correspondents.

Watch the whole exchange, it is priceless.



Earth Day 2014: Is it Just One Big Communist Plot?



In honor of Earth Day 2014 Lenin’s Birthday, here is a classic post from A Conservative Teacher.

Happy Lenin’s Birthday
Is it a coincidence that I’m wishing you this today? I don’t think so. Earth Day arrives on the exact same day as Lenin’s Birthday. One of the very first Earth day celebrations took place exactly on the 100 year anniversary of Comrade Lenin’s birthday. Many former communists saw Earth Day, with its goals and interests, as being very similar to the goals and interests of the great communist Lenin. Does this coincidence convince you that Earth Day is a big communist plot? Need more evidence?

Friends of the Earth
The group that founded “Earth Day” was a group called Friends of the Earth. This group also promotes socialism- just as strongly as it does environmentalism. It advocates economic redistribution, government regulation of nearly all aspects of people’s lives, communal land ownership, control of production in the hands of the masses, etc. Its main bogeymen are: “evil” corporations (especially the Fortune 500 companies,) Big Oil, Wall Street, the World Bank, the World Trade Organization and (naturally) George Bush. Oh yeah- it also founded Earth Day too. It is not far-fetched to think that by promoting and celebrating Earth Day, perhaps some of the other aims of Friends of the Earth will be advanced. Still not convinced that Earth Day is a big communist plot? Need more evidence?

Symbol of Earth Day
The symbol of the first Earth Day is a circle with a broken cross, with the bars pointing downward. It is a New Age symbol meaning the rejection of Christianity. The goal was to replace the worship of the Christian religion with the worship of Mother Earth. Communist ideology demand you worship the state and not a Christian god, and so communists frequently also attack the church. Earth Day then fits very nicely with the goals of communists. Still not convinced that Earth Day is a big communist plot? Need more evidence?

Motives of Earth Day activists
According to wikipedia, the goal of Earth Day is to push for: Total state control of society, especially businesses and industry (to help the environment, I guess). Recognition of the sacred nature of Mother Earth, including an almost reverent worship of anything ‘green’ (to help the environment, I guess). Using force to change people’s behavior (to help the environment, I guess). Stopping or slowing ‘development’ or ‘progress’, to return to a Utopian world of equality (to help the environment, I guess). These goals are the goals of communists, are they not? Still not convinced that Earth Day is a big communist plot? Need more evidence?

More Evidence:
Here are some of the goals, issues, and beliefs on, one of the official websites promoting Earth Day: “Join the Revolution”! Pass laws that give more power to the government, in order to ‘stop global warming’. Stop building any new energy producing plants. “Protect the poor and middle class from unfairly bearing the cost of climate crisis” by increasing taxes on the rich and redistributing that money to the poor and middle class. Unite all religions in the name of global warming. Teach children in schools less about rights and more about the environment, and their responsibility to fight poverty. Still not convinced that Earth Day is a big communist plot? Need more evidence?

More Evidence: The Wilderness Society
For teachers, The Wilderness Society (an environmental group) has resources on how to teach about Earth Day. Here are some of them: A coloring book for 3rd graders with the theme of “Stop drilling in ANWR”. A timeline that 7th graders can construct of all the laws that government passed, to see the “progress” of government. Stories to read about ‘environmental heroes’- also (coincidentally) all good revolutionary communists

Bush’s Version of Earth Day
Under Republican President George Bush, the official government version of Earth Day was a bit different. According to the EPA website then, as declared by President Bush, Earth Day was more about: Celebrating the gains we have made in protecting the environment. Achieving meaningful results in protecting the environment. Encouraging volunteer efforts to save energy, reduce or recycle, and educate yourself to be more friendly to the environment. Taking pride in America by maintaining our public lands

Obama’s Version of Earth Day
Under Democrat President Barack Obama, the official government version of Earth Day though looks very much like Lenin’s birthday. According to the EPA website now, according to President Obama, Earth Day is about: Learning about environmental justice, which is the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people in the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies. Earth Day is about lobbying your local school to spend less time teaching reading and math and more time teaching environmental protection. Most importantly, Earth Day is about engaging in celebrations and festivals of worship on this most holy of days.

Earth Day: A Communist Plot
So, today when the news runs story after story about Earth Day, when teachers encourage you to ‘celebrate’ Earth Day, when google and yahoo ‘go green’, you can now respond back by saying-

“Happy Earth Day too, comrade”.


Anti-American Hustle


Anti-American Hustlers

“Yes we can’t!” – Sergio Aragonés

“President Obama smoked so much pot in college he never learned to spell. Which is why he’s confusing the word “ruining” the country with “running” the country.” – Kilburn Hall

“‘Wann dem Führer wuste!’ – If the Führer only knew! – This was an expression common during the Third Reich among those who supposed that Hitler could do no wrong. The implication being that anything in Germany that was not quite right was so only because Hitler didn’t know about it.” – Yahoo

“We need a direct repudiation of Barack Obama and everything for which he stands.” – Monica Crowley

If as many citizens believed in preventive politics as they do preventive medicine, Barack Obama and most of the Democratic Party would be quarantined in the Guantanamo Bay detention camp with the rest of America’s enemies.  And, as phase 2 of their Unaffordable Care Act kicks in, a majority of the nation’s voters might finally be willing to send ‘em there:

First-time insurance purchasers, especially those living paycheck to paycheck, will be shocked by ObamaCare’s high deductibles, about $3,000 for the silver plan (the most commonly selected) and $5,000 for the bronze plan (the most affordable).

Basically, you’ll have to pay thousands out of pocket for appointments, tests and prescriptions until you reach your deductible.

Millennials who heard Obama say … that they can buy a health plan for the price of a cellphone contract won’t be laughing when they realize what the $5,000 deductible means. (Coming Attractions For The Obamacare Disaster Film)

 With deductibles like these — and with the IRS hounding you for penalty fees if you don’t enroll — anyone running for office in the foreseeable future with a (D) after their name might do better if they ran instead for any aircraft willing to fly them somewhere that lacks an extradition treaty. Cuba, perhaps. They’d feel right at home.


Original Post:  Be Sure You’re Right, Then Go Ahead


The Chinese Curse: May You Live In Interesting Times


It does seem to this humble observer of the asylum we all have to live in that the world is cursed. These are indeed interesting (frightening) times we are living in. The globalist economy that keeps the world going is nothing more than a house of cards based on fiat money, which depends on ever-expanding debt to keep it standing. If the world’s economy were a battle field; and it is, that battle field s planted with countless land mines; such that, if one is set off, the others will go off in a chain reaction. There would be no winners.

The latest land mine was planted in the bankrupt ex-Soviet country of Ukraine. It’s a good bet that this land mine was planted with the aid of the CIA, MI-6, and others. The president of the Ukraine, Yankovich, was leaning toward keeping close ties with Russia. But, he was chased from office in coup by those wanting to join up with the European Union (EU). The US and the EU were very quick to recognize the new Ukraine government. One might ask why the EU was so anxious to have another bankrupt country join their fold. Don’t they have enough bankrupt countries on their southern flank? Why would they want another bankrupt country on their northern flank? There are , at least, two reasons. First, if the Ukraine was in the European Union, the EU (it thinks) would be in a position to better negotiate gas prices with the Russia giant Gazpom. Secondly, whenever the EU expands, it isn’t long before NATO also expands.

Norma Brown, of Ooobie on Everything, reminds  us once more that it is the US led NATO that has not lived up to its word:

Russia is mad as hell and it isn’t going to take it anymore. NATO has vastly increased the security of its original founding members over the past twenty years by eating away at Russia’s safety zone. It did so in violation of an agreement between western heads of state and high officials with their counterparts in the USSR that NATO would not expand eastward. And in exchange for that security guarantee, the USSR withdrew 400,000 troops from eastern Europe and made possible German reunification and continued NATO membership. I read today that the Supreme Court has previously ruled that an agreement (such as that with Gorbachev) made between officials authorized to make such agreements has legal standing as a treaty, even if oral and thus not ratified by the Senate. So from the start of Russia’s rebirth as a non-communist nation, it has seen the West {that} reneged on commitments vital to Russian interests.

The US, that once Shining City on a Hill, is looking a tad tarnished and its friends in the EU aren’t looking any better. The coup in the Ukraine was just the latest attempt by the US led NATO to stick its finger in the eye of Russia.

Russia’s economy is not the most robust economy in the world for sure. Russia’s economy depends on their two major exports: energy (oil and gas) and weapons. Energy exports are by far the most important. Sanctions being applied against Russia by the US and the EU are and will continue t hurt the Russian economy. But, the EU is dependent on Russia for a significant percentage of its natural gas consumption and to think that Russia won’t use its gas as a weapon in response to the sanctions is just foolish. Germany is very much aware of that, which is why I doubt that the Ukraine fiasco will  lead to war even if Russia eventually absorbs all of eastern Ukraine.

Yet the US and the EU are in talks about placing more severe sanctions on Russia. If they do put more severe sanctions on Russia, what are Russia’s options? Russian spokespersons have said that the dollar could come under attack if the Russian economy is hurt by sanctions. The dollar is vulnerable, folks.

I wonder if Obama and his counterparts in Europe understand that their heavy footed actions may come down on an economic land mine?

Indeed we do live in interesting times!

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

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Obama Sold Americans Lemons. Thirteen Americans Died In Those Lemons


After finally solving problems with computer viruses this past weekend, there was an e-mail waiting from a good friend. He was wondering about General Motors’ recall of 2.6 million cars for faulty ignition switches, which have caused at least thirteen deaths, and what the Obama administration knew at the time it was illegally bailing out GM  with $49 billion of your money. Well, one thing we can say with  certainty is that President Obama was totally unaware of this problem at that time, because he never knows anything until or unless he hears it on MSNBC.

The truth is that I hadn’t been following this story and didn’t realize that the ignition switch problem with GM’s Colbalt and other models dated back before the formation of Government Motors. But, my friend’s e-mail sparked my interest and I began searching the web for information. What I learned was that something is rotten inside General Motors and something is rotten inside of the Obama administration.


Something Is Rotten In GM

According to this New York Time’s article, GM engineers were aware of the ignition switch prob as early as 2001.

The company apparently knew about the defect as far back as 2001, when it discovered the problem during testing of the Saturn Ion. It saw the problem again in 2004, as the Cobalt was about to be rolled out with the same ignition system. According to documents obtained in congressional investigations, engineers came up with a proposed fix, but it was nixed on the grounds that it was too expensive and would take too much time.

Too expensive? The Detroit News reports that the following haunting words were included in an internal memorandum by a still anonymous engineer:

“None of the solutions represents an acceptable business case.”

When the engineers finally did find a fix for the ignition switches in 2006, they did it in way to try to cover up the fact that there had ever been a problem. From the NYT article linked above, we learn:

Finally, in 2006, engineers at General Motors appeared to have fixed the problem, but they did so without changing the part number, which is a shocking violation of engineering protocol, wrote Micheline Maynard at It makes G.M. appear to have been engaged in subterfuge, hiding the fact that its ignition had been defective all those years.

Meanwhile, at least 13 people died in accidents that were clearly the result of the faulty ignition design. There are also another 140 people who died in accidents involving the Cobalt in which the cause is unknown. Yet for more than a decade, General Motors did nothing.

Something is definitely rotten inside General Motors.

Something Is Rotten Inside Of The Obama Administration

The National Review has an excellent two page article titled: Duped or Complicit. The article raises some very disturbing questions. Before bailing out GM, did Obama’s task force do their due diligence to get a clear picture of GM’s assets, liabilities, and problems? Did GM’s management hide the ignition switch problem from the task force? Did the Obama administration give GM’s new management protection from liabilities caused by the old management? I must admit I find it a little suspicions that our government sold its last shares of GM in December 2013 and the recalls started in February 2014.

The author of the National Review article tells us a good reason why the government should own a car company:

Finally, the American government should not own a car company because it inevitably turns the leader of the free world into a car salesman. President Obama would occasionally joke about his role, declaring at the 2009 White House Correspondents’ Dinner, “GM will rise or fall on the quality of its products — like the taut, athletic design of the new Buick Enclave. Its French-seamed leather and warm wood tones make the Enclave more than transportation. It’s a modern driver’s retreat. Come on, work with me here. I’ve got cars to move, people!”

And the there is this from our Car Salesman-in-Chief:

Obama held a rally at the General Motors Lordstown Assembly Plant in Warren, Ohio, on September 15, 2009, touting the popularity of the Cobalt as he praised the Cash for Clunkers program: “The Chevy Cobalt that you build here was one of GM’s most sought-after cars under that program. Dealers across the country started running out. You need to build more.” He told the workers building the Cobalt, “You’re doing your part to move us forward and make sure that the high-quality, well-engineered, safe, and fuel-efficient cars of the future will be built where they always have been built — right here in Ohio, right across the Midwest, right here in the United States of America.”

David Harsanyi writing at The Federalist tells us The GM Scandal Is Worse Than You Think. While GM was Government Motors. a competitor, Toyota, was having to recall some of their cars. President Obama’s Secretary of Transportation, Ray LaHood, was making public statements like “My advice is, if anybody owns one of these vehicles, stop driving it”, which caused Toyota’s stock price to nosedive. And, even though  LaHood’s agency later put out a report saying there was no evidence equipment failure in the Toyota case, good soldier, Eric Holder, kept up his law suit against Toyota going until they caved-in and paid a $1.2 billion settlement. Now, maybe Toyota deserved what they got. I don’t know. But, as Harsanyi points out, it is troubling that LaHood did not go after GM even though his staff twice suggested there were serious problems there.

President Obama sold Americans lemons and 13 Americans died in those lemons and many more were injured. Not only has his administration made a practice dealing with crony capitalist, with his bailout of General Motors he made our government a crony capitalist.

It’s hard to be a proud American these days.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

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democrats Use Federal Employees to Campaign for Obama


Since rules do not apply to democrats, and only you, it should not be a surprise that democrats use the federal bueacracy to promote the re-election of president Obama.  The Right Scoop has more…

WASHINGTON TIMES – In another case, a worker at the tax agency’s customer help line urged taxpayers “to re-elect President Obama in 2012 by repeatedly reciting a chant based on the spelling of his last name,” the Office of Special Counsel said in a statement.

OSC said it is seeking “significant disciplinary action” against that employee.

Another IRS employee in Kentucky has agreed to serve a 14-day suspension for blasting Republicans in a conversation with a taxpayer.

“They’re going to take women back 40 years,” the IRS employee said in a conversation that was recorded. The employee also said that “if you vote for a Republican, the rich are going to get richer and the poor are going to get poorer.”

That employee went on to tell the taxpayer she knew she wasn’t supposed to be voicing her political opinions, and asked the taxpayer not to say anything.

The federal Hatch Act prohibits most government employees from conducting politics on government time. OSC is charged with looking into those violations.

Of course, the MSM isn’t likely to cover this, not are there are likely to be any real punishment.


The Navy Can Make Their Own Fuel Using Sea Water!


In a recent announcement, the Navy disclosed that they now have the means to create it’s own fuel, using seawater.  Yahoo News has more…

The US Navy believes it has finally worked out the solution to a problem that has intrigued scientists for decades: how to take seawater and use it as fuel.

The development of a liquid hydrocarbon fuel is being hailed as “a game-changer” because it would signficantly shorten the supply chain, a weak link that makes any force easier to attack.

The US has a fleet of 15 military oil tankers, and only aircraft carriers and some submarines are equipped with nuclear propulsion.

All other vessels must frequently abandon their mission for a few hours to navigate in parallel with the tanker, a delicate operation, especially in bad weather.

The ultimate goal is to eventually get away from the dependence on oil altogether, which would also mean the navy is no longer hostage to potential shortages of oil or fluctuations in its cost.

Vice Admiral Philip Cullom declared: “It’s a huge milestone for us.”

Get over to Yahoo to see the rest.  At any rate, it makes the US Navy able to operate; independent of foreign oil.  In that event, how long before Obama orders it stopped?


The Name Game


 The Shaming of the Shrew

“Like Manchurian candidates, we have been made into Manchurian consumers, who subconsciously buy when we are triggered by our brand masters.” – Bryant H. McGill

Name recognition.  It’s why corporations spend millions plastering their emblems on every stray sporting venue that seats more than 5 people; why jingle writers drive Cadillacs; why, in politics as in nursery schools, rhyme is always more effective than reason; and why Hillary Clinton, according to a March poll conducted by the Associated Press, is viewed more favorably than crab lice by 1,016 randomly chosen American idiots.

This is a woman, after all, who accomplished nothing as First Lady, nothing as U.S. senator from New York, and whose malfeasance as Secretary of State resulted in the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi and 6 billion missing dollars in contract funds.  The only items in her resume that seem to qualify her for the modern presidency are a predilection for socialism and a lack of testicles — the same attributes that carried Barack Obama to victory.  Even such a noted expert on Hillary as Hillary couldn’t conjure up any achievement worthy of mention:

Several weeks ago, MRC-TV’s Dan Joseph visited the Democratic Party’s winter meeting to see if attendees could name a single tangible of Hillary Clinton during her tenure as Secretary of State. They couldn’t. It turns out that Hillary Clinton herself can’t even do that.

“People began to rely on us as setting the values, setting the standards. I just don’t want to lose that because we have a dysfunctional political situation in Washington. And then of course, a lot of particulars, but I am finishing my book so you’ll be able to read all about it.”

Of course, the “values” and “standards” set by the last president named Clinton resulted in impeachment, disbarment, and Monica Lewinsky’s infamously soiled blue dress; but, as a madly ambitious former First Lady might ask, “What difference does it make now?”

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