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The State Department Wants You!

Note:  Through my sources in the government I watch The West Wing I have discovered that the following email will be sent out to all college graduates. Have you considered a career in the State Department?  While not as glamorous as a career in the NSA we at the State Department like to think of ourselves as the “Party Hardy” branch of the government.  Just ask yourself the following questions: Do I want to serve the United States in important positions overseas? Do I want access to top quality European porn? Do I like European prostitutes? Would I enjoy sexually […]

The Progressive Message Is Marketable-The Conservative Message Is Not

Scott Pinsker is a marketing and publicity expert. He has written a two-part article for Fox News, in which he analyses the 2012 election results from a marketing point of view and explains why the Democrats won and the Republicans lost. In Part 1, Pinsker explains the difference in the two parties today. He calls the Democrats the Plaintiff Party and the Republicans the Ideology Party. Let´s see what he means. Democratic Party The Democratic Party is a “plaintiff party,” where various constituencies lobby to wield government power.  As the lone plaintiff party, Democrats attract voters who (rightly) recognize that […]