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Patrick Henry

Greatest Hits: Liberty Deserves Better From Me

Liberty Deserves Better From Me: John Carey made a rather strong point. Note that this post was originally published in 1-9-13 On this day in 1776 Thomas Paine published his pamphlet “Common Sense.”  This 47-page pamphlet made the arguments in favor of American independence.  Mr. Paine’s use of plain language spoke to the common people of America. It was also the first published pamphlet that openly argued for independence.  The powerful words of Mr. Paine helped galvanize a movement that before Common Sense was published was a scattered grumbling at best. Paine fundamentally changed the tenor of colonists’ argument with […]

Founding Fathers’ Quotes on the People’s Right to Bear Arms

Just three days after the horrible shooting in Newtown Connecticut, progressive forces are in full “never let a crisis go to waste” mode to advance their anti-gun agenda.  They have allowed no time for mourning and are striking while the iron is hot.  It’s a selfish and shameful act that is driving the national debate towards gun control and the away from the root cause of our problem; the devaluing of human life.  I decided that the best people to help make the case for those of us who cherish America and our second amendment rights are our founding fathers.  […]

Liberty deserves better from me

As a conservative I’m fighting each day to restore the constitutional republic our founding fathers gave us.  My weapon in this fight is the words that I use in the articles I write.  After all this an ideological war, one that pits two very different views about the role government should play in our lives.  It’s a topic that has been debated since the founding of our great nation.  Great minds like James Madison and Patrick Henry had two very different views on the role government should play in our lives and they matched wits against each other during the […]

We Know About the Federalist Papers. What About the Anti-Federalist Papers?

Constitutional scholars, federal justices, and lawyers who try cases in federal courts and the Supreme Court often go to the Declaration of Independence and the Federalist papers and other historic documents to get to the original intent of our constitution. Although my education on American history was woefully lacking, I was, at least, aware the something called the Federalist Papers existed. It was decades later when I actually read any of the Federalist Papers and then only about ten of the eighty-five or more papers. It was only recently that I decided it might be educational to find out what those opposed to the […]

Angry Right-Wing Rhetoric Leads to Violence!

Manhattan infideldouble feature

Dateline April 19, 1775.  Ye Olde New York Times. We here at Ye Olde New York Times have just received dispatches telling of an actual physical outbreak of violence between King George’s troops and angry militia members at Lexington and Concord in the colony of Massachusetts Bay. We have long feared this moment and place the blame squarely where it belongs:  With the militia of the several colonies. The angry, anti-government, unchristian rhetoric promulgated by those in the so-called opposition could only lead to further violence.  We here at Ye Old New York Times denounce the Adams’ of Massachusetts Bay […]

Patrick Henry’s Finest Hour: Give me Liberty or give me death

There comes a time in all of our lives when we must take a stand; when riding the fence just doesn’t get it done.   It was 236 years ago this past Wednesday when a passionate Virginia lawyer stood before 120 delegates at St John’s Church in Virginia and took a stand against tyranny.  This lawyer was Patrick Henry and if he was alive today the left and even some on the right would label him as an extremist.  He was indeed radical when it came to his love for liberty and freedom.  I for one believe this kind of passion should be […]