Same-Sex Marriage Approved By The Courts: What’s Next?


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Supreme Court Marriage Test

By now, most of us know the United States Supreme Court has declined to hear the appeal of states like Oklahoma, who have legally banned same-sex marriage by a vote of the people. It seems to matter little what the people of our individual states want, the courts seem to determined to push this perversion upon us all. The agenda of the militant homosexuals is marching ahead nicely, at least for them. The rest of us may be destined to stare their perverted choice of sexual lifestyle in the face for the rest of our days.

Looking back in time, it was not so long ago that the homosexual lifestyle was looked upon as perverted. None of the glamor that we see associated with it today was on display. Fast forward to 2014 and we see a drastic change. Homosexual behavior is everywhere you turn. Those of us who cringe at the thought of such perversion are told we need to get over ourselves and our backwards moral thinking. Christians are told we can not disagree with the homosexual lifestyle by refusing to do provide services that would promote their actions, in direct contradiction to our moral and religious beliefs. Under penalty of punishment by the courts, Christian business owners are being forced to comply to something that goes against everything we believe and teach.

I can’t say that I am surprised at this turn of events. In today’s America, I am surprised at nothing the Supreme Court does or says. Even with the current conservative majority, it seems to have a tendency to lend itself to the liberal agenda. At any rate, this has been a long time coming and we can not say we have not been warned. OK Politechs has told us for some time that homosexual marriage will one day be legal in all fifty states. He closes the post by pointing out one small detail about the possibility of the courts forcing Oklahoma, and other like-minded states, to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples.

While this may sound like pessimism, I prefer to call it disheartening realism.  I am by no means advocating giving up the battle as one that will be an eventual defeat.  Fight the battle.  Fight for morals.  Make it take as long as possible for homosexual marriage to be the law of the land.  While immorality and evil receive the blessings of the government, that will never be justification for the people to acquiesce and allow the left to go unchallenged and shape society to conform to their depraved views.

Here in Oklahoma we are fighting the fight.  I believe there’s justification for labeling Oklahoma as the reddest of the red states and the fight for morality is one of those reasons, homosexual marriage being just one of the moral issues about which the left in Oklahoma wails.  The left continually mocks Oklahoma as a ‘backwards’ state, but to my mind, that just proves how different from them most Oklahomans are.  I welcome their mockery.  When the mockery ends is when Oklahoma has stopped fighting.

When the court case about homosexual marriage reaches its conclusion at the Supreme Court, Oklahoma may well be forced by five or more Justices to grant homosexuals a marriage license.  Should they achieve a victory, the left (and some on the right) should not confuse a marriage license with the approval I believe they seek.  Here in Oklahoma, that marriage license will be on orders from a judge, but over one million Oklahomans have made it clear the immorality that is homosexual marriage is unacceptable.

In other words, we should not give up the fight to keep homosexual marriage out of our state and even if we fail, as it looks like we may, we should make one thing very clear. No matter what the courts force us to do, homosexual marriage is just not acceptable in Oklahoma. Just because it is forced up on us does not mean it has our approval.

With that out of the way, let us attempt to look at the question I posed in the title of this post. What sexual perversion is next in line to be accepted as normal and legalized through the courts? I can almost hear the derision of the liberals now. They will say we are seeing trouble where there is no trouble. They will accuse us of making up a boogeyman in order to further our agenda of discrimination against anyone who believes differently than us. Be that as it may, let us look at this boogeyman a little closer.

Homosexual activity and the marriage of same-sex couples used to be illegal, for obvious reasons. It is now legal, thanks to the court system, in most states. What comes next, you may ask. What about incest? Think it can’t happen? Think again, as it is already in the works.

Truth Revolt – “Should incest between consenting adult siblings be legalized?” asked HuffPost Gay Voices Thursday.

The rather controversial question, which left many frequent visitors to the site scratching their heads, came in response to recent headlines out of Germany where an ethics panel suggested decriminalizing sex between two adult siblings, a proposal soundly rejected by the German government.

Though the article, written by Curtis Wong, doesn’t exactly come out for or against the ethics panel’s proposal, it certainly doesn’t provide much dissent. Actually, the article gives no dissent and instead provides only quotes in favor of decriminalizing incest from a man named Jesse Bering, author of the book Perv: The Sexual Deviant In All Of Us.

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In an interview with HuffPost Live, Bering said the following in regards to incest: “I suppose I take an unpopular view that it’s actually moral progress. There are certain caveats that we need to include with our analysis of whether incest is wrong or right, but for me, the biggest point is a matter of harm.”

During the same interview, Bering also spoke about two famous Czech born brothers named Elijah and Milo Peters who have performed adult scenes together.

“The fact that they’re violating this,” said Bering, “this taboo notion of your brother or your sister being completely off-limits from a sexual perspective, I think, attracts… a large contingency of the viewing public.”

He added, “It’s a carnival-esque affair, but it’s actual sexual arousing to us because it probably taps into something, whether we want to admit it or not, deeply unconscious about the possible patterns of attraction to… our relatives.

As much as we would like to deny it, legalizing incest between consenting adults is already in the works. No, it’s not in the court system, but the discussion has already been started. Where it leads from here is anyone’s guess, but if we can judge by the progress of the homosexual movement to legalize same-sex marriage, then it does not bode well. I ask again, what is next?

Conservative Hideout has chronicled the rise of another trend. It seems that many people would already like to see the actions of pedophiles be normalized. Stop and think about that for a moment. They want us to accept an adult’s sexual attraction to children as normal. If you think I’m off target, take a few minutes to read some of the articles referenced in the search link I provided to Conservative Hideout. What you find may surprise you and if you have any sense of decency about you, it should trouble you greatly.

I would now point you to something from another blogger whom I consider to be a good source. Mustang has his head on his shoulders and has a way of putting things that I can only hope to achieve to. He is asking the same questions I have pondered.

A Montpelier View – There are a number of prohibited acts in our country today, most of them “wrong.” We react with disgust whenever individuals engage in sexual conduct with a person under the age of 18. We call refer to such persons as pedophiles and perverts, and whenever we find out about such people, we put them in jail. It is a perversion. So too is human sexual contact with animals. These are simply wrong —and unacceptable. Why, then, must we accept homosexual behavior when it is just as offensive to most people?

The issue appears to surround the “age of accountability.” Consenting adults are presumed to know the corollaries of their behavior, while children under the age of reason, do not. We may not agree with this argument, but our duty as citizens is to obey the spirit and the intent of the law. There is no demand that we, as individuals, accept homosexual relationships —we must simply allow queers to do as they please. But there is a trend here: forty years ago, queer behavior was despised by almost everyone except Hollywood perverts and Democrats. Today, most people just shrug it off. We can thank Hollywood and the television industry for this; it is almost impossible to find a situational comedy on the television today that does not have at least one queer character.

So here’s my question: how long will it be before the paradigm shifts once more and Democrats begin to demand that pedophiles be treated as normal, too? Maybe, also, rapists have feelings, too. Before you laugh this off, consider that the beheading of an innocent woman by a radical Mohammedan is now categorized as “work place violence.”  The question is valid: where do we draw the line, and is the line ever firmly affixed?

At the risk of sounding like a completely broken record, I ask again. After homosexual marriage, what is next? Is legalized incest or pedophilia right around the corner? If that is the case, then let me reiterate the words of Charles Phipps. If these perversions are forced upon us by the courts, let one thing be clear. Legalization does not mean acceptance as normal. No matter how legal they become, the behavior associated with homosexuality, incest, or pedophilia will never be normal and they should not be accepted as such.





Normalizing Pedophilia: “We Can’t Prove Sex With Children Does Them Harm”


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There are a ton of people out there still denying that there is a push to normalize pedophilia.  Even after amassing a wealth of easily verifiable data, deniers deny, and scoffers scoff.  So, just to give them something else to ignore, we’ll present the following, via Right Wind News…

I’ve been saying it for years.  There is a campaign being waged to make pedophilia acceptable.  I know it sounds impossible, but every day, I read something about yet another “authority” making the case that there’s nothing abnormal about it.  Case in point:


EVIDENCE has emerged that the views of the Paedophile Information Exchange influenced policy-making at the National Council for Civil Liberties when it was run by former Labour Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt.

…Today we publish extracts from an NCCL report written for the Criminal Law Revision Committee in 1976 when Mrs Hewitt was general secretary.

It says: “Where both partners are aged 10 or over, but under 14, a consenting sexual act should not be an offence. As the age of consent is arbitrary, we propose an overlap of two years on either side of 14.

“Childhood sexual experiences, willingly engaged in, with an adult result in no identifiable damage.

“The Criminal Law Commission should be prepared to accept the evidence from follow-up research on child ‘victims’ which show there is little subsequent effect after a child has been ‘molested’.

“The real need is a change in the attitude which assumes that all cases of paedophilia result in lasting damage.

“The present legal penalties are too high and reinforce the misinformation and prejudice. The duty of the court should be to inquire into all the relevant circumstances with the intention, not of meting out severe punishment, but of determining the best solution in the interests of both child and paedophile.”

Mrs Hewitt, 65, was general secretary between 1974 and 1983. After days of intense pressure, the former Labour MP for Leicester West finally admitted last week the NCCL was “naive and wrong” over its ties to PIE.

So this is a clear linkage between the UK’s chief liberal party, and the movement to normalize pedophilia.  And note the “naive and wrong?”  It was only “naive and wrong” after the whole affair was exposed to public scrutiny.


What’s with the Left’s attraction to Pedophilia?


It is a rare day when I write about anything that doesn’t have to do with politics or economics. I leave social issues to others, which isn’t to mean that I’m not interested in social issues. I am. But, I don’t care how the Left twist and distorts the English language, sexual abuse of children is not a life style choice. It is the most vile and disgusting of criminal acts. And, it is even more vile and disgusting when it done by someone in whom we intrust our children for hours at a time; such as, a teacher.

Maybe this story caught my attention because it happen in my home state of Michigan. This article at The Blaze back in August of this year tells us that a male teacher at the Rose City Middle School was found guilty of molesting an eigth grade boy over a period of three years. The community and the boy’s father were rightly outraged by this hideous act. They were even more outraged when six other teachers protested when their colleague, Neal Erickson, was sentenced to 15-30 years in prison. These six teachers even sat with Erickson’s family during the trial and, at least, one of them wrote a letter to the judge pleading for a light sentence for their friend:

“Neal has plead (sic) guilty for his one criminal offense but he is not a predator,” Harriet Coe reportedly wrote. “This was an isolated incident. He understands the severity of his action and is sincere in his desire to make amends…”

The boy’s father and many in the community were distraught by these teachers defending a child abuser. The father has called fro these teachers to be fired.

 “Do you want somebody who says 15-30 years for raping a child, an 8th grader, is a little harsh? Do you want them teaching your child?”

“Since when do we put a price on a child? Since when? It is wrong. How many teachers are going to turn a blind eye? These teachers cannot be trusted, they cannot be trusted.”

The pedophile defenders were not happy with the father speaking out in defense of his son:

“At one thirty in the morning on a Saturday, I was awoken to a bomb sound going off,” Janczewski said, choking back emotion.  “I went to the window to find my garage was on fire and engulfed in flames, my camper and the side of my house…

The family also had the letters “YWP” and “ITY” spray painted on the side of their house, which Janczewski thinks mean “you will pay” and “I told you.”

Fortunately for the boy and his family, the judge in the case was not pleased by these happenings:

Circuit Judge Michael Baumgartner said during the sentencing that he was “appalled and ashamed” at the community’s support for Erickson, saying: “What you did was a jab in the eye with a sharp stick to every parent who trusts a teacher.”

So, now it is December and this sad story has not ended. Fox News reports:

A teacher’s union in Michigan is fighting to get a $10,000 severance package for a convicted child molester whose case that drew outrage earlier this year when his former school colleagues pleaded with a judge to sentence him lightly.

In recapping the original story, the Fox News reporter wrote:

Neal Erickson, 38, pleaded guilty in May to raping a young boy over the course of three years — from 2006 to 2009 — and was sentenced to 15-30 years in prison. The prison term came over the pleas of seven of Erickson’s former fellow teachers at Rose City Middle School, including Sally Campbell, who said in a letter to the judge that “Neal made a mistake. He allowed a mutual friendship to develop into much more.”

Excuse me! “A mutual friendship??? Do these people have any concept of right and wrong? I knew or worked with several self-proclaimed atheist in my time. Only one was a jerk about it. The others respected people of faith and they had the same concepts of right and wrong as I. But today? I do not understand these  people. I want to go on a long rant to explain the rage I feel about those who abuse children. But, frankly, after a long while sitting here before my keyboard, I find I don’t have the words to adequately describe my feelings. These teachers clearly think they are on the moral high ground. Can somebody explain that to me? How is defending people who rape children a moral high ground? How is  attacking the family of the victim a moral high ground? And, the teacher’s union wants to make sure the pedophile gets his severance pay? Is that a moral high ground?

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

Original Post:  Asylum Watch


What’s With All of the Pedophilia?


We’ve been covering the ever expanding list of cases where adults are victimizing kids, and are left scratching our heads and wondering why? Has pedophilia always been this frequent, or is all of these stories a manifestation of something new?  For example, here are some recent cases covered at The Other McCain.

‘Hundreds of Videos Depicting Underage Boys … in Sexually Explicit Conduct’

Cravers of Boy-Flesh: Yet Another Sad Example of a Disturbing Trend

Michigan Union: Teachers Still Have a Right to Benefits After Boning Teenagers

‘Teacher of the Year’ Learns a Tough Lesson: Always Take the Plea Bargain

And those are only the posts over the last several days.  Even more disturbing is the fact that so many from the political and cultural left are all too willing to defend, explain away, or justify these crimes against children. For example, we saw professional colleagues defending Neil Erickson, a teacher convicted of having sexual contact with a 14-year-old male student. And, of course, regular readers will know that there are quite a few supporters of Kaitlyn Hunt; an adult who recently plead guilty to having sexual contact with a 14-year-old high school freshman. Her family and supporters not only want to make this legal, but they have led a campaign of lies, threats, intimidation, and general harassment against anyone who opposes them. In the Ericsson case, the garage owned by the family of the victim was burned to the ground, and threats were painted on the side of the family home. Going back to the case of Kaitlyn Hunt, the family of her victim were subjected to harassment, death threats, and Hunt supporters even try to “dig up dirt” on the victim’s mother.

Here is a sampling of posts from the Conservative Hideout regarding the stories.

@JanaEschbach Interviews Smith Family Regarding #FreeKate Revelations, Supporters Still Trying Silence Truth Tellers

#FreeKate Supporters Continue to Lie in Order to Ban Those That Expose Them, Display Anti-Christian Hatred

#FreeKate Update: Supporters Lie to Censor Those That Quote Them-Shutuppery in Action!

#FreeKate Update: Some Supporters Think Nine Year Olds Ready for Sex?

#FreeKate and Normalizing Pedophilia

#FreeKate Update: Hunt Family and Supporters Escalate Threats Against Truth Tellers

#FreeKate Update: Steven Hunt Makes Death Threats, Kelley Hunt Smith Threatens to ‘Ruin” People

#FreeKate Update: Increasing Threats, False Accusations, and Rabbit Mentality

Bullying and #FreeKate: Playing the Victim

For me, I see this as a lack of morality. For decades now, we have been pushing moral and religious teachings out of our public conversation. We systematically banned prayer, and mentions of Christmas, with some schools even banning the colors red and green Christmas time – all to marginalize Christianity, and more importantly, God. The results seem obvious; without moral teaching, our people lack morals. without a moral center, people justify all sorts of behavior. And at this point, the next frontier of ” progress,” is the legalization of sex with children. As the Bible has predicted, we are living in a world where what is good is evil, and what is evil is good.

And, it’s only going to get worse from here.

Note: The American Psychiatric Association has historically stated that there needs to be a five-year difference in age between perpetrator and victim to be a case of pedophilia.  Kaitlyn Hunt was 18, and her victim was 14 at the time her crimes took place. She’s included in the story because her family and supporters have openly stated the objective of legalizing sex between adults and minors. I believe this to be an incremental step towards the normalization and legalization of pedophilia.


Effort to Normalize Pedophilia Marches on: Canadian Agency Releases Guide for Sexualizing Children


And the march to normalize pedophilia marches on.  Apparently, a Canadian guide for parents suggest that it’s OK for kids to touch the genitals of “familiar adults.”  Life Site News has more…

A new guide from the government of P.E.I. is telling parents that it is “natural and healthy” for young children to “touch the ‘private parts’ of familiar adults” and to look at “nude pictures on the Internet, videos, magazines”. Parents are also being told that they should not discourage their children from masturbating. 

“This is not only inappropriate, but destructive,” said Gwen Landolt, National Vice-President of REAL Women of Canada, to 

The 7-page guide, titled “Children’s Sexual Behaviours: A Parent’s Guide”, put out by the Provincial Child Sexual Abuse Advisory Committee, provides a standard for what experts consider normal sexual behaviour in children from preschool to grade four. 

“Natural and Healthy” behavours for children up to age five include:

– “Touches the ‘private parts’ of familiar adults and children with hand or body.”
– “Puts something in own genitals or rectum one time for curiosity or exploration.”
– “Plays ‘doctor’ inspecting others’ bodies, including ‘private parts .’”

“Natural and Healthy” behavours for children up to grade four include:

– “Plays ‘doctor’. The child inspects another child’s body, including ‘private parts’.”
– “Shows others his/her genitals in a private location.”
– “Plays games with same-aged children related to sex and sexuality.”
– Pretends to be opposite gender.
– “Wants to compare genitals with peer-aged friends.”
– “Looks at nude pictures on the Internet, videos, magazines, etc.”

I wonder how long it will be before this is fully promoted in schools?  Because, the left will normalize pedophilia in it’s ongoing effort to rid the world of Judeo/Christian influences.

Linked by The Other McCain, thanks!


The Effort to Normalize Pedophilia Marches on: Author/Professor Jame R. Kincaid Tries to Minimze the Problem, and Denies That Effort


Myself and R.S. McCain have been covering the ongoing effort, as Limbaugh puts it, to “normalize pedophilia.”  The latest chapter in that story comes from a former USC Professor, and author, James R. Kincaid.  The Other McCain has some excerpts and analysis from yesterday. 

…Your beef with “contemporary America” is that we are too worried about “sexual abuse,” and so we need “to acknowledge . . . the sensuality of children” and their “eroticism”? And while we’re at it, why don’t we take a look at the cover of your book?

Nothing weird there. Nothing out of the ordinary. Move along.

Despite the protests, Professor Kincaid spoke Saturday in Toronto:

A controversial U.S. professor who writes about children and sexuality shot down his critics Saturday by declaring that he is not an advocate for pedophilia.
Dr. James Kincaid, standing with his wife, Nita, at the University of Toronto, defended himself following his keynote address about children and sexuality.
“I’ve already said I’m not in favour of pedophilia. Period. Isn’t that enough?” he firmly told Linda Beaudoin, a sexual abuse survivor and advocate for children’s rights after she challenged him following his address. . . .
Kincaid told the Star he doesn’t think it’s a matter of rounding up “a few freaks and a few pedophiles and horrible monsters who regard young people as attractive.”
He said the real problem is that in the United States there is enormous attention paid to stranger kidnappings of children that draws the focus away from a higher incidence of children who are physically or emotionally abused.
Earlier, he told his audience that Canada is more enlightened than the U.S., where the public requires a steady diet of “predator kidnappers, Internet stalkers of youth, kiddie porn rings and such fantasies to maintain national identity.”
Of Internet predators, he added, “we are given to believe that they are legion, but the hard evidence is small.”

R.S. McCain has more on the “hard evidence,” as well as the obvious disconnect with what Kincaid is saying, and what he writes.  Given that the FBI rounds them up by the 100’s on a fairly regular basis, and  Anonymous takes down entire networks of them, you’d think that Kincaid would couch his ideas a tad bit more carefully.  But, he doesn’t

But more importantly, Kincaid uses a different tactic.  Whereas a #FreeKate supporter will simply say that it’s “consensual,” and therefore redefining a crime into something that is just as normal as the sunrise, Kincaid says that it happens, but it’s insignificant, and we’re just blowing it all out of proportion.  He wants us to think that the pedophile is a “boogeyman” invented in the dark recesses of hypocritical Christians in order to suppress the “healthy” and “normal” sexual urges of children.  In other words, he’s saying, “just move along, nothing to see here.”


The Push to Normalize Pedophilia is Picking up Steam


We have reported on this from time to time-that there is a small, yet increasingly vocal movement bent on normalizing, and then  eventually  legalizing, pedophilia.  One man, Matt Barber, has done much to help expose this effort, with their own words and deeds.   Here is his latest…

So much for the left’s “consenting adults” rhetoric on sex. Forever the consummate conservationists, our self-described “progressive” friends at the ACLU, MSNBC and elsewhere have been ramping-up efforts to downsize from “consenting adults” to merely “consenting” – a far less cumbersome qualifier in the noble struggle for unrestrained sexual license.

Tolerating “intergenerational romance” for “minor-attracted” adults is all the rage these days.

Ever hear of Kaitlyn Hunt? Over the past year or so this poor, misunderstood lesbian woman’s “anti-gay persecution” has become a cause célèbre among “gay rights” activists and other left-wing purveyors of perversion.

Despite mass rallies and online petitions signed by hundreds-of-thousands of the uber-”tolerant,” the clearly “homophobic” Florida criminal justice system has, nonetheless, convicted Ms. Hunt of multiple felonies for sexually assaulting – repeatedly – a 14-year-old girl.


Oh, sure, her minor victim allegedly “consented” to what the “Free Kate” crowd has portrayed as a harmless tryst – but, of course, by law children below the age of consent cannot consent to sex with adults. Period.

Please get over there and read the rest, as Barber digs a bit more deeply into the into the efforts of B4U-Act, a movement of pedophiles bent on pushing an “equality” movement that mirrors gay rights efforts.  It is here, and it will gain traction.  #FreeKate is only the fist shot of what will be a long war.  This is my idea on what will happen:

This is an incremental fight.  #FreeKate will start with an “four year exception” that allows kids in the same HS to have sexual contact, effectively legalizing statutory rape, as long as one can say that the participants are “peers.”   But, one day, some perv will be arrested for having a relationship with a “peer” that is four years and one day in age apart.  This will lead to an outrage, with supporters stating something to the effect…

“How can we condemn someone for something that was legal one day, but illegal the next?!  How can we dictate who can love one another, and how they express that love?”

And no, I did not create that out of thin air.  Those same exact arguments are made by #FreeKate supporters.  So, after this kind of argument, and likely, the remorseless harassment of the victim in this scenario.  The advocates for adult-child sex will demand that the ages be adjusted again, to allow a five, or even six year difference.

As time wears on, there will be additional arguments, sounding something like…

Because, the kids, they are doing it anyway, and it’s consensual, so why should we ruin someone’s life (by making them a sexual offender)  for a number?   That’s so arbitrary!

Again, I am paraphrasing a “Kater” argument.

As time wears on, Age of Consent Laws will be whittled away.  Current offenders will demand that their designations be removed for their “victimless crimes.”

In the end, if the pedophiles get their way, the scenario will be something like this…

Well officer, I knew he was five, but he took the candy.  That means it’s consensual!

Some of you might laugh at that one.  But, go back 40 years, and ask people on the street if they thought that gay marriage would be legal one day, or that gays would be serving openly in the armed services.  Ask them if they thought that Christian businesses would be targeted for legal action or intimation by gays.  They would have laughed at you.  Those same people, if they are still living, aren’t laughing now, and neither am I.

The push to normalize pedophilia is going on as we speak.  Which side are you choosing?

H/T:  The Other McCain


#FreeKate Update: Screenshots Show ‘Essential Cause’ is to Legalize Sex With Kids


I’ve been consistently saying that #FreeKate is really about making it legal for adults to have sex with minors.  If you recall, I covered that several months ago…

The video is from a 1993 Gay Rights March on Washington.  Over the years, platforms have been written, and demands have been made.  Here are two…

The MRC has more on what the gay rights movement has been wanting for the last several decades…

1993 Homosexual Platform

  • The implementation of homosexual, bi-sexual, and transgendered curriculum at all levels of education.
  • The lowering of the age of consent for homosexual and heterosexual sex.
  • The legalization of homosexual marriage. Custody, adoption, and foster care rights for homosexuals, lesbians, and transgendered people.
  • The redefinition of marriage to include the full diversity of all family structures.
  • The access to all programs of the Boys Scouts of America.
  • Affirmative action for homosexuals.
  • The inclusion of sex-change operations under a universal health care plan.

1972 Homosexual Platform

  • Repeal of all state laws prohibiting private sexual acts involving consenting persons, equalization for homosexuals and heterosexuals for the enforcement of all laws.
  • Repeal all state laws prohibiting solicitation for private voluntary sexual liaisons; and laws prohibiting prostitution, both male and female.
  • Enactment of legislation prohibiting insurance companies and any other state-regulated enterprises from discriminating because of sexual orientation, in insurance and in bonding or any other prerequisite to employment or control of one’s personal demesne.
  • Enactment of legislation so that child custody, adoption, visitation rights, foster parenting, and the like shall not be denied because of sexual orientation or marital status.
  • Repeal of all state laws prohibiting transvestism and cross-dressing.
  • Repeal of all laws governing the age of sexual consent.
  • Repeal of all legislative provisions that restrict the sex or number of persons entering into a marriage unit; and the extension of legal benefits to all persons who cohabit regardless of sex or numbers.

 (Emphasis added)

Clearly, there is a part of the Gay Rights crowd that wants to make it legal to have sex with children.  I won’t say it’s the whole movement, but people like those in the #FreeKate side are vocal, and are creating the appearance that it is.

These people are telling us what the “essential cause” is…

to make it legal for adults to have sex with children.

That’s the goal for many of these people, and it has for decades.  Kaitlyn Hunt is a means to that end.

This leaves the mainstream gay rights crowd in a rather precarious position-Do they say nothing, and appear to be in favor of having sex with kids, or do they speak out, and throw the part of their ranks that do under the bus?  For me, that’s an easy call.  For some reason though, there seems to no real and vocal response from Gay Rights groups.

R.S. McCain has more on “Hunt Family Values…”

Hunt Family Values: #FreeKate’s Underage Sister ‘Went Out and Drank’?


#FreeKate Update: Support Crumbling, and Why Even Cover it?

Mugshot of alleged sex offender Kaitlyn Hunt.
Mugshot of alleged sex offender Kaitlyn Hunt.

The #FreeKate Story continues to develop, but not at all in the ways that the Hunt family may like.  The Other McCain has more…

On May 17, when Kelley Hunt Smith published her vindictive “Free Kate” Facebook rant, in which she named the 14-year-old’s parents nine times, and when Steve Hunt published his dishonest petition falsely portraying the case as an innocent “high school romance” between a 15-year-old and 17-year-old, three consequences could be predicted:

  1. The truth would eventually come out — Soliciting national attention to such a controversial situation created an incentive for people to start digging up facts. It took only a matter of days for it to become widely known that Kaitlyn Hunt’s birthday is Aug. 14, 1994. She was 18 before she began her senior year at Sebastian River High School. It was subsequently confirmed that the younger girl was born in April 1998 — i.e., she was 14 at the time of the criminal sex acts, and the age difference was 44 months, not a mere two years. There was no way the original misrepresentations were going to withstand national scrutiny, and Kaitlyn’s parents should have known that.

  2. Kaitlyn’s character would become an issue — In fact, the Hunt family made an issue of Kaitlyn’s character, bragging about how popular and successful she was, a “model child.” So when contradictory evidence emerged (“Beat her f–king ass, Emily! Beat her ass! Get that bitch!”), the Hunts had already forfeited any right to complain that this was irrelevant. If you claim that bigoted prosecutors are ruining the life of an innocent little angel, you can’t complain about evidence that your “angel” is a foul-mouthed tattooed she-hooligan.

  3. Bad causes attract bad people — It took about a week for the facts to catch up with the bogus “Free Kate” narrative, but once it became clear that she wasn’t a victim of homophobic persecution, whatever mainstream support the campaign ever had evaporated pretty quickly. Once the decent well-meaning supporters realized they’d been bamboozled, the Hunts were left with a hard core of supporters who were either (a) too emotionally committed to the glorious gay-rights rainbow dream to comprehend the ugly reality, or (b) creepy weirdos who want to legalize sex with jailbait.

R.S McCain nailed it here.  And, it appears that the #FreeKate folks had quite the conflict then the Hunt’s Lawyer reportedly asked that the admins of that group sign confidentiality statements.  Given that odd request, all of the admins quit.  Then, the family resorted to a standard tactic…drama generation.

Classy lady, that Mrs. Smith!

When they lies were the narrative, people wanted#FreeKate to be the vehicle, and  rid themselves of those pesky age of consent laws.   Making it legal to have sex with children.  Some might read that, and think that I am reaching, but I built that case…

Planned Parenthood Caught Aiding Child Rape Again, and how This Applies to #FreeKate

Why the #FreeKate Story is Important: Legalizing Pedophilia?

And now, there is more. I’ve had the following for a week now, and didn’t have the time to put it all together,  But, here it is.  For the background, there was a conference held in 2011 for an group known as B4U-ACT.  Matt Barber, of Life Site News was in attendance…

On Wednesday, Aug. 17, I – along with the venerable child advocate Dr. Judith Reisman – attended a conference hosted by the pedophile group B4U-ACT. Around 50 individuals were in attendance, including a number of admitted pedophiles (or “minor-attracted persons” as they euphemistically prefer), a few self-described “gay activists” and several supportive mental-health professionals. World renowned “sexologist” Dr. Fred Berlin of Johns Hopkins University gave the keynote address, saying: “I want to completely support the goal of B4U-ACT.”

Here are some highlights from the conference:

  • Pedophiles are “unfairly stigmatized and demonized” by society.

  • There was concern about “vice-laden diagnostic criteria” and “cultural baggage of wrongfulness.”

  • “We are not required to interfere with or inhibit our child’s sexuality.”

  • “Children are not inherently unable to consent” to sex with an adult.

  • “In Western culture sex is taken too seriously.”

  • “Anglo-American standard on age of consent is new [and ‘Puritanical’]. In Europe it was always set at 10 or 12. Ages of consent beyond that are relatively new and very strange, especially for boys. They’ve always been able to have sex at any age.”

  • An adult’s desire to have sex with children is “normative.”

  • Our society should “maximize individual liberty. … We have a highly moralistic society that is not consistent with liberty.” “Assuming children are unable to consent lends itself to criminalization and stigmatization.”

  • “These things are not black and white; there are various shades of gray.”

  • A consensus belief by both speakers and pedophiles in attendance was that, because it vilifies MAPs, pedophilia should be removed as a mental disorder from the American Psychiatric Association’s (APA) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM), in the same manner homosexuality was removed in 1973.

  • Dr. Fred Berlin acknowledged that it was political activism, similar to the incrementalist strategy witnessed at the conference, rather than a scientific calculus that successfully led to the declassification of homosexuality as a mental disorder: The reason “homosexuality was taken out of DSM is that people didn’t want the government in the bedroom,” he said.

  • The DSM ignores that pedophiles “have feelings of love and romance for children” in the same way adults love one another.

  • “The majority of pedophiles are gentle and rational.”

  • The DSM should “focus on the needs” of the pedophile, and should have “a minimal focus on social control,” rather than obsessing about the “need to protect children.”

  • Self-described “gay activist” and speaker Jacob Breslow said that children can properly be “the object of our attraction.” He further objectified children, suggesting that pedophiles needn’t gain consent from a child to have sex with “it” any more than we need consent from a shoe to wear it. He then used graphic, slang language to favorably describe the act of climaxing (ejaculating) “on or with” a child. No one in attendance objected to this explicit depiction of child sexual assault. There was even laughter. (In fairness, Dr. Berlin did later tell Mr. Breslow that his words might “anger” some people and that he [Berlin] is categorically opposed to adult-child sex with “pre-pubescent” children. When asked about the propriety of adult-child sex with pubescent children, Dr. Berlin did not provide a clear answer.)

OK, let’s be clear here.  I am not suggesting that the Hunt family knows anything about this.  I’m not saying that Kate is a pedophile.   They are simply a case for others to exploit.  The Hunts want to get their daughter out of the legal mess that she got herself into, and they chose the course, as R.S. McCain puts it, of making her…

America’s Most Famous Sex Offender™

When they did that, they gained the support of people that really DO want to make it legal to have sex with children.  When the case emerged, and the Hunt family lies were the narrative, lots of people came out in support of #FreeKate.  After all, they had a great test case.  A pretty lesbian that was being wrongly persecuted by the Christian parents of her alleged victim.  Those early supporters probably saw Kaitlyn Hunt as a poster child for overturning  those pesky and unjust age of consent laws that so ruthlessly prevent them from having sex with children.  Perhaps fortunately for us, and especially our children, the lies and classy behavior of the Hunt family and #FreeKate supporters derailed that process.

If anything, the saga of #FreeKate gave us a chance to visit and expose the otherwise hidden underbelly  (or should I say crotch) of the cultural left. The largest part of breaking down the last vestiges of Western Culture add Christianity is to decriminalize pedophilia.  It has been around for years, and no one ever wants to talk about it. But, that is the desired changed.  Kaitlyn Hunt turned out to be lacking as a symbol of that change.  But, this will emerge again and again, until they are able to chip away at the laws preventing sex with children.  Once they get there, I don’t see there as being much left.  A society that degraded and corrupted will never last.  But that is the desired result anyway.


Why the #FreeKate Story is Important: Legalizing Pedophilia?

Kaitlyn-Hunt-mug shot 2
Mug Shot of accused sex offender, Kaitlyn Hunt

OK, some of you might be a bit confused as to why I’ve been hitting the #FreeKate story so persistently over the last couple weeks.  After all, 18 year old males go to jail for having sex with 14 year olds on a (sadly) regular basis.  So, to have an 18 year old female go to jail for having sex with a 14 year old should be a local story, and never even approach being a blip on the the national radar.  However, two things happened to make this a national story-and worthy of national attention:

The Hunts Convinced Liberal Groups the Kaitlyn Hunt was the Poster Child for Lowering Ages of Content:

As I’ve been saying, this is all part of the stated liberal intent of …

Making it legal to have sex with children. 

Why do I say this?  I say it because it has been the stated intent of the gay rights movement since the 1970…

There is a little history to consider.  Take a look at this…

In other words, they want to make it legal to have sex with children.

The MRC has more on what the gay rights movement has been wanting for the last several decades…

1993 Homosexual Platform

  • The implementation of homosexual, bi-sexual, and transgendered curriculum at all levels of education.
  • The lowering of the age of consent for homosexual and heterosexual sex.
  • The legalization of homosexual marriage. Custody, adoption, and foster care rights for homosexuals, lesbians, and transgendered people.
  • The redefinition of marriage to include the full diversity of all family structures.
  • The access to all programs of the Boys Scouts of America.
  • Affirmative action for homosexuals.
  • The inclusion of sex-change operations under a universal health care plan.

1972 Homosexual Platform

  • Repeal of all state laws prohibiting private sexual acts involving consenting persons, equalization for homosexuals and heterosexuals for the enforcement of all laws.
  • Repeal all state laws prohibiting solicitation for private voluntary sexual liaisons; and laws prohibiting prostitution, both male and female.
  • Enactment of legislation prohibiting insurance companies and any other state-regulated enterprises from discriminating because of sexual orientation, in insurance and in bonding or any other prerequisite to employment or control of one’s personal demesne.
  • Enactment of legislation so that child custody, adoption, visitation rights, foster parenting, and the like shall not be denied because of sexual orientation or marital status.
  • Repeal of all state laws prohibiting transvestism and cross-dressing.
  • Repeal of all laws governing the age of sexual consent.
  • Repeal of all legislative provisions that restrict the sex or number of persons entering into a marriage unit; and the extension of legal benefits to all persons who cohabit regardless of sex or numbers.

 (Emphasis added)

OK, we’ve established that one of their stated goals is to lower age of consent laws.  Then it might be good to look at the work of Kevin Jennings, the former “Safe schools czar” at the Department of Education indoctrination.  Prior to working for the Obama administration, Mr. Jennings was the Present of GLSEN.  GLSEN had some interesting ideas about what children should be reading…

Revolutionary Voices – Page 103

(An illustration about the change from “boy to man,” showing two Boy Scouts pointing at and looking at two adult men engaging in anal sex.)

(Note that the artist wanted the image removed.  He wanted school aged kids to see it, but not parents.  The image, however, is available at his own website. Ironically, or not, the caption under the “art” reads “Process of Change”-I bet it is)


Queer 13 – Pages 43, 44 + 45

(A 13-year-old boy has a violent sexual encounter with an older man, which causes the boy to become desperate for sex, and he ends up spending the rest of the year promiscuously getting “my cock sucked and my ass fucked” by “a seemingly endless supply of dicks” belonging to older men, concluding with “I really did enjoy those sexual encounters.”)

One day, on the bus to shop class, this ugly fuck of a man sat behind me and put his foot in the crack of my seat. He was skinny, with a patchy, pencil-thin mustache that besotted his oily face. I ignored him for most of the trip. I did notice that he changed buses when I did, but this time he sat beside me. He tried a little small talk, but then he suddenly and very nervously put his hand on my crotch. It never occurred to me to tell him not to. I’m not sure if I agreed to it or not, but he managed to get me to follow him to a nearby rest room at another secondary school “to play.” In the bathroom stall, lit by two scant rows of fluorescent lights, half of them burnt-out or flickering, he tried to kiss me, but I was too nauseated to do that. He sucked my nipples and played with my cock. I had no idea what to do. He then tried to get me to suck his. Somehow I knew this was expected of me, but I just could not put his ugly, foul-smelling penis into my mouth. When he forced it in I gagged so hard I started vomiting. Undaunted, he tried to put his cock in my ass. Thankfully, he came prematurely. He pulled up his trousers and left me in the toilet stall confused, frightened, crying, and praying to God for forgiveness of my horrible sin. I spent a good deal of time locked in the stall, trying to clean up, trying to wipe the smell of that act off with wet toilet paper, but I was doused in the stench of that man and what he had done.

This incident should have soured me on men, but it only made me more confused and needful. One day later, something accidental happened that would change my life. I discovered that at a urinal I could actually see someone else’s penis. I was ecstatic and fearful, but I wanted more. One day, at a local shopping mall, as I was trying to sneak a peek at penises in the rest rooms, a man at the urinal actually turned to me and started playing with himself. He flashed me a gold-toothed smirk and motioned for me to come over. Shocked, I zippered up and ran out, but the seeds had been laid. The whole world of rest-room sex had opened itself up to me. (emphasis added)

So, this is a small sample of what GLSEN thought  school- aged children ought to be  reading.  Much of it focused on pedophilia, and really not showing it in a negative light.  But then again, GLSEN did give directories to gay bars at at least  one of their conferences…

Just when you thought it was safe to send your children to school, the Jennings scandal expands yet again.  Several days ago, Big Government broke the story that the Jennings led GLSEN passed out directories to school aged kids attending GLSEN events.  The directories contained addresses to gay bars and anonymous sex clubs.  Here is their coverage…

Only in the Obama White House can a man with a history of handing out bar guides to teens be promoted to Safe Schools Czar.

Earlier today it was reported that Kevin Jennings’ Gay, Lesbian, and Straight Education Network (GLSEN) organization was distributing gay bar directories to high school students at the 2005 Massachusetts GLSEN conference.

This wasn’t an isolated incident.
Mass Resistance Blog today reported that GLSEN passed out directories to gay “leather” bars to teens at several of their events.

GLSEN organization also passed out guides to gay leather bars in Chicago to students in 2000.

World Net Daily reported:

LaBarbera questioned why GLSEN’s organizers — already bruising over the recent arrest of a Chicago GLSEN leader for soliciting sex with an underage boy (GLSEN expelled the man) — did not take the “simple step of keeping these gay sex club ads from reaching the teenagers in their care.”

“For years, GLSEN has claimed to protect ‘at-risk’ kids. But they are now helping put young teenage boys at risk by uncritically passing out a gay guide that hawks anonymous sex clubs and ‘leather’ bars in Chicago,” he said. “This fits into a pattern of GLSEN failing to shield its young followers from a homosexual male sexual culture that not only tolerates, but often celebrates promiscuity.” (At last year’s GLSEN conference in Atlanta, a similar sexually-laden booklet was passed out to attendees.)

Jennings’ organization handed out bar guides to teenagers. Today Kevin Jennings is Barack Obama’s Safe Schools Czar.

You figure it out.

So then, how much evidence do we need to get the administration to throw Jennings under the bus?  Quite a bit, apparently.  With the attack on FOX, the administration has “persuaded” (Yeah, persuaded, that’s it) the MSM to not follow these stories, so there is a big segment of the population that has not heard of this situation, and likely never will.  That gives the administration cover.  They can pretend that the story doesn’t exist.

That isn’t all though.  R.S. McCain has some interesting quotes from a recent post…

“Some people view children as the next sexual frontier.”
Stephanie Dallam, April 2002

“A Dutch study published [by Paidika editorial board member Theo Sandfort] in 1987 found that a sample of boys in paedophilic relationships felt positively about them.”
Jon Henley, Guardian (U.K.), January 2013

“So it appears that younger youth are just as capable of making healthy sexual decisions as are older youth, and yet they are treated differently under the law.”
– Marina Adshade, Ph.D., Psychology Today, May 2013

OK, they have the stated intent of making it legal to have sex with children. Then, they educate children that its OK to have sex with adults.  Then,  some “studies” show that the victims of pedophilia are just fine, and then…you figure it out where its supposed to end.

But of course, pointing this all out makes us terrible and hateful people that should be silenced for the greater good.

But where does this leave us with the #FreeKate movement?  It seemed at first that the liberals had found a perfect “victim” of those  nasty age of consent laws.  However, the story has hung on long enough that the families lies and general douchebaggery has lead some gay rights organizations to abandon the #FreeKate banner.  That has not stopped the family, but at each step of the process, the number of people behind them has been dwindling.  Of course, all they have to is look at Cindy Sheehan, and know that eventually, alleged sex offender, Kaitlyn Hunt’s fame (or infamy) will dwindle to the point that she will be come an non-entity, likely with a criminal background.

That being said, I’ve  said before that the #FreeKate is as important as the Kermit Gosnell story.  The Gosnell story exposed the abortion industry.  #FreeKate is going to expose the pedophilia wing of the left.  Had they left this alone, it would have been another case of an adult having sex with a teen.  It would have been a local story, but the Hunts had to make it a national story, and now, they’re reaping the rewards.


Great Moments in Civil Discourse: #FreeKate Supporter Suggests Christians be Burned at the Stake


You have to love it when there is a controversial social issue in the news.  It brings the moonbats to the surface each and every time.  In this case, we are seeing some typically offensive and nonsensical ones from the #FreeKate crowd.  The Pink Flamingo has this…

Screenshot from 2013-06-03 00:46:55How so very tolerant! But she doesn’t stop there…

Screenshot from 2013-06-03 01:03:46

Here are some quick thoughts:

Obviously we don’t believe that we need to burn liberals at the stake.  But, when they support pedophilia, we do draw the line and say no.

Of course, Amber Dawn can come and try and burn me at the stake, but I don’t think that she’ll get very far-just saying.

This is liberalism in it’s unadulterated form.  They really think this.  They probably also think that they should say that Christians suffer from “Sluggishly Progressing Schizophrenia.”

Oh, and by the way, WE are the hateful ones.

And no, don’t go to her blog and threaten her.  There is no reason for any of us to lower ourselves to her level.


US Military Tells Troops Not to Criticize Pedophilia, or Advocate for Women’s Rights? Tammies Are Silent



This is the tale of a story, and an non-story that is part of the story.  Recently, the US Military released proposed guides for troops suggesting that part of not being tolerant of Islam involves criticizing pedophilia, and supporting the rights of women.  That’s right, criticizing pedophilia and supporting the rights of women is apparently intolerant!  Cain TV has more…

According to the proposed manual:

“Many of the confrontations occur because of [coalition] ignorance of, or lack of empathy for, Muslim and/or Afghan cultural norms, resulting in a violent reaction from the [Afghan security force] member”

This sort of “when in Rome” mindset might not be so bad, if it ended there.  After all, when your military is stationed in a foreign country, the ‘hearts and minds’ argument comes into play.  However, the journal includes a list of taboo topics that will likely make the average American’s blood boil.

According to one passage, U.S. troops should be careful about espousing their values.  The list of things that might get them killed includes: 

 “Making derogatory comments about the Taliban,” “advocating women’s rights,” “any criticism of pedophilia,” “directing any criticism toward Afghans,” “mentioning homosexuality and homosexual conduct” or “anything related to Islam.”

Seriously?  Our troops are too anti-pedophilia and too pro-women’s rights?

These aren’t simply “American values.”  These are obvious, rudimentary, human rights.  Clamping down the condemnation of child rape because of some idiotic cultural relativism is absolutely sick.

Now, of course, when we speak of women’s rights, we mean voting, education, the right to not be raped and being murdered for being raped, or to be married off at age six, or any of the other “tenants” of Islam.  Getting other people to pay for your $9 birth control pills is not a right, it’s an insult to every woman who is raped, tortured, and murdered.

And here is the non-story that is part of the story…

Surely, the Tammies have something to say about this, right?

FireShot Screen Capture #042 - 'National Organization for Women (NOW)' - www_now_org

OK then, I guess they’ll cover it right after the story about how female babies are being murdered for being females?  Oh, I guess they won’t!