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Judicial Activism: Gay Federal Judge’s Ruling Overturning Pennsylvania’s Ban On Gay Marriage Reads Like a GLAAD Press Release…

Hat/Tip WeaselZippers. He’s insanely biased, and proud of it. Via NRO: A district judge in Pennsylvania ruled yesterday that the state is obligated to recognize same-sex marriages. Given the sensitivity of the issue, the judge must have taken extra caution to present a sober, impartial analysis of the relevant case law, right? Of course not. His decision reads like a press release from a gay-rights organization, replete with emotional appeals, loaded terminology, and rhetorical flourishes. While reading the first paragraph of the decision, keep in mind that the author is supposed to be a neutral arbiter of the law: “Today, […]

PA Environmentalists Openly Support Pedophilia Advocate

I guess causing fracking to stop is worth supporting an open advocate of pedophilia.  At least that is whats happening in Pennsylvania.  The Other McCain has more… Weirdos are their heroes: Environmentalists are rallying to the defense of an anti-fracking activist who has advocated pedophilia and incest after a Pennsylvania court barred her from entering any land owned or leased by a local oil company. . . . “My new heroine is called Vera Scroggins,” one environmental activist declared. “Go Vera!” cheered another. . . . Scroggins expressed her desire for parents to engage their children sexually at a young […]

Global Warming Alert: Parts of US get 30 Inches of Snow Over Memorial Day Weendend!

I usually don’t do much political posting on Memorial Day, but in some parts of the lower 48, residents are having their holiday barbecues in snowdrifts!   Global warming must be up to it’s usual tricks! The Atlantic Wire has more… According to Weather Underground, a couple of other mountain peaks in Vermont reached 18 inches of snow, while some towns with higher elevations clocked in at about 7 inches of snowfall this weekend. To figure out how unusual the snowfall this weekend was, Weather Underground had to go back to 1816: Most famous of all cold and snowy late […]

How can we Tell That the Obama Campaign is in Panic Mode?

There are some subtle, or not so subtle, signs that the Obama campaign is in panic mode.  Two stories covered that today.  The first is from Da Tech Guy… I have been telling you for a while that the best way to determine what is happening is what people are saying, vs what people are doing. Yesterday I was listening to Rush on a Minnesota radio station because all the local stations were all Sandy all the time and what did to my wondering eyes did appear but news of Bill Clinton going right there. Now let’s be clear, There is […]

Former Senator, Arlen Specter, Dead at age 82

Arlen Specter, long time US Senator from Pennsylvania has died at age 82.  Specter was a divisive figure among Conservatives, as he tended to vote for large government programs that made problems worse, not better.  Here is some AP video, via The Blaze… In the end, Specter switched parties, and quite frankly, no one noticed the difference.  While I certainly feel for Specter’s family, as they obviously loved him, we cannot forget that Specter was a perennial champion of big government.  And, in the last election, his political career ended as the Democrats he allied himself with did not hand him the primary victory, and  he […]

Pennsylvania Republicans Shifting Support From Gingrich to Santorum


With the recent fight between Christians (Catholics in particular) and the Obama Administration, Rick Santorum has picked up considerable steam.  The latest example is from my home state of PA.  It seems that more and more PA Republicans are dropping Newt Gingrich, and gravitating to Santorum. The statewide poll of 500 Republicans showed Santorum’s support more than doubled from 14 percent six weeks ago to 30 percent, putting him in a statistical dead heat with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney, who increased his support to 29 percent from 18 percent. Santorum’s gain was former House Speaker Newt Gingrich’s loss, as his numbers here plunged from 35 […]

Hurricane Irene Damage in PA


As you might guess, my ISP got services back up, and the CH 2.0 is back in action.  There has been quite a bit of flooding associated with Hurricane Irene.  With previous storms saturating the ground in much of Eastern Pennsylvania, it didn’t take much to cause fl0oding.  Here are some videos from YouTube.  Unfortunately, the local news stations have not made their storm footage, which is extensive, available on their websites… There have been three deaths on NE PA associated with Irene… Hurricane Irene is blamed for three deaths in our area. A man from Northampton County died early Sunday morning when […]

Hurricane Irene Update 8-28-11: New York is next, CH 2.0 Bunker is Soggy UPDATED


For the latest on Hurricane Irene, here is the radar image for the Northeast at approximately 1:15 AM. As you can see, much of  Eastern Pennsylvania is in Irene’s outer bands.  As the morning continues, the storm will make it’s closest approach to NY City.  And, as you might guess, the CH 2.0 bunker is under that blotchy yellow and red.  We’re getting some wind gusts, and some steady rain, but we have power, and the Direct TV is working about 1/2 the time. As the day unfolds, we’re getting some ideas about the scope of the storm, as well […]

An Open Letter to Pennsylvania Voters

My fellow Pennsylvanians, What do you want for our state, and the nation?  Perhaps as in no time in our nation’s history, the choices have never been so different, or so clear.   I’d kindly ask you to read on, and then make your own decision. While I certainly respect and honor Congressman Joe Sestak’s service to our country, his service as a Congressman was less that exemplary. Here are some votes that are telling of his political philosophy. Cap and Trade: Cap and Trade. Congressman Sestak voted for the Cap and Trade bill in the House. Thankfully the bill […]