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Pope Francis Condemns “Complicit Silence” Regarding the Slaughter of Christians

Pope Francis condemned what he referred to as “complicit silence” involving the ever increasing slaughter of Christians around the world.  Truth Revolt has more… Recalling the passion of Jesus, Pope Francis compared Christ’s life to the brutal persecution of modern-day Christians — including those beheaded by Islamic terrorists and the students slaughtered in Kenya al Shabaab, a Muslim militant group. “In you, divine love, we still see today our persecuted brothers, beheaded and crucified for their faith in you, before our eyes or often with our silent complicity,” the Pope said Friday in a massive service at the Colosseum in […]

UK Mom Threatened for Showing Children a Pro-Life Video

In the nanny regressive state, the state is father, and the state is mother.  And, if you dare go against the state, you can expect bad things to happen to you.  A mother in the UK found that out recently, where she dared to teach her son’s that killing babies was wrong.  Live Action News has more… A few days before Christmas, a U.K. mother of two reached out to Christian radio show program Stand Up For Truth with a plea for prayers and support. She had been notified that Child Protection Services would be contacting her because she had […]

Andrew Cuomo: Christians, Gun Owners Have ‘No Place’ in NY

Apparently, according to Andrew Cuomo, NY citizenship require you to be a gay, baby killing,  gun grabber!  That’s how I read his recent statements.  Life News has more… As reported today: Governor Cuomo is issuing a warning to what he refers to as the more conservative arm of the Republican party – you’re not welcome in the state of New York. Moderate Republicans, or those most willing to capitulate to Cuomo’s own extreme agenda, still have the welcome mat rolled out. Here’s Cuomo during a Friday morning conversation on the Capitol Pressroom (H/t Times Union): You have a schism within […]

Sunday Open Thread: Hatred of Christians

As regular readers are well aware, I have taken the time to cover the growth of hatred towards Christians.  From the “War on Christmas” here in the US, to the wholesale slaughter overseas, Christians are facing an ever-increasing wave of violence, and promises of the same.  Of course, that reminds me of the following, as I was reminded by a friend last night… God calls us to be faithful and tells us to expect persecution. Matthew Chapter 5: 10 Blessed are they which suffer persecution for righteousness’ sake; for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. 11 Blessed shall ye be when men […]

Persecution Against in Christians in Military Increases Exponentially

You should be afraid, very afraid, of what is happening to our military under Obama.  The persecution of Christians is almost reaching fever pitch.  Take a look at this video. The last serviceman was absolutely correct, the persecution will not stop at the military.  And it isn’t.  But, it is important to think of why it is important to start with the military.  When your remove morality from something, what happens?  You have immorality! Yes, it’s a simple idea, so simple that our would -be regressive overlords fail to get it.  Or do they? Just as a brief history lesson, […]

Soldiers Threatened if They Contribute to Christian or Tea Party Groups

The smears and “war” against the Tea Party has been going on since the inception of that entity.  The “war” against God via attacking the followers of his Son, is picking up steam under Obama.  Poor Richard’s News has more… from Washington Times: Don’t donate to the tea party or to evangelical Christian groups — that was the message soldiers at a pre-deployment briefing at Fort Hood said they received from a counter-intelligence agent who headed up the meeting. If you do, you could face punishment — that was the other half of the message, as reported by Fox News. The briefing […]

Gays Persecute Christians, Yet Ignore Muslims That Would Kill Them!

Once again, I’m confronted with a ironic tragedy.  As we have documented, gays are in the process of targeting, and shutting down (or otherwise punishing) Christian run businesses.  However, at the same time that they are fixed against Christians (because God dislikes their behavior), Muslims are actively calling for their deaths!  Here is the latest example, via The Blaze… “Gays are not killed in islamic [sic] state as long as they don’t force or openly practice their homosexuality in public,” user “@QadeerBaksh” tweeted, adding that such form of government “would look to preserve God’s law in public only bec [sic] God […]

Great Moments in Civil Discourse: Liberal Student, I Want ‘a World Where all Your Churches Burn’

Remember the other day when I saw a time where a Kristallnacht for Christians might come?  Students for Life at Indiana University, found a man who would be an eager participant in such a thing… We have to remember that while liberals talk about “tolerance,” they engage in hate against anyone who disagrees with them.  Since they are growing in numbers, they are growing increasingly evil.  As they become more evil, their rhetoric becomes more threatening.,  And, I think it’s only a matter of time before they do kill Christians and make churches burn.  It’s a historical progression, and according […]

Obama Proclaims Proud Partnership with Muslim Brotherhood

It seems that our President has reaffirmed his commitment to the Muslim Brotherhood. But, what is Obama actually supporting? The Muslim Brotherhood’s War on Coptic Christians Churches Burned in Egypt as Muslim Brotherhood Targets Coptic Christians Amid Widespread Unrest (VIDEO) Muslim Brotherhood Massacres Against Christians In Egypt Egypt’s Coptic Christians face unprecedented reprisals from the Muslim Brotherhood Egypt’s Christians in Grave Danger as Muslim Brotherhood Crucifies Opponents Egypt’s Christians Think U.S. Is Backing Muslim Brotherhood, Congressman Warns Obama is proud of this?  He certainly hasn’t really mentioned it. He certainly hasn’t threatened to bomb them.  But, then again, he demanded […]

Christians Killed and Persecuted by Muslim Brotherhood That Obama and Clinton Supported

Because Obama is a Christian, right? President Obama went to Cairo and encouraged the people to rise up and call for freedom in 2009. They did. President Obama and Secretary of State Clinton fully backed the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and demanded that the secular, moderate Muslims, and Christian Egyptians include the Muslim Brotherhood in their government despite their reluctance. Obama and Clinton even took credit for it on 60 Minutes. President Obama and Secretary Clinton who urge us to read Al Jazeera, the terrorist news outlet, assured us the Brotherhood were ‘moderates’ though they are in fact the front […]

Vladimir Putin Raises Awareness about Christian Persecution, Obama Gives Guns to Persecutors

In our ongoing series exploring how Obama’s ineptitude and malfeasance has made Vladimir Putin look more American than his (un)American counterpart, we move on to Christian Persecution.  The Washington Times has more… August 2, 2013 — Vladimir Putin said last week that he observes “with alarm” that “in many of the world’s regions, especially in the Middle East and in North Africa, inter-confessional tensions are mounting, and the rights of religious minorities are infringed, including Christians and Orthodox Christians.” Read more at August 2, 2013 — Vladimir Putin said last week that he observes “with alarm” that “in many […]

Christian Bakery Closed by Gay Mafia Threats/Intimidation, and How to Fight Back

It’s going to be  familiar refrain, if the gay rights crowd has their way… Christians need not apply. As I see it, there is a pattern of attack used by gay rights groups in response to the very existence of a Christian business. 1.  The gay rights crowd sends someone to that business with a request that will cause the business owner to violate their beliefs. 2.  Since the Christian business owner actually has a core morality to guide him/her, they will refuse the the request. 3.  The gay rights crowd then begins a typical leftist campaign of terror against […]

Air Force Senior Master Sgt. Claims to Have Been Relieved of Duties Due ot Religious Beliefs

If the claims of Senior Master Sgt. Phillip Monk are correct, he the beginning is what is likely to be a large number of Christians in the US military to be punished for his religious beliefs.  The Navy Times has the story… A 19-year Air Force veteran says he was relieved of duties at Lackland Air Force Base, Texas, in a dispute with his commanding officer over same-sex marriage. The case of the senior master sergeant is exactly what some lawmakers are trying to prevent by seeking changes in military policies on diversity, tolerance and religious freedom that would allow […]

Muslims Religiously Cleanses Syrian City, Kills Christians-Obama Sends the the Muslims Weapons

When you look at the Obama Administration as a whole, foreign and domestic, you see that they have a tendency to support people or entities that persecute or kill Christians.  For the latest example, let’s go to those “freedom fighters” in Syria.  Atlas Shrugs has the details… This has become a hallmark of the Obama administration. The silence, the sanction of the persecution of religious minorites under the sharia has become the hallmark of this administration. Obama may think his legacy will be “Obamacare” (and it will, for all the wrong reasons) or open border amnesty, but it will be […]

A Tale of Two Stories: Military Punishing Christians, San Antonio Mulling Law That Will Ban Them From Public Service

It seems that the war on Christians continues.  There are two stories out there that show a the current state of that war.  The first comes from the military, where an effort for “acceptance” has very quickly turned into religious persecution.  Protein Wisdom has the first story… #WarOnChristians in the US Military A chaplain at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson in Alaska was ordered to remove a religious column he had written titled, “No Atheists in Foxholes: Chaplains Gave all in World War II,” because it allegedly offended atheists serving on the Air Force base.Col. Brian Duffy, the base commander told Fox […]

Another Christian Business Targeted: Baker Sued Over Same Sex Marriage

We’ve seen an unprecedented set of attacks on Christians, and particularly, those who own businesses.  The model of attack is rather simple.  They are identified by a gay couple, when there are plenty of alternatives.  When there is a gay wedding, no matter the location, they Christian business is contacted to provide a service.  If the Christian business refuses, they are subjected to lawfare, or whatever other manipulation of law is available to them.  The latest example comes from Colorado, where a baker was targeted… A same-sex couple in Denver has filed a discrimination complaint against baker Jack Phillips for […]

This is “Tolerance,” Student Harrassed for Being a Christian

This story is a few years old, but shows liberal “tolerance” operates in actual practice. Apparently, Christians have no place in this brave, new world.  The Fire produced this video, after forcing the university to settle a lawsuit… This is the future of “tolerance” and “social justice” that the regressives would have for all of us.  Not too tolerant a place, is it.  And most certainly, there is no actual justice.

Christians Fight Back: The Thaw

I found this to be rather encouraging,  A group of Christian teens have started something that they call, “The Thaw.”  Take a look at their video… H/T:  The Right Scoop