GOP Candidates: When Have You Stood And Fought? 15 Questions Every Candidate Should Have To Answer


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That’s the question every voter should ask, “when have you stood and fought?” to quote Senator Ted Cruz. It means a candidate doing more than voting for legislation that doesn’t have a chance of passing (although that is important too). We need more. We need a candidate who already has a background showing the passion and moral backbone to support the Constitution–long before the campaign trail began. Are you supporting our few Defending Fathers in Congress? See 15 questions below, and consider asking them every time you have the opportunity as the campaign trail fills up, or come up with your own. What do we do with a candidate not already a politician? We need LexisNexis, good gut instincts, and past history of railing against an unconstitutional government. In the graphic below, I find that Thomas Jefferson revised his original quotation in a letter to James Madison in 1787. Exactly what it was revised from, I’m not sure, but quotes it as “…of the people…they are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty.” Our current Defending Fathers must be loud and clear about the “preservation of our liberty.”


Senator Ted Cruz, CPAC 2015

Defend the Constitution–all of it. ~ Ted Cruz, CPAC 2015

If you have a president who is picking and choosing which laws to follow, and which laws to ignore, we no longer have a president. ~ Ted Cruz, CPAC 2015

A constitution is not the act of a government, but of a people constituting a government, and a government without a constitution is power without right.’ ‘A constitution is a thing antecedent to a government; and a government is only the creature of a constitution.’ ~ Thomas Paine, Founding Father

Research a candidate before asking questions. Look for television appearances, speeches from the floor of congress, columns published, and their YouTube channel. How often has a candidate pointed to upholding the Constitution.

Yes, we need a candidate who can win. I concede that. Establishment funding makes the battle fierce, but don’t stop asking, “when have you stood and fought?” Answers will likely be vague. Get specific:

1) When have you stood and fought for a secure border, first, before any other immigration action?

2) When have you stood and fought to fix the ridiculously broken Visa program?

3) When have you stood and fought to end the “anchor baby” invasion?

2) When have you stood and fought against every taxpayer paying for the birth control of any woman wanting it?

3) When have you stood and fought against taxpayers being forced to fund Planned Parenthood, NPR and PBS?

4) When have you stood and fought against rogue affirmative action?

5) When have you stood and fought against spending not authorized or appropriated

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6) When have you stood and fought against administration efforts to deny us our guns and ammo?

7) When have you stood and fought against the IRS targeting conservatives?

8) When have you stood and against the IRS terrorism, and for a fair or flat tax?

We need to abolish the IRS. We need to adopt a simple flat tax that is fair, that every American can fill out his taxes on a post card. ~ Ted Cruz, CPAC 2015

9) When have you stood and fought against illegal aliens, charged with homicide, being released into society?

10) When have you stood and fought against the government warning citizens to stay out of their national parks because the park is home to drug cartels and human smugglers?

11) When have you stood and fought against Inspectors General being silenced, and even fired?

12) When have you stood and fought against the ugly revenge taken against government whistleblowers.

13) When have you stood and fought against the fact that a president and his attorney general being held in contempt of court, thumbed their noses at the court, and at We the People?

14) Have you stood and fought for school choice and parental rights:

We need to expand school choice. Every child deserves the opportunity to have an excellent education, regardless of your race, your class your creed, where you come from. Every child deserves a fair chance at the American dream. ~ Ted Cruz, CPAC 2014

15) When have you stood and fought for term limits for Congress, (supported by 75 percent of Americans)? In January 2015, The Blaze reported that four bills have been filed to change the term limits of the Senate and House (requiring an amending the 22nd Amendment). The article stated that 30 Republicans are behind the legislation, but in my search, I do not find active legislation. Let me know if you come up with active bill or resolution numbers.

That’s my 15. Standing and fighting means more than voting for legislation. It means getting the public involved, speaking out, grabbing a mic, and talking about it until you have to take respite, and then doing it all over again. It means trying to get interviews on mainstream media, and telling the truth, without giving a damn what viewers or hosts think. It means writing about the issues in clear, plain language. It means no longer giving your “friend across the aisle” legitimacy.

Ask the candidates when they have stood and fought for issues dear to you, and do not accept only signing legislation that could not pass.

Senator Ted Cruz R-TX
Senator Ted Cruz R-TX

Here are other ideas I posted previously, but haven’t updated, and find Doug Ross’ fully updated list of Obama “firsts” here.

It was 40 years ago at this event—CPAC—where Ronald Reagan stood up and explained how we win. He said we paint in bold colors, not pale pastels,” Cruz said. “I believe 2016 is going to be an election very much like 1980. We will win by providing a clear line in the sand, a bold optimistic vision for the future. That’s how we win. We stand for the people and we stand against the corruption in Washington. ~Ted Cruz, CPAC 2015




Planned Parenthood Chief Cecile Richards: “We Proudly” Kill Babies…


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 photo cecilerichards_babykiller_zps3c41a35c.jpg

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers.

Cecile Richards is the President of Planned Parenthood and she recently said she’s proud to kill babies.

Well, truthfully, not in so many words, but she DID say this:

“We proudly provide safe and legal abortion.”

Here is the video from that event. Then down below that is a video of an interview in which she was pressed to state when she thought life began.

As said above, the next video is from an interview and it shows Cecile Richards trying desperately to avoid the question of when life begins. On the Fusion TV program, America with Jorge Ramos, he finally pins her down to say that she believes life begins when the baby is born. So evidently Ms. Richards believes that on the last day before the end of the pregnancy, it is okay to end a baby’s life.

Margaret Sanger would be proud…





Planned Parenthood Brags About “Explosion Of” 327,653 Dead Babies In 2014


planned parenthood logo


Hat/Tip to Penny Starr at

In the letter in their 2014 Annual Report from their Chair and President, Planned Parenthood literally bragged about the “explosion of engagement among the next generation”. They went on in their report to brag about reducing teen pregnancy to a “twenty year low”.

One can only wonder if that huge number of 327,653 abortions had anything to do with lowering teen pregnancy…

Planned Parenthood clinics did 327,653 abortions in its fiscal year 2014 (which ran from July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014), according to Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s newly released annual report.

That works out to an average of 37 abortions per hour or nearly 1 every 90 seconds.

And even though taxpayer dollars are NEVER supposed to fund abortions, guess what?

Planned Parenthood also received $528.4 million from government grants and reimbursements, which equaled 41 percent of its revenue.

The federal government is prohibited from paying directly for abortions through Title X family planning grants and reimbursements, however, federal funds do pay for Planned Parenthood operations, including the clinics where abortions are performed.

Remember that little fact the next time a far left loon tries to say Planned Parenthood doesn’t get tax dollars for abortions. And if they try to say that PP “focuses on contraceptives”, not abortive services.

Throw this at them. They provided MORE abortions in 2014 than they did the year before and they provided LESS contraceptives in ’14 than the previous year.

The 327,653 abortions Planned Parenthood reports that it did in its organizational fiscal 2014 exceeds by 487 the number of abortions it did the previous year.

The report also reveals that Planned Parenthood actually provided fewer contraceptives — 3,577,348 patients in fiscal 2014 compared to 3,724,558 in fiscal 2013.


 photo obamacecile_zps9bb2a7bd.jpg
Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards


Talk about your 1-percenters!

According the latest 990 form filed with the IRS for 2013, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards’ base compensation was $396,138. Including retirement funds and other benefits, Richards’ total compensation was $492,200.

Read the full story here.
Talk about your 1-percenters!



Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards: Killing My Baby “Wasn’t A Difficult Decision”…


Obama and Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards.

Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards with President Barack Obama


Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers.

It never fails to just flabbergast me how the left can be so casual about murdering babies. Cecile Richards said that it wasn’t a difficult decision to kill her baby. I wonder, did anyone consult the baby on that decision?

Coming from the head of America’s largest abortion mill, why am I not surprised?

Via LifeNews:

The head of the nation’s biggest abortion business disclosed today that she herself had an abortion and apparently it was no big deal to take the b  life of her unborn child.

Planned Parenthood does over 330,000 abortions on an annual basis and Richards opened up about her own abortion in an essay published in Elle on Friday, writing that she thinks of more women share their abortion decisions it will stop the “stigma” surrounding abortion.

I had an abortion. It was the right decision for me and my husband, and it wasn’t a difficult decision,” Richards writes. “Before becoming president of Planned Parenthood eight years ago, I hadn’t really talked about it beyond family and close friends. But I’m here to say, when politicians argue and shout about abortion, they’re talking about me — and millions of other women around the country.”

Richards doesn’t provide the details surrounding her abortion — how old the baby was at the time of the abortion or why she ended her baby’s life rather than carrying the pregnancy to term or considering adoption.

No, it never fails to flabbergast me, and it always disgusts me how the left values life so little.

Read the full story here.




Video Shows Abortion “Quotas” at Planned Parenthood, Eliminates Prenatal Care


Planned Parenthood

A few weeks ago, some water was made hot because a quota was identified at a Parenthood Facility…

Of course, it was denied.  It was called a lie, and the compliant liberals drank their Kool Aid and insulted those that discussed it.  However, just like every other scandal involving Planned Parenthood, more evidence was coming.  This time, another former employee released a budget.  And wouldn’t you know it?  There was a quota for the number of Abortions that the clinic needed to provide…


Of course, Planned Parenthood will deny this too, just like they deny that one of their primary missions is to kill black folks.


Planned Parenthood caught giving award for most abortions



Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers.

Planned Parenthood Gives Worker Award For “Exceeding Abortion Visits”…


Former Planned Parenthood director, Abby Johnson was shocked to see that her employer would have quotas on the number of abortions performed. Yes, the same Planned Parenthood which in the past said it wants abortions to be safe, rare and legal.


Via former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson:

Ever since I left Planned Parenthood, I have been talking about the abortion quotas that are established inside abortion facilities.  Many abortion supporters refused to believe it, citing that surely Planned Parenthood wants abortion to be safe, legal and RARE.  If they want something to be RARE, they certainly wouldn’t have quotas, right?

We recently had a clinic worker leave the affiliate, Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains.  This affiliate runs the 2nd largest Planned Parenthood facility in the U.S.  At this clinic in Denver, they give out various awards to their satellite clinics and post these awards on a bulletin board for everyone to see.

When our former worker saw this award on public display, it really started to change her thinking about Planned Parenthood’s motivation.  This award was given to their Aurora clinic for “exceeding abortion visits first half of fiscal year 2012 compared to first half of fiscal year 2013.”

Keep reading…


Planned Parenthood Knowingly Covered for Serial Rapist of Teens


Planned Parenthood

Note:  Hey all, Don had a death in the family, so I’m out of retirement for today.  Please keep Don and his family in your prayers.  Matt

Longtime readers will remember that in 2011, I debated Chris Dominguez, the resident liberal blogger at the now defunct Silent Majority site.   Chris was a worthy opponent, and unlike so many, engaged in a very dignified way.  Here are some links…

Planned Parenthood: Fake Propaganda or a Pattern of Negligence?

Planned Parenthood Debate: The Finale

The basic gist was this; I was covering Lila Rose of Live Action, who went undercover at Planned Parenthood locations, claiming to be an underage girl who was impregnated by an adult.  The staff at the Planned Parenthood locations seemed all too willing to not only cover up statutory rape, but use deception to get her an abortion.  Chris’s point was that since these situations were not real, that they did not represent the true motives or practices of Planned Parenthood.

While there have been some single episodes of abortion providers have covered up rapes, a recent example takes the cake.  It appears that a Planned Parenthood office enabled a serial rapist to get away with his craft, so to speak…

A Planned Parenthood counselor in Arizona intentionally miscoded a sexual assault as a consensual encounter to avoid the “hassle” of reporting it to authorities, months before other victims came forward to stop an alleged 18-year-old serial sex predator, a police report reveals.

Tyler Kost, of San Tan Valley, Ariz., has been charged with sexually assaulting 11 girls from the ages of 12 to 17 between October 2009 and April 2014, although authorities believe he has assaulted at least 18 students from Poston Butte High School. The mother of one 15-year-old victim, who became pregnant as a result of the alleged assault, told a Planned Parenthood Arizona staffer about the attack in December, a Pinal County Sheriff’s Office report shows.

“The counselor intentionally miscoded the assault as a consensual encounter,” the report states. “The counselor told them that they did not want the hassle of having to report the assault to law enforcement as they were a mandatory reporter.”

So what is a rapist went free, the worker didn’t want the hassle.  You know, priorities!

So then, even when it  really does happen, does it not happen?   And, after all, all you have to do is call it “consensual,” and you get a pass on rape!


Planned Parenthood abortion worker threatens elderly pro-life man with violence, no charges filed


Hat/Tip WeaselZippers

abortionist threatens elderly protester with bodily harm and gets away with it

Once again we are supplied with more evidence of the left’s “tolerance.” In this video, a man identified as a Planned Parenthood abortionist makes threats of physical violence against an elderly man who was peacefully protesting against a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic in Orange, California. The abortionist’s actions in the video, where he clearly threatens physical violence, beg the question, “Why are charges not being brought against him?” He did make a threat of great bodily harm to an elderly man who would have no chance of defending himself from any such attack.

The California Penal Code is very clear on what constitutes a threat:


SECTION 422-422.4

422. (a) Any person who willfully threatens to commit a crime which will result in death or great bodily injury to another person, with the specific intent that the statement, made verbally, in writing, or by means of an electronic communication device, is to be taken as a threat, even if there is no intent of actually carrying it out, which, on its face and under the circumstances in which it is made, is so unequivocal, unconditional, immediate, and specific as to convey to the person threatened, a gravity of purpose and an immediate prospect of execution of the threat, and thereby causes that person reasonably to be in sustained fear for his or her own safety or for his or her immediate family’s safety, shall be punished by imprisonment in the county jail not to exceed one year, or by imprisonment in the state prison.

 The statute is translated from “legalese” to layman’s terms,  here:

California Penal Code 422 PC defines the crime of “criminal threats” (formerly known as terrorist threats).

A “criminal threat” is when you threaten to kill or physically harm someone and

  1. that person is thereby placed in a state of reasonably sustained fear for his/her safety or for the safety of his/her immediate family,
  2. the threat is specific and unequivocal and
  3. you communicate the threat verbally, in writing, or via an electronically transmitted device.1

Criminal threats can be charged whether or not you have the ability to carry out the threat…and even if you don’t actually intend to execute the threat.

Maybe the California Penal Code Section 422 ought to have an addendum on it…

…shall be punished by imprisonment in the county jail not to exceed one year, or by imprisonment in the state prison, unless you are a leftist.”

Here is the video, and be warned, graphic language ahead:

A description posted with the video says, “This abortionist works for Planned Parenthood of Orange in Orange, California. This took place at approximately 8:00 a.m. on Saturday May 10, 2014.” The center had three ambulance visits in the first three months of 2013.

So this Planned Parenthood clinic has had what appears to be three botched abortions in as many months.

“Three medical emergencies in less than three months indicates that whoever is doing abortion at this particular Planned Parenthood should not be practicing medicine,” said Troy Newman, President of Operation Rescue and Pro-Life Nation. “When we document an ambulance at an abortion clinic, that is just a glimpse through the keyhole at what is really going on. We know there are many more incidents like this that take place when there are no pro-life activists around, and that is a frightening prospect for women and their pre-born babies in the Orange area.”

This abortionist ought to be proud, being a bully to an elderly man like this, but then what do you expect from a guy who kills babies for a living. Talk about blood money.

Read the full story here.


Most Segregated Schools are in Democratic States


Would it be a big surprise if the states with the most segregated schools were democratic bastions?  You know, the party of slavery?  The party of Jim Crow?  The Party of the KKK?  The Party of Margaret Sanger and the “Negro Project,” AKA Planned Parenthood?  Yeah, that democrat party.  They seem to be keeping their racist traditions going, as evidenced by the following…

The state with the most segregated public schools is New York.

Other states with exceptionally segregated schools include California, Illinois and Michigan.

These findings come from a longitudinal study of enrollment figures conducted by the Civil Rights Project at the University of California at Los Angeles, The Associated Press reports. The period studied was 1998 through 2010.

New York, California, Illinois and Michigan are traditionally among the most reliably Democratic states in the union, as an interactive 2012 map created by Slate shows.

A 2013 “State of the States” feature by Gallup indicates that New York, California and Illinois are “solid Democratic” strongholds. Michigan leans Democratic.

If you recall, it is democrats that actively prevent black students from escaping failing public schools.  Here is a video from several years back…

But, are African Americans really victims or racist Conservatives, or racist leftists? Well, lets take a look at a school that takes poor African American kids, and sends 85% of them to college-well over the national average…

Now, just take a second and absorb that.  A mostly white mob surrounds a school filled with mostly black, SUCCESSFUL students, and as you heard at the end, the man, who reportedly is a public school official, suggests that choice is being targeted as well-meaning, like in all choice situations, the unions want them shut down.  That, of course, would condemn all the children within to the failed public system-guaranteeing that the cycle of dependence continues.

Once again, a mostly white mob surrounds a school that sends most of their black students to college, and promises to shut the school down.

And, as we covered a month ago, Communist NY Mayor Bill de Blasio discovered that black children were learning to read at charter schools, so he’s trying to shut them down as well…

Like all good, white,  progressives, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio heard that charter schools were successfully teaching dark skinned children how to read, so he’s trying to shut them down…

So, it comes as no surprise that another progressive socialist is attacking another school choice program, charter schools.

As John Fund reported in the National Review, “Last week, New York’s ACORN mayor Bill De Blasio announced he is evicting Success Academy, a widely praised charter school from the Harlem public school building it occupies. Two other charter schools will be blocked from opening. He claims elementary-school kids wouldn’t be safe in a building with high-school students. His excuse is as absurd as the propaganda Vladimir Putin is using to justify the occupation of Crimea.”

If I may put this into the vernacular, De Blasio is a liberal socialist racist jackass who is more concerned with supporting the corrupt teachers’ unions than ensuring deserving minority children can get a better educational opportunity. And don’t give me the blather about him being married to a black woman, obviously she is a progressive elitist who cares not for young black mothers who want something better for their children.

According to Fund, Danique Loving, the principal of Success Academy, notes that “one out of every four African-American boys who drops out of school ends up in jail. That’s what Mayor de Blasio would be focusing on if he were really worried about the safety of our students.” Eva Moskowitz, the CEO of Success Academy, showed up last night at the New York Meeting, a group of political activists and donors, to blast the de Blasio decision and announce she would lead a rally today in Albany, the state capitol, to protest it.

See, charter schools do what the public schools cannot and will not:  teach black children how to read and write. So, when progressives find schools that do that, they always seek to limit them, and then shut them down.  After all, they can’t have black folks getting off the plantation, can they?

And, democrats block the school doors now, just as they did to defend segregation in the 1960’s…

In something reminiscent of the 60?s, Democrats are barring minorities from escaping terrible public schools.    Doug Ross has our first excerpt…

Pro-Choice: The Justice Department has asked a federal court to stop 34 school districts in Louisiana from handing out private-school vouchers so kids can escape failing public schools, just like the president’s daughters.

He didn’t say it on the 50th anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream Speech,” but President Obama, along with Attorney General Eric Holder, also has a dream — one of leaving every black child in the Pelican State behind, trapped in schools that cannot educate them.

Almost simultaneously with the president’s speech, Holder’s Department of Justice filed suit in federal court to stop Louisiana’s statewide voucher program.

Passed in 2012, the program guarantees a voucher to students from families with incomes below 250% of poverty and who attend schools graded “C” or below.

Liberals are all for choice when it comes to having children, but not when it comes to educating them. The irony of Obama’s speech is that he pretended to honor a man who fought to have black children attend schools they were barred from as his administration fought to keep them in schools they can’t escape from, a form of educational apartheid that’s both separate and unequal.

Once again, just like the 60?s, Republicans are trying to open doors, and Democrats are barring them.  Look it up, it’s history.

Just think about it though, they’re just following what LBJ said so long ago…

To answer this, I think we again need to go back into history, and see what happened in the 60’s. Let’s start with some quotes attributed to LBJ.

“These Negroes, they’re getting pretty uppity these days and that’s a problem for us since they’ve got something now they never had before, the political pull to back up their uppityness. Now we’ve got to do something about this, we’ve got to give them a little something, just enough to quiet them down, not enough to make a difference. For if we don’t move at all, then their allies will line up against us and there’ll be no way of stopping them, we’ll lose the filibuster and there’ll be no way of putting a brake on all sorts of wild legislation. It’ll be Reconstruction all over again.”

LBJ, Democratic President of the United States.

“I’ll have those n*ggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.”

Lyndon B. Johnson to two governors on Air Force One according Ronald Kessler’s Book, “Inside The White House”

As usual, there are many more examples, and I could go on and basically do a wall of text that no one will read.  However, the point is well made-that the democrats have never changed their racist ways.  They have simply changed their rhetoric, and have played the blame game so well that far too many of our fellow citizens actually believing that the democrats are helping them, when everything continues to get worse.


Girl Scouts Threaten Life News, Lie About Relationship with Planned Parenthood


Life News has been one of the leaders in the fight to expose the Girl Scouts for being affiliated with Planned Parenthood.  They have, among others, have advocated for a boycott against Girl Scout cookies.  The Girl Scouts have taken notice of this, and have moved to threaten Life News.  And, in the process, Brian Crawford, and executive with the Girl Scouts, also managed to tell a rather substantial lie…

During the last two weeks, LifeNews has brought international attention to the link between the Girl Scouts and the Planned Parenthood abortion business and the national boycott of Girl Scouts cookies sponsored by pro-life groups.

After a series of articles on the boycott and the Girl Scouts-Planned Parenthood link, that featured the Girl Scouts logo to identify the organization, Brian Crawford, an executive with Girl Scouts USA, wrote LifeNews a scathing letter attempting to intimidate us into stopping our reporting on their link and to no longer use their logo or image to identify them as we bring attention to their support for the nation’s biggest abortion business.

In his letter Crawford again denied any connection to Planned Parenthood and he complained about “articles that outline alleged ties to Planned Parenthood,” saying “GSUSA has an obligation to protect the Girl Scout name.”

“Girl Scouts of the USA does not have a partnership or any relationship with Planned Parenthood and does not plan to initiate one,” he claimed.

And, from the same linked post, here is a video showing the President of the Girl Scouts touting their partnership with Parenthood…

It seems that Mr. Crawford either needs to make a rather embarrassed retraction, or, the entire planet will know that he is a rather poor liar.


Margaret Sanger’s ‘Negro Project’ Has Turned the Corner, More Black Babies Aborted Than Born in NYC


Planned Parenthood

As is well documented, Margaret Sanger, the founder of the organization now known as Planned Parenthood, was a strong believer in eugenics; the idea that humanity could be perfected by selective breeding.  Part of the eugenic process was to “weed out” what the eugenicists saw as “inferior races.”  To this end, Margaret Sanger proposed the “Negro Project,” through which the “black race” would be “eradicated,” or “eliminated.”  And, true to the stated intent of Margaret Sanger, most Planned Parenthood facilities are located in minority neighborhood, and black babies are aborted at a higher percentage than that of the African American population.  While we had previously reported that abortion was the leading cause of death for blacks, the stated purpose of Planned Parenthood has reached an important milestone; there are now more black abortions than live births in NYC. 

In 2012, black women in New York City aborted over 6,500 more children than they gave birth to. Data from the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene shows that, among non-hispanic black women, there were 31,328 “induced terminations” to 24,758 live births, according to a CNS News report.

In total, there were almost 74,000 abortions in New York in 2012, meaning that 42.4 percent of all abortions were of black children. Hispanic children accounted for 31 percent of those aborted in the city at a total of nearly 23,000.

Altogether, black and Hispanic abortions were 73 percent of the total of 73,815 abortions in New York in 2012.

73% of abortions in NYC are NOT white.

Who tries to stop this genocide?

Who refuses to stop this genocide?

Who wants to expand this genocide?

Why do the people that want to stop the genocide called “racists,” while the people that are actively committing the genocide seen as “friends” of minorities?

The laughter you hear from the cheap seats of hell is Margaret Sanger.  All is going according to her plan…


‘It was a money-grubbing, evil, very sad, sad place to work,’ States Former Planned Parenthood Worker


Planned Parenthood

We know quite a few things about Planned Parenthood:

1.  Planned Parenthood kills babies…lots of them.

2.  Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger.

3.  Margaret Sanger proposed the “Negro Project, with the stated intent of “exterminating” the “black race.”

4.  Consequently, the majority of Planned Parenthood “facilities” are located in minority neighborhoods, and black babies are aborted at a rate higher than their percentage of the overall population.

5.  We are supposed to believe that this is a complete coincidence.

Thanks to a former employee of Planned Parenthood, we know quite a bit more about them.  Marianne Anderson was a nurse for Planned Parenthood in Indiana, and revealed much to Lifesite News…

INDIANAPOLIS, IN, February 14, 2014 ( – A former Planned Parenthood worker has opened up to a diocesan newspaper in a gripping tell-all interview, saying she was shocked at the horrors she witnessed during the two years she worked in Indiana’s largest abortion facility.

Marianne Anderson is a nurse who assisted Planned Parenthood abortionists by partially sedating women who paid extra for that luxury.  She told The Criterion newspaper that she saw many women pressured into abortions they did not want, including minor girls

“One young girl came in with her mom,” Anderson told the paper.  “She was about 16. Her mom had made the appointment. That’s not supposed to be how it works. It’s supposed to only be the patient who makes the appointment. I checked her in, and she thought she was there for a prenatal checkup. The mom was pushing it. She blindsided her own daughter.”

Another time, said Anderson, “This guy brought in a Korean girl. I had no doubt in my mind this girl was a sex slave. This guy would not leave her side. They could barely communicate. He wanted to make all the arrangements.  During the ultrasound, she told one of the nurses that there were lots of girls in the house, and that the man hits them. She never came back for the abortion. I always wondered what happened to her. One of my co-workers said, ‘You’re better off to just let it go.’”

“It was a money-grubbing, evil, very sad, sad place to work,” she said. “I was always getting in trouble for talking too long to the girls, asking if they were sure they wanted to do this.”

“You have to have so many [abortions] a month to stay open,” Anderson said. “In our meetings they’d tell us, ‘If abortions are down, you could get sent home early and not get as many hours.’”

There is much more at the Lifesite News link.  My analysis is simple; Planned Parenthood was founded by an eugenicist, in order to exterminate a race of people she felt to be inferior.  Hitler did not influence Margaret Sanger; Margaret Sanger influenced Hitler! Planned Parenthood kills babies for it’s income.  And, genocidal organizations that kill babies to make ends meet cannot be expected to act in a ethical way.  It’s like expecting the guards at a concentration camp to help little old ladies across the street and have bake sales.  So, when people like Marianne Anderson come forward, we should not be surprised when we hear horror stories.


Pro-Life Groups Now Boycotting the Girl Scouts


As has been reported over the last few years, the Girl Scouts have become increasingly influenced by both feminist ideology, as well as having a partner in the baby killing empire known as Planned Parenthood.  Here are some related posts…

Just in Case There Were Not Enough Reasons to Pull Your Daughter From the Girl Scouts

Girl Scouts Supporting Abortion?

Story Update: A Catholic Church Bans Girl Scouts for Association With Planned Parenthood

Are the Girl Scouts Still the Girl Scouts? Or are They the Newest Indoctrination Machine?

Girls Scouts March in SF Gay Pride Parade

As you can see, the Girl Scouts are no longer the organization they once were.  Pro-life groups have gone as far as to boycott their cookies.   The Other McCain has more…

Pro-lifers are now officially boycotting Girl Scout cookies:

“The Girl Scouts still proclaim to be honest and courageous, while denying their continual collaboration with the nation’s largest and undeniably dishonest abortion chain,” [Ryan Bomberger of the Radiance Foundation] said. “Abortion doesn’t make the world a better place, unless you agree with the deeply racist and elitist pseudoscience of eugenics — the foundation of Planned Parenthood.”
Eric Scheidler of the Pro-Life Action League commented, “As the father of six girls, I’m extremely disappointed by the Girl Scouts’ increasing collaboration with Planned Parenthood, an organization that aborts over 150,000 unborn baby girls every year.”
Similarly, Jim Sedlak of the American Life League told Breitbart News, “Through their continued support of the Culture of Death, the Girl Scouts have betrayed their heritage and their future. There is nobody who should purchase Girl Scout cookies to fund this group.”

From the perspective of many, purchasing Girl Scout cookies is akin to buying baked good from the Hitler Youth.   After all, Planned Parenthood was founded for the “purpose of exterminating the black race.”  And how about that, most of their “showers” are in minority neighborhoods!

Planned ParenthoodSo, following the stated purpose of Planned Parenthood, we have to assume that the Girl Scouts are also racists!


Planned Parenthood Board Member Calls Abortion “Blessing,” Celebrates “Decline” of Christianity


Planned ParenthoodValerie Tarico is a Planned Parenthood board member, and has been featured in several leftist publications.  Here are some lowlights regarding her work and beliefs, via Christian News…

In a Huffington Post article last January, Tarico claimed that abortion is “a sacred gift.” She also encouraged people to “honor women who decide to terminate pregnancies” and “honor doctors who provide abortion services,” since they are “doing God’s work.”

“An abortion when needed is a blessing,” Tarico posited. “It is a gift, a grace, a mercy, a cause for gratitude, a new lease on life. Being able to choose when and whether to bring a child into the world enables us and our children to flourish.”

In one of Tarico’s most recent articles, initially published on AlterNet in late December, she lists ten reasons why she believes that Christianity is “in decline.”

“Things are looking bright for those who would like to see humanity more grounded in science and reason,” Tarico asserts.

There is more over at the link, but let’s make a few points…

1.  Tarico thinks that killing babies is a “blessing.”

2.  Nothing says “enabling a child to flourish” like killing other children.

3.  We should honor people that have their babies killed, and those that kill them.

4.  An organization, Planned Parenthood, that was created for the purpose of exterminating the “black race,” is somehow of a higher ethical standing as Christians.

And these are the “advanced and enlightened” people?  To which, I respond with Psalms 53:1…

The fool says in his heart,
    “There is no God.”
They are corrupt, and their ways are vile;
    there is no one who does good.

Just remind me; we DID win WW II, didn’t we?


Eugenics Works. Margaret Sanger’s Planned Parenthood Is Proof


Logo from the Second International Eugenics Conference, 1921, depicting eugenics as a tree which unites a variety of different fields.[1]

Sadly, Eugenics, the killing or the prevention of reproduction of those with “undesirable traits”, has a long and ugly history in this world of ours, including in our own great nation.

Margaret Sanger (1922), the first president and founder of Planned Parenthood

Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, believed no woman could call herself free who does not control her own body or until she can choose consciously whether she will or will not be a mother. Margaret Sanger was also a believer in eugenics.

Give dysgenic groups [people with “bad genes”] in our population their choice of segregation or [compulsory] sterilization.


Birth control must lead ultimately to a cleaner race.


We should] apply a stern and rigid policy of sterilization and segregation to that grade of population whose progeny is tainted, or whose inheritance is such that objectionable traits may be transmitted to offspring.


The most successful educational approach to the Negro is through a religious appeal. We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population, and the minister is the man who can straighten out that idea if it ever occurs to any of their more rebellious members.

Unfortunately for Ms. Sanger’s legacy, Planned Parenthood, the word has gotten out. Who spilled the beans? None other than the Center for Disease Control (CDC). The didn’t come across the CDC report in any mainstream news article, however. I found and link to this Life News article at Bad Blue Uncensored News. From the Life News article we learn about some very disturbing statistics reported by the CDC:

The report reveals that a majority of Black or Hispanic babies were aborted in New Jersey (55.9 percent), the District of Columbia (64.8 percent) and Georgia (73.2 percent).  In New York City alone 81.9 percent of the babies aborted were Black or Hispanic while in the state of Texas 63.7 percent were Black or Hispanic an increase from 2009.

I suspect that Margaret Sanger would be very pleased with these statistics and also pleased that the MSM is doing their job in not reporting these results.

Somebody needs to explain to this humble observer of the asylum we all have to live why American Blacks and Hispanics continue to overwhelmingly support the Party of Jim Crow laws, the Party of the Klu Klux Klan, and the Party of Planned Parenthood’s program of ethnic cleansing? Maybe this explains why the Democratic Party is so   adamant about their policy of Open Borders. They need to replace the voters they are killing off.

Well, that’s what I’m thinking. What are your thoughts?

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