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ObamaCare Requires Nutritional Information on Vending Machines?

ObamaCare, beyond increasing health insurance premiums, causing people to lose hours at work, causing millions of people to lose their plans, and causing thousands of jobs, also apparently forces vending machines to display nutritional information.  Wyblog has more… Obamacare requires you to read a nutrition label before buying chips from a vending machine Because nagging the crap out of you makes you healthier. And it makes do-gooder bureaucrats happy. Office workers in search of snacks will be counting calories along with their change under new labeling regulations for vending machines included in President Barack Obama’s health care overhaul law. Requiring […]

Debbie Wasserman Schultz Lies About Obama’s ObamaCare Lies

Debbie Wasserman Schultz is at it again.  She is boldly lying about the fact that Obama, as well as any democrat that spoke of it, KNOWINGLY lied about it… We know that the administration knew that ObamaCare would force companies to dump people.  Then, the administration can blame the companies for doing what ObamaCare requires of them. And it’s not working.

#ObamaCare Damage: College Students Priced Out of Market

Last November, college students voted for Barak Obama in overwhelming numbers.  Now, they are being repaid for that loyalty- in the form of losing their insurance.  Wyblog has more of the irony… Low information Obama voters shocked to discover they can’t buy low-cost health insurance College students in New Jersey voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama. And now they’re shocked to discover that his signature legislative achievement hits them where it hurts, in the pocketbook. It was a health care shocker for college students in New Jersey who found out that they can’t buy low-cost health insurance at their schools because […]

#ObamaCare Lies: Now, Millions Will Lose Their Employer Based Coverage as Well

We’ve been covering that nearly 16,000,000 Americans will be losing their insurance due to #ObamaCare.   This is in the individual market, where individuals go to purchase plans for themselves and their family members.   I’ll be quoting an article by Avik Roy at Forbes.  I strongly recommend you read the whole thing.  Here is the reaction of Jay Carney to those losses… On Tuesday, White House spokesman Jay Carney attempted to minimize the disruption issue, arguing that it only affected people who buy insurance on their own. “That’s the universe we’re talking about, 5 percent of the population,” said Carney. […]

13 Democrats, Who Knew You Would Lose Your Plan, But Lied, Are up for Re-election in 2014

If you are one of the estimated 16,000,000 people that are going to lose your plans under ObamaCare (and that’s just in the individual market), you might just be a tad bit upset.  After all, you’re going to be forced to buy another plan, and it’s going to cost a lot more, likely have a much higher deductible, and probably offer less.  Let’s be honest; you’re probably po’d right now.  Well, killing this turkey is a few years off, but you can get yourself some payback in 2014. Here are the names of 13 democratic Senators that KNEW you were […]

ObamaCare Damage: Are People Being Given Lowball Quotes?

If this claim is correct, not only does the ObamaCare website fail to enroll you, gives false information to insurance companies, and is a open air market for identity theft, it also gives you lowball numbers as to what your premiums will be.  The Conservative Intelligence Briefing has more… h/t Ed Morrissey at Hot Air. As a former customer of, I can tell you that that website never gave me a “teaser” rate that was half what I ended up paying. In fact, I got a plan (for about $80 per month, with a $2,800 deductible) that went down […]

Good for Thee but not for me: Democrat Congressman, John Larsen, Suggests it’s “Unfair” to Subject Congress to ObamaCare

Doug, over at Daley Gator named Democrat Congressman John Larsen “weasel of the day” yesterday.  I think he earned it.  Here is why… Via Forbes: When the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (“Obamacare”) was being debated, proponents were accused of saddling Americans with inferior and expensive health care while keeping generous coverage for themselves at taxpayer expense. To rebut that allegation and build confidence in the bill, a provision was added mandating that members of Congress – and their staff members – get their coverage through the new exchange system the bill set up. Now that the time to sign […]

Is It Time For Conservatives To Start Thinking Long Term?

In the world of business, especially in the corporate world, they make use of short-term, mid-term, and long-term planning. Typically this begins at the department head level. Someone(s) further up the chain then consolidates these plans into plans for the division and those plans will be consolidated to produce short, mid, and long.term plans for the corporation. Short-term might mean one year, mid-term might mean three years, and long-term might mean ten.years, just as an example. The short-term plans are typically the basis for annual budgets. Mid-term plans alert management to many things they need to be doing in the […]

What Does The Future Hold For Us? What Is The Real Problem? Who Is The Real Enemy? What Is Their Objective?

[Folks, forgive me if I ramble today. But, that is the mind-set I am in.] No one can see into the future. That is a given. And yet, it is absolutely necessary to be concerned about our future and, therefore, try as best we can to anticipate what is coming. To do otherwise would be to stick our collective heads in the sand. There is really only two things we meer mortals can in trying to project into the future. One is to be observant about what has happened, what is happening, and what is likely to happen (looking at […]

ObamaCare Damage Roundup: It Costs Almost Twice as Much as Promised, and Millions Might Lose Their Plans

Are Conservatives and Libertarians prophetic?  Or do they just have a good grasp of the obvious?  While I’d like to think that we’re able to see the future, the reality is that we can integrate information from a variety of sources, and make reasonable predictions about future events.  Consider ObamaCare-when we were told that Congress had to pass it “so we can see what is in it.”  While the contents were supposedly a mystery, promises were made, like it being revenue neutral, costing approximately $900,000,000,000 over the first ten years.  However, Conservatives pointed out that there were many accounting tricks done to meet that number, and […]